6 weeks post op, feeling fab!!

I'm a mommy for FOUR healthy boys! I nursed all...

I'm a mommy for FOUR healthy boys! I nursed all four of my boys and gained 80 pounds with 3 of my 4 boys. I feel like my body has done it's job of carrying and providing for my boys, now I'm ready to have my body back! I have always been very athletic, played all sports, played college sports, am in the fitness field, run and exercise almost everday....My tummy skin is sooooo stretched that no matter how far I run or how many crunches I do, it's not going away. I'm sick of feeling embarrassed about it, to the point of where I don't like my husband to see it or for sure touch it, ewwwww! The rest of my body is pretty toned, but the flabby ol' tummy. My breasts are about to hit the ground, always have had large breasts-DD. Although after nursing they have slowly gotten smaller, I believe I'm about a C cup now, which is perfect for me and my activity! My husband wouldn't mind if I also did implants, but I really think I'm going to stick to a lift. I live in the middle of South Dakota, so finding a close doctor hasn't been so easy. After finding I believe a great doctor, emailing pictures, and doing phone consultations I'm scheduled for my surgery and I can't got dang wait!!! July 24 is my day, I'm not nervous or scared..as of now, but very excited and overwhelmed with the support from my husband and my mom....my two biggest support systems!


I dont see you height and weight there but you look a lot like me PRE surgery. not exactly but a lot.. Im sure you'll be thrilled when you are on the other side. (I know you are now too)
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I'm about 5'6 and I weigh between 137-145 on any given day. I'm fairly muscular every place, but my saggy tummy. I'm a fitness leader/instructor so I work out and run a lot, but that tummy isn't going any where!

You are going to look so lovely after this! A lift and a tummy tuck look perfect for your body. Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf. Please let us know how you're feeling as the big day gets closer!

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I forgot to add that I'm 5'5-5'6 and weigh 137-145...

I forgot to add that I'm 5'5-5'6 and weigh 137-145 on any given day. I have been looking at all the different pictures, reading other women's stories, talking with other women and I think that I'm going for the implants also. I was going to just do the TT and breast LIFT, but I think I'm loving the look of the FULL perky breasts. Dr. is sure that he can make me a C-D without the implants but if I want the superior fullness on top, he would go for the implants. I have always been a D cup and I would like to stay at a D, my husband really wants me at a D!! Imagine that :) 49 days until pre-op appt and 50 until a more confident ME!! :) I'm so happy that I'm doing this and I love this site for all the support and love!!


OK I am close to you. I am 5'4" and about 130-132... i will say that now that im on the "other side" Im glad I got the implants... and your tummy WONT go anywhere. believe me over 12 years or about that much time and mine didnt do anything but sag with skin. But look at my pics ...I'm posting new ones now.... I think you'll be so happy in the end.
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Soooooo I found out I'm closer to the low end of 5'5 today!! I'm shrinking!! Your pics are amazing girl! Your pre op pics do look a lot like mine, but my tummy is worse, ewwww. I run almost everyday of the week any where between 2-5 miles, depending on time, clients etc..also have been doing a lot of circuit work and core work with my clients and I'm soooooooo sick of my flabby tummy bouncing and folding up, ugh! I decided to do the implants also, very excited about that!! Keep me posted on your healing and keep posting pics!!

Hi beautiful ladies! 35 more days and it's my...

Hi beautiful ladies! 35 more days and it's my turn, YAY!! I'm so ready, I'm beyond ready :) Today is our 8 year wedding anniversary! On our 9th I'll be smoking, although my hubby says I am already..what a great guy. Have read a few posts on husbands that are a lil insecure with the MM and how some aren't very supportive. My hubby and I had a good talk about this and he actually feels like he may be a lil insecure after, but is very open to talking about it...which I think is GOOD! This is also coming from a very handsome man with a smoking hot body, talk about being insecure...I am when I'm by his side. I think I'm getting things lined up for surgery. I'm gone the first two weeks in July for vacation and home a week, then off to surgery, so these next two busy weeks in June I'm trying to get as much put together as possible. I have met a wonderful lady on here, Cornhusker who had the same PS as me, so she has been great help and is probably getting sick of me!! Ha ha ha :) I'm traveling 6 hours for surgery, so I need to take lots of pillow/blankets... My PS really doesn't have a list of things that I need to purchase, so as of right now I don't have but a few things on "The List"..... All my husband is saying is "I'll get the frozen peas" LOL I'm so excited and it seems like the time is going by fast, which is good :) I love reading all the stories and I feel like a lil kid in a candy store with all my questions!! Happy healing to all and I hope the time flies for us who are waiting :)


Ha Ha! I'm not tired of you! I love your questions! My hubby tells me we should meet up when you come to town. That would be fun.
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That would be awesome!! My pre-op appt is at 3:45 on the 23rd. I think we are going to leave home and head to Lincoln real early that morning...maybe we can meet up after my appt for supper? I believe I have to check in by 6:00 am on the 24th. I'll be going to Walmart for last minute things after I talk with you, ha ha ha!! I worried about being pukey sick after surgery, pain meds really make me sick and goofy. Did Dr. give you the nausea patch behind your ear or even talk to you abou it? How are you feeling lately?
1of5, we are getting closer! How is the preparation list coming? I have NOTHING yet and I thought I would have everything by now....I just keep reading and thinking that I don't need that or I can get that later. We have family vaction coming up for about the first two weeks of July, I need to get my rear in gear! Glad about the vacation, it will make July cruise, although June is almost over :/ wow!
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Hellllllllooooo ladies! Hope you are all healing...

Hellllllllooooo ladies! Hope you are all healing wonderful and for us still waiting that the time is flying by! I have 26 days until the rollie pollie is GONE! Come on July 24 :) I'm ready! I'm a lil emotional, just because I'm finally doing this and I want to feel sexy and I want my husband to see me naked with the lights on, I want to look down and see my vajay jay without moving my tummy out of the way, I want to be able to wear a swimming suit-not even a bikini (I hope I can) but just a swim suit and not hide under a t shirt, I want cute tops, lil dresses, etc!....I deserve this and I'm doing it!! I'm not scared of the surgery or pain, I'm worried about the nausea...I get soooo sick from pain meds, even motrin pm knocks me out and makes me sick. Anyone have suggestions on some reads for my hubby, I would like him to READ what to expect from me, what his role will be, etc. He is 100% behind me and happy for me, but if he reads what to expect he will be prepared. Kinda like a what to expect when expecting .... :) July ladies our time is coming!!!


Can't wait to see the new you !!! Time will go by quickly =)
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12 more days!! I'm on vacation with my family and...

12 more days!! I'm on vacation with my family and could not stop thinking while I was sitting at the pool that this time next year I will be rocking a swimming suit and swimming until my lil guy's hearts are content! That makes my heart over whelmed with joy!! I hate not wanting to swim because of my flabby tummy. I feel like my own insecurities are taking away from our expierences and memories, that makes me sad. I'm so excited and over whelmed, emotionally ready!! I bought myself the granny gown that zips and some pajamas that button. Need to get the supplies like gauze, maxi pads (unsented), ointment, etc. My mom picked me up a shower chair and toilet seat thingy! I was gonna go without, just cause..glad she has the brains! My question for ya'll is: What stool softener do you think works best? I would really rather have a pill, I can hardly swallow liquid meds..gag me! Thanks and happy healing to all you lucky ladies on the flat and perky side!! :)


Hello. It's an exciting time as your surgery approaches. I do have to say going to the pool is a lot less fear-inducing. I'm still wearing one-pieces since I want to keep my belly button scar out of the sunlight until next year, however I am rocking the one-pieces. What a great feeling that I can stand up or sit down and not worry about sucking in or who is looking. When gorgeous girls I know say hi at the pool, I no longer shrug away. I didn't even realize the extent of my subconscious fear until it was gone. It's great that your husband is behind you. Mine was rooting for me, too. I told him how some husbands can be really helpful during recovery. He took a week off work for me and put the kids in daycare for 2 weeks. During the recovery days I mostly wanted to be left alone to read and nap, but it was nice having him around. I don't think there is anything he needs to read. It sounds like you already share your thoughts with him. That's the key. He'll see any videos that you see in the doctors office to know details on the procedure.

About stool softeners ... I think Colace works. Milk of Magnesia is good, but like you said, there is the taste factor. Just don't get overly zealous with the softeners. I was worried and had access to a bunch with family members going through colonoscopies. I think I started taking one or two a day as recommended, and when I didn't see result, I took more which made me sick for a day and diarrhea for a couple days. I was finally normal around day 5, the same day as most people return to regularity. I learned there is no cutting corners.
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Me too WenCR!! It's getting closer :)
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8 days!! I'm loving the before and after bikini...

8 days!! I'm loving the before and after bikini pics a lot of you beautiful women are posting! I would love to do that, but guess what? I don't even own a bikini.....would you if you looked like me? HELL NO!! Next summer I sure will ;) I still hide behind my maturnity swimming suit, I think I'll toss that sucker in the trash on my way out the door next Monday!! Have a great day :)


Hi girl. I can't believe our surgeries will be early next week!! I am scared and happy. I really don't know what to feel. Are you ready? It's like I want to throw up cause I'm nervous and jump up and down cause I'm excited!
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Just a few more days! :)
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Are you ready?!? It's so close and it came FAST!

Well I'm close-real close, 2 days close! I'm...

Well I'm close-real close, 2 days close! I'm excited, but am very relaxed tonight in my own bed, sleeping on my side, snuggling with my lil' man! I'm concerned about our snuggle time, he is a snuggle bug. Going to have to find a safe/comfy way to snuggle after a few days. A nurse called me yesterday from the hospital and went over the can and can NOT do's up to 48 hours before surgery...talk about got real, real quick! I shaved my arm pits yesterday for the last time until god only knows when. That was odd to me, never heard that one before. Took off nail polish and have to find some special "soap" to wash my body with the night before and the morning of. I'm staying one night in the hospital, hubby gets to stay with me!! That made my day, his too :) We are leaving at 7 AM tomorrow, have a pre op appt tomorrow afternoon, have about a 6 hour drive. Not exactly sure will happen at the pre op. After pre op we are going to go out for supper with Cornhusker and her husband, she has been a book of info for me and I'm thankful for that! Nice to meet great women on here :) After supper I think that we will go to a movie, won't be doing that for awhile and not very often we get to spend time together-alone!! I have to be at the hospital at 6 am on Tuesday, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it came FAST! Seemed like it would never come, now it's like HERE. I think I have my bag packed to go to the hospital and for the long ride home. Lots of pillows and blankets, a bucket (hope I don't need that-ugh), ice bags (plan on using ice-OFTEN. Been in athletics many years, I know how great it is for swelling), zip up top and sweats for the ride home (I may run to walmart and see if I can't find something a lil' cooler that zips), and cough drops. I was told I would have enough gauze or pads to get me home, so I'm not taking extra supplies that I won't need. If I forget anything else, I'll pick it up in Lincoln. I had a great last couple days, cleaning and getting laundry done. I haven't prepared any meals for husband to cook, he is a great cook and during the summer does most of the cooking! My mom will be around a lot also to help with house chores, thank god! I'm the "home keeper" and do a lot of the cleaning and laundry and it drives me nuts when it's not done....this will pry be the second stress builder for me!! It will get done when it gets done, because I won't be able to do it and I have to tell me myself that. My mom will be really good with that part because I get that from her, she likes a clean home :) Not sure where I'll sleep when I get home. Would like to sleep in my bed with lots of pillows behind me and under my legs, but may have to use my recliner. I have read that women have used both. Better finish getting my pillows and blankets rounded up, feel like I'm forgetting something! Happy healing and good luck to all the ladies this week!!


Hi momwboys! Our days are finally here! I feel your excitement girl. I'm sure you'll do great! I just got finished showering with anti-bacteria soap! It will be nice for us to recover together. I'll be coming home when you'll be in surgery. You have a long drive tomorrow. Well girl, take care and talk to you while we are recovering!
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Hello beautiful ladies! I had my pre-op appt today...

Hello beautiful ladies! I had my pre-op appt today and it went perfect :) I had my first appt with doc over the phone and with pictures so it was nice to meet him and his wonderful staff face to face. He thought he was going to have to do the lift that he has to use another cut or two (don't remember the name right now, sorry) BUT it turns out he won't have tooooooo, whooooooooo and I'll have less scars!! We are using a 250cc implant and my tummy blubs will be gone with "a very low" scar!! Sounds good to me!! Dr Bryant is easy to talk with, answered all our questions again, husband feels even better after he met with him!! After appt we went out for supper, went to a movie, got some lovin' (sorry TMI, but it will be awhile before we can again), I showered with my pre-op soap and now I'm actually very tired and ready for sleep. I'm sure I'll be a happy emotional wreck when I say "see you soon" to my hubby as I leave to the operating room, but I know I'll see him after a lil nap!! He is ready to take care of me, my boys are in good hands and I'll be in good hands :) I can do this and I'm ready for the confidence that awaits me :) Say a prayer for me, my doctor, nurses, medical staff and my family...good night!


Hope you're doing well!! I am about to post an updat but I am doing a lot better than I thought I would be!
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*update. :)
it's your surgery day today! Hope it went well for you :)
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Helllllo, I'm back, I'm alive and I'm better! Whew...

Helllllo, I'm back, I'm alive and I'm better! Whew. I'm hear to tell you, this surgery is NO joke. I'm healthy, in shape and it was HARD. I couldn't imagine doing this if your body isn't in shape and your body isn't healthy. Let me tell ya a little bit about what I remember, excuse the typos, After surgery I don't remember waking up at all in recovery, I woke up when they were moving me from bed to bed and the burn in my stomach woke me up, I woke up kinda screaming. I then slept the rest of the day and that night, only to wake for pain pills, every four hours. I know they made me get up to go to the bathroom, don't remember when but that hurt like hell. I couldn't sit up alone at all, I had to use nurses and my husband to pull myself up, I guess I asked the nurse if I could just pee the bed and leave me alone. Opps! I woke up post op day 1 to eat a lil breakfast and take pills in the morning. All I wanted to do was sleep. Drugs really knock me out and usually make me sick, they ordered an awesome pain pill that I have had no problem with and an anti nausea pill that really helped also. My pills are in the other room, I'll look and let you know what I was on when I get up. After I ate and slept a lil more on post op day 1, the nurses told me it was shower time. UGH, shower time, I just wanna sleep. I got up, which was a tad bit easier, not much but a tad. My husband and nursed helped me get to the shower and I took a some what shower. I could not wash my hair,,,,my husband tried but I just didn't work so well. I have long/THICK hair and needless to say it was a tangled mess, nurse tried to comb it out, she was getting no where, so i told everyone to leave it alone, I just wanted to sleep. They got be all bindered back up and I layed back down, only to sleep through the discharge directions. Hubby asked if I was ready to go, shoot I didn't know what was going on, Got loaded up, slept the 6 hours home, got home and went straight to my room and back to bed, Hubby kept me on my pills that night, Slept well that night, didn't wake up much. Post op day 3, was TUFF. Woke up grumpy, un comfy, sore, stiff, burning, wanting to see my baby, couldn't sit up, didn't want to eat, bad taste in my mouth, shortness of breath (nobody told me about this), etc etc etc, I had a hard day, I was stuck in my room because we didn't want the baby to see me, I was in no shape to even try and talk to him. It was like he knew I was in the room, he would knock on the door, broke my heart.. When he took his afternoon nap, hubby brought me to the living room, where I sat and watched my baby sleep and cried, well kinda,,,my body wouldn't let me...weird. Went back to the hell hole (room) for the rest of the day and night and felt like I was locked in there, I hated it. I broke down, got mad, wanted to my fat tummy back, I just wanted out and wanted my kids. Couldn't get comfy in my bed, hurt to sit up, sucked...I was over it and wanted to be done. Drugged up and slept like shit that night, was up before anyone post op day 4. I got myself up scooted to the kitchen to look around, to the living room to see my hubby. Told him I can't be in that room anymore, I need to see my kids and that's how it was going to be. So as my kids got up, I got much needed hugs and kisses, baby woke up and looked at me and looked at me again and smiled a half awake myself said "momma" and got up and walked over to me. Hubby put him on my lap and my heart melted as my tears ran down his face. Spent the day out in the living room, had my turn around on day 4 and had a BM!! Day 5, took another shower, ate a great meal, watched olympics and cut back on meds. Forgot to mention that on day 3 I tried to cut the pain pills, I was so out of it that last few days that I just felt gross. Tried extra strength tylenol and I wasn't ready for all that.....that added hell to day 3. Day 5 was good, finally got my hair combed through, mom's are the best. Now it's day 6, I'm feeling like I want to clean and wash clothes and I can't my body isn't ready and that is really bothering me now. I get bored and I'm getting bored. The recliner is where I have slept the past two nights, much better then my bed! But I want to lay on my side. I can't even reach my arms up above my head yet. I am walking better, I'm ready to be better. Very thankful I feel better though, now it's time. My boobs don't hurt, what hurts is under them....I got 250 cc, so I'm not so big, actually just about what I was before just not saggy!! I know I am missing a lot,, but if you have any questions just ask! I would say though...for those of you that have a mile long list, you can cut back there is a lot that you don't use. I know picking up the supplies, gives you some light, but save yoru money!! I'll try and get some pics up soon... Olympics all day today, I guess!


Congratulations on making it to the flat side!! I'm glad you shared your experience with us. I am scheduled for this Wednesday and I just want to be fully fully prepared. Congratulations on your bravery and toughness. Now go out and strut that new bod!!
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Good luck lady! Lots of help, you will need the help. Even grabbing something for you, use it and ask for it. I'm the same way, I want to do it by myself, well I can't. It's tuff, the first few days are tuff. You can do it! I never did worry about not waking up, you shouldn't either. Your in the best hands possible, don't stress!! Will be waiting to hear from you in a few days :)
Yay! I was really getting worried about you! Glad to hear you are doing better. Your update makes me realize I need to be a little more detailed in mine. :) lookin forward to your pictures! Hope today goes well. xoxo
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Hey beautiful women! I'll pick up where I left...

Hey beautiful women! I'll pick up where I left off...day 6, I didn't do much all day-olympics! Was feeling good around supper time, so I got up and cooked most of supper with help from my husband, felt great to help out!
Day 7, got up before everyone, cooked breakfast ALONE, had a cup of coffee-first one since surgery, was delish! Rested after I ate, iced, took a tylenol and then I even did some dishes! Went outside, had my son drag the hose for me and I watered my garden and flowers, took some nice deep breaths outside and smiled! Felt good to be outside for a bit :) Came back inside and gave myself a shower, ALONE! Hubby got shower seat for me, but I washed my hair, shaved my legs and ARMPITS! I couldn't shave my arm pits for 48 hours before surgery, not sure why, so I was beyond grossed out and my boys were loving making the jokes!! Hubby helped me dress and binder up, I was tired after that. Got my water jug, pillows, blanket, ice and sat back down in the recliner for more TV, Rested the rest of the after....started getting restless again, so I cooked a very simple supper, ate and sat my lil butt back down for the night! I'm feeling much better, walking better and moving my arms better. I could barely lify my arms up the past days, so that is much better! Talking with my hubby today I asked him what the doc said to him because I didn't speak to him at all since. Dr said "she did great, took just about 3 hours for surgery, had over over two inches of muscle seperation in abs (he fixed), she didn't need lypo :), and we can do follow up with pictures and phone if you don't want to drive 6 hours back and we can get the tube takin' out closer to home" Hubby thinks that he was confident that I would do real well by my physical and over all health, that's awesome but a little laid back also. I guess if I have questions or issues I'll bother the heck out of him, which he told us to do anyway, lol! I think I'll like the size of the girls...they are pretty flat pancake like right now, but thinking they will be fine. Didn't want any bigger then my normal size, just fullness! Hubby thinks my tummy repair is already just amazing, is anxious to see finished product as am I!! I also have been eating what I want, haven't noticed any problem with salt and swelling, I'm already swollen...doesn't seem to make it worse! My BM's are fine and never hurt, thank god! I did cough yesterday and accident and about died.....wow! Almost sneezed today, but I caught that quick!! NO WAY! Time for more ice and feet up, have a good night all! Happy healing and a quick count down for all of you ladies waiting. I was going to take pics after shower today and completely forgot, I will try again....


Can't wait to see pics! Hope you are healing well!
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I can't wait to see your photos! I like the honesty of your recovery. I'm not as good at being so candid. If I had a bad day then I didn't feel like journaling and I skipped over it. Thanks for keeping up your journal even on the bad days. It's hard to do.
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Hello ladies! I'm doing better, healing...slow,...

Hello ladies! I'm doing better, healing...slow, but healing! I'm energy is much higher and I have slept a TON better these past two nights. I left my recliner for my sofa that reclines and that seems to be much better :) I maybe take a one Tylenol a day and I do take one pain pill right before bed, helps with being some restless. I can tell the days I have doing a lil too much, but I also feel like the more I move my arms and walk the stronger I'm getting. Today I woke up feeling the best yet :) I would rather take motrin to help a lil with the swelling but not sure if I can. All I remember anyone talking about was "Tylenol"....I'm adding some pics today, finally! As you can see, still swollen, that will go away not worried about that! I think even know my pics look better then my before! Boobs are still odd shaped, like someone say on them, not worried about that either...they will even out and at least I'm not getting nipple road rash from them dragging on the ground :) My belly button looks a lil funny too, but I can see it and she isn't sad anymore! I think my scar is low and should cover with undies....again not worried about it. Even I have to wear a ONE piece suit at least I'll be confident in it. I'm looking to the skimpy lil suit, I'm looking to be able to be comfy in one and swim and with my kids and not feel like I'm hiding. I think my boobs are going to be the perfect size for me, maybe even a lil smaller then I was before surgery, which is fine also. I have had big boobs my entire life, I'm over them....and I didn't want to come out of this looking "fake" or "huge"...and I think that I have gotten what I asked for!! I'm sick of the drain, but I'm not really in a rush to get it out...it's there for a reason. I am a lil confused on some "tricks" I can use with my binder....it seems like with the gauze pads it slips around a lot and has rubbed and hurt my incision in a couple places. I heard pads work great, just really worried about the slipping. Maybe pads, then a tight tank top, then binder? Any suggestions? Happy healing ladies and good luck to all waiting! Life is good :)

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Is there a way to go back and edit a post? Holy...

Is there a way to go back and edit a post? Holy typos....sorry!


Your tummy is SO FLAT! I bet it doesn't even seem real yet.
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It doesn't! It's so weird, but I LOVE it :) I talked to Dr today, today is day 3 at 30cc for the drain. He wants to wait through the weekend and see if I stay at 30 or below, looking at early next week for drain out. I have a wedding next wedding would be awesome to have out so I can wear a sun dress, nothing fancy or tight....just cute and not have to hide drain!! You were a HUGE help lady, I appreciate you!! Thank you :) I'm going to keep your phone number so when we are in Lincoln or your in the area we WILL get together!!
Hi girlie!!!! I'm finally back on my computer. You look great! My surgery was tough! I will private message you soon. How are you feeling?

I'm two weeks post op today, already. It is a...

I'm two weeks post op today, already. It is a SLOW healing process, but I can't believe that it's been two weeks already. I'm feeling a tad better everyday. I know that it takes time and a lot of it! I have pains in/around my breasts more then anything and I guess my back, but that is from walking funny :) BUT my back is much better as is my walking. Not being able to do my normal every day activities is what kills me most, more then anything. I still have my drain, if that's at 15cc tomorrow it gets to come out and my husband will be the doctor that takes it out!! I'm kinda scared to take it out, but I know that it can't be any worse pain then what I have already been through and it's quick. I'm ready for it to be gone!! I started back to work yesterday, lil tired yesterday from that but feel fine today. Haven't really been lookin' at my tummy or boobs, just waiting waiting waiting to heal heal heal!! Hope all is well, keep healing ladies!! :)


We're a month out! How ya feelin?
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Hey girl! Missed your update before! Did your hubs take out your drain yet? How was it?? Hope you're still feeling better each day.
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Hey everyone! Wowzers I have been busy. I'm 5...

Hey everyone! Wowzers I have been busy. I'm 5 weeks post op and I'm back to doing all normal activities, but exercising. I'm a mom first and I need to lift my son now and then. I'm still getting better every day. My tummy is swollen still by my incision, like I have a little muffin top. I hope it goes away, it still looks better then it did before surgery. My boobs haven't "settled" yet I don't think. Dr said it would be 2-4 months, I hope my shape is a little different when they settle. I do think they look pretty natural, they even kinda flatten out when I lay on my back! I thought they would stand straight up, oh well! I'm sure they are swollen still also, they are bigger I think now then before surgery. Maybe they are just up more. I tried on some no underwire bras and VS and the DD were toooooo small...hopefully swelling! I'm ready to start running, few more days :) my husband loves the new body and sex life is back-carefully, but it's back!! Hurts to laugh hard or sneeze still, but tolerable. Have put on jeans and they are big around my tummy area, feels great! Already am more confident in jeans and a tank top, so great! I'm glad I did this, pry would do it again, but this is a
NO joke surgery and recovery and I dont want to go through it again, ever!! Ugh!! People at work have NO idea, I hid my tummy well and always have had big girls!...I'll get some new pics up soon! Haven't been back to the Dr office since surgery, doing email, phone and pictures. He wants to see me in the next couple months, as well as I want to see him. Been nice because we are so far away. Hope you are all well :) excuse typos, I'm using my phone :/


Really enjoyed your story. Thanks for all the honesty, it's good to know that we are not alone in our unique experience with this type of procedure. You look great, I am glad o hear that week 5 is such a good one. I will be 6 weeks post-op when I go to Vegas so I'm hoping to be doing as well as you are
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Hey lady! Been busy, everyday is better. Haven't been on here for a long time, I'll go read your updates!

Hi all! I'm 6 weeks post op as of Tuesday, yay! ...

Hi all! I'm 6 weeks post op as of Tuesday, yay! Tuesday I started my exercises again!! Thank god, I was about to die not doing anything. Today is only my 3rd day back at running, but I'm running 2.5 miles and it actually feels like it's easier now then before surgery. I wonder if it's because I don't have my flabby tummy rockin' back and fourth? I'm going to start strength training next week just because I still feel like some of my movements are stiff and I feel like I'm going to hurt something, soooo I'll take my time! Everyday gets better! I'm feeling fab and sexy!! My husband CAN NOT keep his hands off me and I love it :) My clothes feel better, I'm wearing cute tops now and am searching for a sexy dress for an even I have coming up later this month. I'm also down about 9 lbs since surgery. I still have swollen in my tummy and have the "muffin top" line right above my scar. My nurse said that can be months, but it's swelling and my scar, so I can rub that carefully to help with that. My girls are coming along, still a different shape that I had in mind, but I do think they look more natural and they still look better then they did. Hope are all well!!


glad you are feeling great!!! I can't wait to shop for my post op bod. Would love to see some more pics if you care to share some :)
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Thanks Lucky! I think by week 6 you'll be feeling fab!! :) I am :)
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