Tummy Tuck - I'm having smart lipo with a tummy tuck done - Lilburn, GA

Trying to see if I actually need a BBL...I'm...

trying to see if I actually need a BBL...I'm having smart lipo with a tummy tuck done. I'm just not sure if I need a BBL...what do you guys think? I don't want to be mad later because I didn't get it done. Please view my pics and let me know what you guys think...So afraid of making the wrong decision but also don't want to pay money on something I don't need. I wish they have a 3D to show you how you would look after the procedure...


I really wanted Dr. B to do my procedures but all of the bad reviews have scared me away...UP IN THE AIR...

43 Year Old, One Child That's 3 1/2...

LIPO/TUMMY TUCK!!! I have been looking for the most qualified doctor and I have found Dr. Earl Stephenson Jr., to perform my surgery. I checked his credentials and he's BOARD CERTIFIED in Plastic Surgery and also a DENTIST, double certified!!! ...This is a very smart man...My procedure will be done in 2 weeks. I made my deposit today and I feel very comfortable with this doctor...

tummy tuck has been paid in full!!!!

I will be having my procedure with Dr. Stephenson on the 4th of next month and I will be posting pics soon...I had my pre-op today at the hospital and met with the doctor for last questions and concerns. He also gave me my RXs...My measurements were done for my garment and the doctor reassured me not to worry that he has my best interest at heart. Went to the hospital and met with the anesthesiologist who allowed me to ask as many questions as possible as well as the pre-op nurses that prepared me on what to do for the preparation of the procedure. I really like being in a hospital setting...

Items to buy

What items should I buy for a tummy tuck. I need to get this time weekend as surgery is on Tuesday

Tummy tuck

Getting ready for my surgery on Tuesday with Dr. Stephenson

Why must I wash my hair before a tummy tuck?

Why am I washing my hair before sx? I am following the procedure but just didn't know why? I am so nervous but very excited...

Surgery/tummy tuck

Surgery was to have been started at 10am...my procedure was done in a hospital...yay!!!! Was told to arrived at 8:30. I was taken to the back a bit before 8:15am, doctor was ready to start early.I was prepped by lovely nurses and doctor came in a bit later to start with his sharpies as he began to mark me up, Dr. Stephenson is a wonderful, professional doctor with a great spirit. The surgery was 4 hours and very successful. I can tell from the garment my waist is much smaller already. Day 1 was a bit challenging, needlessly to say I was starving and had had dry vomiting with some chills. I called my doctor around 11am, and he assured me it was from the anesthia...I walked for about 5 minutes and slept. As I was puking my daughter was crying saying " no mommie"' you're a big girl, don't cry" then she began to cry. My garment feels like its getting too big already...I'm kinda sleepy, forgive me for any typos. I will post pics guys


I will be updating soon as I go to the doctor today for my follow up visit. This garment is tight as ever Around my legs


Jesus, this thing is too damn tight

Update from TT

Have pics but they aren't downloading from phone and iPad is dead.. Will post later

Almost 2 weeks post-op and looking great...Next week, I'll post without my garment, to show you all this sexiness!!!! lol

Here's my first tummy tuck pic...yay!!! I love my doctor...almost 2 weeks post-op. I love my stomach and it's getting smaller. My swelling is going down well. I followed my DOCTOR'S ADVICE and my results are outstanding. My waist is really small. My drains come out on tomorrow...I have also lost close to 15 lbs...My boyfriend who was against the procedure loves my results. After I let my body rest, I think I'll be going back to have a Breast Lift. My arms aren't that big, I can train them...running to the gym I'm not doing right away. It's just me wanting to let my body heal because I was never what you call a big woman. I do eat properly and will continue to and start back working out after I consult with my doctor. My mind my say "YES" but my body maybe saying wait...I LOVE MY WAIST AND MY STOMACH"....DR. STEPHENSON, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! ONE OF THE BEST PLASTIC SURGEONS IN NORTH AMERICA...

3 weeks PO

update: feeling well at almost 3 weeks post op...I will be posting pics soon.

tummy tuck...update

Hello guys, just checking in. I know it has been awhile but very busy with school and my daughter. My recovery has gotten better and there's still some swelling after a lot of walking but it has been going down slowly. I love my low scar and it's healing well. My navel is also cute as a button...lol...adding photos!!!

waistline in the making and loving it!!!

just a little over 1 month post-op and loving it...


added pics but they didn't download, let me try again...


Still down 13 lbs since procedure...the swelling is still there.


almost 3 months post off with some swelling in lower abs...ugghhh!!! My doctor has ok me to work out and I started almost 3 weeks ago...Taebo abs and toning...liking results but really ready for swelling to go away for good... I'm finding that I have to really take it easy when doing ab work-outs as they can become very sore. My diet has been very good, drinking lots of water and watching my portion intake...Trying to get things squared away as next year I'm going to talk to doc about a breast lift...

Lower abs still swollen

I would have thought thevswellingvwould be gone by now....MERCY!!!

Typos: Swelling

Sorry for the typos on the earlier post...I thought the swelling would have been gone by now!!!


I am currently online to buy a corset. I'm about to buy the CS-411 from Orchid Corset but I don't know if the cotton is better than the satin... Please advised!!!

Smart Lipo

I've decided to use Dr. Moody for my bra roll and arms. I meet with him on 6.5.14 and was quoted $1800 for bra roll and arms and he said if there's something else needing a touch up (small) area he would throw it in...His work is amazing and he's very pleasant. After meeting with him and leaving a down payment, I'm FINDING OUT my PS now does SMART LIPO...Dr. Moody is great, so there shouldn't be any issues...

Very upset and in tears!!!!

I'm 4 months POST-OP and I'm falling into depression. My upper abs are still bulging and I spoke with my PS about it and he said that he didn't LIPO my upper abs. Is that not apart of a full tummy tuck with LIPO. I'm VERY, VERY UPSET AND I'm TIRED OF CRYING ABOUT IT!!! It makes my body look weird and I'm really to have Dr. Moody to do what needs to be done on me.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stephenson was very personable and answered all of my questions and didn't make me feel rushed at all. I even made it back to the waiting room after my consultation and remembered I had another question and the coordinator got him again for me. He's a very kind person and my procedure will be done in a hospital setting, which I am thrilled about...not in someone's back office... I'm so ready for this for this procedure...I opted out of the SMART LIPO as I know that I wouldn't get the same results and I'm looking for with the tummy tuck from my C-SECTION. Dr. Stephenson assured me that I wouldn't have to hunt him down for my post-op visits. I have read about some doctors not following up with their patients. Things go well, I'll most definitely be using this Doctor again for my nose job. I loved his honesty in regard to a BBL...MOST DOCTORS WOULD TAKE YOUR MONEY, KNOWING YOUR RESULTS WOULD BE LESS THEN IMPRESSIVE... Let me end by saying " Dr. Stephenson is a cutie, too"...

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I think your abs look great and i do not see a bulge. But i understand you know what your body should look like or what you expect it to look like. I am glad you're seeing a new ps for your revision. Best of luck.
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Hi! @covergrl1 I have the same upper bulge as you.. do you have pain & discomfort in that area? I have pain & cannot walk straight & I think its due to the bulge.. would love to know your thoughts & what your PS says why you have the bulge. thankx
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I'm starting to think I was PMSing...I love my results but ppl were asking me did I get Lipo in my upper abs n I was thinking I did bc we spoke of it but it was flanks only...I'm ok n my boyfriend told me to calm down bc the doctor did a great job n to stop listening to ppl who can't even afford the procedure...my job is stressing me out too...
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Hey there. My heart goes out to you. Did your contract state, " Lipo of upper abs with TT?" The contract will show exactly what he was supposed to do. You mentioned Dr. Moody was to Lipo your arms and bra roll. Didn't he notice the swelling on your upper and during your consultation? Has anything changed in your diet? I know that if I consumed salty foods, I tend to swell easily. In fact, one look at my ankles will give it away. Can you get SL of your upper abs alone, how much will it cost, and how soon can you get it done? It should be less than $1000 since it's 1 area. See if your PS has a promotion or can offer you a deal. Get some answers to these questions and take the next step. I hope it all ends well in your favor :-)
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Yes, Dr. Moody said he could do that area, no problem...you would think that your PS would tell you that this area needs to be done as well...
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Hey, FTA...I checked my contract again and it didn't state upper ABS...when I heard him say Lipo, I was thinking that he would hv done that n better yet Stevie Wonder knew could see it needed to be done. Better now and will be going to Dr. Moody in October...I'm waiting for my scar tissue to mature more...I feel much better and you know all things in life is a learning experience. I'm not totally unhappy with my TT, I just know with the Lipo it could have looked 100% better. Dr. Moody will hook me up and I still look great now just wished he would have said your upper abs need doing to give you the results you want...PRAISING GOD STILL!!!
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I say cotton for it's durability and if worn under clothing, sweating won't be as much. As for swelling, it's not uncommon at this time. Nevertheless, you look great :-)
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Your flat tummy looks great! I had horrible swelling too, in part because of wearing an overly constricting garment. But I started doing lymphatic massages and got a good Marena garment--both have made a world of difference.
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Yes, I hav4e that garment now. Still swollen though but I'm getting a corset to help assist with the lower swelling...
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I am five months out and last night I had swelling after exercising and being out all day. So it takes longer than we had hoped. Good luck.
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You look MAHVELOUS! Your tt revealed all of your hard work and made that butt pop!
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Thx but swelling is still here...so over it!!!
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You look fantastic. Your results will just get better and better. Keep up the hard work in the gym. Tummy tuck plus gym= Great success
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I completely agree with everything TG150 said!
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When will the swelling below the incision go away...It's going down a bit every day but it's a process. After the procedure I never gained that weight back...LOST ANOTHER 4LBS!!!
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OK so I had my consult with Dr Stephenson and I'M SOOOOO EXCITED! !! I WISH I could have it done tomorrow lol. My mind is made up I'm trying to schedule around end of July now bc I really want 2 lose 20 lbs bf surgery. . Thanks so much lady. .. I'll keep you posted
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You are so psyched! I can only imagine how your feeling especially after seeing the good great job Dr. Stephenson performed on covergrl1. All the best on the weight loss plan you're pursueing & looking forward to reading how everything goes with you :-)
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Thank you so much. I will most Def keep you ladies informed. . I posted a detailed review for both ps so hopefully rs will publish it & it will be readable for all viewers. .
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Please do and you are so welcome...I love him...I want my breast done next year by him...Did you tell him that I sent you? His private and will never discuss your visit...
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