My Lifestyle Lift Nightmare

The office in Manhattan never was on time for any...

The office in Manhattan never was on time for any appointments, ,they just jammed people in there with no respect and no regard for their time. no apologies.

I chose the Lifestyle lift because they convinced me I was a good candidate and that it was 'safer'
No one noticed my 'facelift' except for my unbelievable scars. My friend who had a facelift, the traditional type the same month, has undetectable scars. The lifestyle lift doctor didn't make any attempts to hide them as I requested.

as for the extent of the proceedure, I needed more and they were not honest with me. I felt they'd accept anyone who had money in their hand.I was beyond disappointed with this 'result'

It was a total waste of money, and I am too traumatized to have my facelift redone, even though my friends were so upset they have offered to PAY FOR IT with a reputable plastic surgeon.

To turn this nasty, disappointing situation into a virtual nightmare, The eye lift was a disaster.
you ruined my eyes. I have been to numerous doctors since, to try to recover my pleasing almond shaped eyes.. which are now smaller, and round.

I have been told over and over that they 'took too much skin" and no one can help me. I also have a lump under my eye that I never had before.

after the surgery I developed ectopia , a dangerous , and disfiguring condition..with my eye almost hanging out.. and had to go on steroids and massage my poor avoid a corrective surgery

I should have started a lawsuit.

I was so upset with my eyes which now seem more light sensitive, that I found myself wearing sunglasses all the time. I am told that this is why I subsequently had a fall ( In a dimly lit area) ...which resulted in an injury which caused pain for a year.. and has now required surgery and hospital time, and I am now in Europe recovering.

I think your proceedure is good for a tiny fragment of the population
and is an ancient technique, ..the one the did BEFORE the current, more logical full facelift. You tout this as a new proceedure. and you should be ashamed. Very very ashamed.

Updated on Feb 24, 2009:

I had my lifestyle Lift done in 2006. My review is posted under the title"My Lifestyle Lift nightmare. ." I can not believe these positive posts.. since I have received numerous emails from women who have had their lives ruined. I feel these positive ones are plants. I also can not believe women are still opting for this archaic procedure.. this temporary facelift is the most expensive thing you can do ..seeing as it ..AT BEST provides a freshening up, which is 1000 % calculated to fail as gravity takes its natural toll. And you'd have to do it again. does this make it a good buy ? I don't think so. especially since the procedure itself can be so disgusting. you wouldn't want to do it again.

My update is now written in Feb 2009. I still have numbness.. and my eyes are sensitive. I have developed , immediately following.. and continuing...something called dry eye.

My scars are still visible. .although the "lift " is not, actually never was. I have not had success with my lawsuit.. lawyers are reluctant.. maybe if there was more money involved.. but $ 7400 was a lot to me.. especially in retrospect, as my friend spent $ 10,500 for a wonderful, perfect eye and face lift. with masterfully hidden scars. If I had read these posts beforehand... I would have RUN the opposite way. These posts only began around the time I had the surgery.

Hi, Tatyana Cleopatra. I’m Latania from Lifestyle Lift‘s Patient Relations Group. Please contact me at (866) 739-2387 so that we can discuss your individual concerns.

to all those ladies ...there is a lawyer in the west who contacted me about a class action lawsuit...but really ladies don't get much out of this.....i think it is time we put our own ads on tv to show people how it really it.....i have been trying to get on the anderson cooper show...
They could not pay me to get an LSL. It is not worth it. Thank all of you who have posted what happened so to warn others to avoid such fate.

I dont have the energy to once more recount the...

I dont have the energy to once more recount the examples of un-professionalism.I did it because at that time, there wasn't the real reviews by people, I couldn't find info ..they made it sound like it was revolutionary, but in fact it is an abandoned technique plastic surgeons used in the past.. but which didn't hold.. They frightened me about 'general anesthesia" In retrospect, I was buying their sales pitch. I have been interviewed and put on tv by news reporters.. and I have shown the befores and afters. Further,I got an eye condition after the surgeon 'took too much skin", which IS permanent. Ectropion is the name, look it up. Anyone who proceeds with LifeStyle Lift has to be crazy after doing full research. This was not JUST a waste of money..but in truth, I actually paid to get my eyes made smaller, and to have permanent scars and a trauma. Many people had much worse results. There are numerous blogs and comments by people who actually worked at the facilities. My friend had a traditional facelift and eyelift the same month from a dr in Mt Kisco .Her price was only $ 3,000 more. Her recovery was faster, and her results extremely satisfying. and she didn't listen to scissors chopping away her skin while conscious..her scars were hidden and she has extremely short hair.. You can believe you can take a shortcut from a traditional facelift and get same results? Or you can believe in the Easter bunny. your choice.
I did try to sue the doctor for bait and switch and using me as a model to experiment on when I paid full price for (him) a board certified doctor to do the work. I went to about four lawyers but they were not interested in my case because they said only 1% of the cases actually win and having cosmetic surgery is subjective in how we think we look over how we expected to look, bla bla bla.... There is only a 2 year statue of limitations in Alabama. If it were something not visible to the naked eye-- like a bladder surgery gone bad, they have grandfathered in another two years. However, the problem is: From what I have seen, 99% of the doctors do not want to get involved in a potential lawsuit against another doctor. If I go to another doctor out of town, they want to know about any previous surgeries in the past five-ten years....What they really want to know is are you there to get something fixed that another doctor messed up within the state of limitations? Then, when you try to be honest and tell them why you are there, they call the other doctor(on the phone behind your back) that did the initial surgery who won't see you anymore, and he will tell the new doctor to do some fake treatments on you saying it was actually helping you with your pain when in fact it was not! If you get a surgery and end up in chronic pain, you will not be able to prove it or get any pain medicine from any doctor unless you live in the emergency room in every crying and begging, and even then, they only give 8-12 pain pills....and a few days later you are back in the ER and it is inhumane the pain a person has to go through to prove their pain when no doctor will order an X-ray or an MRI to prove it. Didn't mean to get off on a tangent, but I do not believe in a statue of limitations when it comes to having a surgery because of this very problem. The patient is the one who is in chronic pain and looked like they are crazy when in fact it is someone else who is trying to cover their mistake and not have to pay for it. because of the statue of limitations, patients are not getting medical care until it has expired. And most of the patients do not live through the pain. They lose everything they ever worked for and their mariages, and they usually have to try to go on disability. But then again, can't prove they are disabled because no doctor will help them prove it and finally....since the patient can not work anymore they lose their insurance due to non payment and now they can not afford the MRIs or Xrays to prove their case, so they are forced underground to find pain medication and have to throw themselves on he mercy of their relatives and friends until they all run away.......I know this is a horrible story. I have lived it. And once the state of limitations ran out I did prove my case but I never got to sue the doctor that did the surgery to me. So, later down the line, I regroup and go to collage and I get a new boyfriend and he wants me to feel good about myself again and so I went to a resort and ended up with ice packs on my head a year later. I have memory loss now too. I was cut so deeply in the top of my head that I knew something was seriously wrong. I knew because I have already tried to sue a doctor many years ago over a mesh bladder surgery. My point here on the cosmetic surgery gone bad is: In a lot of people's eyes, vanity is horrible and you get what you deserve by having cosmetic surgery---and going to court would probably never get 12 people on a jury stand to agree with you that you should get compensated for getting butchered in the face because there are so many many other victims out there who are going through chronic physical and emotional pain over serious internal organs being butchered. So having a messed up face is just the price the unlucky have to pay. If I never had any cosmetic surgery done before, I would only get one thing at a time done by local board certified doctors. Just one thing at a time so they would do the best work. Also, be very careful of doctors who have been doing surgery a very long time. Not all but a lot have burned out. I was a cosmetologist. It took me about five years working everyday and going to beauty shows yearly to get to the top of my game. I stayed there for about ten years....So I would recommend not being the first one in line for new procedures....Wait a decade.....And don't go to the eager beaver new doctor, or the old worn out one either....Go to someone who has pictures and who are proud of their work. An artistic doctor will be proud of their work and not photo shop their pictures or buy commercial graphics from outsources. Beware, whether it is your hair, your teeth, face, and especially your female organs. Do not let the vultures take your female organs unless they have too. I am only giving my opinion from my experience. Not all doctors are bad. I would say about 30%.....And you pray you don't end up in their office. Also, not all doctors are culprits or vultures. I think some doctors have a God given talent. Whereas, others are only out for the money and do not care one bit what the patient has to go through. Be very careful. I also want to thank the doctors who do come on Realself and answer our questions. I do not agree with a small percent of them but most of them I do....because they are taking the time to communicate with us and showcase their work and educate us to help us stay away from the bad ones by going with the Board certified doctors. That's all I have to say on that subject. I have not had the money until now to get my cosmetic surgery re-done. I have been very depressed over what happened. My boyfriend did break up with me. I still miss him, but that is life. I will get my neck, ears, and the scars under my chin and the scares under one of my eyes fixed but he can never find another me. he doesn't deserve me. I will find my Prince Charming. If I don't then I'm Ok with that. I love myself. I get cosmetic surgery for me not for him....He was just on the same page as I was at the time and offered to pay for a little tweak for me.....Not a freak job like I ended up getting. I will post photos if I can figure it out. That's about it. Have a beautiful life everyone. ~xoxo
Hi Stella, I hope your week went well and that 2013 is a great yr for you. After my appointment with LSL I went online and did alot of research. I discovered that only 53% (it changed from 52% to 53%) over the last few days, was a low % rate of positive reactions/results. I did read both positive and negative information that was there. I next interacted with a few people on that site and they had horror stories that really made me wonder. I suppose the advertisement of LSL is so good it draws people in. My Dr.( as you know) is Dr. Beam, he is so busy he can not see me until March. My husbands surgeon who recently removed a non cancerous lump from his neck can see me the end of January. My husband mentioned LSL to this Dr. and he said that he was approached to join the LSL group of plastic surgeons but was not at all interested. Both these two plastic surgeons are well known and i trust Dr. Beam with his past work. I felt also a little uncomfortable with the fact that I was going to be awake during the procedure and also that there seemed to be an anxious push for me to have this done sooner than later. I made a decision to consult with my husbands Dr. the end of January and also have a consult in March with Dr. Beam. I am going to go with one of these two plastic surgeons. This is my face and the information I recvd from several ladies that used LSL and then had to go to a plastic surgeon for corrections was way to high for me. Thank you for your time and help. THIS IS WHAT I JUST SENT TO THE PERSON THAT DIRECTED ME TO LSL!
Yes, I can't believe that she is endorsing them. can't she READ????? My email is . I have a great plastic surgeon in mt kisco, ny, center of westchester. Easy to get to from Norwalk. My friend went to Lifestyle and got butchered. going the traditional way with a good surgeon, experience was MUCh better , safer, problem free and not much more money by the way. No one believes I am 63.
Manhattan Lifestyle Lift

Totally bad job. and.. cash, as in dollar bills changed hands right in operating room. they counted the cash right in the operating room. Imagine ! I got a condition called Ectropion. Look it up, it's nasty. then. I was in emergency room with blood caked inside my ears, .. went to other plastic surgeons afterwards and they could not repair my eyes, but said they could help with the neck scars for a repeat surgery. NO ONE NOTICED I HAD ANYTHING POSITIVE DONE. my eyes were prettier before.. eyelifts are not supposed to make your eyes look smaller.. all my My photos are on this site, look under cleopatra. phot here is more recent

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