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I workout regularly but still have areas on my...

I workout regularly but still have areas on my stomach I can't seem to get rid of. I had been debating for a couple of years now. Dr. Boutte came highly recommended so I decided to go with her. My experience so far had been wonderful. So far it's worth it. I was sleepy after my procedure but was able to go home and interact with my family. Today I woke up sore but not really in pain. I am so glad I can move around without difficulty. I haven't removed my bandages yet but I excited to see how my stomach looks. I will keep everyone on my progress and post pics.
Did have a transfers, lipo, or both? Good luck with ur healing.
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Day 1 night

I am sore as though I have been working out. I have taken 2 Lortab and 2 Tylenol the entire day so the pain was manageable. I made it to my son's baseball game though. I had lipo without the fat transfer. The only place I wanted the fat to go was in the trash! Lol! I am having quite a bit of drainage from my lower left incision. They say the more drainage the less swelling later. We shall see. I can't wait to see the results. I am about to remove the dressings and shower. Wish me luck! I will post a Day 2 pic tomorrow.
Earth to Kenya336.. Are you there?! (lol) I hope you're feeling okay today, or have you been resting? I'm jut messing with you :-[) I really hope that all's well with you. Let us know girl and be blessed :-))))))
How are you doing today, lady?  Hoping the pain is still manageable for you!
Second day out and since u felt so good on day one I hope it has continued. I am anxious to see that nu bod of ur's. Happy healing.

Day 2 not too bad

Today is not too bad. I woke up around 5 feeling sore and stiff. I took some meds then back to sleep. I had a bunch of errands to run so I took Tylenol for pain today and it worked well. After running errands, cleaning, and making dinner I am exhausted. I got into my bed around 6 and have been here ever since. Lol!! The numbness is the weirdest thing for me. Most of my abdomen, sides, and lower back feel numb. I did try to massage my stomach and back to help get rid of the excess fluid. Still only the one site is draining. All in all, I won't complain. I don't notice much of a difference yet but I realize there is a lot of swelling.
Hello Kenya! This is Dr. Boutte! Thanks for giving such detailed and useful information about your immediate post-op experience! Just remember, gradual increase over the first 2 weeks is normal. Certainly by 1-month post-op, you should see a huge difference. Continue to compress, drink lots of water, eat healthy, and at 2 weeks gradually ease back into your exercise routine. Much love! Windell Davis Boutte, MD
U have me beat. I spent all day the second day until 6pm sleeping. After that I was good to go and never looked back. At that point the drainage was done also and my sister and I were gone from morning to night every day. I no how grateful I was for feeling so well and it sounds like u r having that experience. Good luck and take care.
Lol! I was tired as heck today. I had a million errands to run and it wore me out. I feel pretty good just sore in some places and numb in others. That's a weird sensation. I tried the massage to help decrease the swelling though. I can't see a difference so far.

1 month post op

Most of the numbness and tingling is gone in my abdomen and back. I still have the tingling in the love handle area. I still have swelling but it is coming along well. I started using a hand held massager and it is staring to decrease the swelling even more. I am able to do my full pre surgery workout without pain which is awesome! I go in for my one month follow up appt on Monday.
Congrats on your progress thus far. Keep up the great work you're doing. You look great!
Congratulations!!!!  I can't imagine the doctor will have anything but positive things to say at your checkup!  Beautiful results!  Are you still compressing or are you done with that?
I am still compressing. It feels more comfortable and really helps with the swelling.


Okay I am almost 6 weeks post op and the itching has started. It's so strange! I initially thought I was allergic to something and realized it's mostly in my stomach area. I also get a zap like stinging in my oblique area. I assume this is just the nerves healing. Has anyone else had this issue? All of my incisions are completely healed.
Looking fantastic!!!  I didn't have SL, but after my TT, I still itched even after my incisions were healed.  Heck, I still itch sometimes, after 19 months, though now it's usually only if I cut off blood circulation for a while (tight pants or sleeping in an underwire bra).
you look fantastic. so glad you had a wonderful experience
U r just to cute. Ur New body rocks. Congrats!
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Lee and Dr. Boutte are so awesome! The atmosphere was peaceful and serene. I felt as though I was in good hands. I didn't feel rushed and all of my questions were answered completely.

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