I was already sedated when I was given the consent...

I was already sedated when I was given the consent form to sign. I was never given after care instructions. I even asked for them at my follow up visit, was promised I'd get them and while waiting in the waiting room as the nurse/tech had requested I was urshered out by one of the sales people and told I didn't need to stay.

Even after I protested and said I was waiting by the instruction of the nurse I was take to the door and "helped" out. COuldhave been because my stitches were removed too soon and I had blood streaming down my neck as I waited and they were bringing in new/potenial candidates to sign up for their surgery dates into the waiting room.

I was also told I was a good candidate for the surery before. After the surgery my Dr. said I was not the best candidate for the surgery and would have done better with just lipo. I was told my lifestyle lift would be redone for the 4 times I went in for follow ups afterwards only to be told the next time (when I was supposedly ready/healed enough to have the surgery redone) that they had gotten the best result they could with me as I was not a good candidate for the surgery (not old enough, no sagging skin, etc.).

I also have no change other than scarring which I've already paid another doctire $7200 to lessen the appearance of. I bleed for 6 weeks striaght, had a flap of skin that would not heal as it was not attached with stitches or they were removed too soon, and could not get through to the office due to "phone complications" on their end. WHen I did get through I was told to smooth the flap of skin every day and it would heal. Wel it finanlly did into a big hideous lump behind my ear. The bleeding for 6 weeks was also dismissed whenever I would call the office as I was told it would stop soon and if it did not to call back and they would make an appointment for me to see the doctor.

Each time I called back I got the same response, never an appointment with the doctor. DO NOT waste your time, your money, and most importantly risk scarring for life with absolutely no results on the lifestyle lift. I have been to 4 other plastic surgeons at this point who have seen before and after pictures of me (besides all my friends and family who agree) and they all said I got no results and that my eyelid surgery, lifestyle lift and lipo showed no signs of anything being done other than I had visible scarring which would not have occurred (in their professional opinion) had I been stitched properly and allowed to heal before the stitches were removed. Nightmare experience, lies told by all employed by Lifestyle Lift about promised revisions just promised until they think you'll give up and go away. TERRIBLY UNPROFESSIONAL.


That is such a lie, every surgical teck knows that u never have a patient sign under any kind of sedation period!!! they not stupid people or un-speaking english techs, actually very well mannered,educated and caring workers!! Who are you people talking about?

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Dear Unhappy, I meant to tell you that you are not the first person I heard say they signed the consent after the Valium! I've spoken to several other ladies & read posts from many others that all say the same thing. I signed mine on the table/chair without my reading glasses! The tech pointed to where to sign & told me it was just a bunch of meaningless dribble that never happened anyway! She never said it was a consent or a waiver. Unbelievable, feel free to e-mail me.
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I have to agree with MM, why ask the questions about the office, staff,etc. Are we so desparate to look better that we'll knowingly let someone deform us on the outside chance that we might luck out & look a little better for a short period of time? This is how LSL gets us, it's our own insecurities about the way we look, they build on that & the next thing you know, they have us & it's too late. Run is all I can say. I've been through it twice & I'm sorry for it everyday. Be glad you didn't have the re-do, it only made the 1st set of miserable mistakes even worse, worse to the tune of almost $20,000 to correct. I posted this in another area, but too much skin was removed, it was then reattached in the wrong place after being pulled in the wrong direction, my ears are misplaced (pixie ears) & the scarring is so bad that even with $20,000 worth of surgery the scars can't be completely corrected. Just say no. If I could turn back time I would wait another year or 2, get the financing & have a real doctor do the work, not LSL.
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