Candela Laser Hair Removal - Full Legs & Underarms

I went for laser hair removal on my full legs on...

I went for laser hair removal on my full legs on March 15, 2014 and will continue for 5 more sessions that will each be 6 weeks apart. I went in with a clean shave, which I did on the morning of the laser treatment. The facility used the Candela Laser on my legs. It was painful, a zap each time. I was told each zap is the burning of the hair which burns down to the follicle. When you don't feel the zap, it means you have less hair in that area. The more you feel it, the more hair you have. My problem area is the back of my thighs, I get a lot of ingrown hairs back there. Needless to say that was the area that hurt the most! So far so good, it has been 11 days without shaving my legs! I have some hair growing in, but not nearly as much as before, however, I did read that hairs that continue to grow after a treatment may be in their telogen phase (not growing) or the laser may not have penetrated well enough with enough energy.

Pic of Lower Legs

The hair on my legs are still not grown in. I haven't shaved in 12 days! It will be so nice not having the razor bumps over the summer which mostly affect my upper legs or the ingrown hair on the back of my thighs.

Under Arm Laser Hair Removal - First Treatment is Tomorrow!

I go for my first treatment for laser hair removal for my under arms. I posted a picture of one of my underarms that was taken today, unshaved for 36 hours. I have very dark hair, so I get the dark shadow which I hate.
My one friend tried that on her legs, got frustrated so thought she would use it in her upper lip and chin with the face attachment, she ended up with hair and a feeling of wasting her money. So I did not buy nono but depitime hair removal, After diligent use for over a month with depitime hair removal, the hair growth slows tremendously and no need to shave. You can get one on***removed link***
Thanks so much for your review and including pictures, really helps others looking at this procedure. Your results look great so far - worth the pain! Does it hurt really bad on the underarms?
I'll find out tonight... I go for my first under arm treatment!

Under Arm 2nd Treatment

I went today for my second laser hair removal for my underarms. The treatment does not hurt! I was so surprised after the first treatment, I thought that something was wrong with their equipment! I had my legs done before the underarms and that area hurt like hell. So with nothing else to compare it to, I thought I was getting ripped off by my groupon...LOL. After the first underarm treatment, the hair grew back thinner, patchy and much slower than usual. I am happy so for with the treatment.
how is your treatment going?
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I am currently getting my full bikini area done and at first the pain was nothing. As the treatment progress they increase the intensity so the pain goes up a bit. I have not yet asked her to take breaks during a session but the inner lips hurt a lot. After 6 treatments I already have amazing results hair has stopped growing almost everywhere. Still missing a few spot where there was naturally more hair but I'm confident in the results.
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