A Hard Road... Laser, Numbness, scars, skin discoloration

I did this because I had extreme premature...

I did this because I had extreme premature wrinkling and the jowls. I had LL, lipo and full face laser. Surgery went well. No discomfort at all.Slept through it for the most part and required very little pain meds.

You need a caretaker for a few days afterwards...my husband was wonderful. After the surgery I looked much worse that any of these ladies did with their negative comments.

Healing of the sides in front of my ears has been problematic. The coloring is off...more pink and pale purple. Almost 6 months and the coloring there still isn't as it should be. At 10 weeks face settled and again at five months. At 5 months the wrinkles around the mouth and the folds had returned but not as prominent as before. Now you may say that I have regrets in doing the LL and there are days...many days... when I have felt regrets.

I have very thin skin that was very wrinkled for my 63 years. Initially I looked 15 years younger and now look good for my age. I still get comments in regard to looking good, refreshed, etc.

The only people who know I did this are my husband and my children. My children are glad I am looking a bit more like myself than I did initially with looking so incredibly young.

For those considering this make sure you meet with the dr personally and have him take a good look at your skin. Remember this is surgery. You are going to swell and have scars and you may have complications. The area in front of your ears is going to feel hard initially and then it will soften and the numbness lessens.

The reason I have said I am undecided is because emotionally this has been a difficult road to travel. I am not sure the sides in front of my ears will ever look normal although overall my face does look much much better. I look good. Have grown my hair and it actually looks quite nice. These days emotionally I am in a better place. If you wish to do this do your research. My dr was top notch. Know that things will settle. I did have the muscle lifted and sutured. Not sure what else to say.I envy those ladies who looked great a few weeks out. I feel for those ladies who had complications that required more surgery to repair. We are all individual.

Check out your dr. I spoke to a number of patients who were very satisfied. I know there were many who were. I was able to talk and see my dr whenever I needed to. He was very available. I wanted to write this to just encourage you all to go into this with eyes open. My dr never said I would be out and about in a few days. They actually said that it takes a year to heal completely. Best wishes!

Better, thanks for asking. I had to have my surgery revised by a different surgeon who was very good at facial surgery and he was able to fix my ear pain, the pixie ears and my eyes that were cut differently. I also suffered extreme ear pain and it was there 8 months later... It did not go away until the revision surgery. I don't know about you but it felt to me like he wadded the extra skin up behind my ears and tried to stitch in down. I am not happy with the length of my ears, but it is stated in black & white in the contract if you pay close enough attention. I do wish you the best of luck in healing and hope that you have continued success. Best, Chrystal
Crystal...your comments show you are a classy lady. Stay on the high road and don't stoop to attacks on individuals on this site. We can all agree to disagree without the attacks. You are a class act! We are on the same page in telling all to research research and research again. Continued best wishes to you and may all others follow your example!
Dear HFTMP, Glad you are recovering from your surgery and have told us your experience with the lSL. I can understand you not wanting to publicize your pics, each person has his/her reasons for publishing their pictures. I decided to show mine due to the fact that I did have complications and after repeated requests from the LSL office and the run-a-round they were giving me, absolutely no help what so every, I decided that I had to show my pictures. I liked your comment, "I wanted to write this to just encourage you all to go into this with eyes open." This is so important when considering SURGERY. I believe that it is deceptive to advertise and use the word procedure when in actuality the procedure is surgery. And no, it is not small cuts -- the length of your ears and around the lobe to behind the ears. I hope that you continue to heal and that all turns out for the best. For anyone considering this surgery, take the time to get a 2nd opinion, do talk to the Dr. before the day of surgery and make sure to read all the fine print before your surgery. I know the aspect of looking 10 years + younger has such a pull, the excitement, just the thrill of thinking that yea, I can look as young as I feel. All of it in a nutshell, just be sure to get that 2nd opinion before signing on the dotted line, compare apples to apples and like AHR stated, go into this with your eyes open! Best, Chrystal

Have posted 2 pics to give an idea of change I...

Have posted 2 pics to give an idea of change I have received by my lift. Thanks for those who are encouraging. There will always be detractors. I will be happy to answer questions to help someone out. I will ignore questions that only serve to detract from my message of encouragement to research well any procedure you are thinking of doing and also to help anyone dealing with an issue where I think I can offer encouragement. Best wishes to all.
Thanks for the kind statement. I wish everyone would take the time to invest in research. Daunting as it may be, especially when most have probably never dealt with this type of surgery. If all would only take the time to go and get at least 2 evaluations from different doctors. I can only offer my side of what happened to me. You seem to have told your story dealing with the up as well as the downside. LSL is not a procedure at all but in all rights, SURGERY. You must have a very high tolerance to pain though, the shots were more than I ever care to endure again, ever. I will repay your compliment in kind. You seem to be earnest and want to point out that there are some areas of the surgery that you did not like or are unsure about. Thanks for posting your pics. I can see definite improvement in your jaw area. I wish you continues success as you move forward. Best, Chrystal.

Unfortunately I am under attack by someone because...

Unfortunately I am under attack by someone because I asked her where i could locate her review. She does not have a review. Her attack is baseless, inaccurate and unnecessary. She has obviously had an unfortunate experience with LL. I feel this only furthers my main reason for posting my review and that is that it behooves anyone looking into surgery needs to do a lot of research. Please research and ask lots of questions of your doctor. Best wishes to you all.

Thnx Sharon for removing the attack posts. ...

Thnx Sharon for removing the attack posts. Readers if any of my posts do not make sense they were in response to attacks from someone who did not even have the facts of my review correct. Fortunately those posts were deleted.
I had my surgery done in 2005 and the giant hematoma's

get larger each year. Picture a huge brown stain that run's down the side of my neck and spreads in front of my ears on both sides of my face. This was due to no drains being placed after this surgery and the blood drained into my neck and face leaving these permanent scars. I also had NO post op care. no caretaker--I was told I could go back to work in 3 days.
I have numbing and huge cross hatching scars running around my ears-starting from the back of the ear all the way around to the top.
no amount of make up can conceal them and I would have to wear my hair in front of my face like cousin IT to hide my results.
Yes I do. I had posted them but being private I did not wish to leave them on here and took them off. If u wish I can post them for a brief period again.
I find your comments very helpful. Im 16 days out from lsl with neck and laser around my mouth and i agree that you need to go in with your eyes wide open. Did you continue to see improved results as time went on? Im still kinda sore and numb, however im trying to be really positive and am looking forward to a full recovery.

After more than six months I decided that I needed...

After more than six months I decided that I needed to get off the fence and decide if this surgery was worth it or not so I changed my status to worth it. Still only my family knows I did this. I still am getting comments in regard to looking younger. The scars by my ears have faded considerably. The sides in front of my ears that suffered from the combination of the lift and laser are what they are. Color is a bit off but I am putting my hair behind my ears now and that area is seen but no one seems to make note of it. I will post once again at around a year and that will probably be it. Rejoice in each day the good Lord has given you!
Good to hear from you again and I am glad that you had better results than some of us. I hope that you continue to be happy. Best, Chrystal Eckes
I thought it would be helpful to post again. It has been almost a year since I had my lift. The off color in front of my ears has improved. The results of the laser are pretty much done. It is okay. It was a long hard road. I am glad I did it but I won't do it again. Too much for me emotionally. I do however look much better than I did a year ago!!
Dear Happy,
First of all I want to appologize for having had you confused with someone else and I'm so sorry for that. I know you must have been like, whaaaaaat?????
So just know I'm sorry and those things were directed at someone else. Bless your heart. My numbness bothers me. My Dr. told me he had never had a patient with nerve damage, because I asked him, and I found out, after I did not heal from the nerve damage, that many of his patients had been unhappy, and nurses that have worked for him have come out against him and yet he is still practicing although no longer with LSL. He has his own "Spa" in Lawerenceburg, TN and I've found others on other blogs, esp. the nurses who worked for him that told the most agregious things about him. I could not find anything wrong about him before my surgery, but after I didn't heal the way he said... I found out he left lsl after promising he would "fix me for free"!!!

Sooooo I think we really can't trust lsl when they say that they search the country for the most cutting edge, knowledgeable, drs training them a year in the "procedure", surgery. It's hard to find things like that out, interviewing your dr. Esp. when they lie to you, and not much about them is on the internet. It was later that I got the right software and was able to get back into State records and found out all kinds of bad things that it turns out lsl was aware of all the way up to his drug abuse.
Sorry to seemingly have attacked you but one can get kinda passionate when you get damaged and find out so many other have as well. And worse!!!!!!
I cry for the ones with the loud horrendous scars that scream "botched plastic surgery". There's just no excuse for it. None whatsoever. I realize travisties occur "no matter what" when you have surgery, but I feel myself and a lot of others were misled into thinking it would not be so extensive, as they totally promote the surgery as a minimally invasive procedure, with fast recovery, with less bruising and scarring than a regular face lift, with no pain or dangerous general anesthesia. Just call me rightiously indignent. Not depressed, or not an idiot, as someone else called me.... Just more jaded which is what it takes to live in this world I guess.
I hope your healing continues to get better over time. I pray to God I don't have to wear this feeling of the numbness up the sides of my face around my eyes, and up into my scalp for the rest of my life. I was left defenseless. So God Bless and take care .

Best Regards,
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