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I am a little frustrated with my results as I was...

I am a little frustrated with my results as I was not significantly overweight. I am nine months post-op and weigh 2.5 lbs. more than I did not including the 1.5 lbs. for the 375 cc Mentor saline implants. I do not feel that enough liposuction was done on my flanks. I am also accumulating more fat on my abdomen. My skin did restretch and I have the same stretch marks as before. The majority of my incision, both horizontal and verticial, have keloids as does my new belly button (which is not centered.) I should note that my surgeon has said that he does want me to be happy and will rectify the situation. I have not had the nerve to ask him about the costs.

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Abdominoplasty with vertical incision and Mentor Sub-muscular saline 375 cc implants I very much like my surgeon. He is a well-informed man and has very good standing in our city. My results were just unfortunate. I know that he could not have predicted the keloids. The original plan was to use 50 cc's less in my right breast, (which I strongly agreed with, see pictures) but during surgery the decision was to use 375 cc's in both breasts. My boobs are still very uneven and my right continues to hang 1" lower than my left. I now wear a D and it is difficult to find 34D. The placement of the implant on my left side is much higher than where it settled on my right side.

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wow, I would be upset also, im sooo sorry, have you been able to talk to him and get this fixed? (I am seeing this was a few months ago)
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i think that you look great, and i don't see anything wrong with your breasts/bb ??
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I have to say I think u look amazing, I'm still undecided about a tt, even tho I want it more than anything, I'm more worried I will want another child n then all that pain n money goes out the window :(
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Pjn3373 so sorry to hear that you're not happy with your results. It's great that your surgeon will fix it but I u sets tabs bit wanting to pay anesthesia and recover again. Just take some time to think about it I'm sure you'll make the right decision. How did you end up going with the same in both breasts? I see you were originally thinking 50ccs less. Do you have anything to share that can help some one else approaching their surgery date. Is there anything you can share? Sometimes we go through things to share the experience that can save a multitude of people. I'm so sorry that you are not 100% happy. I hope you choose to go back and get it corrected so that you can be happy as this is the only body we will get and I know you want to love it. Good luck!
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Mine were done 14 yrs ago and are saline and under the muscle. They have been fine. I may get them redone in the future but for now am just getting a tummy tuck in Feb. I really am so sorry for your disappointment. That is one of my greatest fears (besides death ;) )..is going through all of this trouble and cost and not being that happy about it.
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I am so sorry you are not happy. Heartbreaking to go through so much..the cost, the recovery, etc and not be happy. I agree that your stomach did not bulge much, did he do muscle repair? It could be that you have a little more viseral (spelling?) than subcutaneous fat..meaning the kind that is wrapped around the organs and can not be addressed with lipo. But he could still touch up the flanks. I also agree your right breast does hang lower. It is hard to get breasts perfectly even I think. I had breast aug 14 yrs ago and like you, had one that was a little larger than the other and hung a little lower and they stayed that way after aug b/c he put same amount in each implant but I was mostly happy and did not want another surgery.
Talk to your doc. He will probably waive his fees but there may still be fees for OR and sedation. best wishes. :)
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Thanks. I knew that it wouldn't turn out absolutely perfect but I expected much more. I know that he will not charge me more money personally but I'm sure that I'll have to cover more anesthesia and I am not excited about that part at all. I had to take two weeks off work last year and I don't have that much vacation built up yet. Were your implants above or below the muscle?
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Are yours over or under the muscle? Saline or silicone gel?
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Mentor saline sub-muscular.
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