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It's been 1 week 3 days since the procedure ...

It's been 1 week 3 days since the procedure .   I was thrilled to find out when i went for my week checkup the stitches dissolve and don't have to be removed. my face still swells a little towards night and the back of my head gets sore from laying with the face mask on. my ears are still numb but my neck is starting to itch and get sharp pains once in awhile.

It is totally worth it i had no bruising  but could not have gone back to work as soon as i thought you could.  you have to wear the face mask 5 days  and keep ointment on the stitches till they dissolve or are removed.  so maybe plan on being out of work 2 weeks.  the first week is the worst now i am glad i did it  you just need to follow the instructions they give you, for the best outcome.

Same to me
The skin under my chin is beginning to becoming loose and saggy again. I had my proceedure done Feb 9th! I paid extra for the neck muscle to be tightened. I am so distressed!
everything looks good so far.still a little swelling in the has been 2wks yesterday.
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