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Finally Did It. - Lincoln, NE

I just had my TT Friday. I am PO day 4 and I feel...

I just had my TT Friday. I am PO day 4 and I feel pretty good. My husband and my 11yr. old son have been my wonderful nurse!! Don't know what I would do without them. The experience was amazing, my PS was amazing and the nursing staff at the Surgical Center where I stayed were the best.

I need some advice on the back pain. When does it get better? Also, was planning on going back to work today, but rethought that and am going back on Thurday (PO day 6). Any advice?

OK day 10 and I truly feel amazing, I've...

OK day 10 and I truly feel amazing, I've worked 3 days so far and it hasn't been too bad. Could I have used another week? You bet!! Unfortunately, my surgeon told me with my line of work that I would be fine on PO day 4, not so much. But as soon as I took the Zofran for my nausea I had more energy, and felt amazing.

Obviously I'm being careful with picking up my 2 year old son, and I have to say not having to change a diaper in a week and s half is like a vacation from reality!

My swelling is getting better every day. My surgeon won't take my drain out until it had been in for three weeks. That's ok, I guess, kinda getting used to the gross thing.

My husband has made the comment that he hadn't seen naked for 6 years (since my 6 year old was born), he said the fact that I will allow him to see me now made it worth it for him. All those years he was never insensitive regarding my securities, makes me realize how truly blessed I am. All the times I would move his hand away from my midsection, in fear that he would feel my ick. Now I am more confident, and i can't be more happy.

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You sound like a very blessed woman. I love to hear about happy couples. Marriage is hard, makes you appreciate what you've got!
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i went back for two half days, 11 days post op and i was okay. i have a desk job! im back fulltime now at day 14 and i feel great. getting a little tired but im feeling good! and i know what you mean my husband has seen me naked but he would just tell me im beautiful andthat it didnt bother him, and he loved every little inch of me the way i looked. =) now at night when we cuddle i let him put his hand on my tummy!
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That is great! It finally feels good to be a woman again!!
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Oh my god I think that is the best comment I have seen on this site so far ( and I have read a ton) I am 12 days post op and I can't wait til I can cuddle with my guy and actually let him touch my stomach without cringing? That day will be amazing to me and will be a turning point!!
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I went back to work 12 days post op. I was scheduled to go back at 7 days but my baby got sick, which gave the extra days. It really has been ok for me too.....But those extra days home were nice.
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Wow back to work??? I'm 2 weeks post op today and barely feel I'm getting a little more energy back , but I do still have some pain around drain sight and cramping. I don't think I'd be much good use at work just yet. Can you take at least 1 more week? Although you may feel well you still need tons of rest. I thought I was good at day 5 and overly did myself which my body forced me back in bed( painfully and swelled and was uncomfortable)

Maybe do half days if that's allowed:)

Wishing you a great recovery:) having your husband and child be so supportive and helpful Is amazing:)

Cheers to a new tummy:)
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I went back to work on PO day 6, I was exhausted when I got home, but had the next day off, I didn't get out of bed much that day. I'm feeling amazing, my biggest problem was feeling sick after being up for more than an hour. My doc gave me Zofran and that made a world of difference. I had that on my first day back.

Thanks for your feedback!
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Well I am glad you are doing well and feeling better:)
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If you are able to take a full tow weeks off that would be best.  Even if you are feeling good your body really needs the rest and to be stress free.

Please allow your body to heal properly by taking this time for yourself. 

But I am glad to hear you are so happy with your results and feeling well.  The back pain just takes time.  Try ice and massage on the lower back and that will help a bit.

Keep us up to date on your progress because we would love to hear more from you.
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Congrats to you!
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Wow your able to go back to work already?? I had TT and muscle repair on the 23 rd and don't think I could go back yet. I work an office job but I don't think I would even have the energy yet... Good luck!!
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