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I had the lift done in Houston Texas. My doctor is...

I had the lift done in Houston Texas. My doctor is double board certified in facial plastic surgery and head and neck surgery. His stitches are fantastic!

I think the problem that most people have is with expectations. If you've ever had even minor surgery, you know what to expect. It takes time to heal. You will not look normal in 2 weeks! It's going to hurt and you will need painkillers!! That being said, I had my procedure done in January. I am still numb in certain parts of my face, but my stitches have healed wonderfully. They can hardly be seen and are still fading. I had brusing that took about 2 weeks to go away and I was swollen for several weeks.

I have heard people complain that after a few weeks, they could not tell a difference. This has to do with swelling. When all my swelling went down, I no longer had a "full" look to my face, that was filling out some wrinkles, but that was all fluid. What was left was a GREAT new profile (no loose skin), diminished nasolabial folds and tighter cheeks.

I love the way I look and I would recommend my doctor to any one who was interested in getting this procedure. In fact, I would do it again.

I've had a request for recent pictures, pretty...

I've had a request for recent pictures, pretty much daring me to show that my face isn't sliding down my neck. I've added two very recent pictures. One from September and one from December. As you can see, I appear to be holding up rather well. In fact, I think I look pretty good. I'll be 48 this month.

So once again I'm going to reiterate, knowing what to expect from any type of surgical procedure, including pain, recovery, scarring (which there WILL be!) is vital to being happy with your results.

I am happy. Please allow me to be.

I am sorry for those who have had a bad experience but that is not a reflection of my doctor. I would love for other patient's of my doctor to share their results.

I joined this site in order to share my experience and help others find good doctors. Before my procedure, I was scared and couldn't find any pictures etc. of people that had this procedure. I researched my doctor and met a women who had the procedure by my docotr. She showed me where her incisions were. She did have some minimal scaring but like me, she had long hair, and the scars could be hidden, and I decided, FOR ME PERSONALLY, I could live with some scarring.

overall, however, her face and neck looked GREAT!!!! Her recommendation, my personal research, my doctor's credentials and his perfect record with the Texas Medical Board, and MY PERSONAL SITUATION helped me make the dicision. Each person's situation is different. I was 44 at the time. If you are 54 or 64, you should probably have different expectations.

That being said, I'm pretty tired of having to defend myself. I feel there is much hostility on this site toward those who want to share anyting but a negative experience with LSL. I've been accused on being a "plant" and my credibility is questioned - by those hiding behind tiny profile pictures that show nothing.

I'm over it.

So...I'm retiring. My doctor is no longer performing this procedure for LSL. He is a highly respected and skilled double board certified otololaryngology and facial plastic and recontructive surgeon with a private practice in houston. I have no idea why he performed the LSL procedure for a time. I'm only VERY grateful he did. If you want a referral to another doctor for the LSL I cannot give you one. If you want a good surgeon, please go see him at his private office.

If you want to see his name, please register so you can see it. I will no longer be answering individual emails or questions.

Also, please remember, all facial plastic surgery does is reset your clock. It doesn't stop time. You will not return to age 25... or 35. The aging process continues. I know I will have more surgery later and at that time I will rely on the advice of a qualified dr. to tell me what I need for that age. At 44 the LSL met my needs I was happy with the results. At 53 I'm sure it will be something different.

Good luck ladies. Be informed. Make good choices. Be happy with your choices.

Much Love,

Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is highly skilled. EXCELLENT sutures!! Almost non-existant scarring. I understand he is no longer performing the LSL but he does have a private practice in Houston.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Just fyi, Dr. Smith performed mine in April 2013 and I wouldn't see him again. My scars still show in front of both ears, he sewed my ear lobes down much further than they were before, I have large bumps behind my ears where he pulled the skin, I still see very little change in the 2 areas I mostly requested be jowls and my bit of a turkey like neck. I was 56 when I had surgery. His assistant, when I went in for stitch removal left one in my upper eyelid, causing it to swell and when I pressed on it the stitch came out and made to large holes that were very noticeable....they have since gotten smaller but still exist. I have to say the pain I experienced prior to the surgery of the injections all over my face to deaden it were the worst of the experience . And my face was NOT back to "normal" in two took me almost 2 months and there is still some funny sensations in portions of my face. I personally not sure the LSL is the best is like being on a conveyor belt, get them in and out.
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How old are you?
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You look beautiful! Very good work.
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To Leigh in Houston,

A PS to my most recent email: Please post a photo that shows the side of your face. Your Dec. 2010 photo only shows your face from the front and your hair covers the area where your scar might be. But I must say that you do look great in the December photo you posted.
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Dear Leigh,
I'm glad your good Dr. left LSL. That was a smart move on his part! I hope you will continue to be happy with your results. The scarring I must say, is not where the company says that the scars should be placed.It was explained to me they would be hidden in the outline of the ear and in the hairline. Why did your doctor place your incisions where he did? I'm just curious.
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fyi-Kevin Smith does do LSL in Houston.
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Dear leighinhouston, Your PHOTO #2--PROOF AS TO WHY LSL PROCEDURE WILL BE SHORT-LIVED. First, leighinhouston, thank you for posting your immediate post-op photo. It's the first photo I've seen that actually reveals how LSL's neck procedure is done. Having said that, I can see why LSL never posts photos like your photo #2 on its website or in its ads. (1.) Your stitches are PRACTICALLY DOWN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR CHEEKS! And in a vertical line, no less--vertical cuts are the ones most likely to produce scars that can't be corrected. (2) You're right about your STITCHES being small, leigh, but I wouldn't jump for joy over that because they're TOO SMALL. Stitches that small don't have much tensile strength. He couldn't have done much to alter your appearance if tiny stitches like yours were enough to hold the skin together when he sutured it closed. (3) Instead of being on your hairline and inside your ear, the cut lines are 'way FAR FORWARD in your face and down your neck where the tissue is softer and stretchier. That means your going to have tissue stretching and LOOSENING ON BOTH sides of the suture line. That means it will be easier for the turkey neck sag to return. (4) I hope I'm wrong about this, but I suspect that with time, as your skin stretches out, that the vertical scar line will become more obvious to the eye.//////Please post an updated photo, Leigh, so we can see how you look now.
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Oh, I have helped many more than you think. I've always been happy for those that got good results& alwayshad a sigh of relief, to be honest. You got lucky, good for you. I'm even happy for you cause it breaks my heart to hear of the hundreds of women who went in w/ high expectations, happy& live everyday in pain, not knowing what to do. Other plastic surgeons say they can't guarantee fixing what some of those Dr's did to me, so they are afraid. A few have had re-do's and ended up worse than before. Look, I've posted many times for many years and all I try to do is have these women understand there are ways to check out the Dr who will alter their faces. I knew nothing when I had mine done& knew nothing about being able to check out a Dr. I believe what the Dr's said. I even liked him. But when I had problems, he never ONCE called me back! When I was finally able to get in, he told me he could redo it. I asked if it were the same procedure (cause it hurt) and he said no. He informed me he'd make my right ear look like my left, which was a pixie ear, totally misplaced& stretched out. I was done w/ LSL after that. Saw many other P.S. and they said where he cut my face was too far away from the ear& couldn't be redone- not enough skin. I was told a small incision hidden in the ear, notmy ears cut off& reattached where he wanted them to go or him hitting the wrong nerve. I do have bigger pics., but they won't go here. I'll send them to your em, if you want. Otherwise It doesn't matter. You can't help me.
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Hijacked your post? LOL I am sharing MY experience & many others that I got to know here. If you were so savvy to look up where I live, why didn't you look for my picture? Also, had you read what I said, you'd have seen I've said on many posts, I believe there are some good doctors with that corporation. We have found that many happy bloggers who get so irate at those of us that didn't get good results, are usually employees of that corporation. Freedom of speech. I said it & stand by it. I didn't verbally attack you as you did to me, nor did I attack you Texas doctor. If you are so happy, why are YOU here & not out enjoying your new face???
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oh i seeeeeee. this is not a message board for those who want to share great experiences. and if they do, they MUST be in cahoots somehow with the doctor. interesting. as i see it, you should stick to warning people about your personal doctor instead of disparging those who can provide the name of a really great doctor and have the photographic evidence to back it up. my intent was to help people who are considering making a choice. i have no interest in helping LL make money. but through may post i have referred complete strangers to my doctor and they have later THANKED ME! your picture does not provide any type of evidence at all. i have scars behind my ears too. if you really wanted to warn people, you should post very clear and graphic images showing what you are talking about. until then, you are not really helping anyone.
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PS Almost everyone has said LSL lasted less than a year. At least the 100 who had problems, scars, misplaced ears,nerve damage, etc. This is an office baced surgical corporation, not regulated or accredited by any medical organization. They are left to do what they want, how they want. My incisions were not hidden& altho I heal well, the incisions are way off from my ears& look like backward L's, very visibly seen, never attemted to be hidden, no pride in their work.A real P.S takes pride, wants you happy& he himself wants to be happy w/ his work. Not many LSL docs do this, some do, but check them out, ask to meet ,see, call, see pics of others doing this. Keep in mind, many LSL employees come here &give them an A+. Google the Attorney General in NY who busted them for having employees come here& post positive review. They were fined heftily. Do your homework, ask P.S's here on Realself what ythey thing. They have alot of interesting info. I reported my Doc & they took my case. Good Luck
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Bits - i think it's very interesting that you have hijacked my post, you live in ILLINOIS, not texas where my doctor is and have not posted any pictures of yourself. at this point, i'm not interested in having any discussions with you. go away.
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Leigh we tell our stories, things LSL did to us, not lies. There are many of us w/ major problems, 2 deaths, Google it. If we were happy, would we be here telling our stories? No! We'd be off enjoying our lives. Maybe you got a great DR, but many didn't. I heard the one death was from the lipo was in the neck. Again we are not here to scare anyone, only give them the info to make a good decision& tell what we experienced from LSL.
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Hello, I'm schedule for lipo and platysmaplasty (neck lift) Monday, October 11th in Houston with Dr. Palmer. After all the reviews I've read I'm seriosly thinking I may cancel just use a plastic surgeon. I just don't know what to do. My estimate with a plastic surgeon was $6600, lifestyle lift is only $2500 and all the commercials are great. The staff at 1776 Yorktown, Houston, Texas are wonderful. I saw the doctor for a few minutes and he seemed nice. I'm going to check him out here shortyl. I just don't know what to do...I mean it's my face and I can't wear a shirt over my face if it gets messed up.
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i believe a playsmaplasty is not quite the same as the LL. your price is about half of what i paid and i also got the lipo. dr. p was working there when i had my procedure. you can check out his background on this web site: he has nothing bad on his record. he is a board certified otolaryngologist which is very good. my doctor was too but he was also double board certified in facial plastic surgery, which is why i chose him. there are people who make a lot of negative comments on this site and try to scare people. my feeling is, do your background research, and ask people if they have had the surgery performed by him. also, my doc is no longer practicing at LL but has his own plastic surgery practice. if you decide not to go with LL, i would recommend going to his private practice. good luck!!!!
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Tammy, it's now Jan. 2011. Did you have your surgery done at LSL or not? Personally, I think anyone who goes to LSL is taking a huge risk. I can highly recommend Dr. Apostolakis in Austin TX on Bee Caves Rd. He is a private plastic surgeon who has his own facility. His work is specialized just to the face, he doesn't do anything else. My face looked fabulous for my son's wedding, thanks to Dr. A's face lift.
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How did your surgery go?
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Don't go by one post. Ask for other patient results.Always check that your Dr. is bord certified in facial plastic surgery. Do this by your state agency, not one post listed here.Call your state medical boards and ask about the Dr. you will be seeing.Call the B.B.B. There is a wealth of info out there on doctors from people who keep track. I didn't know that was an option for me& over 4 yrs later I am still in pain, scars healed beautifully, but were done w/ no intention of hiding them, so they are well seen white lines that look like backwards L's.
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I would really like to know who did your surgery, how can I find out? :)
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send me a private message.
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Greetings Leigh, and thank you for sharing your results! I notice from your photos that your surgeon used very fine (micro) suturing where as some of the others doctors had used (heaven forbid) traditional and wide suturing which invariably left more pronounced scaring afterwards. This goes to show just HOW CRUCIAL it is for one to study and select the right surgeon for the job.
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I would like any prospective patient to note that fine suturing (5-0, or 6-0 prolene or fast absorbing) is the industry standard for Facelift and certainly not unique to a specific Surgeon, nor to Lifestyle Lift. I would also like to point out that this patient at age 44 had fairly minimal indications, and was certainly more of a candidate for an abbreviated or less invasive procedure. I would also like patients to take note that there is a major difference between the aging changes present at 44 and at 64. In the latter group, a careful analysis, a meticulous technique, and the right amount of time necessary must be taken. This often requires the use of IV sedation and the use of an accredited facility, both of which (at least in the state of Florida) are not offered by Lifestyle Lift. Lastly, I would encourage patients to read the fine print present on the Lifestyle Lift website, which states that the patient examples presented are from patients who have been compensated.
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i agree with the dr.'s comments that me having the procedure early made me a better candidate and i am glad i did it earlier rather than later. i would also like to note that i was NOT compensated. i just wanted to share that i found a great doctor who did a fantastic job.
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It's nice to see you still posting after all that. Thanks for always telling the truth and advising us when we are in need. I find it hard to believe someone that had a great lift chose to come here and share her joy, yet slam ones that were not lucky. Not one, "I'm sorry it didn't work out for you", just slamming me for 'hijacking her post'.......... Amazing huh? Here I have over 250 posts, she has 8 and I am spreading fear she says. There is something to fear, but I only give the advice I've learned after my procedure & reputable plastic surgeons . She chooses to trash someone unlucky enough to have lifelong problems..over what? A Dr. that made her happy? If I was happy, I'd never be here checking things out. I don't get it, or the sarcasm she spews if she is soooo happy. I healed well, tiny scars, but my LSL doc took no pride in his work. You and everyone that looks at me can see tiny white suture lines that look like a backwards L. The incision is not well hidden or did he attempt to hide any part. They are well into my face, well seen and what other P.S call a bad lift. Dr's that see me are shocked at the job they did on me! I don't even want to get into the pain I've endured everyday or the promises they made and never cared to follow up with. It's all about profit, in my opinion. She mentions a double cert. facial P.S, raves about him& the next sentence says he's no longer w/ LSL, but future patients should gop see him at his ' private ' office???? It occurs to me even that DR. decided to get away from LSL & she is drumming up business for him.
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hi dionne! i had mine at 44 and i am so glad i didn't wait. i was getting a saggy neck and it made me unhappy when i looked in the mirror. now i feel better and i think i look in my late 30s. i think i paid about $4000 and i had the lift and lipo. i know some people have said the effects did not last but i think because i did it sooner rather than later my results are very good. i do not know what the eyes cost. good luck!
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