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Saving the TT for the end of the Summer

I'm a 35 yr old wife and mother of two...17 and 11...

I'm a 35 yr old wife and mother of two...17 and 11. They both were delivered by c-section. I had a tubal ligation with my last child. I was diagnosed with Lupus 3 yrs ago. It's under control. It was caught early. I've lost 50 pounds in the last 6-8 months. I'm very proud of myself. I workout 3-5 times a week and I have a trainer that I workout with twice a week. My saggy belly has not and will not go anywhere. I've talked about a TT before then I saw what actually happens and got very discouraged. I'm really into getting my body right... For me. I've been so amazed with all the stories on here and it makes me more sure that I can do this. I have my first consultation this Friday with my mouth piece by my side (my husband). He's more worried about the doctor being sloppy and leaving something inside me...lol.

Congratulations on the weight loss and exercise program.  You should be very proud of yourself.  It's now time to finish this up and get your body back.  

Keep me up to date on how everything is going.

Thank you.

Okay, I've seen two ps so far. The first ps was...

Okay, I've seen two ps so far. The first ps was straight to the point. He didn't show any pictures of his work nor did I ask. I asked him about doing a BBL...he said he wouldn't touch it meaning my behind. I was in a car accident six years ago and sustained an huge hematoma. Needless to say my behind is disfigured. His staff was nice. I asked his staff about a breast lift & reduction and bottom line was if I'm not mentally ready to deal with having a scar than it's not for me. His price includes an over night stay in the hospital. Idk if his price is cheaper because he's the chief of staff.
The second ps was very informative. He should pictures and told me he would do the BBL first and then have me come back in 6 months to do the TT & BL. This ps is more expensive and he doesn't offer the over night stay in the hospital...
So I'm going to get two more opinions, one this coming Monday, then the following Monday. After that it will be D time.
My rheumatologist has given me the okay to have ps. I'm very thankful for this. I was diagnosed with Lupus 3 years ago. It was caught at the very beginning, so its manageable. She advised me to get a third opinion. So I'm gonna do one better and get a fourth one 8).

I had my third consult this evening. It went very...

I had my third consult this evening. It went very well. Dr. Cuber was very nice and down to earth. He's the first ps to actually touch me. I really mean touch, lift and pull. He explained to my husband and I what would best benefit me and said all three procedures could be done in one day. Now idk if I'm a big girl to pain like that lol. My BFF said if I can get tattoos back to back I'm good...ok whatever. Even the lady Maria whom did the consult was very helpful and just as nice. I have one more consult next Monday. I'm actually thinking about canceling it and just setting everything up with Dr. Cuber.
Try Dr. Lalla in West Orange ... Free consultation... I've seen his work.. Good luck!
best of luck you can do it keep us posted as to the date updated pictures and comments

Wow, I just found out that I can do my mommy...

Wow, I just found out that I can do my mommy makeover next month...2 Happy. Now I'm not sure if I'm really ready...lol
I'm not sure about the butt lift...that's another scar. There's a difference between the Brazilian Butt lift and a Butt lift. I know I need it but idk. Then all that pain at one time...hum. I would love to be summer ready. Looking into taking a family cruise the end of July.
What an exciting time for you! The only caution I'd have for you with doing multiple procedures is to make sure they're all conducive to healing at the same time. For example, with a TT, you spend a lot of time afterwards on your back in a semi reclined position. If you had a butt lift, would you be able to lay back on your back/butt? These are questions your PS should be able to answer/reassure you about. Best of Luck!

I have decided to break my mommy makeover up for...

I have decided to break my mommy makeover up for health reasons. So I'll be doing my bbl in march. So I'll have a nice round full butt and a slimmer belly for the summer. Then I'll do my TT and BL. I'm ready to take my stepping stones.

Are you doing okay?
Hi, just checking in...I hope you are doing well :)
Girl, I'm in pain...I had my bbl done Friday. Lipo omg...it hurts. Thanks for keeping an eye on me ;)
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Not my doctor...why don't they give you away to remove the doctor?

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