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Lifestyle Lift + Eyelift (Age 66)

I had the lifestyle lift plus my eyes done at the...

I had the lifestyle lift plus my eyes done at the same time. was told how great they were at eyes and wanted to have done at the same time.

i'm 66 and i will say my neck does show some difference but don't do an eyelift. The lid on my left eye was pulled down to low and i still have a large burge under it 2 months later. my right upper eye still droops like it did before the lift and the eyes make me look like I had a stroke.

I had this done in Troy Michigan. It was my dream to have these procedures and I paid 8200 dollars for the procedures. I'm just sick about the whole thing. I wish I would have spent more time on research.


Updated October 7, 2009

I had my eyes done and hated it. Wrote a review to tell everyone what I thought of it after 2 months. Went to the doctor yesterday and talk to doctor about my concerns. They were so good. Still don't like my eyes yet but I was told as soon as enough time has gone by so everything is settled and nothing is going to shift any changes that need to be made to make my eyes look the way they should will be done. He said I'll probably need a little laser touch up for the small bulge under my eyes and a little more off one of my upper lids.

This made me feel so good to know my eyes will be fixed at no additional cost. That they do not leave you just setting out there if you really have a problem. I really wish I would have waited to write my first review until I was sure the problems would not be fixed. This is not the case they do stand behind the work. This is not to say they would fix something because your expectations are unrealistic.

Rochester Facial Plastic Surgeon

will stand behind eye procedure if there are any problems

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I'm scheduled to have a Lifestyle Lift next week with Dr. Ruthie McCrary in Troy, MI She's a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. She has her own practice in the area as well.

I've done a lot of checking online and am somewhat hesitant after reading the negative reviews.

Can someone besides Chrystal Eckes
comment on their experiences there?

I do feel very confident about the Dr. and fully understand the issues with the recovery.
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Did you have the procedure? If so, how did it go for you?
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Yes, I did have the procedure, almost a year ago now! It was a very interesting experience! I'd recommend it! Lifestyle Lift is done right in their office, without general anesthesia. That's why they can charge affordable prices! I took advantage of their financing program, which is 18 months with no interest!

The results depend on the surgeon and the patient! You're given detailed instructions on what to do before and after the surgery. If you do your part, you'll be very pleased with your results! I had the Lifestyle Lift & the lower blepharoplasty (under eye fat removal) & couldn't be happier!

The procedure itself was completely painless, EXCEPT for the local anesthetic shots! They hurt, but only the 1st few! My recovery was COMPLETELY PAINLESS!! No discomfort at all! Yes, I had bruising & swelling, but the noticable stuff goes away in a few days. No makeup for a few weeks, so prepare to spend time at home! It's certainly NOT a "back to work in a few days" procedure!

I'm very happy with the results!
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Yes, I had a"mini" facelift at Lifestyle Lift in Denver, CO in Sept 09. I would NEVER recommend it to anyone. I had had my eyes done (upper& lower)a few years prior by a Plastic surgeon in Oregon & was thrilled by it. Minimal pain, wonderful results. Not so with Lifestyle. Horrible pain, not so good results, scars visible, long recovery time. Go to a private surgeon. The results are like night & day when compared to Lifestyle. Don't think for one minute the cost difference is worth it. It's not.
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I had great results with my LSL and no pain. I'm curious, did you take the pain meds, use ice packs and use the scar zone cream, etc?? Was the LSL surgeon a licensed plastic surgeon?
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Dino, I am glad that you had a good experience with LSL, but that does not mean that others have not had from questionable to bad experiences. Even going so far as one person posting that my results were due to me not following my pre/post op instructions. Funny, if that were true, I should have had the same problems on the redo with a different surgeon, but I did not. The fact of the matter is, I had wonderful results with my redo surgeon and he even commented on how quickly I was healing. If a person who is considering a LSL and takes the time to compare apples to apples, other facial plastic surgeons can be competitive on a lower lift and they are willing to do it with a local, most do not recommend it. I am glad that you had no pain -- I was not so lucky. For anyone out there considering this procedure, go and get your consult, then get another consult with someone who is board certified in facial plastic surgery and who is not affiliated with LSL. Realself has a doctors section and some offer free consults. Best, Chrystal Eckes
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I too have been considering this procedure for about a year now. Each time I see the infomercial on TV about it, it seems less scary to just go ahead and make an appointment. I am 54 and feel like I am still in my 30's however...when I look in the mirror and put on make-up I just feel tired. I look in the mirror as little as possible.
Thank you for this topic. After reading several posts I am not going to make an appointment for this procedure until I do a lot more research.

I also decided to click on "Best Plastic Surgeons"
Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and found Dr. Buchanan located in NC. Does anyone out there have anything they could contribute about this Dr.?
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Reston, Va: Any good or bad results for Lifestyle lift and eyelift?
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Hi, I posted to you before about my eyes. I was also promised that my problems would be taken care of when "it was time and I had healed", which never seemed to come around. Just to protect yourself, have you considered getting the promises made to you in writing so when the time comes you won't have a problem. If the doctor leaves the practice, etc. Best, Chrsytal Eckes.
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My twin sister and I had lsl at the same time. We went through some intense pain and places on our face and especially our ears still hurt and we were told it could be up to 6 months for the pain to go away. We were told none of this upfront. Also, I was told I needed to be off my heart medication (which thins the blood) for 2 weeks prior to the "procedure". My heart Dr. ok'd the 2 wks. Then I was told after the procedure I couldn't take it for at least 2 more weeks. I had no choice, I had to stay off it at this point. When I started taking it again, a scab in back of my ear started filling up with blood, so I had to stop the medication again for another week and a half. I didn't dare tell my doctor because at this point there was nothing I could do. They should have told me this before the operation. I was scared the whole month or so I was off my plavix. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS "PROCEDURE" TO ANYONE. My twin went through even more pain and suffering and has scars to prove it. We feel duped and would like to see this business banned and the doctors fined and their license taking away. Mrs Linda Gallant
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I had a LSL on September 24, 2009 in Cleveland. I researched, Asked many questions and listened to everything that was recommended. Of course it wasn't the most pleasant experience but it was surgery. It's been 3 weeks and I still have a little swelling and it is sore behind my ears. BUT so far I can honestly say I have received the exact results that I asked for. I would do it again and I would highly recommend LSL.
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You are lucky you had a pleasant experience but, as you can see, most of us DID NOT. I just hope and pray you don't recommend it to a family member or friend and they have a horrendous experience like most of us did. Not that it would be your fault but, you would feel bad and maybe a little responsible. I am happy all went well for you, but as you read the other comments, please think carefully before recommending these people to others. God bless you and yours, Linda Gallant
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My wife had the lifestyle lift proceedure done 6 weeks ago and from day one has had nothing but pain, suffering, and a feeling of emptyness. After reading some of the comments on this web site I only wish we had read them before deciding to have the proceedure done. It is not reassuring at all to find other women having the same complications. My wife trusted the Lifestyle Lift doctors and staff to be honest and caring throughout the entire program, but what we ended up with was a healing time that was not diclosed as well as never being told just how long the "healing" process takes. I think this company should be shut down immediately! I plan to write radio and television stations in hopes of getting some sort of exposure. The only problem is my wife refuses to be seen by anyone other than her grandchildren. What a shame for a beautiful woman 55 years old to be dealt such a negative blow by snappy commercials and flase promises.
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Meme55, My heart goes out to you. My husband cancelled his appt after I read the posts on this site to him. He had a cardiac arrest last year, and the advertising made it appear that the Lifestyle Lift would be a safe alternative to the traditional facelift surgery. I'm thankful he backed out, as I'm not sure his body could have handled the reality (vs the false advertisement)of this operation. Lifestyle Lift has been sued for false advertising, as their employees were used to write positive reviews for the procedure. The court found that deception to the public had taken place. Try to get a class action lawsuit together to go after the whole entity of Lifestyle Lift providers. These folks need to be put out of business for what they're doing to innocent, hopeful individuals.
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Hi and welcome to realself. I also had the "LSL" done in Atlanta and I also had my eyes done (to great dismay). I had 2 different looking eyes as you do and LSL thought that a browlift would fix everything. Not only that but the pain behind my ears was unrelenting and my ears grew longer. I hope that you can find a way to get your eyes fixed BY a competent surgeon. I did have surgery to fix my "LSL" but before I did I had 3 different doctors opinions. I was still pretty freaked out about what had been done to me and was so afraid that it could happen again. The information that I learned from the different surgeons was very different in all aspects from LSL. Best to you, Chrystal Eckes
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Did they finally fix all your problems to your satisfaction? I asked LSL about your postings BEFORE I had my procedure. They would only say that sometimes patients don't follow all the pre & post protocols and that affects their outcomes! I was VERY happy with my results!
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Dino, in reply to not following pre or post op instructions on my LSL, that in no way had anything to do with the cuts on my eyes being in different places, nor the fat bag left over one eye, nor the amount of skin left wadded up behind each ear. The insinuation of them even saying that tells me that they are skirting the issues at hand, how in the world would they know what I did and did not do. Did they mention that I was there every 2 weeks for follow up appointments? Driving a incredible distance only to wait and wait some more and in the end I was told by the Dr. that she did not have the expertise to fix what had been done to me??? I did follow the instructions given, and there were not many at that. It seems if LSL cannot explain the problem away in one fashion or another, they blame the patient. Typical LSL rhetoric. As one of their Doctors recently posted, BUYER BEWARE. The only thing that I can tell any potential client of LSL is to take the time to get a 2nd opinion from a private practice facial plastic surgeon. Don't rely only on what LSL tells you and you cannot depend on the internet for all research on Doctors. What is really known about this procedure? It is old, not meant to last and none of the offices are JACHO certified. Keep in mind that all the infomercials being shown on TV is for one thing, sales, targeting a specific age group, making it look and seem easy & quick. If you figure the typical LSL at a price of $6000 and something goes wrong they won't fix, another $6000 or more to fix what went wrong, then you already have a full face lift, not a lower facelift. I am glad you are happy with your results, but many are not. This procedure is not for everyone. Get a 2nd opinion! Best, Chrystal Eckes
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i had the same procedure in Atlanta, very poor results but at least mine was only $6700 - they gave me a special discount! HAHA!! I too am very disgusted, it has been a little over a year now and I am right back where I started with the jowls, eyes drooping, and turkey neck. Never again will I trust anyone with a scapel within 10 feet of my face - I will just have to look my age of 63.
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