I Should Have Done It a Long Time Ago - Lilburn, GA

Pros...awake the entire time, no discomfort during...

Pros...awake the entire time, no discomfort during procedure
Cons...meds had me sick (nauceous, throwing up, drowsy)

Personal goals...I wanted to be happy in the skin I'm in. I recently went through a horrible break up so I needed this to boost my confidence.

It's only been 1 day but I know the results will be remarkable.

I wish I knew how much pain I'd be in the next day and how tight the garments would be.


I went in for my follow up friday and I lost 4 inches in my bra roll, 4.5 at my waist and 2 around my hips. I'm STILL noticeably swollen in my lower abs so they expect for me to lose a lot more! THANK GOD! So far, I'm pleased. Right now I only have 1 roll instead of 3 on my back :-) and my bra size went down...Not the cup but the back. They told me I even have to get a smaller garment bcz I loss the inches. I'm hoping to go down another 2-3 inches in each area. That would be AWESOME!
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Ok gals. Had my love handles and stomach done. Considering it's not quite three days, I feel it looks ok. I have about an inch or two that's really flabby above pubic area. They said it will firm up again. I have four skin tyte sessions that I'll use to tighten the stomach. Did any of you experience this?
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I had some loose skin the day after my procedure but I swell up almost immediately after taking my garment off to shower. Believe it or not, I'm 5 weeks in and still swollen and tender. The Dr. sucked out some fat where my pubic hair grows and that was REALLY flabby once the swelling went down but now it's firm and back to looking normal. You'll go through a few changes before you see some pleasing results...NO worries.
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