~LiveLoveBelieve~ Breast-Lift ~ No Implants ~ 2/12/2014 ~Loving My Smaller Breasts~

**Breast-Lift**Breast Reduction** Scheduled...

**Breast-Lift**Breast Reduction**
Scheduled February 12, 2014

I began my self improve long before I ever entertained any type of cosmetic surgery. ***LoveLoveBelieve+*** is my profile name and my attitude toward life.

September 16th 2013 I had my Tummy-tuck at 60.
Read my profile it was one of the best decisions ever. I connected with so many wonderful woman I Thank You all.

I am now a 61 year of old woman with a positive , youthful attitude, and a good sense of humor.
I am preparing for a Breast-Lift
Breast/reduction scheduled
February 12, 2014
My entire adult life my breasts have been oversized, Like two-pendulums never firm ,very flat (not a pretty picture way to much weight up-top...
When I'm naked my nipples are uneven. Perky never has been in my Vocabulary. LOL
My friends, I ask of you, any advice, share your stories advise me how to prepare for this Procedure.
I'm just starting to prepare myself both body and mind but Still a clueless.
I will add a couple pre-surgery pictures of the girls...I wear a Size G cup and the underwire is pure pain.
((((Hugs to all )))

23 days Pre-Op***Times a Ticking once again 2/12/1014

Updated my profile
******23 days Pre-Op*******
Just over 3 weeks away, I am preparing trying to become stoked.
The pain from underwire bras hopefully will fade.
I've decided to make this body altering decision, not by myself but with the love and support of my husband (aka my Wizard)
For now I'd like to connect with other gals and share
What do I need to do to prepare
Best surgial - Bras any advice
Welcomed Thank you,

I am REALLY doing it.....Breast-Lift-Reduction ***scheduled 21 days from today*** February 12th 2014

Yep, After having such a successful TummyTuck just 4 months ago, my results are better than this old broad would of hoped for....
I joked about by sagging Boobs shortly after my Tummy Tuck...my girls 34G Boobs lost their resting place, ( they used to rest nicely on my upper belly roll ) they now are hanging lower than ever. TMI LOL

I started contemplating a Breast-Lift-Reduction shortly after my tummy tuck Sept. 2013 . Reading my friends profiles here on RealSelf , so many successful surgeries opened my eyes wider to my possibilities.... Smaller Breasts might be in my future.
At that time my husband ( AKA my Wizard) didn't even want to enter into a conversation with me about my Boobs....
Well this 'Ol gal now 61 years ain't gettin' any younger.
Why not.... Grab the Brass Ring
So my last TT appointment with a Doctor Rayfield I also scheduled a consult to be coincided for a Breast-Lift. I scheduled my Breast-Lift-Reduction surgery that day.
(FYI after almost 41 years of marriage, my Wizard knew it was fruitless to try and discourage me once my mind is made up)
I did let him know before I signed the contact LoL
Surgery 3 weeks from today 2/12/2014.
I am beginning prepare myself once again for a life altering positive change.
I am not clear which review I should post this on....Tummy Tucks or Breast-lift-reduction. I'm gonna put it on both profiles for now....
((( hugs to all who are healing))) (((good vibes for all preparing for surgery)))

L@@king forward to Breast-Lift-Reduction 2/12/2014

I'm very relaxed with my surgery coming soon.
Need to figure out what Post-Surgery bra to buy...
My surgeon said I will most likely be a generous C , I have dreamt of smaller breasts so a Generous C will work for me.

I was an overweight child, when I developed as a young girl/woman my breasts were fatty, but never firm or Perky....after nursing my children gaining and losing weight over the years the girls just started to deflate , hang low sitting on my upper belly LOL ( ya gotta have humor)

WELL the Belly is gone since my Tummy Tuck 4 months ago...9/16/2013
Soon my B@@bs will be sittin' Pretty. :-)
Thanks for letting me Babble. ((((Hugs))))
I love being able to out it all out here on RealSelf!!!!!!

Had Pre-Op appointment today!!!

Had Pre-Op appointment today
15 Days time is ticking 2/12/2014 will be here be I know.
I was relaxed talking with my doctor, he went over exactly what is going happen the day of surgery. He said he feels my Breast-Lift-reduction will be really successful, a big change for me.
Got scripts to be filled for antibiotics to start the day before surgery, already had pain meds from my TT ( they are still good)
During my Breast-Lift,
Doctor Rayfield is doing a revision ( tiny dog ear) on my TT incision.
A result from healing after my tummy tuck.
We talked about a having him do a bit more Lipo on my flanks
(My Love Handles ) while I was already in surgery the anesthesiologist and operating room were already included in my original estimate ....Scheduling allows for up to 3 hours ....the timing would work out....
Doc would have to add an additional fee $$$$
( I really expected that.... Only $600 additional ) I felt that fair, for what I was asking. I'm thrilled,
I don't think I ever would schedule this by itself.....:
why not tweak it during my breast-lift.

More Lipo and compression binder again what ever was I thinking LOL
More later (((hugs)))

Post-surgical Bra......

Got my Post-Surgical Bra it's the
Marena Surgical Bra with 2" Elastic Band (F5 Certified Compression Garment).
I thought I'd post pre-op pictures wearing it.
Feels cozy, I don't think I could find a bra better than this..

I also took a few pictures ***side by side*** pictures showing areas my surgeon is going to "tweak" during my Breast-Lift surgery.

It's funny last week....the morning I was going for my pre-op appointment ,
I said to my husband (aka My Wizard) I felt that my Flanks ,my Love Handles on my right waist and back .....were a bit lopsided since my TummyTuck, ( my right side considerably is ........ for lack of better words (more fatty).
He just snickered and said "I KNOW...." Hummmmm
Unless I approached this subject My Wizard would of never said a word about my extra FATTY RIGHT LOVE HANDLE area......

When I said, I was going to mention this FATTY area to Doctor Rayfield & I wanted to l@@k into getting a bit more Lipo , My Wizard grinned he said he knew it was only a matter of time...

Damn after 40 years of marriage this man knows me all to well.LOL
I STILL Totally LOVE MY TUMMY TUCK...so glad I am on the FLAT SIDE :-)

Only 8 days now and my B@@bs will be a normal size...
I am prepared once again to wear a compression binder after the Lipo

Why am I not Freaking out ? I'm calm almost to calm.... XXOOXX

(((Hugs to all who are Healing))) (((Hugs to those of you wanting smaller Jugs)))

Morning coffee and B@@B Humor

Morning coffee and B@@B Humor
7 Feb 2014 5 months post

My Wizard ( oh yeah for those of you who don't know that what I can my Hubby) just brought morning coffee and this joke...on a tray.
He finds haha's is just about everything of course B@@bs have been pretty much daily chatter with us lately LOL
Just got a call from my surgeons office , my surgery time got moved to 10 am this coming Wednesday 2/12 . It had been scheduled in the early afternoon....I am happy going earlier in the morning :-)
I haven't gotten many supplies in for this surgery except post-surgial bras & some soft flannel to keep the bras from rubbing (thanks HappySuzy) what else do I need?
Oh yeah I have Arnica . Ahhhh what am I forgetting ?

Times -a-tick-tick-ticking•••••••••• I'm a bit Anxious , more excited to get these girls under control
Enjoy my Wizards Humor
PS. I posted this on my other profile twice MUST BE MY NERVES

Tomorrow is my Breast-lift 2/12/2014

Tomorrow morning Wednesday 2/12/2014 is my Breast-Lift 10am, I am ready....
I am confident and relaxed that I have a brilliant Doctor.
Luckily for me time did't drag...this last week flew by.

This morning I got a phone call from the surgical center , giving me all the details for tomorrow arrive 10am no jewelry photo I.D. Comfortable clothes **yada yada yada.....I must have someone to drive me and bring me home, Of course my Wizard will be with me.
Thankfully my nerves aren't getting the best of me (((No sign of getting Hives))) for me that's a big deal usually my body acts out and hives take over....so far I'm controlling them :-) shhhhhhh anxiety drug help! LOL

I wanted to take a couple of last minute pictures of the girls this afternoon. I will post one ( I used a measuring tape ) Hummmmmm.
It will be interesting to see an after shot once I get my Girls Lifted .....

My Wizard has provided comedy relief all day, he wanted to have a going away party everytime I walked past him. He brought GROPING to completely new levels...what can I say HE's Italian. TMI Hands down, I refused his offer to help me take pictures, just another way of hanging around me trying to say FAREWELL to the girls.... What is it with Men And B@@bs ??????
I'm in big trouble once these puppies are PERKY... LOL. said with my normal touch of humor girls.
I want to Thank everyone for caring and sharing here on RealSelf.
I'll do my best to update soon......when I'm able
(((Hugs to all who are Healing)))
As always, LiveLoveBelieve

Day of-surgery it went well....

When I was awaking from surgery my right eye wouldn't stay opened, not from the surgery appeared sore like an eyelash in it but worse sight in the eye seems fine :-). Thank goodness !!!
I couldn't keep my eye opened and it hurt ...scratched??????? At the hospital they tried to flush it, called an eye doctors gave
Medicated drops
if it's no better in the morning I'll go to a eye doctor
Something is going on ....grrrrrr as a results I have to Keep it Closed, can't read much , tying on my phone way to hard.... This sucks it certainly. It is taking my mind off any Breast pain. LOL. I will be in touch when I am able my friends .
Thank you for all the well
Details will have to be another time LLB

While I was writing this my surgeon called to check up on me. I filled him in on what was happening. he said my surgery was perfect... Well that made me smile. Good night my friends

Gotta stay medicated....today my eye has improved...my B@@bs are sore

13 Feb 2014

Day of Breast Surgery... We arrived at the surgery center 10am all my medical information was completed on the computer earlier in the week, it made checking in a breeze....paid with plastic (of course we are usually all self-pay).
Within a few minutes my name was called, I kissed My wizard goodby, went into the back I was put into Cubby #4 that my waiting area.... There was a cozy chair and a gown, the nurse took vitals put the shunt in my hand. Within a few minutes Doctor Rayfield came in the cubby, he marked my body, he agreed my right flank needed the additional Lipo ....it needed to be resized. He did his drawings on my Breast, we talked again about what Breast-size I wanted to be.
Final decision, a Full C-cup to do what he has to. I feel so comfortable with Doctor Rayfield, even standing in for of him in my birthday-suit very much at ease... I literally was about to put my body, into his very gifted hands to sculpt by new Breasts.

Doc. asked me about my hives , I've been trying so hard to keep them under control, taking chill pills for the last couple of weeks. It isn't easy keeping a chronic condition under control......I showed Doctor Rayfield a big hive on my forehead the size of a half dollar...the anesthesiologist was in the room listening ( the anesthesiologist said that if I had others he would have to cancel surgery.)
Well, I shut up quickly because I knew my hives were in their hatching stage and I would be getting more.( in fact I had some hives thru my scalp..that's what happens when my nerves get the best of me.
Today, I have hives right now....day after surgery...it isn't anything unusual for me...just a itchy-bitchy-Problem I deal with.

After Doctor Rayfield marked my body for surgery , I got my camera and snapped a couple if pictures. I'll post a couple pictures one pre-surgery and one of me wrapped like a mummy.
While I was waiting to go to surgery I put myself in a G@@d place.... relaxed my body & mind .........closed my eyes did breathing exercises and meditated ...
Soon a nurse came to cubby #4 to bring me to the operating room.
I got into a relaxed position, on the operating table.....time pasted Doctor Rayfield and his trusty nurse Rachel worked together , I remember nothing, time passed & the surgery was over....My wizard was in cubby#4 waiting, as I began to wake up (it was obvious something was wrong with my right eye ) the nurse Larry, washed my eye our with saline , they called an eye specialist he suggested Neomycin & Polymyxin B sulfates & Dexamethasone (I just read it's a Ocular steroid. )
All the fussing with my eye prolonged the afternoon, finally My Wizard helped me get dressed and we went home....I began nesting in my recliner...my body was sore, I have been keeping on top of the pain meds...

It was so frustrating last night, I needed or should say I wanted to write a little on my profile....grrrrrrr after futzing around I finally was able to write a little , just to let ya all know I survived.....it was hard to hold my eye opened I almost forgot about my b@@bs .... Unbelievable distraction...woke every 4 hours during the night for meds and walk
This morning my eye still felt a bit funky, but my vision was fine and I can keep it open. Today was totally a day of healing......l I slept most of the afternoon, all I did was relax. I need to force myself to stay awake right now.
Doctor Rayfield has me taped and wrapped tight, Tomorrow , I am allowed to take the tape and compression stuff off, get a shower.....OMG I GET TO SEE THE GIRLS!
I have no idea what to expect... After I get cleaned up tomorrow, I'll take pictures

A NOTE TO Everyone who sent me good wishes YESTERDAY AND TODAY THANK YOU!!!!! I
I have made the personal choice to Keep my Breast-Lift surgery private, not sharing details with very many friends and family... It Makes well wishes from all you girls that much more SPECIAL....IT MEANS ALOT , THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH....we really share a common thread......
G@@dnight my RealSelf friends, As always , ((((hugs)))) LiveLoveBelieve

2/14/2014 Happy Valentine's Day unwrapped my little B@@bs.....LoVe-loVe-LOvE the girls!!!!!!

14 Feb 2014

I couldn't wait to unwrap myself this morning 2 days after my Breast-Lift-Reduction Surgery....I swear it felt like Christmas morning LOL
My Wizard put a heater in the bathroom to warm room, he's thoughtful like that :-)
Of course I grabbed my camera, taking pictures every step of the way....
I had a compression binder around my lower body, sterile pads, gauze, and tape....I couldn't wait to get it off my skin. We carefully peeled the gauze with dried blood off my body, the tape encompassed my body, we pulled it slowly & carefully not knowing what to expect .....I was lucky I didn't get any blisters from the tape that was directly on my skin.
We removed everything except the steri-strips that protected (covered) the incisions.
At that moment I was feeling tired so I decided not to wash my hair, just a quick rinse ....it was good enough...we tried to scrub some of the ink off, from my Doctors marking pen.
It felt so good to have all the wrapping off, I had totally l@@ked like the Michelin Man...I was l@@king at my Little B@@bies.....OMG!!!!!! Is that really my body????? I have such a good feeling & I am very HAPPY.....my B@@bs look PERKY and I already have feeling in my NIPPLES.

My hubby, just smiled his words "they L@@k GREAT.
I snapped a couple of selfies... ALL THat activity wore me out....I finally put my post-surgical bra on....put squares of sterile gauze along the incision so nothing rubs.. Put on cozy clothes, hubby brought me my second cup of coffee with another JOKE..... I LOVE THAT MAN, my Wizard........I AM A LUCKY WOMAN.
THats it for today, I LoVe my new b@@bs ...Doctor Rayfield Thank you!
As always, ((((hugs to all who are Healing ))) LiveLoveBelieve
I dedicate the rest of my day to healing.....thanks to all my RealSelf friends
Oops! Forgot to post the Cartoon from My Wizard?..
14 Feb 2014 5 months post

My Valentine morning humor served with my second cup of coffee :-)from my Hubby.....LOL

5 days after surgery....I took off the tape

I needed to take the tape off my Breast-Lift incisions , and my nipples.
Partly because it looked so gross. & of course was curious.

I have quite a bit of oozing and very raw red skin, (not where the incisions is but on the side of my breast) I felt like the tape just collected germs. I SLOWLY removed the tape, on both sides of my breasts. The raw red areas (it looks like the skin under a blister that loses the skin, ) well that needed to be exposed to air....smothered under all that tape wasn't gonna help the healing process..not that I'm a nurse I thinks it's just common sense .

My boobs are bruised, my nipples looks pretty good to me, my incisions sore, there are a couple of spots oozing, so I am putting medicine I had leftover from my TT surgery ( I used to use it on my BB......)and I'm using sterile gauze pads . I tuck them inside my compression bra. I thought tonight I'd post a couple of pictures feel free to make comments after all it's my first breast lift ....
I slept a lot today...stopped taking OXY. Tylenol is all I've used today.

Posting 3 side by side photos
I think they really show how high up my girls are now.
(Hugs). LiveLoveBelieve

Today, 6 days post-surgery :-( Bloated-Constipated-Tired-Sore-with a Low Grade Fever

Today, 6 days post-surgery :-( Bloated-Constipated-Tired-Sore-with a Low Grade
17 Feb 2014
Most of the day I have been dragging just haven't been myself all day.
Tonight I took my temp, it's low-grade not quite 100degrees.( I took 2 Tylenol that should bring it down)
I'm bloated,probably just full of poop (nothing seems to be working) psyllium husk is usually my go to fix. (I'll take some more colace & MOM at bedtime )
My body is swollen a bit of (swell hell) perhaps the Lipo,or surgery in general...I've been keeping my compression binder on most of the time.
With out saying , of course my B@@bs are bruised and tender( they are oozing a bit, I am tending to the open blistered areas & keeping the area clean & dry.

Tomorrow morning, I have my first Post-op appointment with Doctor Rayfield
I've already taken all the Steri-strips and tape off...without really knowing if I should of. The tape was wet from body fluids, seemed like a breeding ground for infection really pretty gross. ( Common sense kicked in ) I was extra careful taking the tape off around my nipples, I had no idea what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised the nipple area. The rest of the incisions are tender. I'm keeping it covered with sterile gauze pads next to my skin.

I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow , expecting another snow storm here in New Jersey. (((Hugs ))) LIveLoveBelieve

A.M.•••••••••••••B.M. Wake-up call. LOL

18 Feb 2014
After being so Grumpy last night thought I'd share. :-)
Sure got rid A lot of my BloATinG. LOL
It's a good day! I don't seem to have a fever, shower time !!!

It's snowy & icy outside will leave
early for my Doctors appointment
((( hugs ))) LLB

1st Breast surgery post-op appointment with Doctor Rayfield

I swear I never have to wait more than 10 minutes when I go to see Doctor Rayfield. I was taken back , got into a gown, a few minutes later, Rachel came in the room ( Rachel is Dr.Rayfields surgical nurse). Well she came in to remove the tape.... OOPS!!!! (. L@ks like I did her job. ) I had no idea that I wasn't suppose to take all the tape off & the Steri-strips. I explained to her about the oozing , and wanting to keep it dry and clean.... NO HARM DONE.
The good news Dr.Rayfield came into the room, he reassured me that (I DID NO DAMAGE They just like to wait until the first appointment ) he was totally pleased with his handi-work my nipple height exactly what he wanted. Once swelling & the bruised areas heal looks like i'll end up a NICE C-cup. He did point out to me, bruised areas near my armpits Doc said , he added a bit of additional Lipo to thin it out....an eye for detail my doctor has.
The Lipo he did on my flanks, Dr. Rayfield seems to think it will balance out the unevenness I had...I know I'll be happy to have a bit less fat there (I'm glad I added it.) we really didn't talk about the stitches in the area I had the dog ear revision, but it looks,better.

My next appointment is this coming this Friday morning Dr.Rayfield is going to remove 2 stitches at the base of my B@@bs. Apparently those 2 stitches are the only ones needing to be removed, the rest of the stitches that hold my b@@bs together dissolve as I heal, and my skin begins to smooth.
I know my incisions from my TummyTuck healed just fine, With my B@@bs it should work the same ......but for some reason it makes me nervous
That's my update today! Tonight my b@@bs feel swollen and tender... I don't seem to have a fever right now, Dr.Rayfield said, low grade under 100 degrees was nothing to worry about my body working to heal, take Tylenol
Tomorrow I'll take some more pictures.....
(((Healing Hugs))) LiveLoveBelieve

10 days post-op Healing pictures

Pictures of healing my B@@Bs 10 days post-op they feel Sore & Angry.....DoctorRayfield says I look good :-)

10 day Post-Op Breast-Lift B@@bs. fell Angry & Sore but I'm healing nicely

9 day Post-Op Breast-Lift B@@bs. fell Angry & Sore but I'm healing nicely,
I went this morning 2/21/2014 for my second Post-op for my Breast-lift.
I told Doctor Rayfield that by breasts felt angry and sore, I took a couple of pictures, and I'll post them. After examination he said I'm doing great, I
Will improve daily, call the office if I need anything at all. Next appointment 2 weeks. On a 1- 10 scale I'd say I'm a 8...... Big hugs to all healing...
As always LLB.
ps adding another. Picture

It'll be 2 weeks Tomorrow since my Breast-Lift.....

Just a quick update, my b@@bs are feeling much better than they were last week, my incisions are still sore but the healing is coming along.

Keeping busy with family matters, taking for focus off myself a few hours a day.
For the last several days My Wizard and I have been spending most of our days with an elderly Aunt who just turned 94 yesterday ( she has been on Hospice, she is failing, her time to transition is close, She is the last family member of her generation, she is ready to move on. Being able to spend time with a loved one at the end is sad but at the same time it makes me feel good, surrounding her with love puts LIFE into prospective, LIFE is Precious....

Thinking on that line.....We only go around once, we who have made decisions to improve our physical bodies....We , show-ourselves LOVE and Courage to improve our quality of life, be in control of our physical bodies, improve our Self-Esteem for OURSELVES, because we love ourselves.
Our futures are unknown, living in the here and now are what we are doing. It's all good....
For all that are Healing or preparing for surgery..... ((Hugs))
AS ALWAYS LiveLoveBelieve

"A picture is worth a thousand words" ~~~~ VISUALIZATION ~~~~

"A picture is worth a thousand words" ~~~~ VISUALIZATION ~~~~
It's been just over 2 weeks now since my Breast-Lift 2/12/2014
I've been getting some side by side photos together....
Loving my Smaller B@@bs!!!
I'm feeling strong and healing nicely a few raw and tender areas
(honestly I think my left Boob is a bit larger than righty... I'm not all that concerned just two weeks after my surgery...time will tell)

My pictures show I am still healing....my skin is shedding old layers of skin as I heal....I am peeling as I had a bad sunburn, I haven't read this for other gals, have other had layers of skin peel away on their breasts?
Also I had additional Lipo...on my right flank... two weeks into recovery I am not sure the Lipo even made a difference...definitely going to chat with Doctor Rayfield I paid additional $$$$ was hoping to see a change, it's only been two weeks ...the JURY IS STILL OUT!

Just a chuckle :-). LOL

Showing my Tummy Tuck incision....Almost 5 months post-op....
OH how true..... Ya gotta agree LOL

I think I have a BULGING LIGAMENT Under my Breast down running down towards my Belly button

I think I have a BULGING LIGAMENT Under my Breast down running down towards my Belly button
4 Mar 2014

Good morning ladies , I am looking for answers today and WONDERING if anyone has had this happen after a Breast-Lift.
I think I have a BULGING LIGAMENT Under my Breast down running down towards my Belly button.... A few days ago I felt bruised or tender underneath my left boob, after giving it a bit of attention I realized it was a raised and tight ( it's really tender) running down my tummy towards my TT incision.( It feels hard like a piece of solid rope, pulled very tight.)
My right side has a similar bulge but not as painful, & it is only under my breast.....( SO FAR )
It's interesting I Googled my symptoms..... No big surprise it brought me to REALSELF...... I am pretty sure this is what's going on....it's referred to as Mondor's Disease of the Breast. If that is what's going on, it'll go away hopefully cause its a bit painful (just a little bit)
Picture from google of area affected. ( just an illustration )
Anybody else dealing with these symptoms ?

Posting pictures of bulges or vein

The pictures really aren't very good. Posting pictures faint raised lines under the skin ~~~ maybe ya can see what I'm referring to~~~
I called my surgeon I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9:30.... It really is not painful I'm just curious what could be causing this A very strange anomaly


Forgot the picture

Doctor Rayfield says not to worry

having these swollen ligaments looked at yesterday makes me feel reassured, this will go away by itself, Doc wanted to be sure there were no bleeds under the skin ruling out clots etc. He sees this from time to time after BL & BA, also, I have seen other gals here on RealSelf who have similar swellings . Heat & massage are effective treatments but not necessary. It'll go away in due time.
Okay I guess I panicked, Doctor Rayfield checked to see how my Breasts are healing.... He was pleased and said to give it time...
I can't believe it just over 3 weeks since my girls were downsized.
I don't have any true restrictions, I can return to the gym, light weights & swimming next week. My friends I need motivation.. I have the winter doldrums and a bit of Lazy LOL
New Jersey Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey LLB, just checking in on you. Don't know if you check your profile anymore, but I hope all is well and that "your girls" are healed all the way and that you like them. BIG HUGS, HappySuzy
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wow, what a difference, you look and must feel fantastic!! I had to show my BFF the sagging breast/nuts comic, very funny. LOVE the panties, where did you get them?
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How are you ?
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How are you doing?
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Glad you got the reassurance you needed. Regarding the doldrums and laziness, choose an activity that you ENJOY and even if you don't enjoy it now you might later! Go for a half hour walk at least once a day and than gradually do more. Most of us who exercise find that we feel better afterwards. Get the book "Younger Next Year" that nevertoolate2014new has been talking about. It will inspire you.
  • Reply
I was about to order the book Younger Next Year I'm confused to which one to order, what color is the book? Pretty sure it's the pink one. Dah! I totally have no excuse not it get moving except laziness Doctor Rayfield thinks I'm healed enough to go back to my fitness center...really I have to get away from my Wizard sometimes I think we are attached at the hip...I love him & all but grrrrr. I need to pull away and do things for myself. I almost bought that book 2 weeks ago and the. Like 747 it flew out of my mind... What color book? And I'll order it tonight LOL LLB
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http://www.amazon.ca/Younger-Next-Year-Women-Strong/dp/0761147748 Copy and paste the above link into your browser. Yes, the book is pink. I bought the electronic version to read on my kindle software that I have on my iPad.If you want the book immediately just download it from Amazon like I did. I read while in bed and using my iPad I don't need to keep a bedside lamp turned on so my hubby can sleep. If you follow all the advice in this book you're going to be working your ass off exercising and lifting weights. It will take up to a year to really get into decent shape. I'm gradually working up to doing more. Still haven't signed up at the gym though where I plan to do weights. The cardio component is getting easier every day especially because I have indoor equipment that's available to me 24/7. I prefer doing stuff outdoors and will be doing something outside every day for the next three days. On Monday I'll be going to a boot camp for an hour, something I've never done before. Should be fun. It's good to get out of the house once in a while and away from the husband. I love getting together with a bunch of women once in a while. There are lots of single women in my outdoor club. You might want to join such a club if there is one in your area. Anyway that's my two bits worth for today! Love ya! Hugs!
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Well my friend I ordered the book. I couldn't use your link Dah it's for Canada ..I get free shipping with Amazon Prime so I have to wait a couple of days I prefer book form to flip through them... My Wizard will crack up yet another self-help book Perhaps I'll not tell him LOL I have to focus on myself....get my butt moving Boot camps hummm sounds interesting you'll have to let me know how it goes. I don't think there are any outdoor clubs like you talk about around here unless your a bird watcher When I get the book I'll try to take it serious. I ain't getting any younger that's for sure Ttyl LLB
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I can tell you that from my experience working with very old people, those who are most active have the fewest health problems, use less medication, and LOOK younger. I know several oldies who are over ninety who still go for longer walks every day. Since you're joined at the hip with your hubby you could try to convince him to go with you IF you prefer not to walk alone. Or perhaps you can ask a girlfriend. Too bad I live so far away because I'd love to go with you!
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Oh how strange....leave it to you LLB, to have such an anomaly AND to research it and share with us all. Hope it resolves quickly for you. Other than that, how you feeling, physically and emotionally ?
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This is really strange Suzy, I called my doctors office just a few minutes before they closed today, I just really need the peace of mind to let him see what's going on . I'm going 9:30am to see what he says, The nurse spoke with the doctor, told me to take a baby aspirin.... Hummmm NevertooLate2014newme said she had a similar experience when she had a BA in 2008, the same thing I read about online. Perhaps it's more common than we know, I'll know more tomorrow and put my mind to rest. Emotionally I feel really good, how about you how are you doing emotionally :-) ? Physically I know I'm not getting enough activity/exercise & I have to take charge of my good eating lifestyle again....my Wizard and I have been eating out way to much, no control on how the food is prepared. In New Jersey another 8 inches of snow.... Where is summer LOL ((( hugs ))) LLB
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Just me again...posted a couple of pictures maybe ya can see what I'm talking about LLB
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Hey LLB, I hope you heard good news from the doc today. I just want to say that I believe it takes quite a while for things to settle into place after these surgeries. My TT was in Sept last year and still seeing changes in the shape of things... My BR was May 2013, and I've been entirely pleased with the results. It is so very soon for you; post op swelling really makes it hard to assess the finished product. I remember thinking my nipples would never look natural again...but guess what...they are beautiful, and the scars are barely visible. I'm interested to know what the raised "lines" are on your tummy. I can say that my abdomen has never been as firm as it is now, kind of a strange pleasantness. I never was a hard body! It would be cool to see exactly what all of it looks like inside after they manipulate things. Hopefully your issue will resolve with time. Keep movin' in the right direction! You've inspired quite a following on this site, and I'm sure there are many thousands of women who will benefit from the wealth of actual experience shared here. It's so great to have the peer support!! Wishing you the best!
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I love you LLB! Your attitude, perspective and most of all your outlook on life and people. You sure know what's important. What a gift you are...I'm sure your Wizard and your Aunt are glad they have you. Glad your new girls are healing well. HUGS to you and yours as you work thru this delicate time. ;-)
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My wizard and I were recruited to spend half the day with our Aunt, much to our surprise today her poor feeble body had a slight rally she is awake & lucid .The human spirit never ceases to amaze! I'm sure her day is near but not today. Yes, I am healing nicely, there are a few invisible stitches, that have surfaced quite itchy. Did you have to have any of the self dissolving stitches come to the surface and need to be removed? I have one at the base of my nipple I feel like I want to cut off... Do I dare? Getting ready to flip over to your profile now and read how you doing.. As always my friend (( hugs)) LLB
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YES I did have some of the dissolving stitches come to the surface (many gals do). And YUP, I gently grasped the little suckers (either with my fingers or tweezers) and carefully snipped with a pair of small scissors. The rest of the stitch that is under the skin usually just retracts and you won't see it again. Did the same with the whole sections of stitch that were "rejected" along the horizontal incision. After, I usually dab a little Neosporin on the spot/area. :-DSuzy
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Hit the enter button too soon...your girls are looking GREAT and you seem to be doing so well, with such a positive attitude about it all :)
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Just love all you updates and details, going in on Monday for my BL with modified reduction. It is nice to read your experience and have a better idea of what I can expect. I'm excited for it to be done. I think I am more nervous about TT on 3/26, than the BL on 3rd. Go figure ;)
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I personally think 2 separate surgeries a great move. I like your surgeons reasoning Today is 2 weeks since I had my Breast-lift....If I were spacing my surgeries as you are.....in another week I would most likely be ready...I think you'll be ready both physically and mentally . in your review ya need replaced the word selfish.... To LOVE!!!!!! finding your worth, taking charge ....It's personal Growth loving yourself enough to move forward.....after all your hard work losing weight ...Loving yourself makes these changes possible and everyone else will benefit from your happiness As always liveLoveBelieve
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Your girls may be angry and sore, but they are looking really good. Small and perky!!
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It's almost been two weeks now....my girls are feeling a little better I know it's a process, I'm loving that they are Perky & Smaller. Big smiles :-) LLB
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You are looking great!!! I have been wondering how you were doing. Its a difficult time with all the healing and not knowing what to expect. Each day gets a little better. I will update mine over the weekend. Hope your sleep has improved! Hugs to you and wishing you an easy recovery! xo
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what a difference a week later...I'm not as sore and the healing is going well, Healing from my breast-lift is definitely easier than my TT 9/13..it will be 2 weeks tomorrow, we had a warm day a couple of days ago in New Jersey, My Wizard and I took a wonderful long walk it felt so good to be outside in the sun. I don't overdue household chores yet Reaching etc...... Feeling much better today. LLB
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They look amazing! Do you know of a doctor that good in the Los Angeles area?
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Thank you. One thing I've learned here on the RealSelf site , there are so many people who can lead you in the right direction.... It takes time & lots of research on your part.....many gals can direct you to a excellent doctor in the LA area to consult with . I'm on the east coast sorry. LoveLoveBelieve
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