Hi everyone! I'm new to posting to this site. Have...

Hi everyone! I'm new to posting to this site. Have been browsing for the past year. I'm a 42 year young :) mother of 3 children, 21, 18 & 16. Now I want my body back and doing me lol! I exercise everyday and am in great shape. However, this damn saggy stomach gets in the way of all my clothes lol! And since I never had a booty, I built one up in the gym by doing squats, weights, etc. It looks pretty good for someone who never had one. Now I want it to say KA-POW lol! So my measurements are 36-30-40 and I want them to be 36-26-40. I plan on doing this in late February, early March and am looking for the best Dr. I have TT, BBL & Lipo quotes from Dr. Yily, Dr. Katherine Camillo, Dr. Lalla (TT & Lipo only) and am waiting to hear back from Dr. Perry in Miami. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!
Have you checked out Dr.Azurin yet?His tt work is the best in my opinion.
I'm waiting for the office to contact me now. I love his work.
Welcome & blessings on your journey sis!

Still reviewing PS for my TT and BBL..........................

So I've checked a couple of doctors, Dr. Alkon in NJ, Dr. Gottlieb in PA and Dr. Azurin in Fl. I absolutely LOVE Dr. Azurin's work and am waiting on an email consultation with him. Since I live in NJ I was trying to stay local but I would travel to Florida for a great PS! I'll keep you ladies posted......
Good luck in discerning! Have you called Dr. A yet or did you just email? Reason I'm asking is because I waited what seemed like forever with using email alone.
I called and set up an email consult. I'm going to get a quote from him next week after he reviews my pictures. I really do think I want to go with him! Keep you posted

Going with Dr. Alkon in Linden, NJ

Decided to go with Dr. Alkon in Linden. Not only is he eye candy, he found that I have a hernia also. No other doctor found this! Planning on having everything done late February or early March. Will post before pics soon.

My surgery date is set!! April 3, 2014! Doing April in April lol!

Well ladies it's official! My surgery date is set for April 3rd in Linden, NJ with Dr. Joseph Alkon. I'm getting the full TT, Lipo, Hernia repair and BBL. Time for that new body and booty! So super excited! I've uploaded before pics this time. I workout 5 times a week and am gearing up to lose another 5 lbs. Don't want to lose too much so that I have enough fat for the best BBL. Will keep you guys updated. Any tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

Less than 2 months to a new body!!

OK so I am super excited about my transformation lol! I've been getting mentally prepared for my sx and can't wait to share with all of you. Being on this site is helpful as I know what supplies to get and what not to get. Everyone is different in recovery and some may need more than others. I will post tips and recommendations as time passes. So far I have the following:
- Two Boppy Pillows (Home and work, after 2 weeks)
- Leachco cradling maternity pillow (Great for side sleeping, is over 5 ft in length)
-Granny panties
- Husband pillow for back support
- Vitamin E oil
- Silicone sheets

Still looking to buy an inflatable tube for sitting (the large ones so my butt can rest in, go girl female urinal, couple of camis for underneath garment, Arnica, Bromelain, wife beaters, booty shorts, latex gloves, flushable wipes, cleansing wipes, and a few other medical items. I most likely won't need the pre and post vitamins as I regularly take multi vitamins, b12, fish oil, Vitamin D. If any vets have a suggestion on clothing to wear after the sx, I'd appreciate it. Talk to you gals later...
One last thing for the night... you dont need a bbl. you have a nice figure and you will be super motivated to do a million lunges and squats and then maybe .
oh yeah my dr. wouldnt do bbl at same time as my tt and I am so happy he didnt. I couldnt imagine not being able to sit or lie on my tummy...to me it just doesnt seem right, but others are troopers. Why booty shorts and latex gloves. You wont wanna wear anything down there... No fish oils before sx it disrupts blood clotting. Senna Tea will help pass poop! Caladryl liquid for when you itch! or Burn spray. But I would just pour Caladryl down the front of my garment.
I am loving mine!!!


Just a recap of who I am. I'm a 43 year single mother of 3 children, ages 21, 18 and 16. I've had stretch marks and loose skin since my first pregnancy and want to get into a bikini again. I never had a booty but going to the gym and doing squats has worked wonders! However, I want a lot more projection and roundness. It's funny how when we want something so bad we get fixated on it. I find myself judging people's booties and comparing them to what I want. I believe my sx will give me the extra confidence I need to boost my life and career to the next level as I strive to be more successful in my beauty business. I believe beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, etc. However, being a leader in my business, people tend to look at the whole package, not limited to hair, makeup, nails, fashion and of course, body shape. I believe I have a nice shape now and it can be way improved. I'm going to be the 1st person in my circle to go thru this and then my sisters and girlfriends can follow suit after my experience. Glad I found this site as it really helps with sx expectations. If anyone has more suggestions on post op clothing, basic preparation before sx, etc., please share. Thanks & make it a great day!
When is your date for your make over. I know you are so excited. Mine is May 7th. I am going well flying down to MIAMI but I am in Atlanta so not so far. Will you have someone there for you once you come home. Or did you already have your tummy tuck
I see that your close to surgery date. Mine is May 7 I'm excited. Did you measure your waist line now, so that you can post how many inches you lost. I'm going to Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami price is $3900 including lipo and full tummy tuck. Is your procedure reasonable.
Is this comment for me?

Bikini reality check

Today, I stopped in TJMaxx to try on a couple of bikinis. Now I haven't tried on bikini's in over 20 years (since before my daughter was born) and I had a reality check in the dressing room. I no longer wear a size small in a bikini lol. And a large was too big so I'm in the middle for now. My BBL may take me to a large or I can loosen the sides on the bikini bottom. I love the hot pink color of the bikini though. Can't wait to try it on after my sx. 44 days to go! Oh BTW, I met a Yily doll at a makeup and skin care party I did yesterday. She had her TT done a year ago and is going back this week to get lipo and a few other things. She gave me some wonderful information on recovery, lymphatic massages in North Jersey and info. on the pink room in Newark when I need an additional garment. Also got great tips from my aerobics class buddy. I am so blessed to be around such wonderful people. Thank you Lord!

40 days left until sx!! So siked!!

Mentally and physically preparing myself for my transition. Starting extra workout routine on Monday to lose extra 10 lbs. before April 3rd. Going to my get my blood work done and pre-exam with pictures in 3 weeks. Can't believe I am finally getting this done!!
Good luck on your surgery mine is April 11th! I did the same thing as far as trying on bikinis and hoping to have amazing results! Us moms deserve it! :)
Yes we do deserve it! Good luck on yours too! April is doing April in April lol! Keep me posted on how you're doing! I'm so excited this is finally happening!!

Only 32 days to go!! So excited!!

OK, is it me or have most women preparing for a TT and BBL tried on a lot of bikinis lol?? I am the Ebay Queen when it comes to ordering and I ordered about 5 Victoria Secret bikinis online at about $10 -$15 each brand new! Tried them on and I love them! Now I'm hoping my scar is low enough so that I can wear them lol. I go to my ps on March 19th for him to take pictures and go over my expectations. I'm going to tell him 4 things: 1. I want a flat stomach 2. I want a low scar 3. I want a small waist 4. And I want a big round butt. Those are the things I really want and I pray that God guides both my ps and Dr. Lopes' or Dr. Frost's hands with my hernia repair (they both work together and either of them will do my hernia based on their office schedule). What concerns me is that my ps does not like people taking extra supplements before surgery. I asked Angelica his surgery coordinator about them and she said that he does not like his patients on VitaMedica as it may cause bleeding, etc. I've heard so many good reviews with people taking them it kind of surprised me when she told me that. I'll ask him again when I go on the 19th. If he still says no, no biggie as I take multivitamins and supplements anyway on a daily basis for the past few years. "I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! And I know I know I know I know I know I want you (new body), I want you" (in my Pointer Sisters voice)!

Wow made it to the 30 day mark & dancing the pounds away!!

I am a firm believer in exercising 5 times a week with weight training and eating healthy, which will contribute to the weight loss and toning before my sx. We cannot look our best with plastic surgery alone and need to concentrate on total body fitness as well. It's great to have a flat stomach and amazing butt, but not so attractive to have flabby arms and cottage cheese legs to go with them. Sooooooo, I've made a commitment to lose 1 1/2 - 2 lbs per week and tone my arms and legs more. Saturday I went to a girlfriend's 50th birthday party and danced the night away! I couldn't stop dancing ever since I walked in the door lol. I had on 4 inch heels and line danced, danced to hip hop, club, you name it. I went so low to the ground on numerous songs that I forgot I was 43 dancing hard with stilettos lol. Talking about working up a sweat! And the funny thing is, the next day I was icing my ligaments under my knees from partying so much! Will try to have 1 of those nights at least twice before my sx!
Your time is almost here! Best wishes on a great surgery, I will be in the surgery room this Friday(: for a TT
Gr8 I hope you get all that you want out of it! Blessings love

A little projection before.......

Went to a retirement dinner tonight and was looking at my butt in the skirt I had on. I have a little projection that will look amazing after Dr. Alkon is done with me. Too, during my morning workout, I saw that my arms are getting more defined. 30 days until a new me!!

My daily regimen

As an avid exerciser and fairly healthy person, I want to share my regimen with some of you on Realself. Unlike some of the beautiful women on here who choose to juice their veggies, I eat veggies daily. A normal day may consist of 2 fried eggs for breakfast, a spinach salad for lunch, pita chips for a snack and a piece of fish and veggies for dinner. I also snack on nuts, which include pistachios, almonds or sunflower seeds. Here's some examples of my meals to get necessary mix of nutrients and protein

Breakfast - raw pear and handful of grapes or
2 fried eggs or
Berry fruit salad with yogurt or
3 pieces of turkey bacon and wheat toast or
Chiobani blueberry yogurt pint (my favorite)

Lunch - spinach salad with olives, hardboiled egg, red onions, broccoli and balsamic dressing or
romaine salad with a green apple, goat cheese, craisins and balsamic dressing or
egg salad on wheat toast with a small side salad or
tuna salad on wheat toast with a small side salad

Dinner - 2 slices of BJ's thin crust veggie pizza or
fish (any kind) with rice and broccoli or
turkey kielbasa with rice and veggies or
Chiobani blueberry yogurt pint (my favorite lol)

In order to lose weight effectively, your calorie intake must have a weekly deficit. For example, in order to lose at least 1 pound per week, you should consume between 1400-1700 calories per day and exercise at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes. Strength training is essential to your weight loss regimen as it builds muscle tone while burning fat. I hope some of these tips helped some of you to get jump started on your weight loss/healthy living journey. They've helped me a lot thru the years.....29 days until the new me yay!!

3 1/2 weeks until the new me!!

I can hardly believe it! I'm almost there and am sooooo looking forward to this transformation. About to get ready for work now. Will post more before pics the closer I get to my surgery date. Want to share many before and after pics :) . I'll probably be doing a whole lot more selfies lol!! Have a great day everyone!
I live in Memphis and i am researchingto get the tt done in May 2014. I went to a consult and the Dr. Told me that i needed to loose 40lbs because my BMI was 37 and i am in good shape. I weigh 236 lbs. I want to loose weight before the surgery but I am African American and i know my build is different. Is there anything you can do to help me....maybe a second opinion, eating suggestions, and exercise...i am starting to walk on today then increase as i go. I am not afraid but i don't want to have an extra hard recovery time. Please respond. I would love to hear your feedback.
No your dr. is right. You have to lose weight so that you will have less risk during your surgery and optimal results. #1. I would suggest drinking nothing but water. No fruit juices, soda, etc. Coffee and hot tea are fine, but absolutely no other beverages. Drinking water flushes you out and helps you lose weight while replenishing your body after exercise. #2. Count your calories and eat no more than 1800 calories per day. myfitnesspal.com is a great site to keep track of calories #3. Incorporate more fruit and raw veggies into your daily meal plan and eat less carbs. Cut back on bread, pasta, rice and other starchy foods. #4. Exercise for 30 minutes at least 4 times a week. Walking for 30 minutes is a great start. Then add aerobics and strength training after a week of walking. Using either hand weights or doing body pump using a bar with weights is important during weight loss. It builds muscle tone while burning fat. Also, 2 days after a body pump class, your muscles are still burning calories from that class alone! These tips will surely help you see a difference in your weight loss journey. Good luck and keep me posted!

Had to release some steam and stress during body pump today

Every Wednesday is my body pump class. Today was a stressful day so I took it out on the workout weights. I use wagon wheels as my weight preference. They are 22 lbs. on each side and I normally add 5 pounds on each side but I was running late to class. The nasty stomach overhang and little butt will be gone in 3 weeks! Can't believe it is really going to happen!

Wish pics

These are some pics I'm going to show Dr. Alkon next week when I see him......exactly 3 weeks to go!!

Getting house ready for April 3rd!!

Finally getting a tv hooked up in my bedroom. I've always said that the bedroom is for 2 things only.....sex and sleep lol. Now however, I've loosened my thinking and now am adding a tv to my room. Ordered a new 55" from HSN (thank you Easy Pay payments) and will be moving the old flat screen to my room. My son went back to college today after spring break and I will miss him :( Anyway, finishing up with my beauty customers and booking appointments and follow ups until April 2nd. Will schedule my clients to come to my house for their products replenishment. Doing one or 2 more grocery runs and finalizing the schedules of friends who are helping me thru the recovery process. So looking forward to the new me!

Gearing up for the main event!

Realized my new screen tv is from QVC not HSN. Should be here soon. My travel chair from Walmart arrived today. Saw on realself how someone used the chair for their BBL. The chair only cost $6 and it will be useful after surgery.
Love the "redesigned " chair. Your sounding prepared and ready - will come Back to check on you
Thanks. You look great! Hoping mine is just as flat and curvy
Omg I did the same thing to my chair, haven't had surgery yet but getting prepared! I thought I was the only one being creative with this chair idea! Lol

Paid in full!

Went to Dr. Alkon to pay in full today. Now it's official! He took pics and told me hat to expect. The scar placement from hip to hip, garments, etc. Told him I wanted a big butt. He said I may not have enough fat for my desired goal but he'll be working towards it. I asked him to make it as big as he possibly could. Pray it's what I want. I trust his skills and trust The Almighty more to bring me thru safely. Got all my meds filled. I only have to get 2 more things for recovery, bromelain and arnica. And an outfit I don't mind getting messy while being discharged from the hospital. April 3rd will be here before I know it. Please gals pray for my healing and that I get my desired goals. TTYL
Good luck Hun , u almost there keep us post it

9 days until surgery!!

Wow time is going by quick! Still preparing my home for post-surgery. Just have a few more things to get and do. Got my new 55" tv, mounting 42" tv in my bedroom this week and finally finished the refurbishing of my entertainment center! Came out beautiful and will post pics. Also getting extra lipo done so that I have enough fat for my BBL. Now doing lipo of upper back and inner thighs. Can't believe this is finally happening!

4 days left and having nightmares

Wow can't believe there are only 4 days until my surgery. Trying to get my house in order, things squared away before the big day. Been having nightmares that I either missed my surgery date, over slept or ate after midnight. Have a lot on my mind and need to take a breather.
Everything will be fine luv. I just had mines done on thursday. I went in they told me lay on the table and next thing i woke up in recovery. The lipo part hurts more than my butt. I has 950ccs to my butt ans 170ccs to my hips

True Vision is when.....

When you have a vision and work towards it, the outcome is a blessing. I had a vision for my tv entertainment center and went from the old to the new. This is much like my upcoming surgery. I have a vision, found a wonderful Dr. , and am trusting him to complete my vision. The outcome will be a blessing! 2 days left!
Thanks. Where are your before and after pics?
I will post them this week and edit them...i was waiting for RS to approve my profile.

Thursday is the BIG DAY!!!

I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. Not nervous about the procedure. Nervous about my furnace being broken and needing repairs. Waiting for the replacement motor. Don't want it to be cold in here when I get home. Using space heaters for now. The devil is a liar! The house will be warm soon!!
U right, almost there Hun...good luck
So excited for you! Can not wait to see your results! Good luck honey!!!!!

6 1/2 hours til the new me!!

Still up getting things ready for tomorrow and for when I come home Friday. So excited! Will send a pic when all is done! :)
Good luck with surgery tomorrow. I had mine today! Just take it easy and keep up on meds and you will do wonderful :)

I did it!!! 800 ccs per cheek!

Surgery is done yay!!! And all of u are right when u say lipo feels like u got beat upp lol. Throat dry as the Sahara! Thank God for Ricola! Thanks for prayers and will keep u updated. TTYL
So excited! Did u get ur hernia repair with Dr. Alkon
I have a hernia too. Please advise. Thanks Hun
Dr James Lopes did hernia repair. They work together

Pain pain go away!

In a lot of pain. Real gassy after eating and can't find good position in this hospital bed. Have me laying on bed while sitting on cheeks. No other way to do it. Hopefully getting discharged soon.

Eating afterwards

Getting real gassy after eating, makkng stomach pain worse. Keep holding in

Wow my butt is huge!!!

Dr Alkon put in 800ccs per cheek and wow! I can't stand n take a pic cause I'm still weak. Bit wait til y'all see a normal pic! Here's one kneeling
Congrats girl you made it to the other side! Yes i woke up too mouth dry azz helllllll! And yes lipo is nooooooo joke. Happy recovery luv in sure u look great!
Thanks so much!! Hope u feeling alright! Ur going to look great!

3 hernias repaired!

Dr Alkon told me when they opened me they found 3 hernias! Now they're all repaired. So my procedure involved lipo, tummy tuck, bbl and 3 hernias! Wow!!

Dr Alkon delivered exactly what i wanted!!

When I came in to get into my new garment I was so shocked! My waist is snatched, my butt is big and my stomach is flat! My back and stomach are still swollen a lot so imagine when swelling goes down. So happy!!!

hourglass shape and waist getting smaller

I can barely stand but my waist is 28" so far and getting smaller. I am soooo happy with my results. I still have stretchmarks under mh belly but they will be covered with a connecting tattoo from my back later. Hopefully Wednesday Dr visit drains can be taken out. :)
Iam happy for you!! happy healing and i look forward to following your journey.
I'm really happy for u, u look great Hun, enjoy your new you

Ugh! Drains still in

Still draining a lot of fluid. Thought at least one drain would be taken out. Will most likely cancel tomorrow's dr appt. If 24hr drainage is 1 oz or less, Dr will remove drains. Will check tomorrow morning. If drainage, will make appt for Monday. Want to start massages but can't until drains are removed.

Left drain removed!

So happy the left drain was removed today. Now I can sleep on my left side. Couldn't before because the drain was digging into my side. Hopefully the other can be removed on Monday. Looking at my butt in the Dr. office today. Boy it is huge lol! Now time for the massages after the drain is out.

No more drains!

My last drain was taken today. I feel so much better now. Start massage tomorrow. New pictures coming soon!
Great feeling to be drain free :) Btw-- snatched you've been - doctor did a fine job and I can already see how great you will be looking - happy healing
Congrats girl! 2 inches off your waist including swelling? Thats a great outcome already and you know it'll only get smaller! You go girl!

1st massage today and it was heavenly!

Isabelle at Dr. Alkon's gave me my massage and it felt soooooo good! She gave me some helpful tips on healing and I'll be visiting her 3 more times this week, 3 next week, etc. I also bought a belly board to help the swelling. Gotta get ready to go back to work Monday :(
Thanks I feel great! And you look better than some 20 year olds so you go girl!
Thank you - you placed a big grin on my face :)

2 weeks post opt and feeling great!

Went for my third massage d and Isabelle hooked a sista up! I'm swollen a lot from the lipo and Isabelle is working hard to drain me. My doctor said he took 7 inches of skin off my stomach! Wow!! Still have some stretch marks but who cares! I look great! Still sitting on my Boppy pillows with my booty either in the hole or on a soft surface. Sleeping on my sides only and letting my butt hang off the back of a chair. My booty is here to stay! Can't wait till it fluffs and drops nicely. So happy!
Wow your transformation was great. Has your swelling went down. I'm stocky in the waist also, so I'm hoping to get down like you. Did you lose any weight
Thanks! My swelling has gone down a lot. Drinking lots of water and getting the massages help immensely. I've lost 5 lbs most likely from removal of the skin combined with unusable fat. I'll post more recent pics soon. You'll go down as well in inches and weight as long as u follow the dr's orders, eat healthy and take vitamin supplements.
Awwww i saw you today lol... The compression board that helped alot is the hexagon one... It fits from the lower stomach to right under the breast.


I normally eat strawberries and mangoes for breakfast. Switched up and ate a banana, pack of instant oatmeal and half a small danish coworker brought in. NEVER AGAIN. My garment feels so tight I want to take it off! And it is actually loose. Dven planned on having my tailor take in 1/2 inch each side. Praying this bloating goes away soon. Pray for me!

Love the extra attention and the tighter garment.

Had my garment taken in 1/2 inch each side and my swelling is going down, making my waist smaller. I got some serious stares today with the outfit I had on. Booty is looking mighty fine and my waist is super small. I always got attention whenever I walked in a room and now, the attention is intensified due to the booty fluff. Love it!
You look really good....congrats on your TT&BBL....I wish I could have did the BBl with my TT but I'm doing mines at a later date...but its all smiles....but I'm so happy for you...:)))
Thanks! You'll be so happy when you get it done
Looking good!!

This BOOTY is getting all the attention

Loving how I'm looking!
You look FABULOUS!!! Congrats! God Bless and God Speed :)
Thanks I feel fabulous!

Feeling myself and loving my results!

Ladies when we take the time to do what makes us feel better about ourselves, it is more valuable than money in the bank! My booty is that cha-ching and my money was well invested with Dr Alkon! This dress is getting all the attention and I am loving every minute of it! (I finally had the nerve to wear it out the house lol)

Booty dress

Here is the pic. Still swollen in belly area. It'll go down. It's all about the booty!
You look great!
You look great. I had my SX done in DR. I'm flying back home tomorrow can you tell me Were you get your massages done at?
Thanks. I get them done in my Dr's office, Dr Joseph Alkon in Linden at 515 N. Wood St.

Turning heads and healing nicely!

Hey RS girls! Just been getting adjusted to my new body and loving the results. Swelling in lipo areas and stomach still there but going down SLOOOOWLY lol. Also got a new garment from the Pink Room after my last Sr visit. Have 1 more massage left :( and getting a new squeem for when I go out to the club. Hope everyone is doing great and I'll chat with u soon. Have a gr8 day!!


Woke up to a disturbing text message from my own sister! She said that she thought my BBL ass looked unnatural, it didn't look good, she didn't like it etc. Then 5 minutes later she tried to clean it up by saying it looks good and she has to get used to it. BUSTED!!! That text was supposed to go to her friend but she sent it to me by mistake! Then tried to clean it up. I told her I love my BBL, get mad compliments and that it looks better than hers and her flat ass friend's ass! Ladies, just goes to show there will be haters Who smile in your face and stab you in the back. Loving my BBL, tummy tuck and transformation! She wish she could do it lol. Well don't hate, participate! Wow, how many others are out there just like her??? Focusing on the positive is my motto!!
him finding the hernia when the other doctors didn't was the main reason why i chose him too
Hi. It's nice to see another one of Dr. Alkon's patients here. I had my partial high TT with him on Monday and i'm 5 days p.o. I'm so happy with the outcome. I know i have swelling that has to go down but the mere fact that i have a flat tummy is more than enough for me.
Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Baby got back!!

Hey ladies! It's been a while since I've been kn here. I hope all is well with everyone! I'm just out enjoying life & loving my new figure. The Summer is my time to shine lol! Still feeling great with swelling time to time, especially in my lower back and stomach. I'm patient tho & know the swelling is temporary.
He's the best! So happy for you!

From flab to fab in 11 weeks! And swelling still going down!

11 weeks of progress! So happy!
congrats you look nice keep up the great work....what scale number woukd you give for this Dr. I'm in the process of searching for a dr who would even preform surgery on a diabetic as myself, the pinkroom is the truth
Newark Plastic Surgeon

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