Smart Lipo of Upper and Lower Abs and Flanks and Bra Rolls - Lilburn, GA

I've always dreamed of a flat tight stomach but...

I've always dreamed of a flat tight stomach but never had the time or motivation to dedicate to a healthy lifestyle to achieve the results. I've always wanted to do lipo but was always hesitant because of the risks. I heard that smart lipo was a less risky surgery so I decided to go for it. I contacted Dr. Boutte's office and was put in touch with Crystal Johnson in appointments. I made my appointment for my consultation and was super excited. I was a previous patient of Dr. Boutte and liked her and felt that I could trust her skill level. When I arrived for my consultation, I thought I would be meeting with Dr. Boutte, but I did not. I met with Nurse Lee who walked me through the areas she thought I needed to get done and I agreed. The consultation was simple enough. After, they sent me to Crystal for financing. To be honest, this is when the "bad" feeling reared it's head and I should have listened to my conscious but dismissed it as nerves. I felt pressured to make a decision that day instead of having an opportunity to go home and think it over. Not only that, their advertising clearly was misleading indicating, buy one area and get another for free, far from the case. It was buy THREE areas and get one free. When I brought this to Crystal's attention, she dismissed it as not having enough space to get into the details of the deal. Right then, I should've walked away because I was clearly being lied to. She gave me a before and after procedure list as well as called in my needed prescriptions for before and after the surgery. When I called my pharmacy to check the status, they were not there. Turns out that she called them into the wrong pharmacy. I called and emailed her and asked that she correct this. I heard nothing back. So, I just called the pharmacy myself and asked them to transfer the prescriptions to the correct pharmacy. Not really a big deal, but for the money I was spending, I figured she could have at least called or emailed me back. I received a call from Crystal 2 days prior to surgery to remind me to start taking my antibiotics and ask that we move the surgery up and hour and a half because Dr. Boutte had an event that she needed to attend that evening, I said no problem. The day of surgery, I arrived on time only to wait in the waiting room for 45 minutes before being called in. What was the point of moving the surgery up? Once they call me in, they give me a cocktail of drugs to help me "calm down", they actually knocked me completely out so I was not awake like some others who claim to be awake during the surgery. I must say that Nurse Lee was completely professional and nice and seemed to know what she was doing. I vaguely remember seeing Dr. Boutte, only her smiling face through the fog that was my sedation. Initially after surgery I was in a lot of pain! But immediately noticed a huge difference from before. So I was happy. I was able to walk around immediately after so when I say a lot of pain, it may just be because my threshold for pain is really low. The first week was hard. If you are going to do this surgery, I would recommend taking the full week off from work. You are losing so much fluid and leaking all over the place, it's embarrassing. Not only that, getting in and out of the car is difficult as well as sitting all day. The first week I called nurse Lee several times and she was always available to help me and was very kind at that. Initially I was really happy because I could see such a huge difference in size, but now that most of my swelling and all of my bruising is gone my stomach looks extremely lumpy, bumpy, wavy and saggy. I also initially thought that I she did not do one of my bra rolls. I raised this concern with Nurse Lee during my first follow up (I still have yet to see or hear from Dr. Boutte). I am hoping that my stomach will start to look more normal soon seeing that I'm only 5 weeks out of surgery. I had to reschedule my second follow up so I'm going in this Friday and will update you guys then. Again, did Dr. Boutte get rid of all if not most of the fat on my stomach, absolutely. Does my stomach look good? No. I've had several friends who have done this procedure with other doctors and did not have this wavy, bumpy, lumpy appearance and 2 of them had way bigger stomachs than I did.


Hi, I had similar results in the beginning and was upset. My problems started at about your point of recovery. I had hardness and unevenness in the abdomen. I had been doing hand massage and started lymphatic massage for several weeks, even trying warm Epson salt compresses. I was wearing my CG 24/7. I bought a hand held electric massager and started using it 2-3 Times a day for 10-15 minutes using cocoa butter. After a couple of weeks the problems started to subside and now about a month after doing the massages they r almost gone. I am four months out so that may have helped make the difference. The doctor told me it may take a year to completely heal. I hope this helps and good luck.
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I'm not the review-owner but I had to thank you for your response and for how very helpful you are in the lipo communities!  Thank you!!! :D
Just wanted to let Vining33 to know she was not alone and that others in the community have experienced similar situations.

Follow Up visit

So I had my follow up on Friday and expressed all of my concerns. Nurse Lee was helpful and caring as always and arranged for me to get a "touch up" on the bra rolls that I believe were never done.( I still have not seen Dr. Boutte but passed by her in the hallway. I know that she is busy but it would've helped to alleviate my concerns if she had just a moment to look at what I was talking about and tell me how I can help make it better. )This made me happy! She told me that the lumps, bumps and waves will go away with time. I wear my compression garment 23 hours out of the day, I even sleep with it so I thought it would help smooth it out faster and am nervous that it won't look natural in time for a vacation that I have coming up. I think in total I've lost almost 20 inches even though I haven't lost a pound. That is most likely my fault as I was sick for two weeks and eating more than I should've. My touch up is scheduled for June 27th. I pushed it out that far because I didn't want to do it before my vacation and risk looking even more lumpy and bumpy. I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes..


Thanks so much for the advice! What kind of hand massager was it? I'm going to buy one right now!!
Thanks! I will definitely check them out. My problem is that not only can I see them but I can feel them, it looks like an old bumpy road.. My fat stomach looked better..
Absolutely! Like I said, my stomach and back are WAY smaller now but it doesn't look good when I'm naked.. I'm going to buy a hand massager as suggested by another user to see if that helps..

Side view

Side view 5 weeks post op

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Front view not so much

Front view 5 weeks post op

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Side view before

Huge Difference is size!


Hi there... I had my procedure with Dr. Boutte back in January and so far, my experience has been very positive. I read your blog and noticed that you mentioned being two month post op. Since you reported lumps and bumps, I'd suggest that you get a portable hand-held massager and start massaging your abs everyday. The type I used was, "Wahl 4290-300 Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager". Price is now $39.07 on You had said a lot in your post and I also see that Dr. Boutte also wrote a response. What I'd like to say to you is that despite all that has happened, you're just 2 months into the surgery and you really need to do all that YOU can do to get your body "in-shape". As far as corrections go, you'll cross that bridge when you get there, but that's still in 4+ months :-) Do what you need to do for yourself now. That said, get the massager asap. Start a regimen of 10-15 minutes on your abs and back 2-3 times a day. You might end up spending about 20minutes all together each time. Do it slow and be aggressive. You're 2 months po and your pain level should have dropped a lot by now. If your still feeling pain, work through it. Sorry, I've got to be blunt here :-) Secondly, make sure your CG is still very firm on you. Don't assume that the size given to you after your last appointment is all you'll need till your 6mths. Not at all! If it starts to feel too confy, get another one smaller cause you're still shrinking and it'll help. As for the binder, I personally will say keep it on too especially after you've completed your massages. Based upon your pictures, you do look great, I must say :-) Someone like me, and many more in the community had to wait a few months to look the way you look now, but it was worth it. I believe that Dr. Boutte will do what she needs to do for you on her end when the time comes. You just need to do what you have to do for yourself now. I hope this helps. SMILE, BE HAPPY & ALWAYS TELL YOURELF, "I"M SO DAMN HOT"..... Stay blessed!
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Thanks so much and sorry for the delayed response. I did get a hand held massager and it has made a big difference. I'm still a little uneven and bumpy but much better than it was before! I'm actually on my fifth waist cincher because as soon as it starts to get a little comfortable, I run out and get another.
Hello! This is Dr. Boutte! I do remember you, and I am so happy that you were able to see and appreciate such a huge difference in size so quickly! And yes, with the amount of fat that was removed, please understand that there was a great deal of "dead space" created where the fat once was. Because your skin has a soft texture to begin with, it has to re-seal to mend the "dead space". Therefore, it is totally normal to have irregularities during the first month of this "re-sealing". Understand that the process of healing takes a total of 6 to 12 months. Because I do have such a high volume surgery practice, routinely, our nurse Lee will see you at your 1 week and 1 month visit to address any immediate concerns or questions. Lee then alerts me of any matter with which I need to get immediately involved. I normally see you at your 2 to 3 month post-op visit once we can really surmise how your healing is coming along, and again at your 6 month visit for discussion of final outcome. Regarding our ads, they typically change quarterly. I believe the one you're referring to stated small areas are of a certain price, and also denotes that one area is free. However, it did not say "buy one area, get the 2nd free". I do apologize for any misunderstanding. In addition, it states that a consultation is needed to determine final cost. I must say there is so many misconceptions and different definitions of what "an area" really is. This is why a consultation is needed to determine final cost. Finally, because of the high surgical volume of my practice, it makes it impossible for me to conduct ALL consultations and ALL follow ups. So we have put together a strong, professional, friendly, and highly competent TEAM to make certain all facets of the surgery are covered satisfactorily. We pride ourselves on providing warm, nurturing service from beginning to end. It seems like you got that from Lee during and after your surgery, and was able to get a glance of my smile while I was performing your surgery. Thank you so very much for your feedback! I hope my explanation helps you and others. I look forward to seeing you on your next visit! So far, it seems you are doing amazingly well. Sincerely, Dr. Windell Davis Boutte'
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Changed my review to worth it!

So even though I still have an issue with the lumpy, uneven appearance, I am happy with the total amount of fat lost. I love the way that I look in clothes and have been receiving a lot of compliments. I am hoping that my stomach takes on a more normal appearance soon so that I can show my new tummy off!

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Front View, Side View

Updated pictures


no freaken way your the same person in the before and the afters:O omg what a transformation your dr really did an amazing job!! im loving the results!!
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Looking good...
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looks good I am 3 wks out I had my inner and outter thighs done and have a few lumps and they hurt. I try massaging but it's painful going to buy a hand held electric massager tomorrow and doing a complimentary Velashape next wk, hopefully it won't hurt to much, but I need to get this little ball lumps out. I hope they eventually go away. has anyone else had lumps for A While after surgery?
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Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

It's hard for me to review Dr. Boutte seeing that I haven't seen or spoken to her at all but Nurse Lee is phenomenal and very caring.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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