Timeline Lift 12/17/2012, Neck & Jowls - Ontario, CA

I met with the staff yesterday, Dec. 17th. Very...

I met with the staff yesterday, Dec. 17th. Very informative and answered all of my questions. However, I do want to know about shots and exactly where they cut. I go for pre-op this afternoon. This is ongoing experience through healing. They say this should last 10 years and at least take 10 years off of my looks.
I will talk to them again this afternoon and get more details on surgery.

If you had the surgery, please keep us informed of how you are doing. Best, Chrystal Eckes
Please be careful. Gather as much information as you can about the procedure and then seek a 2nd opinion from a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon in private practice. I hate to seem skeptical but if it sound too good to be true, it normally is. I have not heard of this particular lift, is this done in a private practice or is this like a LSL? Best, Chrystal
I got mine there with the other crook a year ago and had 0 results but the scars I had a redone at Santa Ana facility last Nov. and I still look the same old woman not a single year younger but paying a huge monthly payment on my card an scars on my ears and chin they left me also wirth a big bump on my neck and they say is the saliva gland they did not tell you you can have this after surgery., Bottom line if sagging skin and jowls are your concern do not do it or find a good surgeon. I had to go througth a lot, the procedure is a faillure imagine they claim to had perfom 150.000.00 procedures and they have a 53% succes rate that means 70.000.00 disapointment clients I am one I can tell the story rigth. Finally I try to get a refund they did not answer me so I filled a complain to the attorney general and they respond I signed a form acepting that I can have 0 results so I am not entiled from their point of view to a refund. They said I look better witch is only their opinion and no one else. I will post the letter where they agree I could have 0 results. Just think about it how a person in his or her rigth mind will agree to pay 6.500 and go througth pain and discomfort to have 0 results. If you are smart and I know you are you should cancel your surgery or at least find out with a good plastic surgeon your options for a good job even if you pay a little more.
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The office chose Dr. Machida. I have to say that I was glad because he is a graduate of USC and that's where I graduated as well. He has been in practice for 20 years and in mid-career, not starting out.

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