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My experience with LL was totally traumatic. I...

My experience with LL was totally traumatic. I was in mid-surgery, and wanted to yell, STOP--something just didn't seem right, but the surgeon had already started cutting. I did not find out until MONTHS AFTER surgery that I had a surgeon who was just LEARNING, and I had only consented to having a board-certified surgeon, so I was flat-out lied to. During my follow-up, which was negligent, in my opinion, I had somebody sick working on open wounds when I came in with a problem!! They ignored the complaints I had about serious problems, and I was actually left with one ear lobe hanging. At first, I was asked, Do you want it attached, or just leave it like that? WHAT???? I said of course I wanted it fixed but I have been unable to get them to fix it and it has been over 2 years! Not only that, I have had continuous pain the whole time behind both ears, other problems they have refused to address, both right after surgery, and as time went on. I would love to find somebody who is filing a class-action lawsuit. They are definitely in need of some accountability. You can believe me, nobody they've used in their ads had a 1-hr procedure. I was in there for 6 HOURS! My recovery as far as bruising was about 2 MONTHS--not 2 days, like they say, and full recovery has never happened, as I am STILL having active problems. This only scratches the surface--I had a list of about 20 problems, none of which they were willing to do anything about, and the list didn't even include one of my worst problems, which a different doctor actually informed me of.

They treat you life a piece of meat on assembly line, no compassion, no personal attention--including EXTREMELY high-pressure sales tactics--and horrible post-surgery care. One doctor I consulted with, after finally getting to meet with the clinic director about my problems, actually confided in me that she was quitting because of their assembly-line approach. She told ME before she had even given notice! They are absolutely disgusting! DON'T GO THERE--FIND SOME OTHER MORE REPUTABLE PLACE!!!!!!

To add insult to injury, their "special financing" ended up costing me an EXTRA $1,500 because they screwed it up. Wonder whose pockets that went into.

And if you've already gone, and had a bad experience, GET THE WORD OUT! I'm going to contact every consumer protection venue I can think of--BBB, the TV reporters that cover this kind of stuff, etc.

I won't be putting up any pictures--It is too embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I'm so glad I found this site. I have no desire to work with uncaring or under performing surgeons. I have had plastic surgery in the past, once due to injury and once due to "basset hound eyes" both times with excellent board certified plastic surgeons. I'm going to forget this one.
I think you should all call yourselves the "bitter brigade". DID YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH! Did you look at the doctor's bio to see if he/she was certified if that was the most important piece for you? ALL I hear when I read your posts is that you are looking for as many as you can find to follow you on your rampage! Go back to your doctor and be rational about what is still "not right" with your surgery. ALL doctor's have a responsibility to their patients but you also have to be realistic in the outcome. Did you listen to what he/she said to you when you met them? Did you have your list of questions? You had to have felt some sense of trust going into your surgery to have this person cut your face! I think it is ridiculous what I am reading. Any rational person would back out of a surgery if they did not feel comfortable with their doctor. If the "high pressure sales" is what you are saying sucked you in, you could have backed out at any point before having your surgery. You can dispute your charge, etc. I am just baffled by all of the posts and can't believe that if you were of rational mind that you would "fall for a scam" by people that "just want your money"! You do have a right to tell your story, but I don't have to agree with it.

do you think we'd be this upset IF THE DAMN DOCTORS WOULD CORRECT THE PROBLEMS, OR ADDRESS COMPLICATIONS? THAT'S THE POINT--as soon as you walk out the door after the surgery, THEY ARE DONE--THEY HAVE THEIR MONEY. There is no excuse for the butchery that occurred. Shut up when you don't know what you're talking about, moron. I made innumerable phone calls and visits, and STILL have one ear left hanging. It doesn't matter what you think, you DON'T know what you're talking about.

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Because he mutilated me, and had no interest in even the routine after-care that should be provided to EVERY patient, and was even worse about dealing with the problems I had. He just did NOT want to be bothered. After all, their money was already made, right? So anything other than the actual surgery is a "waste of time," i.e. not profitable.

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