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The MAIN thing is RESEARCH your DOCTOR! You can do...

The MAIN thing is RESEARCH your DOCTOR! You can do this on the computer. If he is not certified in Plastic Surgery, find someone else. Mine was certified in Plastic surgery & head & neck surgery. You cannot see the scars. It was worth the money to me.

The only complaint I have is they will call you all the time until you have it done. The girl that took my stitches out left a few. When I called them about it they said they would have someone return my call. 3 weeks later, not a word. When I go back for my 6 week checkup I will tell the doctor about it.

All & all I am satisfied.

Excellent, I had mine last November and am very happy still. Dr. Moretz is the best. I can see why he wouldn't want to be associate with the actual LSL office, I almost didnt' do it because I felt they were unprofessional until I met Dr. Moretz who was very assuring. First three days are the worst then it gets better. It's also painless when they take out the stitch so don't be afraid of that. If you have any questions please let me know. Best of Luck, use lots of ice
I had an appointment with Dr. Moretz at LSL last year. I found out he was no longer with LSL so I contacted him at his office in Beverly Hills. I had my surgery with him yesterday. I'm looking forward to seeing my results! If my results come out to be as honest and upfront as he is, my results will be perfect! Will let you know in a few weeks. The staff within his office is most professional.
Thank you Lanne for clearing things up. I really do not take offense, it just chaps my britches when people think because some women (60%) have bad results, we must not have done our homework. At some point someone has to to do a DUH... it is not the patient, but the procedure. The SMAS is not a new procedure as one would have us believe. It is an old procedure with a new register mark behind it. This lift was discarded in the late 60's, early 70's due to the unpredictable outcome for patients. I just wish I had never heard of LSL. I am glad that you had/have good results. I do hope they last for you. Best, Chrystal.
Franklin Facial Plastic Surgeon

He was very honest & up front about what to expect & left no scars.

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