Painless, Quick Recovery, Great Results in a Short Time Frame, Cost-effective

Painless, Quick Recovery, Great Results in a short...

Painless, Quick Recovery, Great Results in a short time Frame, Cost-effective Need I say More? I am 54 and have good skin and happy with my basic features. I just had too much lower face skin and fat. My Doctor exuded confidence regarding the outcomes. I was very determined to have this proceedure since it fit into my busy lifestyle yet didn't change my entire look. I liked my before face, there was just too much lower face and neck skin. The way my doc handled the procedure, actually made it fun. He sang the whole time and I found that very entertaining. It's 3 weeks now and I have gone out in public since week one. I have very little bruising covered with makeup. Swelling, yet no pain, just tightness. Everyone says I look great already. Goodbye Double chin and jowls.
I am a 54 year old non smoker...average build. I was beginning to get the saggy neck and some wrinkles around my eyes. I had a consultation on Dec 8,2009 at Lifestyle lift in Clayton. My husband went with me. Jodi, the sales rep talked with us first and we watched some videos. Dr Farias then came in and talked with us for at least 40 minutes. Dr Farias explained everything in vivid detail so there were no surprises. We felt very comfortable with him and had researched him on the internet before we went. We had already decided if we were high pressured we were walking out. Then a nurse came in and talked with us some more and answered questions and stepped out so we could talk privately. When she came back in we scheduled for surgery January 14, 2010. They offered an interest free charge card for a year so that was what we opted to do. The total cost was $7600.00. The staff was completely professional. I was given several perscriptions to have filled prior to surgery which I did. The night before the surgery I started taking the antibiotic. I had been given a list of medication and activities to discontinue 2 weeks prior to surgery which I followed. I had a LSL and full lazer done to my face last Thursday. The procedure took an hour and a half. I was given a couple of happy pills which did relax me and I cannot tell you how many shots I received but it was a lot and very similar to injections you receive at the dentist. The surgery itself was not painful but I would be lying if I said you cannot feel anything. I felt the lazer, and I especially felt the liposuction. It was not terribly painful but it was very uncomfortable at times. On Saturday, I was able to remove the dressing and shower and started putting antibiotic ointment on the stitches. I have incisions beginning at my hairline about 1 inch above my ears all the way down the length of my ear and around to the back of my ear about halfway up. I have a one inch horizontal incision in the bottom of my chin. My face is very crusty from the lazer and I am sure when that all comes off my skin will be very smooth. This is day 4 and I look like I have been beaten with a baseball I have a lot of bruising, and a tremendous amount of swelling and soreness. I have been taking one pain pill every 4 hours and probably should have been taking 2 every 6 hours. My neck is so tight that it is very difficult to open my mouth to eat so I have been living on gatorade. The good news is I have lost 2 I go back Tuesday to have the stitches removed and will update at that time. My husband is documenting with photos everyday. I want to be reminded that I never want to do this
I'm considering a thread-lift procedure which is what it sounds like most of you have had? I'm curious about the different results - knowing every one's body is different & all - you see I do not have any extra fat, and little excess skin so there will be none of this cutting skin... It sounds as if quite a few of you have had to have this done though, & it seems as if this causes a lot of bruising/complications? Am I gathering this right?
hey all..i'm still happy with my lifestyle lift from almost a year ago...much improved and worth it to me. I still get lots of compliments weird after effects. Dr. did a great job for me, anyway!!
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