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I am having my Smart Lipo procedure tomorrow...

I am having my Smart Lipo procedure tomorrow afternoon with Dr. Boutte in Lilburn, GA. I live in AL and had my consultation with via phone mid-November, 2013. I was pleasantly surprised that she personally replied my email requesting info about the procedure. She was very easy to talked to and was detailed/thorough. Anyway, I had sent her my pics & was told that I could benefit from Smart Lipo. This was great news for me because my local surgeons suggested Tummy Tuck which I couldn't afford the long healing process and added stress on my husband and kids. Anyway, the rest is history. My appointment was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, and all test results had been sent, medicines, creams etc have been bought and I've started my required meds. Yippea!!!

Day 2 post op stats

One more thing, I measured myself at home on 1/2/14 and got the following stats in my upper, mid and bottom waist: 39, 37.5 & 39 respectively. I remeasured myself yesterday after eating and prior to my bath at night: I measure at 35 all through! I just got a call from Ms. Lee ( awesome !) She was just checking in me and wanted to make sure that I was draining well and recording the drainage amount (those are the two tubes you see at the bottom of my front profile).

Pics day 1 post op


Day 3 post op

Ok...ok...ok.... I'd like to apologies to the readers out there about my postings. I'm not used to this but, I'm trying to get as much out there as I can. Let me start with this... Today, 1/6/14 is day 3 post op. I've attached pictures taken this afternoon of all my profiles and with the garment and brace on :-) . I had written a detailed account of what I went through but it didn't post AAARGH !!!!! :-))) Okay, me-bad. Here it goes and hope this helps anyone.
I arrived at Dr. Boutte's office prior to my 3pm appt. I was called in a little after 3:30. No qualms about that cause I kept myself busy judging everybody .... Just kidding, I was reading. So bring something to read to pass time :-). I met with Lee (awesome woman). We chatted, took pics and stats. Sorry, I forgot to ask, but will get info at my next appt for you- promise :-). We went upstairs to get prepped. Pls bring your meds!!! Now, I noticed nobody mentioned getting a catheter! Yes, a catheter!!! It was weird, but Lee was great. So, just breath through it. That's what she said, that's what I did, and it done before I could ask, "When are you going to start?" I met Dr. Boutte for the first time and was psyched. She was pleasant, warm, professional and FIIIIINNNNEEEE!!!! Hey, I call it as I see it:-) She reminded me if what she planned to do- Upper abs, Lower abs, Flanks/Live handles and Bra rolls.
The pain during the procedure itself is subjective. So, pls be aware that we're all different. I was in & out. I talked and expressed discomfort using my fingers, but it was tolerable. She listened to me and made sure that I was okay. That's what makes her so awesome! I have no clue what time it ended, but knew when I had I had to put the garments on. I was draining and had 2 attachments for this. My hubby and boys were waiting, got me supper, arrived at the hotel at 12:15am (Saturday), ate, took my meds and was in lala land :-). I woke up twice before 4am and threw up everything! Why, the Lortabs. I completely forgot to take an alternative :-))) My husband was right there to help me out of bed, get me to the bathroom and clean me up. Maaaan, I was a walking baby (lol).
At 6:25am, I woke up, got out of bed myself, did the mommy thing: checked to make sure that everyone was breathing properly, on their own side of the bed, checked the door to make sure it was locked ..... Okay, I hear you :-) I couldn't help it. My recovery was reliant on my family's safety - hahaha. On a more serious note, I walked around a bit and started to massage by back and belly. I know it's still inflamed & a bit sore about 6 on a scale of 10 ( remember, it's subjective :-)) I went back to sleep and woke up at 2pm! I wish I could sleep that long everyday :-) Now, when I got home yesterday ( day 2 post op) I used my portable Shiatsu body massage to massage my back and it worked wonders cause it loosed me up. I still am massaging my torso too. I slept well and today is great! I'm still massaging my tummy and I've religiously kept my garments on. I'm drinking a lot of fluids and eating wisely too. This is a major change and you have to approach it with honesty. It's not for weight loss, but body contouring. I used to weigh 225 Dec 2011 and went down to 196 as if last week. The scale says I weigh 198. That's to be expected because I was pumped with fluids and inflammation. So, don't Greek out because the scale throws out weird numbers. Just follow the doctor's orders, be true to yourself and love your new body. It's yours, so enjoy looking forward to the sexier you. Photos taken today attached. No measurements taken. Talk to you later :-)

Add on to day 3 post op

To the Greek readers out there, I meant to say to toward the end, "So, don't freak out...." Pls replace the "G" for an "f". Sorry. As for pain level, it' a 2/10. See ya'll later.

Day 4 post op

Today was fine. I just realized that I didn't mention that I had 2,750cc of fat extracted! That's a lot. Anyway, I don't miss it :-) I'm still using my Shiatsu massager for my back, but I plan to purchase a hand-held massager for my abs and sides. I know how to perform lymphatic massage, but it's different performing it on myself, a bit uncomfortable and tiring. My tubes are coming out in the morning cause I've drained less than 25cc in both tubes- (35cc or less within a 24 hr period is the requirement per Lee at the office). I plan to resume walking on the treadmill by the end of the week. I still need to take things slow cause I'm still healing. Oh, lest I forget... If you plan on having this surgery, cook ahead of time and freeze your food/stews if you have kids and are the cook at home. You have to eat low sodium foods afterwards cause sodium helps retain water and that's something you don't want. I can't think of anything else right now. Stay blessed ya'll. Will update on day 7 or sooner if any major changes occur :-)


In order to have the drainage tubes removed, I have to collect less than 30cc in each bag, not 35cc as stated earlier. Thanks

Day 5 post op: "Free at Last!!!"

Morning ya'll :-) Thank God, the drainage tubes came out. I can now look at my front profile without two extra "balls" playing "pick-a-boo" under my loose clothing :-))).. I've gone ahead to order an extra stage garment and binder, one size smaller that the one I got from the dr.'s office. So far, no more pain, but the expected discomfort and soreness remains.

Day 8 post op

This entry is being made at 12:46am. I was supposed to do it yesterday, but one thing led to another and... Anyway, I very pleased with the outcome. it's been a week now and I know that a lot if changes are expected. I have started to apply Bacitracin to the incision sites. I continued to leak out of my left side where the drainage tube used to be for another couple of days (only when I had to take off/put on my garment. No more drainage now. I continue to massage my back and sides with the Shiatsu and have begun massage my stomach with my hands. I have my garment on while using the Shiatsu cause the pressure from the automatic rollers is just too much for me to handle so early in my recovery. As for my stomach, I do it both with and without the garment. My stomach isn't as sensitive to touch anymore which I like. I noticed that I have to stretch my skin out on the right side of my lower abs. I noticed that there is a some tightness there, but with continued work, I hope to improve the look over the next few weeks. My next apt with Dr. Boutte is on the 4th of next month. I pray that things look better and she's happy with my progress too. Something else I want to share is that I hate sleeping on my back, but I've had to for the past week. I'm going to switch to my stomach today when I go to bed and will let you know later how it goes. I've tried sleeping on my sides, but the pain is so bad that I'm scared to stay in position beyond 2 seconds! I've attached pictures taken early yesterday morning. I hope to receive my new garments within the next few days. Anyway, I plan to do weekly updates unless things change.

7 days post op photos

It' been 2 weeks ince my surgery!!!

All has been well since my surgery.

Remember I said that this isn't a weight loss procedure. Yes, that's true. I also said that because when I got home after my procedure (2 days later), my weight went from 196.6 up to 201.8 lbs. I know the fluids and the obvious inflammation was the cause. Anyway, As of last Wednesday (1/08/14), I had dropped down to "whopping" 200lbs and I was seriously pissed. I hadn't worked out and I was eating what my family ate. Mind you, they're slim and what makes them stay fit makes me big :-))). So, I decided to return to "my style" of eating. I eat only what I want but with common sense. If I have a craving for something sweet, I have it the next day, cause I can account for it then. It works for me that way. So far, my weight is down to 193.6 and I have a long way to go. I'm 5'10" and "thick boned". Several years ago, I weighed 180lbs and most people thought I was 140lbs. Hahahaha. That was fun. My neighbors used to begg my husband to feed me back then. I miss those days. Anyway, one thing I know for a fact is that with this new body and weight loss, I am going to have a blast and will even look better. Besides, I am older and wiser :-))) I'm simply a 40 year old happy monster in the making :-)))).

Other things to know are my stats. They are 32.5, 33, and 36 respectively! Pre surgery, I was 39, 37.5, and 39. This means that I lost in my upper abs 6.5 inches, mid abs 4.5 and lower abs 3 inches. That's a total of 14 inches!!! I started to work out this past Monday (10 days post op). I did the Shawn T's 25 minute workout program with no problems, but I didn't continue cause my husband was worried that I was pushing it too soon :-( So, yesterday I walked on the treadmill for a mile and it was fun. He had no qualms with that :-) I really missed walking and I plan to keep it up regardless of my butt muscles protesting :-)) I also plan to start my abs workout next week to work on my "pooch". I believe that with massaging and working out, I'll have a much better outcome in the long run.

As for the other side effects, I feel so itchy only when I remove my garment and it's mostly my lower back. That's a good sign cause I guess I'm healing up. I've attached some updated pictures taken a few minutes ago. What do you think?

Wow! Dropped from XL to M in 3 wks!

This week has been transforming and I'm very happy so far.
You see, after my surgery, I was fitted into an XL garment. I purchased a medium after the first wk cause it wasn't feeling snugly anymore. On day 10 post op, I began to wear a medium garment and today (3wks since surgery), I'm now wearing a SMALL garment. Whoohoo!
It's important to know that it doesn't feel constricting at all and I'm still using my binder. Unfortunately, I have to wait till my one month post op appt. with Dr. Boutte so as to purchase a new binder. Hers are the best as far as I'm concerned.

I'm still massaging my abs and focusing a great deal on my right lower abs. Hopefully with the new garment, and continuos massaging, the firmness on the right side and overall size/shape will change overtime :-)

My itching has stopped and I'm using Maderma on my skin where the drainage tubes were attached. I don't think it'll do my skin the justice it claims. I'm not bothered cause it'll always be concealed under my underwear/bikini. Oh, and yes, I'll see it when naked, but I'm so busy admiring the physical changes that it doesn't matter one bit.

A few days ago, a friend that stops by bi-wkly said that I looked like I had dropped 30-40 lbs and with my height, I look great. God Bless her! The last time she saw me was 3 days after the surgery and I had a large gown on. When she saw me this week, I was wearing a stretchy exercise top without my garment and binder on. I'm still wearing my XL shirts to conceal the garment and binder around and no one knows what I have underneath. The day I decide to go out in my new clothes, I can only imagine what my friends and people I know will say :-) Ha! I can't wait :-) The only changes they mention are related to what they see chest-up. I'll take it :-))))

Finally, I had to call Dr. Boutte's office to help resolve an issue. I noticed that when I called last Thursday & left a message for "CJ" with her colleague, I didn't get a call back within 24 hours. So, I decided to email "CJ" 2 days ago (Wednesday) and she called me back later that evening (it was after 5pm). She left me a message apologizing and looking into my issue. I emailed her back expressing how pleased I was with her swift response following the email. The reason why I'm sharing this is because a few people have had problems reaching someone directly at the office. Some have told me that they are yet to receive a callback. I'll just say that you should either leave a detailed message with a return number on your contact's PERSONAL vmail or email. Leaving messages with a generic person for someone else isn't advised per my experience.

Expect new pictures 4 wks post op :-)

19 days post op photos!

I decided to share these pictures taken yesterday. You might notice the change in the changes in the firmness of the upper torso and shape of the lower abs. Let me know what you think.

Back profile 19 day post op

Wk 4 post op review

Everything's been going well thus far. I haven't been working out as much as I's like cause of one thing or another and by the time I start to walk, it doesn't last beyond 15min at 3miles p/hr speed. Anyway, my stats have changed a bit. As a reminder, my 2wks post ops measurements for my upper, mid and lower abs were 32.5, 33, and 36 respectively. As of today, they are 32, 31.5 and 34 inches. That's a reduction of 4 inches. Total inches lost all together is 18 inches!!!

My weight still flunctuates 2-4lbs depending on the time of the month. I'm wearing the size small garment and fasten the hooks to the innermost row. I'm still massaging my abs and thighs. Why thighs. Well, this is an advice all you ladies that look like me contemplating this surgery. it is very easy to develop cellulite on parts of your body after this surgery IF YOU DON'T REGULATE THE TYPES OF FOOD YOU EAT. If you eat lots of fatty foods, don't be shocked to see the cellulite appear, but it's not the end of the world (a least for me it's not). A couple of weeks ago (I can't remember what preceded this observation) I noticed I had this "bubbly" look between my laps. It was cellulite! I've never had it and started researching ways to get rid of it. It's crazy the stuff you read on line... Just saying :-) Anyway, I used the electric massager I use on my abs to massage my laps after my bath and it was gone the next morning. Massaging only is what I needed. So I've begun massaging my legs along with my abs and pretend that I'm in a 5- Star Hotel getting the works :-))), but I still hurt a bit in my abs. The pain is temporary though.

My 1 month post op appointment with Dr. Boutte is next week. I'll definitely keep you posted.

1-month post op appt!

Today, I travelled to Atlanta to see Dr. Boutte for my 1-month post op appt. It was a long drive to and fro (8+ hrs total), but it was worth it. Dr. Boutte and Lee (her nurse) were pleased with how things have progressed up to date. The main are of concern was my "pooch" and they indicated that I needed more support. So, I received my very first "magicbody, size 28" and purchased a new binder cause mine was worn out. My stats were taken again and based upon what I measured on the day of the surgery, I've lost a total of 12.5inches on my abs. I was mostly psyched to know that my mid abs measured at 30.5 inches!!! Whooohooo.
Anyway, Dr, Boutte emphasized the importance of keeping my garment on in order to provide the "needed support" to my lower abs. Based upon the current results, I am developing some loos skin on the bottom R-side abs. Dr, Boutte stated that after the 6-month deadline, I may need to have it "taken-in" in order to have a smooth look. I understand and I'm not bothered by the news at all. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Right now, I'm thankful for everything, how I feel, how things have changed in my personal life and the awesome job that Dr. Boutte made towards my transformation.
Prior to writing this review, I received an email from Dr. Boutte's office and I'd like to share something from the email that I hope my friends and other readers of my blog will take note of cause tis is for EVERYONE! I've stated this before in my previous reviews, but here it is from Dr. Boutte' office:
"...refrain from HIGH SODIUM foods, as these will promote fluid retention, swelling, and discomfort. No processed meats such as pepperoni/sausages, no canned foods, no processed meals such as "Lunchables", and no high sodium "fast foods"" I plan to take this to heart and re-evaluate things myself. I want the best result I can get by doing the right things and being responsible.

Week 5 post op

I had no plans to update this week, but I needed to share a few modifications I have made to address my little pooch.... and IT'S WORKING!

Okay, you guy know that I have been using my Shiatsu massager for my back. For my abs, I have been doing the more aggressive massaging using my hand-held massager + manual massaging up till earlier this week when I had my apt with Dr. Boutte. Well, I decided to try the Shiatsu on my abs because its the closest thing I can give myself without the vibration, it covers a wider area of my abs, it's in relaxation mode, FREE and in the comfort of my home while I watch TV :-) The Shiatsu does wonders!!! This is what I'm doing:-
1: I lay it flat on the sofa or love seat (not on the floor), program it "lower back".
2: I place a little pillow (it may be a big one if you prefer) at the foot of the sofa to elevate my feet and another pillow at the top under by breast for added comfort. This will also increase my center of gravity as I lay on the Shiatsu.
3: I lie prone (on my chest/belly), and put it on. Make sure as it rolls it'll roll from the lower abs up to your ribs and back down again. You may need to reposition yourself or add more pillows under your breast so that the Shaitsu balls don't hurt your ribs.
4: I run 3 cycles and it feels heavenly :-)

I believe that since the Shiatsu could help so much with my back, why not my abs?
The comfort I feel is awesome and I love the results cause it has slowly brought "out" the minor indentations and leveled it out.:-)))))

I also purchased 3 size SMALL "SQUEEM" garments. 2 strapless and 1 with the straps/vest. I have no more plans to spend an extra dime!!! :-) They arrived yesterday and I decided to test out my theory to help with the little pooch. Here it goes:
I wore my usual garment (size S) and wore the SQUEEM (strapless) on top. I pulled it down a bit to cover my whole lower abs and part of my hips. It looks like I'm wearing a corset and the "hold"/ firmness on my pooch/lower abs is phenomenal! I love it and it's providing the firmness I need in exactly where it's needed!!!! Praise God!!!!!!!
I used this till I went to bed around 2am this morning. I tried to use it all night, but 'wasn't too comfortable. So, I took off the squeem only. I'll attempt it tonight.
Anyway, when I woke up this morning and checked my self in the mirror, my lower abs looked a bit better. I'm not exaggerating... it did. So, now I have the SQUEEM on top of my garment as I'm writing this update. Now, the Squeem can roll-up at times while seated. I Just pull it down. It stays in place when I'm standing and moving around. I have pictures attached to show you what it looks like. I hope this helps someone.:-)

I checked my weight this morning and it's now 189.6lbs. Its a good feeling.
Anyway, I hope to share more stuff next week. Have a blessed day everyone!

8 week update!

High everyone! I know it's been a while since I updated you on my recovery (3 wks to be exact). Well, there was a reason. As you are aware, I have been trying to find the best garment that will target the pooch I have on my lower abs. In the last three weeks have I tried wearing my size small garment under a size small squeem, I purchased a body magic size 26 (the size 28 I got after my 1 mth post op apt didn't "hold" my lower abs as snuggly as I wanted) and purchased a size small spanx. THEY ALL SUCKED after about 2 days. Why? Keep reading :-)))

Okay. The SQUEEM is OK, however, I have to wear something tight on my lower abs over the SQWEEM to keep it in place. It constantly rolled up. I had no qualms wearing it to bed, but I also noticed that if I pushed out my stomach, it came out. There was no hold!
The bodymagic size 26 was good for my abs, but tortured my inner thighs! I was so frustrated with it that I cut out the legs and enjoyed the "corsetty-look" for a day. After that, it was useless- No more snug in my lower abs. The snug was in my mid-abs only :-(
As for the Spanx... forget about it. I see it a "maintenance" garment to have. Not good during actual recovery if seeking firmness. That's my experience & observation :-)

I've always known about corsets and CORSET-Training & decided to look into. What's there to loose? Knowledge :-) Now, there are so many review out there about the advantages & disadvantages to corseting, but it seemed to be the only alternative I had left to get the "firm hold" I need and that was also highly recommended by my dr. I went ahead and purchased 2 corsets (sizes 26 and 24) from Orchard Corset... My waist line is still 30.5 and you're supposed to get a corset 4-6 inches below your waist line. Anyway, my stuff arrived yesterday and I tried the size 26 and wore it to bed. It felt weird at first cause it's stiff (I bought a steel-boned longline Underbust corset). I was able to apply the tightness I needed in the lower abs and loosened it a bit in the upper and bust area for comfort. When I took it off this morning, I was surprised. Even my husband said there was a slight difference :-) I kept looking at my side profile cause it looked flatter. Now, since I'm corset training now (for my lower abs only) I will continue to wear the corset as if I am using my garments (24/7) for the next 1 month or till my 3rd month post op anniversary. It'll only come off for baths. I'm already used to this regimen anyway. Besides, I've got to do what I've got to do to get the best outcome within the timeframe I have. I don't plan to go under the knife again and I want to be able to help others avoid mistakes and unnecessary spending. If it works for me, hopefully, it'll work for others too :-)

Now, please be aware that I am starting the corset-training for my lower abs simply because there is no garment out there that works. I am starting the corset 2-months post op as well. I have attached a picture of me that I took 5 days ago and you'll see the little pooch. I'll provide weekly pictures so that you can see results and determine if it's a good alternative treatment approach. I pray it does what I need it to do and hopefully help others out there. Stay blessed everyone and see you in a week! :-)))

I just took off the corset (day 1 corset training)

Week 9 post op & wk. 1 corset training!

All has been well this week! There is no more pain during my self massages and moving around is like it was pre-surgery. I had began using a corset a week ago because I couldn't find a single garment out there that could provide the necessary compression I needed on my lower abs. I knew that if I didn't find something quick, I would have to settle for the results I had (my cute little pooch :-)

Anyway, as you can see in the pictures, corseting is helping me achieve the results I want. I noticed that the pooch is much flatter now when viewing all profiles and under my clothes. What I've been doing is wearing my camishaper, then my strapless squeem, then the corset. I am able to tighten the corset on the lower part and leave it a bit loose at the top. I also sleep in it. So far, these are the changes: 1. Slightly flatter lower abs and 2. My abs now measure at 29 inches!!!
I am psyched :-) I plan to continue using the corset since I don't have an official phase 2 garment until my 3 month post op apt in 3 weeks. My weight is now 190lbs and all is working out well. Hopefully, by my next appt, everything will be just as I've prayed it'll be. As for the skin, I've been rubbing my lower abs with olive oil cause I read that it helps to tighten skin. Based on my research, doing "thermage" (I think that's what it's called) will really help with eliminating whatever wrinkling I will have by 6 months post op. That'll be another expense I'm not prepared to make. So, olive oil it is for now. Besides, I love the way I look under my clothes and I don't plan on exposing my belly to "non-family" members :-)
Let me know what you think. Take care y'all and see you next week with another update:-)

2.5 months (10wks) post op and wk 2 Corsetting

The last week was fine, thank God. I used my corset to work for the first time last weekend and it wasn't as bad as I thought cause I bought a smaller version (CS-411) which ends right under the bust-line. I was able to bend/squat, reposition my seating when needed (I'm a therapist) and it was great. Since I'm no longer having pain with massaging, wearing the corset to work didn't cause any "after-effects" when I got home.

Apart from that, I'm still massaging myself with the electric massager x1 day directly on my skin. I'm also using olive oil to help with skin tightening. I've stopped the T25, cause between school projects, homework, tennis, kids group activities, supper, getting the house organized and work of course, I'm in no mood for a handsome face telling me to "keep going" :-)) My husband and boys handsome faces are my only joy at end of the day and their faces say, "pls. rest" :-)))

Next week is spring break and I will try to provide an update before we leave town. I'm so excited cause it's been years I've gotten into the water with the boys at the beach. At the pool, I had an excuse not to go cause I felt "big". I know some of you can relate to this. Now, I'm so thankful, happy and most of all, appreciate this new body and I don't plan on messing things up as long as I'm in control. My son now says, "All I can see is your butt mom". I reply simply by saying, "Good! Anything else you must share with thee?" (With a big smile on my face). His answer is the same... a smile back to me, his eyes rolled and he shakes his head. He walk off and yells, "I'm really happy for you!" Now, that is love in my book :-)
I'm looking forward to shopping too cause I need new clothes. I've gone down a few dresses sizes. My tops have gone down from a 14/16 to a 10. I have a few size 10's from several years ago and I kept them well. They're going on vaca with me. My bottoms are another story. I need those fast. I've gone down from a size 16 to 12. Thankfully, I've got nice beach dresses I bought a couple of years ago with the plan of losing weight. I did prior to the surgery (25lbs), but with the shape I'm in now, they look better on me.

I have attached pictures taken today. Nothing has really changed. My 3 month post op appt is in 2 weeks and I can't wait. I just pray the weather will be better this time. I spent almost 9 hours driving in the rain during my 1 month post appt. Let it be sunny God when I go again :-) . Hope you all have a blessed weekend.

3 months po... AWESOME RESULTS!!!!!

Hello my dear friends on RS. It's been a couple of weeks and here's my update.

First, my 3 month po appt with Dr. Boutte is tomorrow and I'll provide an update per what she says. As of today, however, I'm very happy to share with you all that I have made a lot of progress since beginning corseting a month ago! Now, I know there are some few skeptics out there about corseting. That's fine. The only thing I will want to say to them is that NEVER base your opinion(s) about a garment or modification based upon preconceived notions. Many have stated that using a corset will provide "temporary" results. Uhhhh... so does any other compression garmentif not used correctly or haphazardly! The purpose of these garment/items is to help reshape the body while it heals AS LONG AS THEY ARE USED CONSISTENTLY AND RELIGIOUSLY.

Here is what happened in the last month:
1.... I purchased a corset (size 26) initially and used it for 2 weeks. I purchased a smaller corset (size 24) and have been using that till today.
2.... I purchased a smaller CG. Now I'm wearing XS. Can you believe that!? I started in an XL immediately following my surgery and now, 3 months po, I'm in an XS!!!
3.... I am still massaging myself with my electric massager after I take off the garment and massage again before I wear it again. I keep it on more that 20 hrs each day.
4.... I'm still using Olive Oil (see picture below/above).
5..... I wear my "stuff" in this order.... Camishaper, then CG, then corset. That's it.
6.... I wear them all to bed and sleep comfortably. The tightness is emphasized on the lower abs breathing isn't hindered.

That said, here are my results since starting corseting 4 weeks ago to help with my lower abs that needed extra compression.

Pre Surgery 1 month po stats 3 months po stats
Upper Abs-------- 39 inches ------- 32 inches ---------- 31.5 inches (down 7.5)
Mid Abs----------- 37.5 inches ------ 31.5 inches ----------- 28 inches (down 9.5)
*Lower Abs*---- 39 inches ------- 34 inches ----------- 31 inches * (down 8)

With corseting and the added compression I achieved with it and the XS CG, THE TOTAL INCHES LOST WITH SMART LIPO AS OF TODAY IS 25 INCHES!!!!!
Yes, you read it and I measured it.... 25 INCHES!!!!! Thank you God and every person's review I read. To my fellow friends out there, stick with it. Do what the dr says. Keep those CG and binders on. If you want to go the corset route, do your research and be consistent. At the end of the day it's all about discipline and consistency. I hope to provide more good news as the weeks go by. Oh, and to answer some future questions... I do have a little loose skin (that is to be expected with me). It doesn't bother me one bit and doesn't show under my clothes. It didn't show under my bathing suite too and that was such an awesome feeling :-) I hope this review helps and I will right a small update tomorrow after my meeting with Dr. Boutte :-))) Stay Blessed everyone!

Today was my 3 month post op appt!

I had my follow-up apt today at Dr. Boutte's office and met with Nurse Lee cause Dr. Boutte was in surgery. Lee was very happy to see me and was happier with my appearance as well. She saw that I had my corset on and I told her that I started it 4 wks ago (month 2) because it was the only thing I could use that provided the "compression" she said I needed during my last appt. She had no problem with it. I mentioned that I noticed a lot of negative reviews about corsets online. She said the only time they say "no" to corseting is when it's too early in the recovery process. She stated some ladies want to corset after their 1st month and that's a "no-no". I told her I started it in month 2 cause I was no longer having pain with massaging and my body was ready to tolerate it. At least, I was ready. Anyway, she took my measurements and funny enough my total inches lost according to their records is 24 inches as of the day of the surgery. I calculated 25 inches from the night before after my "last supper" :-)

Per her measurements, these are my actual stats in inches:
Pre-surgery Today Inches Lost
Upper Abs------ 35----------------------- 28-----------------------8 inches
Mid Abs--------- 36------------------------ 28-----------------------7 inches
Lower Abs----- 39------------------------ 30-----------------------9 inches

Grand Total inches lost = 24 inches! (See my side-by-side pictures from the dr's office)

So, my next and last appointment is in July (6th months po). I'm looking forward to it and plan to continue to use the corset and CG as before. I'm aware that I don't have to use them a religiously (20+ hrs) anymore. However, I'm going to stick with it. I plan to commit to this regimen till my 6th month po appt. There will be days that I will wake up in the middle of the night and take off the corset. Yes, these nights do exist just because I want to 'feel free' , but they'll be off for about 5 hours tops. I pray everything works out for me as planned.

I know some people might question the rationale behind what I'm doing. It's OK :-) This is my personal regimen that works for me. As does so many other regimens out there that have worked well for other women/men, it's personal and I'm happy. I appreciate all of you who've kept up with my progress and I'm humbled and blessed to make a lot of friends who've sent me private messages :-)))) This is not a farewell note, but a "THANK YOU" note too. I will continue to update and look forward to reading everyone's posts and awesome progress reports. Lets keep up the good work. For success after our surgeries, remember..." WHEN THE GOINGS GET TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING". Don't stress and keep looking beautiful ya'll !!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Boutte


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I will have my procedure next week with Dr. Boutte. You look amazing. Thanks for keeping the community posted because you have assisted me on somethings I need to keep in mind after the surgery.
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Thanks for sharing, you look amazing! Your post have been very helpful.
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Thank you nue2me. Are you considering Smartlipo or something else?
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Yes im scheduled for may 2 for smart lipo. Your post really helped me finalize my decision, I had been researching for about 2_3 months. Now im going for it.
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I'm happy for you and that my posts helped with your decision making. Just remember that that you have to be very committed and don't stress, expect quick results, and think the worst. It'll come and go in no time. Keep us posted and have pictures too. You never know... your story may inspire someone else :-)
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Thanks a lot FTA2014 and I plan to post before/after pics, I'll keep you posted.
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Yep, you do look fantastic. Especially the stomach area.
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I appreciate that ColoradoMaiden. I'm looking forward to your update on your new regimen. I'm focused now on weight loss. Since this procedure has contoured my body, it appears as if I've lost 20lbs :) I want to get down to 180 lbs. So, I've got the next 2+ months (end of June) to lose 15lbs. Keep us updated on your progress:-)))
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I'll definitely well keep you updated and good luck I know you going to knock that 15 pounds off sooner than you know although you still do look fantastic have a good night check in with you later............
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Thanks :-)
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Coloradomaiden. I have lost 8 pounds since lipo. Was not that hard and now that yard work is calling I hope to work more off.
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Wow you look amazing.........
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Thank you very much gwhite007 :-)
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I have an appointment with the same doctor my procedure will take place next Monday I am very excited and I was very motivated by your pictures thank you so much and your feedback was very helpful
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That's awesome gwhite007. Make sure you lister to Dr. Boutte & Lee, her nurse. Don't forget your meds too. What are you having done?
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SmartLipo on my upper and lower back as well as my love handles
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I work in a fast paced environment I did take a work a week off , how long did it take you to get back to work?
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Girl I'm so excited I can barely sleep......
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I work as an Occupational Therapist with the elderly and kids. It's physically demanding and was able to get back to my usual routine in 48 hrs. I train people on how to modify their movements or environments due to sudden injuries amongst numerous other things. So, I took that into account. My pain tolerance is high and I hate to say that I hate "whining". My friendly & professional advice to you and anyone else is to 1. Start stretching the day after the surgery or else you'll be stuff. If you have a shiatsu massager to sit on, use it. In your case, it'll soon be your best friend. 2. Bring all overhead & below kness items (pots, cereal, bed sheets, etc) regardless of weight, to your waist level. Bending at you waist will be very difficult. So, bend at your knees if you have to. 2. You better cook and freeze your foods if you can (depending in what typically eat). This was very helpful to me cause I spent less time in the kitchen cooking the first month than I've ever done in over 10 yrs:-))) 3. Don't lift items more than 10lbs. Rather than lift, push away from yourself or slide. If you pull towards your body, you can easily hurt yourself. That's all I can think of right now, but you'll be fine. Oh, get pressure socks if you have to walk a lot cause your feet may swell at the end if the day, unless you can elevate your feet while at work :-))))
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Good stuff! Pls keep your garment and binder tight (not constricting!!!!) for at least 22 hrs everyday. It'll be hard at first, but you'll quickly get used to it. Keep me/us posted on your recovery too. Don't forget pictures :-))) Take care!:-)))))
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Ha! I know the feeling :-)
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Which garment do u suggest for someone who is one month out?
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This Colorado maiden. They did not let me sign in this morning as me so registered again. Question. If I lifted to much a couple of times could that have called u sed the hardness?
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Not called u sed but caused my hardness?
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Hey slow-hair... Personally, the best garment is the "Brief body suit without bra" from belladeena.com (formerly Bella-Jane.com). I've tried the "Body Magic", but it was too tight around my thighs. It's more for women with a small waist, butt, & thighs combined! That's no diss... It's a fact. So, be careful before you invest in it. Although you didn't ask, the binder is also very very important. I got my binder from miller-medical.com and it was the "Abdominal binder. I purchased 2 from separate companies, but they were pathetic to say the least (I'd rather not say their names, but will tell you the better one). Anyway, hope this helps. :-))))
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