Life Style Lift: A Dangerous Procedure

Lifestyle Lift advertises that they use a local anesthetic

Lifestyle Lift advertises that they use a local anesthetic and you are awake and sitting up through the procedure. They also say you can go to work the next day.

When I got into the room where the procedure was to take place I saw the after-care instructions and panicked. That was when I found out that I would have to wear a bandage over my head for the first four days and then every night for a month. One needs to apply ice every hour for the first 24 hours and then every 3 hours for the next 2 days. Then warm soaks need to be applied for several more days. Peroxide and Bacitracin have to be applied on the wounds several times a day until they heal (almost three weeks for me).

I decided I did not want to go through with the procedure but the assistant brought Dr. in and she basically talked me into going ahead with it. They did not use a local anesthetic but instead gave me shots in the arm and had me lie completely down. I was then out like a light. This is a dangerous situation since there is no IV (in case of severe bleeding) or oxygen available.

After the operation I was in so much pain, I don't know what I would have done if my sister had not been available to care for me for the first two days. The swelling and bruising were horrible and I was totally homebound for the first week. I am now almost four weeks out and am still very numb in front of my ears.

The worst part of all of this is that when I was finally able to see people, not one person noticed anything at all different about me...not my grown son or daughters or even my very best friend. No one even asked if I had "changed my hair" or anything else. What a waste of almost $4,000!!

My sister signed up at the same time I did but after seeing my results she has opted to not have it done.

I could not recommend this to anyone. If you want something done, have a facelift done in a hospital where you are safe and they can take care of you.


I had a face life from a board certified Plastic Surgeon in Scottsdale Az 9 years ago. Easiest procedure - less pain than a dentist - Although I only had my neck done and he tightened the cheeks by doing a method referred to as SMAS! 9 Years later, Im still looking good at 59 and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. SO IMPORTANT to see a Dr that is board certified and knows what he's doing. I have ZERO regrets.
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After reading some of these comments, I think you need to go check out what happens during a regular facelift. This procedure is a picnic compared to it. Yes, some people will have complications but look at all the stars that have facelifts and look terrible afterwards.
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This so called SIMPLE PROCEDURE (Lunch Time Lift, Lifestyle Lift, Quick Lift, pick an advertising name for it) should NOT have such a HIGH COMPLICATIONS and FAILURE rate!!! The amount of, and type of complications alone should be enough to get this procedure stopped, or at least closely examined by a Medical Board of some sort! Complications - My "one hour" lunch time lift lasted 3 1/2 hours and was not only a horrifying experience, but the complications are devastating. I am not talking about the scars, lopsided face and painful recovery and very serious cellulitis infection that took over one side of my face and neck. Those alone are enough - but to have lasting nerve damage that requires heavy duty medications for the rest of my life to manage - Do you think any of these are acceptable levels of complications from this or any similar procedure? (PS - Yes, I have checked out regular facelifts since then and know people that have had full facelifts --- minimal if any complications and for most a faster recovery time). The incidence of complications and SEVERE complications with this procedure is UNACCEPTABLY HIGH - BY ANY STANDARDS!
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