What a Rip Off!

Early last year I (and my wife) went for the jowel...

Early last year I (and my wife) went for the jowel lift & face smoothing. With pulling of the skin in different areas, I was shown "what it will look like when done." After it was done, my wife & I went back a week later to have the stitches removed. My wife took a day off from work, but the doctor never showed up. We had to return on another day (more time off from work). I had to return another time because they didn't remove all the stitches. I'm not sure that they still didn't get them all out. There is still a large scar under my chin along with a lump in the middle of the scar.

Down both sides of my jaw line, just in front of my ears there are VERY noticeable scars that run down around my ears and up the back of them. There have been lumps in them from the beginning and continue to itch. It feels as if there are things under the scars like missed sutures. I was under the assumption that plastic surgery shouldn't leave very noticeable scars. I feel as if I were operated on by butchers.

After just over a year, things seem to be back to almost the same as they were prior to the surgery, for both of us. It was a waste of time and money, along with a lot of pain. Along with that, they don't seem to want to know you after you've paid and left after the surgery. Beware of this procedure. Save a little extra money and seek out a "real" plastic surgeon.


I had the lifestyle lift in Atlanta around 1st of the year 2010 this year. The consultants there said that I would not have lines around my mouth and I still have lines around my mouth. I went in and they said no pain... wrong! it was the worse pain I ever had in my entire life! They said no cutting would be done except behind my ears well let me tell you they cut in front of my ear from tip to botton in front of my ear both ears in front! Then, they didn't do the stiches under the skin they also cut behind my hear both ears and also along my neck line! I am not that old and wasn't that bad on wrinkles. I look ok better than I did, but, the lines around my mouth they said it would be another 2000 and i would have to get a fat filler injection for the lines around my mouth so they lied! Next I am still picking and itching at my scars both in front of my ears and behind and on my neck! I can't put a poneytail cause it shows so much scars where they cut and horrible stiching and sloppy cutting and yes I feel like I was butchered. Please reply if we can all get together as I need some kind of support group here. I feel that my neck looks better but my ears with the scars and neck with scars and my lines around my mouth they tell me another 2000 for fake fat filler that lasts only 6 months they lied said the surgery would take care of the lines LIE LIE LIE!!! Write me if you have similar issues as I did. PS they refuse to call me back about this at all! Thank you.
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Yes and NO What you can do...I can completely agree with your comments when it comes to my first surgeon. I had a pleated hairline where skin didn't match up, I had one side of my face that took and the other had the same jowl. I also had bad scarring particularly under one ear where it was not stitched together but left to heal on its own. For almost a year I barely left the house. The Lifestyle Lift managers were very sincere and concurred with my complaints. In my case it was so anguisihing that I had the whole procedure done over adding some liposuction to reduce my chin. The surgeon was very, very careful and I have to say it was actually worth the pain and a small extra charge for the added procedure. As far as I know Lifestyle Lift stand behind its promises and is not unreasonable so long as you do not give up. They will remove your scars. It is a fairly simple procedure. I used to feel as resentful as you for sure, but don't give up. My second surgery took place 11 full months after my first and they were more than willing to wait longer if I needed the time. I hope this helps a little and gives a little hope. Negotiate. I also had a feeling that without the lipo added I would look exactly the same in a year because of gravity. I wish you the best.
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One word...."Homework, Homework, Homework.
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