21 year old female who went from a size 10i (32i...

21 year old female who went from a size 10i (32i for americans) to a rough c-d.
I am 1 and a half days post op and despite feeling sore in the chest i am almost crying with pleasure that i had the opportunity to have a reduction.

I do not wake up well off anaesthetic but my anaethesist recommended a different one than normal and i woke up without throwing up which was one of the only two things i was scared of.

The other being pain, was FINE!! I wont say it didnt hurt because my chest is sore and my strong pain meds made me nauseus so i am only using panadol and i just feel sore and alittle burny under the breasts where my drains were taken out.

I googled before surgery until i was sure i knew everything but i know better than to listen to everything on the internet so if you need some guidance know this:
Your results will be your own your breasts will not match a picture and your experience will be unique and permanent. In saying this i completely support this surgery its a life changer for anyone who is plagued by any and all symptoms of large breasts.
Your going into surgery to get a whole new life. :)


Thank you for sharing your journey with us:)   Rest and take good care of yourself the first month post op.   Please keep us up to date on how you are doing.

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6 days post op

Ok guys and gals, ive been abit slack but i have my reasons ill fill you all in now.

Its day 6 but only the wee hours of the morning (3.41am to be precise!) and let me just say BLEGH!!! Ive been using baby wipes and even managed half a shower wrapped in a makeshift croptop of cling wrap for my chest but god damn i wreak!

Tip for all ladies: do NOT leave it and clean up just before appointment dates try to give yourself a wipe every night under the arms just to keep away the odours!
Also treat yourselves!! If i had of been smart enough to realise the hairdresser could wash my hair (no blowdry the heat could be bad for swelling) id have gone atleast twice in the past week! It can cost as little as $5 for a nice wash and rinse!

The first night i stayed in hospital because of drains and anaesthesia not being a good friend.
Day two i went home and made a nest on the couch for my next two weeks (my partner snores and is a tall solid man who would crush me if i was rolled on) just for safety!
Day 3 and 4 were pretty good i only took panadol rapid to lessen the discomfort and some of my nerve zings.
On the evening of day 4 i didnt feel so great i had a sore head and uneasy belly.
Day 5 was BAD. I woke up at 4am and vomitted, went back to sleep and woke up at 6am with a migraine which got worse every minute.
By the time my partner got home at 6pm i had two more sessions of vomitting and heaving under my belt, my chest was aching from lack of air, i had the whole house pitch black and could barely stand to hear myself whisper without grasping my head.
After a call to the nurses hotline 1800IMSICK (australia) we took me to emergency where i vomitted some more and was given a very strong tablet for my head. My headache settled and we went home so i slept.
Day 5 was bad also i spent the day too scared to move and vomitting often.
As afternoon came i had another big heave session then i swiftly drunk half a bottle of water preparing for the next round but it never came and an hour later i tried a cracker which stayed down.
We (myself and doctors) believe that my body had just had enough of the painkillers dispite being taken only as directed they just didnt bode well with my body. I havent taken any in about 48 hours (apart from the one in emergency) and i havent had any discomfort that i couldnt handle from my chest. Lots of zings which is great cant get over knowing each nerve is fixing itself and atleast twice ive felt a tingle in each nipple so thats really great to feel. Noone could fully comprehend unless going through it the itches of the stitches inside ARGh!!! I started singing Killing Me Softly at my cat.
All in all every day feels like a new chance and a new change and id happily go through the bad days for all my future good!

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Typos to fix

I started feeling bad on the eve of day 3, days 4 & 5 were my bad days. Sorry about the mistakes!

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Some photos


Glad you are happy, you look great :-)
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No worries Kimmer thanks for the comment i love this site it helped me know my journey and the results would be mine and mine alone. Very informative and realistic for information finders! Keep up the good work!

Forgot to tell you..

I forgot to tell you all how much was taken out in surgery.
I had 700grams taken from one breast and 800 from the other! (I was almost completely symmetrical to the naked eye but the length of one breast plate was longer).
Thats a 1.5kgs ladies and gentlemen and dispite my want for their demise i feel a slight pride for the weight i had been carrying around my small frame. I gave myself a little pat on the back which had been so sore from holding them for so long :)
Also dont fret if your back-pain doesn't go away immediately i feel an improvement every day but still have some pain from having to recline instead of being able to lay down.
Happy healing gorgeous girls and magnificent men!


Glad you are feeling better. Happy healing.
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First post op appointment day 7

Ok so i had my bandages taken off and ow!! My dressings were more like a tough spongey tape and left abit of stick glue on me but apart from being very tender (i haven't taken any tablets for anything since my terrible 2 day vomiting escapade) and alittle burny when the tape came of the left breast it all went quite well.
My breasts are beautifully round and nipples are not crooked but dead centre :) .
My surgey was no longer than my 3hours which is great!
Diagnosis says breast tissue came back healthy and good.
And nipple stitches are dissolvable like the rest so no stitches taken out today.
I dont have to wear any tape over my incisions they are stitched and can be left to heal under the protection of my compression bras but can stuff a little gauze under the bands if it makes me more comfortable or if they weep a little.

So i done abit of fishing for you ladies who like a little varying info from different doctors:

Dr Turner says only do whats comfortable to your bodys limits.
-Gentle/light exercise can be tried after 2weeks.
-An underwire bra can be worn after 6-8 weeks and you can wean yourself slowly back onto them at your own comfort/leisure.
-Sorbelene cream can be used to wash or be left on the skin
- I can get my breasts wet now 1 week post op but best not to put them under direct water spray.

In saying these things these are MY doctors personal instructions for me and your healing and results may be different so be sure to listen to your own surgeons advice for your personal healing situation. :)

I had some photographs taken today and asked for Dr Turner to send them to my email so ill be posting them as soon as i get them for you all.

Overall i am totally happy so far and would like to say mentally it is hard to imagine what is under your bandages and if your scared thats natural. Just rely on your body to tell you whats normal and whats not.
I loves my little zings of annoying nerve pain it is a constant reminder than im healing a little more everyday and hopefully that i will one day enjoy some sensitivity of my breasts.

Ooo and today as i was waiting for my bus to meet my partner for my appointment i had my first feel of the weightlessness of my chest compared to before!

Today was a GOOD day.


Thank you so much for your support ladies its amazing how much support can be given to persons unknown who have shared an experience either physically or shared a personal experience with many. Im proud for everyone on here for their journeys and wish you all well. Thank you for sharing my experience!
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Sidenote: Dr Turner said of course bras vary in sizing but im looking like a mid-full C! I just hope the underwire of c cup bras fits the underside of my shape or i might be a small D based on width.
Cant wait to reap the extra little bonuses from having a surgery to cure my pain/discomfort and also get extras like finally wearing inexpensive cute bras and tops!
Woo hoo for Dr Turner hes my hero!


Thank you:)

Day 8 and so happy! MORE PHOTOS!!

So yesterday i had my bandages taken off and the ok to show was given to me.
So last night i showered with my partner standing in the bathroom watching over me incase any effort left me lightheaded but i was fine :)
I wore one of those 'knockoff' genie bras in the shower to gently cover my wounds, it gave me coverage while i washed my hair and access when i held it out to let water run down over my wounds at my own leisure. I bought 3 for $10 of those bras when i was my larger size as something to wear at home when my bras kept hurting me but so did my big free swinging breasts. Being based on rib size they sit fit and give light compression and shrink back to their original size in the wash after being stretched. HA!
So as i was saying i showered ad then myself and my lovely man went out to our usual thursday night trivia with our friends.
My first outing in a fortnight and first real one since surgery and everyone looked straight at my new small chest before saying hello! And there was wow-ing. Apparently i look a lot slimmer and longer in the torso now that my shirt doesn't flow out off my breasts and make me look pregnant.

After a good meal and some socialising we came home and the undersides of my breasts were so burny after having tape pulled off earlier that day. I took Panadeine Fort for the first time in 3-4 days and stuffed some gauze id bought in bulk under the band of the bra to soft the compression against my incisions.

HANDY HINT: after digging on the net for swelling aids i kept coming up with eating certain foods alot as icing but the thing that astounded me was that in desperation i grabbed a glass of cold water after reading that swelling can be helped by keeping your water levels up and drank half in two mouthfuls i actually instantly got a very distinguished feeling of relief! It did not stop the burning but it dramatically decreased it!

Im extra happy because i got to give my 6month old kitty a proper cuddle for the first time in about 9days this morning and ive really wanted to because shes been by my side 24/7 and has even slept the whole way through most days just because she stayed with me.

So anyway i took some photos because i could hardly wait to get the others emailed to me from the doctor.

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More photos

Ill also add that ive had no weeping or bleeding even though the doctor said i might :)


You look marvelous. Keep healing:)
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Much appreciated! I think we need to hear these things after this surgery!
you look great...happy and speedy (lol) healing.
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So i was bad.. >:)


You look amazing, congrats!
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Thank you :) i think its about 6 cup sizes down from what i was!

Day 9 morning

I almost killed my cat today.. Im still sleeping on the couch due to my chest swelling and de-swelling which puts alittle strain on my incisions so i dont want to lie flat yet and my cat was playing in her "No2" after using the kitty litter. She wouldnt get away from it until i got up and scared her away and when i reached to close the door i swear i ripped something. It took my breath away and almost buckled my knees but i sat down then went and checked and no bleeding just a strong burny feeling from straining the stitches i think. Phew! I was so scared!
Going shopping for some shirts today because its winter and i have none i shrunk my only two in the dryer.


Wow girl you look great!! I am a 10g/gg and hoping to be the same size as you, but I also wonder if I will end up a d purely based on width- even so, I wont mind!! Happy healing :)
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Thanks :) i went to get some more shirts today and i held afew cups up but even some of the DD cups didnt fit im wondering if its just alot of swelling or because underwire could be too narrow for my breast from edge to edge. Its a dilemma but its good to know im not alone! And trust me if you beleive that it may happen to you and you want to try to get down to a C cup as for it because i still feel big. I need to hands in the 'ying yang' shape to cover one breast. Ill post a picture to show you later!
*ask for it *two hands


Hi everyone im posting a couple of pics and wanting to know: has anyone else whose has a BR have te irrational fear of them growing back like some scary horror story? I know its irrational but i also know wonders never cease so i cant help but be alittle scared in the midst of my joy with my little boobies.
Also the itches are driving me crazy and people are looking at me weird when im lightly running my nails over my shirt where my nipple is.
I have afew sneaky prickly stitches is it better to trim or leave them?

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Old boobs again


What a lovely result. Just fantastic. You must be so pleased.
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I am :) thank you for saying so we all have our doubts and im adjusting to alot but reassurence helps :) but its a process so i know things look "good for this stage" and thats all im hoping for really ^_^



Sounds like all is healing well! I had the same issue with the stitches poking me in some places....was soooo annoying and made the itching worse, i didn't want to cut it off in case i did something wrong so i just got my surgical tape and taped it down flat, and that worked great!
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Thanks for the help :) its nice to have support i haven't been annoyed at all by the stitches just amused. Im allergic to the micropore surgical tape glue and i get redness from most others so im hesitant to use anything on myself until my wounds are fully closed then ill worry about scar therapy! :)
im alergic too, as i am with most bandaides and tapes but i found if i had it on for short periods with breaks it worked ok but if i left it on for too long it softened my skin up around the wounds and actually ripped the skin off!

10 Days Uncomfortable

So today was day ten i was feeling pretty awesome no pains just sore and lots of zingers.
But this evening and tonight I've been feeling 'burny' on the skin beneath my breasts near the incisions and wearing one of those fake genie bras i have because my compression bra holds those sore spots tighter.
Im still swollen on the left side a lot more than the right and i have a small mass near the incision (.) (.) between the breasts on the left boob. Its just underneath where the incision starts.
Could it be something bad it feels achey and I've been gentle prodding it from time to time hoping that will act as gentle massive to help diminish it.
I still cannot feel my right nipple but am 100% in my left even though i get a lot of zingers in both.
Im not supposed to use anything other than wash with sorbelene over my breasts gently but it seems where my cleavage starts in the centre of my breast my skin is dry like its going to flake alittle, is that normal??
Also being only 10 days am i ok to be wearing my genie bras? They have less support than the compression bra but are more comfortable.
My PS doesnt come back from another state until friday i think and im worried about that achey mass i keep feeling.


A burning sensation and flaking might be caused by an allergic reaction to the surgical tape. I had that, burning pain, the area was very warm to the touch, and it looked like a red rash with flaking. If it sounds like what you have it would be best to talk to the PS or your GP about to make sure. I used a cortisone cream and that helped, but best make sure it's safe to do so as you're only 10 days post op.
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Thanks for the details on that one thats a good things to watch out for i know its not happening to me though because i am not wear any tape! I was told not to cover the icisions with anything except my soft bras and compression bra so i dont have any tapes or anything. Plus im allergic to micropore so i stay away from most. Ill still ask the doc if i could be reacting to anything though. Thank you :)

Day 12

Im happy mostly because i didn't have to hold my chest in the car today for most of the drive and i am not hurting anymore. Yes i ache if i have a long day but apart from that seem fine :D i feel like my boobs have dropped a little because they don't feel as perky and appear to be softening up because sometime they jiggle now.
I still have a bit of a sore lump under the incision on the left boob and its still more swollen than the right by a lot but i feel its getting better slowly and i see my regular GP for a medical certificate in two days so ill get her to check it then.
Im curious to know are my incisions healing super fast or is it normal to be so closed already at 12days post op??
Happy healing ladies!

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Post op compression bra

Also ladies I've seen some people having trouble finding a compression bra.
Mine was great. I did NOT have liposuction on the sides of my breasts so i cannot review from that but i had drain wounds above my incisions and covered with a small op-site (super thin bandaid) i had no troubles.
With the material i was able to pull the bra down by hooking my fingers under the bottom band for extra comfort and the bra has two easy sliding bra-like hooks underneath the zipper to hold it closed before you zip. Plus an extra piece of material against the chest so the hooks and zip cant rub you.
I found the thin shoulder straps to be a comfort when i felt icky not being able to shower because i was less covered by material and not ugly underneath my clothes and cami's either!
At first the bra may seem thin when you look at it but it does not lack in compression i believe it does a better job than a tougher material would and shrinks back after wear in the next wash.
Plus it contoured my changing breast shape perfectly as i swelled and de-swelled.
Being a 33.5 inch around the ribs i bought a size medium at 34 inches which fit perfectly. When in doubt on this bra choose the larger size.
I wouldnt recommend this bra to anyone with too many fatty areas under the breast it may roll or flip up for the larger inclined women which may be uncomfortable.


What a freaking cute surgical bra, one you will actually be able to wear later on if you feel like it! I wonder if I can find anything like that over here.
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Look the seller up on ebay they ship worldwide :)

Day 13 Handy Tip

I strong suggest ladies that despite how good you may feel at this stage do NOT go and see any movie that may be action packed or worse, scary. I am sitting back on the couch sorer than i previously was from jumping and tensing continuously after going to see World War Z with my partner. Im having trouble getting my muscles to relax and it clenches and unclenches in a terribly uncomfortable way. I learnt the hard way and i was barely scared just had a small adrenaline rush :(


I found them on zodee.co.nz :D I'm not to wear a bra post-op but if the one I had already bought turns out to be too small (likely) I will order one like yours. Your review has been the most helpful so far!
Aw thanks i hope that it has helped some people at least! Not to wear one? Has your doctor told you that because i really like hearing all the different care instructions :)

2 weeks Post Op

Just though id update some pictures for 2 week mark.
My zingers are less often but random and strong when they come.
My left nipple is still very sensitive and my right is numb but reacts to temperature and touch :)
I worry alittle that as the scabbing starts to come off that i may have areas of splitting but so far so good.
Also i'm still sleeping upright i tried laying down but get alittle pressure on the breast from the skin going taunt across my chest and the sides underneath my arms are still swollen the left more than the right.

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Allergy Tips and Wirefree bras in Australia

Hi ladies and gents,
I saw my local doctor today because PS is away and she said i have afew areas of small blood clots in the side of my more swollen left breast but that they will deteriorate over time by themselves. I have not had and do not have any infection anywhere and have not used anything on my incisions i just let them scab over and seal.
Today i asked my doctor for something to soften my incisons because ive been itchy on them and sometimes if i move to far i feel as though my scabs may crack or split so my doctor recommended me Cetaphil Moisturising Cream because i am very sensitive to fragrance and oil.
I have just put some on today and it feels beautiful and soft and easily washed off my fingers with water.
The regular chemist price is $9.99 and no script is needed to purchase.
Im posting pictures of the cream for all to see.

Also for all my Aussie BR friends i strongly recommend buying Seamfree crop top bras from Kmart.
They are a 2pack for $12 and they are thick enough to cover most nipple shadow and come in white, beige and black.
They have padding in the front which can be pulled out and put back in which is a great feature for those who can get small palm-sized gel packs to put in the bra for swelling!
I got a size 10-12 because im a 10 in bra bands and they feel so smooth and snug.
Compression wise i say they are not tight enough to dig in like a compression bra but are tighter and 1 layer thicker than a genie bra.

My doctor said my PS did the most amazing job ad shes heard really good things about him. :D
Happy healing everyone!

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Big Mistake Post op Day 15

I am alittle sore and tender around my incisions and freaked out alittle too because i put some of that Cetaphil cream i raved about on only the one time today but when i had a shower this evening my sores had softened and littoe bits washed off under the water flow. Also small areas near stitches were abit flappy like they had peeled up alittle due to being softened!
If i have anything bad to say its that the Cetaphil cream worked TOO well and i softened up too much.
I put on one of the new seamfree crops i got today and lined it with gauze to try to dry out my incisions abit and now i think ill just go back to using nothing until i have completely closed up.
A good day ruined with a scare and now i just want to go to bed :(
Night all, take care.


Great story!! You look AMAZING!! I have a consultation scheduled July 12 and reading all the stories on here has gotten me so anxious and excited! How long did your doctor say you couldn't lift heavy objects? I have a four and a half month old (who will be well over six months old before I have the procedure done) and that's the only thing I'm concerned about.
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I was told no pushing or pulling and no lifting more than 5lbs for at least 3 weeks then i can slowly do things that i don't feel strain my body. Trust me when i say that if you just follow the time schedule then start lifting straight away it will slow your healing and you could do yourself extra damage. I almost tore stitches to catch a plastic cup that fell off the bench, that was instinct but i should have just let it fall. Also over-head dryers are not good to reach up into and if you absolutely must lift something ask for help first and if its light enough squat down don't bend, then push back up with your legs. I suggest doing 5 sit ups every morning before your surgery to make sitting up easier because you cant heave yourself up with your arms. Its amazing how many movements affect your pec muscles!! Maybe for your baby you should try to make a habit of lowering the cot side and squating down alittle then gently picking up babe without stretching your arms too far from your body. Think Mr Burns arms (from the simpsons) or little T-rex arms. Youll also have to hold your bub lower than your chest i have a kitten and i find even at 16 days post op i cant cradle her too close. If your worried about the height of your babys cot maybe you know someone that you could borrow a bassinet from. They are generally higher and you can keep baby closer to the bed to coo and soothe rather than getting up too often :) i hope this has helped alittle if you would like anymore ideas just ask :) necessity is the mother of all inventions. Hope everything goes wonderfully for you. X
Yep! Weird eh. No bra for at least two weeks ill just be strapped up then on to no underwire for a couple months. I was worried cos everyone else's surgeons say to wear a bra or they'll sag but I guess I'm going to be so thoroughly taped up that there no chance of that!

Post Op Day 16 ~Blues~

So after running around yesterday i got a little down about the blood clotting in my left boob, then i went out to dinner and they had changed the whole menu at our local tavern to fancy things with herbs and meat and i don't eat meat or herbs so our usual thursday nights of trivia and a meal will no longer involve me eating :/ i just wanted to go home and go to bed. My partner said a few things about spending time with me that came out in a less than satisfactory tone and i spoke to all 3 of my family members at separate times yesterday and not one asked how i was doing they all just called asking me to do things for them. I felt very very alone when that happened. I got up to get my dvd id bought from the store to watch just now (because my partner has left for 3 days for work as of this morning) and found that it had been left in the car and is now sitting in the car on the airforce base and i now have nothing to do all weekend but sit and stew on how cruddy I'm feeling since my boobs have swollen a bit after my little cream softening incident i posted about yesterday.
The weather here has been rainy and cold and too windy to even hold an umbrella so i dont even have an option of leaving the house.
I hate the blues, the blues are terrible. >:(


Aw no you poor thing! I hope you're feeling a bit more optimistic today, being a women SUCKS sometimes and it is terrible when people only contact you because they want something, eh. On the upside, I am still really impressed by your results they look SO AMAZING!
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Thanks for the support missKJ its wonderful to have :) im waiting patiently for your updates and cant wait to see your progress. :) ive started using the Cetaphil moisturiser again because i think my wounds were getting too dry to heal without help so ive put the cream on 3 times today trying to keep up with the dry bits :)
How is the swelling?! Have you had to sleep on your back? I'm sorry you had a rough day yesterday:( would be nice if you had some other support since your partner is away.

Super weird :S

Just a question, has anyone found they had a cotton thread almost like a stitch near where their drains were taken out?
It looked like two black build ups of blood that had sealed over the place the stitch would have held my drains in but i got curious and pulled one with tweezers and out came this black piece of string! The two black dots that i though were dry blood were two separate ends of the same piece of string just a little less than a centimetre long. I was confused.
Has this happened to anyone else?

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Slow healing? Post op day 20

Hey ladies i just wanted to ask if many peoples incisions were closed by week 3? My anchor incisions are closed but the circles around my nipples are still not sealed over completely in most places. What were you like at week three around the nipples? Did you have dissolvable stitches too? Did you use anything to keep the skin moist or let it be natural and stay dry?


Congratulations . You look wonderful .! Enjoy .. You will get happier every day that passes. See how good women without big boobs have it!
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I really am happy, thank you so much :) everyday and ever new thing seems like a victory :) take care. X
My surgery is tomorrow. Hope I look as good as you!
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3 weeks & 2 days Post Op

Hi ladies! Sorry i missed my 3 week mark for a post but i have been so tired lately! I have my wisdom teeth trying to cut the gum again (they do that alot) and i guess my body still doesnt have much energy.
Did anyone who has had a BR have regular insomnia problems? I do and i worry it has been stunting my healing process abit when i only get 4.5hrs sleep in a 52 hour period sometimes.

Apart from that my chest has stopped mostly with the peely skin and most of my itchiness is gone :D

Everything is closed up except for a tiny sore smaller than the "o" on this post. :)
I do however have some stitches poking out around my nipples and 2 or 3 under the breast but they aren't read to come out yet.

I had a big day yesterday i went shopping and bought some dresses from Jay Jays which were fitted and super cute in a size.... 12!!!!!!!! I still have a little pudge on my hips due to weight gain from an undiagnosed pelvic pain ive had for almost 2yrs which makes excersize difficult and Polycystic ovaries which makes losing weight a bit hard but if being only a size 12 is the biggest worry i have in my life then i think im having a pretty darn good day!! I havent tried any bras on but i have held some against myself and i am not yet 3 and a half weeks but i do not fit a C cup. I think i fit a D but its the underwire that fits and the cup is too large. Im only a 10 or 32 around the ribs so i cant change band size to compensate but im trying not to let it worry me too much till they are at their softest and then ill bra shop!

I have photos for our australian BR ladies looking for a nice compressing sports band bra.
I bought this new one (purple one in pictures) at Big W for $8.92!!! Being a size 10 in bra sizes i bought a size 12-14 in this top and when i was putting it on i thought it felt too small but when i had it over my arms and pulled it down over my breasts it felt AMAZING. It had thin straps to go with singlet tops and strappy dresses and the band is longer than expected and sits so comfortably below my incisions. I had some of my best post op sleeps recently in this bra. It has a racer back design but despite not liking that style, it had never once been uncomfortable.
I recommend this bra to anyone!

I bought a T-shirt too >:) for $5 in a size large. (Jay jays shirts are small sizes) and i didn't look even remotely ridiculous! The last time i wore a t-shirt was when i was 12!

Im super excited for bra shopping but alittle bit scared as well that i wont be a regular size.

My next post op appointment isnt til the 26th of July thats when i can ask my questions.

Ill post 3 week pictures and comfy bra pics today the i might add some dress photos later. :)

I resisted the urge to look at bikinis too but i dont know how long i can hold out!

Take care everyone and thanks for sharing this journey with me!


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Thank you ^_^
You look amazing , nice to see a few more Aussies on here
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So i have..

New dress photos as promised to my lady friends :)

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Oh and this one..



Your new clothes look great! Isn't it a relief to fit clothes properly and not be busting out the top. I know what you mean about bikini shopping, I am so impatient! I actually wanted to get some at Birkenhead when we were in Sydney Cos they had amazing bargains and we just don't get a good selection over here :( your healing is going so well! I can't wait to not have to be taped up
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It is wonderful :D i hope when i loose alittle extra weight i might be able to hunt less again then too but not cleared yet and i have polycystic ovaries so its easy to gain and harder to lose for me due to that. Im allergic to the glue so no tape for me, never had it and all the others are too strong and would rip the skin! Lol. Im sure it feels safer to have it though like a little fail-safe. :) try Bras N Things online they have lots of goodies and they mail after you shop online :D as for swimwear everything is so expensive! Argh!
Go outlet shopping! You won't be disappointed! Haha.

So i went and got fitted..

So i went and got bra fitted and I'm only 3 and a half weeks post op, but right now I'm fitting a 14D and when any excess swelling goes i'll just be less snug in the cup and sit perfectly. Had to go up a few bands due to chubbiness but should go down to a 12 after i can exercise and lose some extra weight.

Also got a pink and also a black bra in the same style as the awesome racer-back purple one i have already and a cheap $14 14B black bra :D ill wear that when i can wear underwire again. Sad that I'm a D but there is no way my surgeon could have gone any smaller with me, my breast plate is very wide! Happy :)


You look so great!! Glad everything went so well for you.
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Thank you :)
First of all..I WANT that apricot dress!! (When my boobs are smaller :D) Secondly, what do you mean your breast plate is wide? I'm not familiar with that terminology I guess. I had a consult yesterday and it didn't go as I hoped. I was quite livid actually. The doctor wouldn't even send my information into insurance!! He said to get approved he'd have to take too much out (this is without measuring me!!) and I thought to myself, um I'd rather think my boobs are too small than be stuck with back pain and unable to fold laundry or do dishes without the pain!! But I didn't make any comment because he seemed like a "I know everything and you're just a little girl" attitude about him. My husband wasn't too thrilled with his ego. And he kept saying they were probably droopy from pregnancy and I couldn't get two words in to say NO! This is the way they have always been!! Not that it's a big deal, but he acted like he knew everything about me without letting me talk?! Frustrating. Oh and one more thing, he said there is NO weight restriction after surgery!! I could go home and pick my 20 lb son up the day I got home from surgery. Does that sound crazy to any of you?!? So I am seeing another physician this Tuesday. I'm getting pretty upset, I keep getting my hopes up.
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Five weeks post op yesterday

Sorry for being slack everyone!
So i was 5 weeks post op yesterday wow! I thought i was a week less!
Everything underneath has been healed since the end of week one for me which was amazingly lucky since ive seen people have some problematic areas so im grateful!
I have one tiny sore left on the bottom of the junction of lefty nipple and two stitches sticking out underneath right boob crease line but im happy with how everything has gone so far and im keen to start scar treatment but not before i know all areas are closed completely.
I got my period after 2 months and 8 days (polycystic ovaries make regularity something i dont have) and im feeling abit queasy because of that this week but i think my energy level is higher.
I still tired easily though so i use my energy very wisely. Haha.

My scars are sore.
Which of you ladies has used Palmers Coco butter for scars and how did it work for you?
Also how often did you use it?


You look great. Congrats on your new boobs. Surely can't wait for my small tata's. What was your size before and after? Oh I think using palmers will be great for scars. Heard good things about that.
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Thank you. I was a 10i australian size before and a 14d after surgery but i am only 5 weeks post op and i know that it takes 6 months until you will see what should be the first glimse of your final results. Im still swollen inside lefty because i had some blood clots which take some extra time to dissipate but they are quite soft already. I will try palmers as soon as I'm cleared by PS and then ill post some photos of any change for you so you know whether you want to use it too! :) hope all goes well for you.
Hi you're looking really great. I've been using Palmers skin therapy oil on my scars for a few weeks now which says is supposed to help with the appearance of scars, and I am pleased with the results, but who knows maybe they would be the same without? :-) :-)
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Almost 6 weeks post op and really sore??

Hi ladies and gentlemen,
Firstly i would like to thank Markpol1 f

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*for the pm and for taking the time to understand that us big breasted women sometimes have it painfully tough, i thank you for the support, sometimes us ladies need to know that bigger isnt always better and that we are still beautiful :) thanks again.

On another note: i just got my "monthlies" ladies and ive been really sore on the chest for the past week (had monthlies for maybe 4 days now) and im thinking due to polycystic ovaries and having my first period in 2 and a half months that i might feel abit more sore? I used to get sore just inside the boobs not very outside sensitive but i suppose that tissue could be all thats left so they could seen more outer sore because of that?
I have been sleeping on my side since 3.5 weeks post op would this contribute to soreness?
I would really love to hear how everyone went with their first period and any extra sensitivity after BR especially if they commonly have heavy painful history of them.

Its wednesday today and i have my 6 week post op appointment on friday :) excited! My teeny spot with the sore under my left nipple has healed and now i just have the two stitches poking out beneath righty.
All is well apart from soreness and im wondering, has anyone gotten used to their size post op and still felt too big? I do but when i lift my arms my chest is as flat as it can be so my surgeon did great but i am worried i will still feel "the thumping" up and down when im cleared for exercise and i go for a run.

I hope i get some replies for you lovely ladies about these things and as always, be as honest as possible about it, no sugar coating!
Your support and your stories are amazing on here and i think about how much i would feel i was missing if i didnt have this amazing place to contribute to and gather information from. Thank you ladies your amazing. X


Hey Love. I'm curious about this tube down the throat? I think it's for breathing or something. Do you know?
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Hiya Brit, don't fret about the tube i don't think they do it for everyone and it only goes in when your completely knocked out to assist your breathing. I think i had it but i never had a problem with my throat afterwards i don't even remember it being even slightly sore. And nope they take it out when they finish the surgery and if your breathing is a little off you'll just wake up with an oxygen mask on but thats not normally needed either. The only instances i know of that a person ever gets a tube down their throat while awake is when people overdose on drugs or alcohol and need their stomachs pumped. Its not humane to do something like that when a person is awake in any other circumstance and i would have been running out the door if they did that thank god they don't. Lol. No need to stress i hope i have eases your worries :)
As usual. You're to the rescue! :) thank you so much for the reassurance. The thought of having something out down my throat gave me all kinds of horrific thoughts. Just 6 more days. My nerves are getting to me :/ but I'm holding on. I can't wait to wake up lighter and watch my girls heal. I'm even becoming a vegetarian afterwards. I vowed that I'm taking better care of this body from that day forward.

6 weeks+1 day post op!

Hello my adoring crowd of variously sized women! :) firstly OMG I LOVE THIS SITE! I had 58 emails from comments and conversations and peoples journeys i have been keeping up to date on in only 16hrs! Everyone seems to be healing great and the biggest concern most are having is to do with the emotional roller coaster. Boy thats a fun ride :D but I'm so grateful for you all that no-one has had any major healing issues its definantly what I've been praying for!

Now to my update:
I was 6 weeks post op yesterday and had my appointment with the very charming Dr Turner.
So i am all headed on the outside except for two stitches poking out which were trimmed for me.
I have been cleared for exercise but do what my body feels i can do don't go all marathon man. :P
I am about 90% done with swelling and the same with dropping.
I think they could get abit softer over time they are still firm.
I shouldnt go down much so im a 14d.
I have alittle extra fatty tissue on the left side boob that could be revised with lipo if it bothered me but Dr. turner said it will probably go away with exercise anyway (which i plan to be doing soon!)
Alot of my breasts are glandular since thats what they were mostly made of pre-op and they were so sore during my period. They might be for afew more also.
My scars are abit think and hard but ill be getting some silicone sheets to do some scar therapy and until they arrive ill be doing some massage.
Im allowed to go braless and wear an underwire if i am comfortable in one (which i am not at the moment, my scars are still tender and i find regular bras constricting).

When i lift my arms up i feel a bit tight and sore on my side and bottom incisions did anyone else experience this?

Not much else to report i think i might go bra shopping in a couple of weeks but im going to start hunting down a sports bra to run in asap.
I have another follow up to check scarring in 4 weeks.

Happy healing ladies and congratulations to our newest BR patients i have seen a few new surgeries you all look wonderful! X

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If the bra fits..

Ok so i know alot of ladies are still fitting their old bras and i know they mean the bad and the underwire but thats not uncommon for 1 reason: we had our breasts decreased we didnt have our waist decreased!
But dont fret ladies i have posted some photos to show i still fit the band and underwire too!


Hi there moondiemoo. Just checking in and wanted to say how great your boobs are looking :) The baggy thing is funny. I worked out that I would deffo be a C cup if I was a 36 around my rib cage. After going home to my family today and seeing their response (pretty shocked and very complimentary!) to my new boobs I'm feelin much better about the 32E fiasco. Stay healthy. Love to the puss xxx
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Haha i wonder if i could be a C. It must feel like a pretty special letter because all us ladies want it so bad. Im starting to like d. D is not too bad ^_^ ooo what did your family say? I loved all the compliments i got. My mum still hasn't seen them yet. The puss is super naughty! She scratched paint off the doors! But she loves everyone :P
You'll be fine :P

Making Cocktails~

So i bought some Palmers cocoa butter to put on my scars and whilst looking in my bathroom cabinet found some Vitamin E cream with primrose oil so i mixed alittle of each and have started my scar therapy today. I have to say my scars are tender and sore to press but after using the cocktail to massage them (the during part was annoying i felt like i was pressing bruises) i felt so much less tight and pinchy! I think the circulation is a ton better too because my redness has decreased after only two massages and im hoping my scars will loosen some more :)
Worried about the cream infecting my two little stitches poking out? Would it do that?


Hi love, your results look incredible! I was just curious as a fellow Australian - does medicare and/or health insurance cover any costs of the surgery? I'm thinking of getting a reduction for medical reasons and was just curious. xx :)
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You look so wonderful!!! I have been jotting down the names of the girls I'd like to use for my PS to check out, and you are most definitely on the list! I think like you said before, size is so relative. It depends on the person, really. You look fantastic, they're so perky! I'd be alright with a D if they were that perky :) I'm so happy for you, I love seeing you in all the dresses :) how uplifting (haha) to see such wonderful results and such a wonderful attitude to match!
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Hi moondiemoo! You look awesome! I absolutely love the dresses. That's the first thing I want to wear once I'm moving around better. We're abt the same size so u got me excited with the dresses they are soo cute! Enjoy shopping!
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7 weeks 2 days post op and sore?

Hi ladies i am 7 weeks and 2 days post op and alot of the time my sides still feel almost bruised and i re-adjust my crop all the time because its sitting gently over my rib below the incisions and it feels like an indent has been left its that sore but the bra is fine! My scars are still tender around my nipples and on the sides closest to my armpit and im just wondering is this normal??
I just got my silicone sheets in the mail and will start them today but still don't know whether to be concerned for the soreness?


Hello lovely moondiemoo :) You're looking great. That little black bra is gorgeous- I really can't wait until I can wear flattering bras. These sports bras don't do much for the figure... Anyway, I'm not even 4 weeks but I have exactly the same sorts of pains you're describing. I'm sure it's just natural healing stuff xx
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Hi Jersey i think the scar pain wont go away until ive don't some rigorous scar therapy and they soften because they are pretty ropey. As for pretty bras i havent been able to wear that bra out becuse i still get pains from underwire when wearing a regular bra for more than two minutes so i fall back on my cute little crops and have been going braless for afew hours everyday because ive been feeling all smothered and claustrophobic. There are some really pretty little soft bras out there i just took advantage (since i live pretty rural) and looked at all the stores everytime i went away from my local suburbs when i was visiting a relative or making a day of it on the weekend. It can be hard being near only small shops. Hope your well :)
Hi Katie, if you go to your doctor and you follow their instructions to prove (or you apready have a history of) your breasts causing you pain and problems then i believe you can be put on the public waiting list and might only have to pay a couple of hundred for supplies. It an be a long wait though but they do surgery for BR by priority so if you have a severe case of breathing issues etc they may have you in super quick it all depends on your body. As for my experience i paid 10,000 in total. My PS was 4,000 my anaethesist was 1,500 and it was 3,500 for my stay 1 night at a private hospital. Plus 250 for my first surgeon constultation and about another 750 on creams, food, compression bras etc. I went to medicare and not having private insurance i received an amount based on the hypothetical of what private insurance would have covered then i was told to take the receipts with me at tax time and my tax person will do something similar too. I got around 1,400 back from medicare but haven't done tax yet. :) hope this helped.

$$$ wasting and liberation

Hi ladies thank you for your comments i love helping when i have some knowledge to share :)

So i have been rather dumb and unfortunately purchased some big thick silicone sheets that were for burns scars and turned out to be non adhesive! I tried to use them but they wont stay with anything and they absolutely stink to me with fumes that smell as strong as PAINT!
So i spent $110 on something for nothing and will need to buy some scar sheets soon because my scars are pretty ropey :(

I have felt very smothered lately and have been going for afew hours without my bra which feels amazing.
My PS cleared me for this and said they shouldnt drop anymore so im trying to remember this when i am all topless and i fear they will droop.

Without a bra i feel liberated ^_^


Like the pics of you wearing your old bra! I'm the same, tried on the smallest bra I was wearing (a 12DD, which was tonnes too small) and it did up (a bit tighter than it used to be due to swelling) and underwire fit but I could tell it was too big. My ribs also feel a bit bruised, not enough to cause pain but just an unusual feeling especially since i had very little other pain. Enjoy going braless, isn't it amazing!
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You look great. I appreciate your posts because I am about six weeks behind you so reading your posts gives me an idea of what's ahead. Right now I am still sore and swollen. You are a couple of years older than my daughter (who also has has polycystic ovaries) she is also an avid runner and a D cup - so if I can give you one piece of advice it is to invest money in a really good sports bra. D cups still bounce and the cheaper sports bras do not offer enough support (which will affect the look of your breasts in years to come). So, go to a good shop and get yourself properly fitted for a sports bra (once you have properly healed and the soreness of the scars go away).
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Thanks very much :) its hard with the PCO because it makes any sort of weight lose difficult for some and that includes me! Ive definantly been keeping an eye out for the right type of sports bra because your right, most are pretty cruddy quality and i have a major aversion to breast bouncing! It actually makes me feel sick to my stomach. I have alot of dopey moments on my review but im glad you like it because we really dont know anything until we ask so trial and error :) i feelfor your daughter i cant believe how common ovary problems are in women nowdays :/ all the best to you an your family and happy healing. X

8 weeks yesterday

Hi everyone sorry i havent been on i have some things to deal with and have been in some pain its been almost 2 years and the docs cant find out why i get regular pelvic pain.
Apart from that my breasts are great! I have two stitches trying to break the skin but my scars are fading despite still waiting for the proper sheets in the mail.
I have an appointment to check scar progress on the 23rd august.
My ribs still get sore wearing the loosest bras i have most of the time but im sure that will fix itself in time. No swimmers yet and not wearing a regular bra but no rush so who cares! :D
Some pictures with my arms up and down to show how flat i am up high and how i have no hang over my ribs. Still perky!
I haven't commented a lot but I'm still reading everyones new updates. Take care lovely ladies!


Hey girlie!!! You look amazing!!!!!!!!!!! The girls have such a nice shape and are so perky and full!!!!! You must be over the moon! :)) I still love seeing the pics with the dresses and clothes, because it gives me such hope :) I have dresses that have sat in my closet for years, because I've worn them once, then I'd see a pic of me wearing it, and never touch it again... Happened last year, I went to a wedding, bought a fabulous dress, thought I looked awesome, and saw a pic and realized you can see my unsightly bra shape through the material, and that I looked large and shapeless :(( So I can't wait to try these dresses on again after my surgery :)) I love fashion and haven't ever been able to indulge in trendy looks because I wasn't the "right shape" to fit the styles... I can see a shopping spree in my future, hehehe....
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Haha i was the same with the wedding thing and ugh! I was horrified i though i looked nice! I have this amazing rainbow coloured dress i used to wear because it used to stretch over my old boobs and i tried it on after surgery and its so stretched and saggy in the cup it doesnt fit anymore! I laughed so hard because it looked ridiculous on with my new boobs! Lol
Wowwee, girl, you look great! I'm several months late to the party but I read your whole review, it's detailed and interesting, thanks for sharing. It's always good to read about someone my age getting the surgery done since it makes me feel less alone.
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Small Victories~ ^_^

Well ladies im sorry as always for the lengths between my updates i promised myself i wouldnt turn this review into my diary and only make it relevant and straight to the point for those wanting answers.

So i give you a review today with mixed emotions and buckets of irony.
I was resigned and comfortable to think i will not regain feeling in my nipple (the right one) and kind of wished i didnt have feeling in them both due to how sensitive the left one is (i dont like the feeling when nipples are touched) but today:
Week 10 and 2 days i brushed the right nipple and i felt it. Haha.

Im ecstatic that they both have some sort of feeling but it shocks me because i was unprepared for the change to matter to me.

I just want to let anyone know who it may upset to lose feeling that some nerves can take up to two years to reconnect and if you are not ignorant to reality and that you are perfectly aware that a breast reduction may reduce or lose you your nerves then there is nothing wrong with being positive and hoping that you may regain them.

10 weeks and 2 days since my BR that i got sensation back in the nipple that has been numb and i really did not believe i would gain any sensation at all.
Be hopeful ladies i want nothing more from this situation than to lighten the blues for anyone with whom this matters.

Take care :)


That's awesome! My ps actually told me that most women get more feeling in their nipples because it is where it was meant to be, as opposed to being stretched because of hanging down. You're looking really amazing!!!! :)
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aw is leftie more sensitive now than before? I hated my nipples being touched before (even more than I hated my breast being touched in general) but the sensation is much more pleasant now :)
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Leftie has always had feeling since surgery and yeah i do think it is more so now but im glad to hear it doesnt bother you so much now :) gives me hope!

14 weeks on Thursday ~

Hi ladies,

I was going to apologise for not being on but ive been busy with a business course and have assignments coming out the wazoo!
So ill say i miss you all instead and see your profiles updated through email all the time.

I left off last talking about gaining some sensation back in my right nipple and its still there.
Ive been using my Scaraway sheets for maybe a month and a half now with a noticeable difference especially in the very thick scar on my right side of boob and upper part of that nipple circle.
Im itchy a lot still which means I'm still healing but have no spitting stitches or open holes anywhere and haven't since the last stitch post i wrote.
I get sharp pain if i twist too far or too quickly due to all the layers of stitching beneath the skin and get tender sore breasts a lot due to only having a base of gland tissue and very minimal fat (i always was glandular in the chest but bigger meant least feeling overall).
I get pain between my shoulders sometimes because I'm so accustomed to stooping so my chest didn't stick out but am working at bettering my posture.
I still cant sleep on my stomach but i can lay on it for a minute or so before the soreness kicks in.

The thing thats been hardest is spending so much money on scar sheets even when im buying mine new on ebay in advance. They are ridiculously expensive and there are no no-name brands that cater to this area of health for the financially unable. Ive spent my tax money this year to buy afew boxes in advance but even when i only use 4 sheets for the two side scars and across the nipples the sheets only last a week and a half being over-used so a box that states 2 month supply lasts only 3 weeks for me using the 8 sheets in that time.
So its costing me at least $60 every 6 weeks maybe more.

Its coming to summer so creams are not an option and ive only just gotten rid of most of a large breakout across the chest due to Palmers Coco butter. (Good product i just have sensitive skin)

Im enjoying going braless with just my tape on in this weather and find for swimwear i still favour shoulder straps instead of halters against my neck.
Im wearing a bra for up to 10hours a day but take it off any chance i get.

Hope everyone is well and healing beautifully.
I added some new photos for you all :)


Hello Moondiemoo. Don't you think it's time you gave us an update? :) Hope you're well xxx
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Hello! I see that you are taking a business course, I hope that's going well :) You look great! I really hope to get the beautiful results you have gotten!!!! I haven't been on nearly enough lately, also because of school. It's a shame about the scar sheets :( that is so expensive. Well, Keep us posted, I can't wait to hear more about how your healing is going. :))
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You look really great! They look to have a wonderful shape and the scars are looking better. I have thicker red scars on the sides too and need to start using something to help with that. Anyway, happy continued healing to you :)
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Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Dr Scott Turner is a very well mannered man who sits patiently and explains your personal situation in a way which makes you feel comfortable with your decisions while making sure he knows you understand all underlying safety precautions, possible risks and long term effects. I felt very welcome in his practice and his staff are lovely.

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