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I arrived for my procedure on yesterday. I feel...

I arrived for my procedure on yesterday. I feel great I can move my arns and I would do it all over again. Because i'm only one day post-op I haven't seen a dramatic difference but I trust my doctor and get work, so I know that this Summer I will be wearing short sleeve shirts and dresses.

Day 2 and 3- I had to wait for my husband to get...

Day 2 and 3- I had to wait for my husband to get off work in order to shower and help remove the bandages and cg; I have been draining alot, but nothing dramatic. While the cg the doctor gave me was in the washer I put on the cg I ordered from; however they sent me a XXL which is too big, but it helps while the orginal is washing and drying instead of having nothing at all on. I can notice that my arms before and now are very different although its been just 2 days post op. I do have soreness and most of my swellness is under the armpit area which hurts when getting dressed. Other than feeling like i have overworked out my arms I feel great. I took a week off work just to rest and make sure all drainage has stop and as of today the right arm is great and the left arm is coming along. Can't wait to see what the end is gonna be.

Day 4, 5, & 6- I haven't had to take any pain meds...

Day 4, 5, & 6- I haven't had to take any pain meds. I have only felt soreness. I was able to do housework, drive, and I went out on a date with my hubby. I have been able to resume all regular activities. I have no regrets and would do it all over again. I am still swollen in upper arm area also lumps close to armpit but nothing unbearable. I gently massage arms whenever I think about it. I also still have numbness. My right arm drained for 2 days left arm just stopped today. Let me see, overall the experience has been great and i can't think of why one shouldn't do it. Please feel free to ask me about anything I fell to cover in my reviews. Also, ab surgery has been rescheduled from Feb.12th to Fri, Jan. 25th.
What is the name of the compression garment you are using? The black one?
This is from the dr. No name is on it, but i only sleep in this one i wear the sleeves during the day that i ordered from
Thanks for sharing your story and pics. I go in to have my arms done in two days, and I'm excited and nervous! You're results so far are awesome and very encouraging. My arms are about the same size as yours. If I get the same results I'll be ECSTATIC!

Day 7- As of today, I feel awesome. I have...

Day 7- As of today, I feel awesome. I have returned back to work after taking a week off. I have very little soreness, I am in no pain and I haven't been since I had the procedure done. I took pain meds the first night and after that I haven't taken anything, not even a Tyenol. I still have hardness and bumpness in my arms but of course this is to be expected. I also have notice some uneveness, but again this is DAY 7, and I truly believe over time this too shall pass. Overall, I have had a postive experience with the Arm Smartlipo. I'm already looking better in my clothes; as far as, the arm area and i'm loving every bit of it. I have always no matter what size I have been a confident individual, but this have given me a new found confidence that makes me feel like I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to. I suggest to any female that is unhappy with "HERSELF" to do what makes you feel happy and not what others may think should make you happy. You only live once, my husband said, so why not live it in it's entirety. Please feel free to comment or ask me questions about the Arm Smartlipo.

Day 8- Okay, I have uploaded some updated pictures...

Day 8- Okay, I have uploaded some updated pictures of a jacket that is a size M; which before did no use for my arms for they were too big. I have also uploaded photos of my arms without the compression garment. This is 1 week and a day you all and I am loving it. I will not post any more pics until my 1 month post-op. If you have questions again feel free to contact me. Thanks for reviewing my results as I view them myself.......
Your arms are looking terrific! I too had my upper arms done along with my inner/outer thighs, hips, flanks, and upper abs All done on 1/15. Today I am feeling better, but its been a ride! I am much much older than you (47) and I am not expecting to have beautiful arms because mine have been so stretched out for so long and I dont have the good elasticity that comes with being younger :) My arms are definitely smaller, but lots of loose skin. Yime will tell :)
I think that you will look fine. Its hard for me the second go round. The abs is no joke. Thanks for reading my reviews.
You look awesome! I'm so happy for you! It's so much fun wearing short sleeve shirts again!

1/31/13- Okay, it's been almost 2wks post-op for...

1/31/13- Okay, it's been almost 2wks post-op for my upper arms. I have no complaints about my arm procedure, this journey has been as smooth as a sailboat. I am so in love with my results. I still have some tingling in some spaces and I also have some lumps underneathe but its not a concern of mine right now. I am still wearing the compression garment 24/7 and I switch between the one the doctor gave me and the sleeves that I ordered from Tonight, is the first night that I have decided not to wear my arm compression garment to bed just to let my arms breathe a little. I hope everyone progress is going as well as mine with the upper arm Smartlipo, and remember with everyday it gets a little better.........

2/5/13- Today I just wanted to let you all know...

2/5/13- Today I just wanted to let you all know that I am progressing well, my arms is feeling great and has healed completely, I don't know about internally, but physically, I feel and look great thus far in my shirts and coats. I do not regret one minute of pain, soreness, confusion, etc. etc...... because at the end of the day I did what made MRS. BLUNT happy, and that I am. I truly hope all is well with everyone and may you heal and look just like you imagined........
After such great post-op pictures you put not worth it and I really just want to know what happened
Your arms look great... Can only imagine how they will be after swollen goes down. Happy healing

Hey there, hope you're well!

We'd love an update, now you're not far from a year post-op, to find out what you think of the longer-term results! :-)

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