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47 y/o with a new body and a new attitude! SL &BBL - Lilburn, GA

I am so excited! My date is exactly one week away....

I am so excited! My date is exactly one week away. I am having a SL wrap around and fat transfer (BBL). I am hoping for a great outcome this time around. I had the traditional lipo about a year ago and my doctor only took out 900 cc from abs, bra roll, & love handles. I kept hoping for positive results but saw very little change. Disappointed and out of $3000. Two months ago I start researching and was blessed to find Dr. Windell Boutte. I did my consultation and spoke with her over the phone. After speaking with her I felt so confident that she was the one. I'm excited about my journey and will be sharing with you guys... Let the count down begin!!!!!!!

No butt at all!!! BBL less than a week away!

Before pics!

Wish pics

I wish you the best and will be following to see how you are progressing..feeling nervous is expected we all went through it....I need some boottie too but was told I had to gain some more weight for fat transfer to happen and I didn't want to get a butt that bad I've battled to loose weight far too long didn't have it in me to gain more lol even though I need a bigger butt..... I'm excited for you and can't wait to see your transformation.
Thank you flabaway! I gained about 10 pounds for this procedure just to get a bit of an ass. Lol! I'm prayerful that I get my desired results. I will definetly keep you posted!
I may have mis read your post, but are you having the fat that is removed from smart lipo redistributed to your bottom? I was always under the impression you couldn't use that fat since it is broken down or melted before it's sucked out? That would be awesome though if you can, pls share....

4 days pre op

I'm anxious & excited! I have 4 days till my life changing event. I had the privilege to speak with Dr. Boutte via cell today. She is so amazing, never has a physician called me on a Sunday to ease my anxiety and answer last minute questions. I'm almost positive I have chosen a great PS. Will post pics after my procedure. Pics to come!!
Congratulations. I can't wait to see your update.
I bet you can;t sleep.
Slept like a baby! Lol

Post op Day 1

A lot of swelling but I love my results so far!!!!

Back before and after

Post op day 1

Post op day 1 before & after

Swelling is bad!!

Post Op Day 1

Lots of swelling. Pain tolerable. Loving my results so far..
Hey! Girl your results are awesome!!! But I wouldn't not expect anything less from Dr Boutte! She is the best doctor ever. Keep us posted on your progress. One important rule I have followed from Dr Boutte was wearing my compression garment. It is now my best friend that I wear on average 22 hours a day! Hard at first but you will get use to it plus for me it eased my pain. Take care!
Hey! Girl your results are awesome!!! But I wouldn't not expect anything less from Dr Boutte! She is the best doctor ever. Keep us posted on your progress. One important rule I have followed from Dr Boutte was wearing my compression garment. It is now my best friend that I wear on average 22 hours a day! Hard at first but you will get use to it plus for me it eased my pain. Take care!
That is awesome news!!! Yay! Can't wait to follow your healing, welcome to the fam!


Hey Guys, I must say this has been a journey for me thus for. I have so much swelling and bruising especially in my thighs, and pubic area. So bad I could hardly walk. I did speak with nurse Lee and she call me in prednisone for 10 days. I'm praying this helps with the swelling and the third spacing I'm having in my thighs. I did not originally plan to have my thighs done therefore I did not do a whole lot of research on this procedure. But I'm prayerful it will work out in time. Today I actually got dressed and got out. The ride in the car was uncomfortable, but I pushed my way thru. I have been using the log roll but that technic works best when sitting up in hard chairs where u can lean forward. I started the arnica pills faithfully and have ditched the Percocet. Extra strength Tylenol works works for me. I've been advised to get support hose for my thighs but I'm not sure how that will work will work with the BBL. If anyone has any advice please share. I will continue to share my journey.

Triangle compression garment

Does anyone know the how the triangle compression garment technique for the BBL works?? I am having trouble figuring it out?
PICS LOOK GREAT :) How are you i was MIA for a couple days. Happy Healing.
You got a butt now, hope you are happy. I'm looking to get my tummy done
The arnica pills are awesome, I give a lot of my lack of swelling credit to the meds! I have been very fortunate although not to say I have not had my fair share but seens in comparison to others i have lucked out! Zero bruising and very little swelling but i watch my sodium intake like a hawk! You would be surprised by what the sodium levels are in every day foods!

1 week post op

I week post op pics and measurements

Long week

Hey guys,
This has been a hell of a week for me. I have experience an emotional breakdown I must say. I haven't looked at myself much in the mirror because my body has almost look like a complete train wreck. But, I must say after conversing with FTA2014 I have picked myself up and convinced myself I can do this. She is my inspiration.... I must admit this journey has been different for me, however, it's not my first PS just a different team of post op nurses. Again Dr Boutte is AWESOME!!! This week I have struggle with my thighs so that I have not notice much pain or discomfort in other areas. However, today when I looked at my butt It did appear flat and wide to me. I immediately, started to feel another let down from this procedure! I had to brace myself breathe and be patience. And hope for the best. It is a long process. I am not wanting to go thru this again. I have swelling in my abs & sides and I'm keeping my CG on faithfully. I will post a front pic soon. If anyone can offer advice on massage in the swollen and hard areas I will appreciate it!!
Happy Labor Day!
I had the BBL done also. In addition to a Tummy Tuck with smart lipo to upper lower abs and bra roll. OK that was kinda a lot but back to the BBL. At first my butt was huge... then after a week or two is started going down. I was afraid that I was more hype than anything. Nurse Lee told me to hold on, that I would "plum back". I can honestly say I'm 4months post op and it HAS. Not to mention that as the swelling everywhere else went down it made that and my breast look much bigger than they did right after surgery. Hold on... it gets better.
Ho ware you doing? I hope everything is going well and you are feeling better and positive about your results. Have a good night.


Hey guys, I hope all is well. There has been no posts from me because I have been ill & hospitalized. Apparently after my surgery I contracted some type of infections that did not grow staph. I have been fighting for my life. I am sharing this not as a negative review, but as an experience for other people who are thinking about plastic surgery. Do your homework, research, ask questions, and make sure you have the procedures your body can handle at the time it can be done. As for me, I am done with plastic surgeries. This was my third one and has cost me well over $100,000. Would I do it again NO, would I be so selfish as to put my family and love ones thru the hell I've been thru..,NEVER. Nothing negative about you guys who chose to have PS. As for my PS, she has done everything in her power to take care of me.. I have traveled to GA twice at my sickest moment. And I must say she has gone the extra mile to decompress & remove necrotic fat cells... Nurse Lee has communicated with me via texts & calls just about everyday, even when I was hospitalized. I am blessed to still be alive. I am still recovering and on my way back to my old self. But, I had to post my experience. Without a test, there's no testimony. I'm heading back to the dr office this morning to get antiobiotcs adjusted. I'm prayerful I'll be back 100% soon by God's grace!!!! Thanks for reading!
Love your body the way it is..... You were uniquely made by God!!
Praying for a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing your story!
Hey there Vivaious! Finally, you've posted and I'm happy that you disclosed what you've been going through the last several days. I know that you've been through a lot, but I'm happy that you're doing a whole lot better today and with each passing day, things are going to get better :-) As I had stated to you earlier, I know there will be some ladies reading your comment and will assume that you're saying that PS is a "grave" mistake based upon your post op experience. However, you and I know that this is not the case. As with anything in life such as driving a car, flying on a plane, having knee replacement etc etc etc, there are risks. We just all don't expect to fall into the category or the small percentage of people who have complications. Thank God that you did everything you were supposed to do and you went to the ER just in time. Not to insult anyone reading this, but what Vivaiuos had was similar to having a heart transplant and your body rejects it. That's what necrotic fat cells are (in simple terms). She had the fat cells removed from her body and transferred, but some of them died, thus leading to her "unforeseen" outcome. It could happen to anyone and no dr, can claim that they can avoid that. That's why every "body" is different. Anyway, Thank God she had Dr. Boutte, whom (according to Vivaiuos and despite her critics) went the, "extra mile to decompress & remove necrotic fat cells." Thank God Vivaious went to her local hospital in a timely manner and sought treatment. What she went through isn't the dr's fault nor is it Vivaious. It's an unfortunate thing, that was a test and is now her testimony :-) Her most recent comment should be used as an educational report for those considering fat transfer. That's not to say, "Don't do it". It just means that you're making an educated decision and know what the possible complications may be and know what to do in a timely manner. There are hundreds, if not thousands of women who had the same procedure and didn't have her experience. Anyway, Viv... Thanks for allowing me to write this on your blog for everyone to read. Keep healing well and remain blessed! :-)))))))
@FTA2014 thank u for ur encouraging words & clarification!! I'm sure I will be closing this acct. But we will for sure keep in touch. Thanks for your prayers:-)))) Remain eternally blessed!
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr Boutte is awesome. I have had the privilege to speak with her over the phone and via text. She took the time to explain things and gave me realistic expectations of my outcome. I feel 100% confident that she will give me a banging new body. She shows so much compassion for what she does!! I don't think I could have chosen a better PS!!

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