32yrs Old Gastric Sleeve Patient Going to DR for TT Lipo BA - Tiajuana, MX

I had. My gastric sleeve done 03/05/14 at A...

I had. My gastric sleeve done 03/05/14 at A Lighter Me in Tiajuana Mexico with Dr. Elias Ortiz. Im 100% satisfied so far! Although i am only 8wks in!!!! And 46lbs down!!! Im feeling amazing and blessed. Cant wait to see where i will be in about 6months. Hoping to be at least at -100lbs lost that would be so awesome....
You did a good job in looking weight congrats
Thanx honey
Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

Congratulations on your weight loss so far, that's a huge achievement! What stage are you at with food right now? Are you eating solids again?

9wks post op!

Well the weight is still falling off...im feeling amazing. I do suffer from foaming. Which sucks. But i have to remember to always eat slowly or this will happen! But anywho. Im ending my 9th week. And im 225lbs!!!! Im so darn happy!!!!
You look great, I wanna keep my butt! So far you are the only person on here that I see that is built similar to me. I have always carried my weight below the navel also. At one point I was 38 in the waist and 54 in the hips ( yeah husband loved it) now its just outta control. But you are beautiful, great job!
You look sooo good
You look GREAT!!

13wks 61lbs im still amazed at myself

Hi dolls.....today i am 214lbs....:) putting me at -61lbs in only 13wks! What! Im still amazed!!! Im literally in awe will my bodychanging..... no its not pretty under the clothes:( saggy lumpy dimples druppy boobs ...Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. but with clothes on? Yessssss love it. Lol....i mean what do u expect when u drop massive weight in a few short weeks! Well.....for now still dropping....from a size 20-22 im now a 14!!!!! Yay me.....ill keep posting more stuff soon as i can dolls....xo
You look AWESOME CONGRAD!!!!!!
Thanks doll
Do you use a waist wrap or anything?

Still dropping weight 16wks postoperative

So I'm now in my 16th week since my gastric sleeve and I am down 68lbs!!! I'm beyond happy......I'm amazed at how fast my body is changing and my clothes are falling off . Lol I'll post photos in my next update
Hi u look really great I am looking into this know what was your start off weight I weigh 265
Hi! I was 298 in feb. 2014. Then i did liquid diet till march 5th 2014 which was my surgery date and i started my gastric sleeve surgery at 275lbs:) today i am 203lbs!!!!! He is the best surgeon!!

im literally in tears...

Havent been this small in forever today im around 202lbs....like omg im in awe with my body its totally changing....and im so excited for the nezt step in my life...hoping u are all doing well and losing lots.....love ya dolls....follow me on instagram i am under
Sounds like you are doing great, post some new pics.

pics pics pics

Thought i would post a few more pics:)
you look so great what was your start off weight im 270 please let me know im looking into this procedure im so new today was my first weigh in .
In feb 2014 i weighed in at 298. In march 2014 the 5th was the day of my surgery and i weighed in at 275. I was on all liquids all the way till day of surgery....only gaterade diet iced tea and protien shakes.... i didnt really stick to the meal plan i ate off a few times since surgery but a cookie never killed anyone...loo. as of today i am 197lbs.....so i have lost 101 since feb. And 77lbs since day of surgery.... i feel great! I mainly drink 3-4 premier protien shakes a day and atkins shakes are awesome!!! And i eat banana oatmeal made with full whole milk i can get 2'or 3meals out of it depends on the day. And i eat lots of shrimps...4max. My belly wont hold much. And i dont eat stuff highin carbs like crackers or pretzel because my tummy doesnt like it...i also cant eat steak and potatoes are rough on me.... hope this helps u doll....oh wait one more thing... u will get super constipated i suggest miralax and milk of magnisam it helps. And prune juice.....
Your progress is amazing! You are gorgeous!


Omg. Who wouldve known that in feb. Wearing a size 22-24 i would only be a few months from being a size 10!!!!! I went to Target to by an outfit and i fit a size 10! A 10.... i am a size 10 dolls!!! I still cant wrap my head around it!!!!! Im offically 197!!!!! Hello onederland! I have lost 101lbs since feb. And 77lbs since March!!!! Cant believe it!!!!!!!!
You look fantastic!
Beautiful transformation. I will be getting the procedure done in in march. I'm starting the process now so that my insurance will pay for it..... anywho....... do you exercise too?
Wow that's great, u was just sitting here thinking when will I see my big loss, some days I feel full all day and others I wake up starving. I woke up today thinking about every food allowed to eat. I have to remember that this is a process and my biggest problem is not being patient. I'm so glad you guys are here to show your progress, it really keeps me focused, great job

new pics....

I still cant believe i have come this far....i still see the 298 in the mirror....im amazed and in awe with myself...
You look Great! Beautiful figure. I am thinking about getting the gastric sleeve surgery done in Mexico through The lighter me. I talked with a lady over the phone today about it. Im excited to go to Mexico. I've never been there before. I'm going to get dental implants done while im there first then go for the gastric sleeve surgery. Again I must say you are very beautiful. Congratulations :)
Do u know who will do your dental implants? And how much they are costing? I was looking into DR to do 2 dental inplants (molar)
Congratulations! You look great! I'm excited to follow your progress as my body shape is same as yours.

new pics. ???????? i have another page here too..

Just posting a few pics for updates...if u look at my profile u will see i have another page for my DR soon to me Almonte Doll...im so excited march cant come soon enough...im officially 193!!! Yay me....175 im coming for u!!!!

follow my instagram!

Thats where u will see all my reviews and updates...????
You good gurl!!!! Congratulations on journey
Thanx my love
Hello there pretty girl! You looking amazing! I am so very happy for you. Your review caught my eye because you said you were going to the DR. I am too! I have been researching doctors and reviews like crazy! What made you go with the doctor you chose?
Dr. Elias Ortiz

My doctor Elias Ortiz was awesome....

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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