Man time seems to be flying.the booty is finally beginning to drop and im loving it! ..23 days post op !

So I have been wanting a bbl for the past 2 years...

So I have been wanting a bbl for the past 2 years and am finally getting it!! I lost a lot of weight and workout a lot but have the "problem areas". I can't wait to see what I will look like after all the swelling goes down and complete healing. I went to the doctor this morning, I'm paid in full and signed some consent papers and also took some pics. Ugh I can't wait until Tuesday !

I was going to go to Dr Alkon also but decided on Dr Bond instead after my consultaion. Good luck on your journey! Sure your gonna look great!
I was going to go there too! Montclair right ? She quoted 10,000 so Dr Alkon was a lot less expensive and I liked his work. Thanks ! Please be praying for me I'm so nervous
Yup n montclair. Yea I know she is expensive,but i believe she can give me the results im lookin for. Dr Alkon seem good too,jus the pics i seen was to conservative. Im nervous to. It went from jus researching it to it really being in the progress of happening!!! Im also excited n thankful to be able to do it. Its like a dream come true (hoping my results are what looking for). I sure will be praying for you!!! N will be looking forward to ur updates on your journey.

Morning to all! So it's bugging me out that in...

Morning to all! So it's bugging me out that in less than 24 hours from now I'll be having surgery ! It's crazy how fast time goes by. Now I just have to run a few errands and make sure I have everything I need. Please pray for me!

Tomorrow morning is the big day! It has finally...

Tomorrow morning is the big day! It has finally hit me that I'm getting this done ... I am in school full time and working part time but I'm thinking about doing exotic dancing as well after my new body is fully healed ! I have had people for the longest tell me that I should dance but haven't been fully confident about my body .,well anyway ...I'm soo excited !
Can't wait to see pics
(: Ill try to put some tomorrow I don't know how I'll feel ... I will try Promise !
No rush, when u feel up to it...I felt like shit and just slept

OK y'all headed to the hospital ... Ahhhh !! I'm...

OK y'all headed to the hospital ...
Ahhhh !! I'm a nervous wreck

Heyyyyy y'all ! I'm doing well ! Just left the...

Heyyyyy y'all ! I'm doing well ! Just left the hospital a little while ago and I'm walking around fine and everything ! Post op pics soon!
God bless u and happy healing. Hope your new body brings u much joy and happiness..btw, if u really wanna go the exotic dancer route, think about a webpage as it will bring in money without all the weirdos tryna cop a feel like in the club
Thanks love Yeah that sounds like a great idea!! (:

Today I feel a little worse than yesterday .. I...

Today I feel a little worse than yesterday .. I guess because the anesthesia has worn off. Anyway I'm looking great but as you can see in the pictures I'm very swollen
hello and congrats!! I must say ur Dr did a great job!! U gOT booty for days!! Hope ur healing goes well :-)
Thanks a bunch !
Looking good

This recovery had been something else ! I haven't...

This recovery had been something else ! I haven't taken any painkillers ...only antibiotics . My doctor was shocked when I told him that I wasn't taking the painkillers. Anyway I'm not in much pain but it's more like discomfort .. keep me in your prayers

What's up ladies ! Wanna share a few things...

What's up ladies !
Wanna share a few things because I've learned sooo much since Tuesday.
For those wanting to exceed 1000 cc's in each buttock there is a wayyyy lower chance of fat survival. Please do research on this! If you want a huge ass, sorry but you need to get this procedure done twice. Get it the first time to get your buttock skin stretched out and used to extra fat being in there then go through the process again ! That's the only way for best fat survival. It's way easier said than done but that's the way it is. It depends on how much fat your booty can hold. If you stuff too much fat in there, your booty will be rock hard and this can be an indication that the fat cells are dying! I already had some booty meat and received 860 cc's in each. My booty is huge and feels amazing. I'm glad I didn't get any more or less. If you're going to spend all this money on this procedure then you might as well make the best of it! Please do!
Secondly, girls ....this no sitting thing is a pain in the assssss !! Literally ... but it's worth it ! If you can be strong and press through then you're good . Take painkillers drink plenty of whatever you have to do. Get this (for all mu ladies who have already had the surgery) I have not taken ANY painkillers ! Yes I'm a sister soldier and have a high tolerance for pain . Oh yeah ....and I got my period the day after surgery.. I was expecting it any day but was hoping to not get it yet..oh well!
Also .. please promise me you will not lay in bed all day and night. In order for easier healing and to train your new body you MUST WALK . I cannot stress this enough. You must prevent getting blood clots in your legs as well. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask ! Happy healing y'all !
Congrats, I'll be getting my new booty in exactly one month!!! So excited :0)
Ooo yes girl exciting !
Hope your recovery is going well, many blessings

Wow this has been an incredible experience ! It's...

Wow this has been an incredible experience ! It's been almost 2 weeks since my surgery and I'm feeling and looking great
To those who don't know I'm in school full time and work part time as a babysitter but I had to take this semester off so this was the perfect time to get this surgery. You guys ...I went to work right after I left the hospital from surgery.. yes I'm a sister soldier and have a high tolerance for pain! If my doctor found this out he would kill me! Lol
.but yes I've been at work e everyday since and the kids I work with have been such a great help. I only told them I had a small surgery on my backwards..don't want all my business out
But anyway I have not sat down yet and I refuse to until after 4 weeks ...ugh! Its hard but I don't want any of those fragile beautiful little cells to die because of too much pressure being placed on them. Oh but get this ...I've been driving since surgery ! Ha! I'm a trip ain't I..I just put pillows under my thighs and behind my back to keep me from putting pressure on the booty ! Well anyway happy healing to my fellow ladies !
Happy Easter! Look forward to your next update and pics!
Gurllllll, the booty is da truth! So happy you updated your blog! Please keep us updated on your journey and pics!! I am strongly considering Dr. A. How is your skin doing from the lipo work on your back and what not?
He did aggressive lipo. The first week of massages I almost cried but I'm doing much better. The skin looks great I'm just very swollen. He did an amazing job and for a GREAT price $6790

Hey ladies ! Well I've been doing really well and...

Hey ladies !
Well I've been doing really well and this journey has taught me so much. I still haven't sat yet and I won't until I'm almost 6 weeks ! Yay me! I've been doing well with recovery mainly because I have a high tolerance for pain. For those who don't know I didn't take any pain medication at all. And I went right to work after leaving the hospital after doc would kill me if he found out! LOL
I believe if a lot of women knew before hand how they would feel after surgery they wouldn't have the surgery done ! But everyone heals differently. For some the process can be hell for others it won't. I'm just sooo happy to be way past the worst part of recovery .well happy healing to all!! Oh yea ..New post op pics !
Can I see pics, considering this doctor?
Hey Brickhouse. I was looking to have a bbl with Dr alkon. do you have any pictures that we can see? I see he Dosent have many on here.
Hi I'm thinking of using Dr. Alkon for BBL. how are your results holding up?
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