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Over fifty and loving it - Lilburn, GA

I am 54 years of age. I have been up and down the...

I am 54 years of age. I have been up and down the weight roller coaster but for the 1st time in my life, I have not been successful in trimming all this fat around my middle. I am so tired of pants rolling down my stomach and it's just plain uncomfortable lugging all this fat around my belly! I'm not expecting miracles, so any improvement will be celebrated. I am so happy I found this site. It sure helps to hear about other people's experiences. I'll be sure to post my progress.

I had smart lipo on my upper, lower abs and love handles yesterday. My doctor was wonderful. We talked the whole time and she was very sensitive to any discomfort I was experiencing. I had a little pain near my belly button and ribs but she quickly administered something called a hot shot and then I was fine. I had a lot of anxiety before the procedure but it was really not warranted. I was given 2 sedatives which helped with my nerves.

When my husband and i started to drive home, I experienced nausea and thew up twice. That was no fun. I have the best husband ever. He is taking wonderful care of me. The first night home was pretty rough. Couldn't get comfortable And felt nauseous again but didn't throw up...yay.. Had to sleep on the couch. had some pain but I got through it and today, the next morning, I feel better and moving around much better. I will post more after my shower this evening.

Only a few days to go! Good luck on Friday. :)

Thanks, Sharon... I'm ready... The real self site has been a tremendous helps.

It's day 3 after surgery. Still sore but getting...

It's day 3 after surgery. Still sore but getting better. I took a walk today and I am moving around much better. The numbness and itching has started. I am glad I took time off work. I really wouldn't want to be in the office where I could not lay down when I get tired.
It's been 9 days since my surgery. I am still sore but better and finally able to sleep all night in bed instead of the couch. I wake up hurting so it's better to just get on up and not lay around.

I had an ordeal with the compression garment. Just 4 days after the procedure, I was scheduled to come to the dr office to be fitted for the compression garment... It's called Body Magic, but should be called "Torture Chamber Garment" . The pain was excruciating as 2 people worked me over trying to get the thing on me as I lay an examining table moaning in severe agony. when it was finally on, I looked like a barber doll with huge breasts. I could barely move much less sit or walk. They kept telling me it had to be tight and would loosen up in time. I was told I had to wear this contraption 27/7... No showers for 3 to 4 days... Insane, I tell you. The big problem was that it did not come up all the way so I had this balled up concentration of fat that I was told I need to work to get it under the garment. Well this bulge of fat was the very part of my body that was bruised after the surgery and hurt like he!!. Needless to say I couldn't keep the tortuous thing on so off it came. But that was no easy feat. It took 3 people tugging with all their might to get it off of me.... WOW... I have not told my doctor yet because she has been out of the country.

So I ordered a medical compression garment from a company called Novelle. It's tight but not painful. I may not get the best results since I am not wearing the body magic, but that's ok.. I never expected perfection any way.

I do notice that I swell as the day goes on... I think I need to drink more water and watch my sodium intake. This is a long process and anyone considering it should think long and hard about their level of commitment and expectations. At this point I would say it is still worth it but that experience with body magic almost made me give up.
So you just had your surgery. Hope all is well!! I go Friday! I live in Cumming and found a doctor near me. Dr. Hogan. I hear he is great. We shall soon see. I'm like you ... Anxious!!! Very anxious. To add, I didn't take time off but I do have some sick time I may have to use. Anyway, it's good to know overall that things went well! Keep us posted on your recovery! Nay B
Good luck NayBella! As long as you have a good doctor, you should be fine. I was very surprised at how practically pain free the procedure was. My anxious feelings were unfounded. I hope that is true for you too.

Day 15...I ordered a smaller garment and it should...

Day 15...I ordered a smaller garment and it should arrive today.. I went to the Dr office yesterday and was told my garment is way too big. The tighter the compression, the better. The first few months it's all about sculpturing. I keep looking in the mirror amazed at how much smaller my mid section is! I will have the after pictures taken at the one month mark and should be able to post them. I really like wearing my one piece body smoother under the compression garment. It is great for keeping my skin nice and smooth. I also bought a hand held massager from bed, bath and beyond to start massaging the little lumps.

Day 22 My main challenge concerning this...

Day 22
My main challenge concerning this procedure is the compression garment in general and sleep issues in particular.

The Body Magic Garment that was highly recommended did not work for me so I am wearing a garment I purchased from a store in the Disover Mall thanks to a tip from a fellow realself blogger. This is my 2nd day in it. It's tight and immediately removes inches from my waist. I can wear it all day, but cannot sleep in it or at least I couln't last night. I also cannot sleep in the velcro wrap I was given after the procedure. I can sleep in a Spanx but it's not really tight enough even though I bought a small. I was given a medium Spanx after the procedure.

Issues with compression garments aside, I am VERY PLEASED with the results..no more belly hanging down, I have a waist now and the soreness is gradually diminishing. This was definitely worth it but still, I am really looking forward to feeling completely normal again and storing away these garments! LOL

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others
Swelling is natural "down there" as gravity pulls the fluid down to the lowest point. It will go away!
Hi Georgia P,

Yes, I did have some swelling down there, not inside but on the outside. It went down in a few days. Be paitient...everything improves with time. Dr. Boutte told me she gives 150% each & every time. You will be ok or she will make it right.
I had my procedure on yesterday please tell me if you had any viginal swellen and what did you do?

2 and 1/2 years later.. Not good

The results were good for a while.. Don't gain any weight!!!! My waist is gone and now I have a very unsightly crease at my lower abs and my waist is nowhere in sight. All the fat that was removed traveled to my boobs. Some of you might think that is a good thing but at 36F, I was weighted down.. So I had a breast reduction and now all the fat is in my stomach. I am trying to reduce my weight and have lost a few pounds so far, so maybe this will help.. Bottom line .. If you are somewhat overweight, I would caution against this procedure.. You can't fool mother nature!
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