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Life Style Lift: Don't Do It! See my Photos

I was left with terrible scars and given...

I was left with terrible scars and given absolutely no post op care instructions at all. In the 3 years since I have had this surgery I have felt humiliated and ugly.

Finally I have taken some steps to repair the damage, which was significant. I am spending about $3000 to $4000 in laser which I highly reccomend.

I am starting to feel a little less self conscience about the horrific results I got... and I have the pictures to prove it.

look at my pictures and tell me: who in their right mind would do this and expect a person to heal from this type of incision and suturing???

I was butchered.

Obviously even post op laser treatment was only...

obviously even post op laser treatment was only able to minimally help the very poor job that was done on my face.

Life Style Lift did not offer or care to help repair the damage. They basically said tough luck sweetie----



I am going to post a picture of a new procedure I...

I am going to post a picture of a new procedure I
am having done to help reduce the scars I was left with

following the Life Style Lift I had done in 2005 In Plymouth Meeting PA>
That office moved and relocated in Voorhee's NJ

It is interesting because the procedure leaves me very very red and
you can see how horrible the original scarring was. It basically draws a line around
where the sutures were placed....it will heal in about 1 week .

I had my surgery in 2005 --The scars were treated...

I had my surgery in 2005 --The scars were treated by a tattoo artist-see the last picture that is where she ran the tattoo needle over + over the original scar to smooth it out. The results of her work were great.

before she did the procedure my scars were one inch thick raised and very very noticeable.

The worst part --8 years later--is my neck. it is a very dark mottled brown color that has been treated by laser many times. It is blood that pooled in my tissues due to the aggressive manner that this lift was preformed. no drains were placed and I received NO POST OP treatment at all.

they sent me home with a ice pack.
I drove home alone --the staff shoved me out the back door and I wondered around the parking lot looking for my car disoriented to say the least.

I will take a picture of my neck and place it in here--this picture was taken 2 weeks ago. This is a permanent brown stain on my neck that looks ugly and won't ever go away.
Dr. Ray Stoller

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Usually the scars that bother patients after poorly done mini lifts are just the tip of the iceberg. There are usually problems with the earlobe, tragus, overall direction of pull and location and quality of incisions and location of deep tissues. All of these can be addressed by a surgeon with special interest in revisional facelifts. Ultimately patients have two choices after their terrible experience: live with the poor quality work and feel depressed, or get it fixed and never look back.
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If you have a facelift and are not happy with scar as shown in these cases, most likely you need the facelift redone. I noticed that the problems in these photos is the placement of the scars in front and behind the ears. The scars are in the wrong place. Lasering the scars will not correct that problem. You need to have the facelift redone by somebody that knows how to properly conceal the scars. Many of the photos show scars in front of the ears which are too far from the ears or too low behind the ears. Both are easily correctable by an experienced plastic surgeon.
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Today stitches are coming out of the lobes of my ears. I had the famous "lift" in January of 2006. Seven and a half years later I am still suffering the consequences. The stitching that was supposed to "dissolve" has just been sitting under my skin all these years waiting to erupt as my facial structure changes. Its infuriating but I'm sure I'm past the statute of limitations. Its another FLEECING OF AMERICA episode. Its hard not to be resentful when we have a government that allows things like this to continue. There are so many people in our country who feel helpless against the "machine" that runs it, even though we love the USA. Its more than just a bunch of quacks running a scam on women. How is it there are no laws to protect us from it?
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Sorry for your bad experience. It would be great if the government could police things better, but, unfortunately, they move quite slowly. Patients need to protect themselves by doing thorough research prior to having plastic surgery of any kind. Hopefully, people like you who speak up about their experiences will help others to avoid the problems you had.
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I, too, fell for the slick ads and lovely women. LSL dealt only with the face. They should know what they're doing. Wrong! In 2008 I had the procedure for my neck. I was pulled so tight on one side that I ached. "Massage it and it will be fine." In 2009 I was slit at least 3" below the hairline. I was still uneven! In 2011 they had a new dr. I did not know at the time that he had a D rating in so. Florida. The other dr. I had read lost a patient and I don' know what happened after that. I was nervous about having a T-bone on my neck from under the chin and down but was told it would be a fine line. The staff encouraged me. How trusting and stupid I was. The scar is long, branches out and is hideous. I am physically and emotionally scarred and will not lift my head up.
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Any plastic surgery is only as good as the plastic surgeon performing the surgery. There is no magic out there! Make sure you meet the surgeon at the time of your consultation and learn as much about the surgeon as possible. Easy to find out about a surgeon using the Internet.
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Well it seems to me that you have to investigate the Doctor more than anything before you go ahead with this procedure.
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Absolutely right! The most important factor affecting the quality of the result is the skill of the particular surgeon and experience.
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Check out your doctor well. Very important. Wish I would have done a better job.My Dr. did surgery on my shin 2 times after original surgury. He had 3 chances and it still is not right.
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Wow, your experience was unfortunate. My doctor placed my sutures right along the little cartilage ridge at the front of my ear and around the back of the ear. Barely noticeable! I think maybe the techniques have changed, or perhaps it depends on the doctor. I was done at the LSL in Denver by Dr. Emmett. She is awesome and I'm pleased.
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Are your stitches popping out yet, and has the soreness set in? Its been 8 months so your nightmare is only just beginning
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Thank you all for your insights about LSL. Yesterday I saw a tv ad for music of a by-gone era. The spokespeople were Peter Marshall and Debby Boone. I noticed Debby Boone looked as if she had some plastic surgery and she looked good. The next day, I saw a tv ad for LSL with Debby Boone as spokesperson. The ad implied LSL was what Debby Boone had done. So I checked online to find out what this was because the wording in the ad implied this was fast, relatively painless, and less expensive than plastic surgery. So I wondered what this procedure is? -- Only to discover it IS plastic surgery but at a "discount". That was the first red flag. Then I saw MANY reviews of unsatisfied clients who have had the procedure. Second red flag. I recall Priscilla Presley and others warming people to get good plastic surgeons to have face lifts or the procedures can maime you for life, as they did with Presley. (The surgery left her with permanent loss of muscle control in many areas of her face.) The warning was basically that facial plastic surgery is NOT something you want to try to "save money" on. If you do that, you wind up paying more money attempting to correct it. I won't look any further into LSL, it's NOT for me. I will either continue with my neck as it is (you know, the "'turkey waddle") and my face with jowls beginning OR I will wait until I can afford to have a reputable plastic surgeon work on my face and neck. I would prefer to get it right the first time, as with anything else. Thank you again, each of you, for sharing your stories. YOU have made a difference.

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finally a fellow sufferer from plymouth meething.
My doctor was Ray Stoller---

when I told him about my concern about the scars on my face and neck he said:

"what are you complaining about? you got a full face lift for a fraction of the cost"

back then I was SO STUPID......
I know now that NO POST OP care ='s failure in any face lift procedure.

and I mean NO post op care.
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and you are SO RIGHT about any doctors helping you in Bucks County and City Line avenue.....

100% right and I did not realize that until the 2 year statue of limitations to sue had passed.

if you need the name of a great tattoo makeup artist she helped me tremendously with my scars around my ears.....
she could not help with the giant brown stains on my neck

that is a permanent blood iron oxide stain that looks like a big burn scar.....but the actual scar are better

please email me and I can give you her name
she practices in Millstone NJ and is WONDERFUL.
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I too had a life style lift in Plymouth Meeting I can't remember who did it, Mary S (something) have to find my old papers.. It was over 10 yrs ago. I was left with the same kind of scars. I can still see them after tons of laser procedures, Then 5 yrs ago i went for a laser resurfacing in Tampa for the scars & some acne cars. I live there part time. The doctor destroyed my face. Sacrs everywhere & a huge square dent. This time I tried to sue but the lawyer said I needed doctors to verify what he did. Not one doctor would testify. Their afraid to help you because if your asking to sue another doctor their afraid you'll sue them if they don't do a good job.. It's been a nightmare for the last 10 yrs for me, the last 5 with the scars & dent has been the worst. The resaon my LL didn't work is because I didn't have enough skin to pull back behind my ears. She should have said I wasn't ready for one yet but I guess she wanted the money instead. Now I have to wait for my face to sag more to have a face lift to hide the scars around my ears. she also did under my eyes because she said I had bags. She left me with scars past my lower lid. I wish you all the luck in the world with the laser treatments for the scars. I went to Dr Bernstein in Ardmore for laser treatments if that helps you any. He's the only one who would help me out, he's so nice. Tons of doctors on City line & Bucks county wouldn't help. I also looked into tattooing the scars but they said they don't do scars on the face since they might not match. You can try soing needleing on your own or by a tattoo artist with dry needles, a lot say that helps.
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first of all I am sorry this happened to you
I know how it can alter your perception of yourself---
outside and inside.

I don't know what to say to you.....
I hope you spoke to an attorney?
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I recently found this site and have read through the whole strand of comments. I did not have LSL but the "conventional" eye procedures from a doc who I believed to be reputable and qualified. I did my homework; I went to several different docs for comparative consultations. In the end, this guy absolutely maimed me. I have gone through two sets of procedures (one a medical necessity) to try and get back a normal look. I disagree with the doc who says one can look normal again. I think it's rarely possible. Once someone does a bad job - eyes now different sizes, shapes, droopy skin on one side but not on the other - I'm doubtful there will ever be a "normal" again. I feel like a freak now. I wear bangs long enough to cover most of one eye so people can't see the difference so easily. It changed my whole view of myself. It changed me emotionally; I don't feel happy and I feel like I don't have the capacity to be happy anymore. I know people who go on with their lives after horrific injuries in accidents but in this case perhaps I feel angry with myself that I chose to do something, and paid for it, that left me disfigured for life. Also there is a comment above by someone who said that changes in one part of your face can have detrimental effects in other areas and she mentioned fat loss. I have this condition as well. After the surgery somehow the shape of my face in terms of fat deposits changed. Ever since my whole face appears drawn and much more aged than it did prior. I don't really understand the connection but it is true. I tried to post comments about this doctor (Sacramento, CA) on various websites and either there was no place to answer about the doc's skill, or whether I was happy with the procedure, or the post would be gone in a few days I think because they sanitize the internet with automated utilities that seek out and destroy the truth about them from real patients. I feel so badly that this terrible problem is so pervasive as all you victims demonstrate. So much for considering an LSL. Thank you for sharing your stories.
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So sad :(( I am sorry you went through that nightmare.
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The scars we have seen from LSL and other mini lift procedures performed under local anesthesia and closed under tension can be revised, with very nice results. Bad scars will typically not get definitively better without revision by a highly competent board certified plastic surgeon with particular interest in revisional facelift surgery.

Attempts at revision with anything other than the 'full court press' will result in wasting of extra tissues that could be used effectively by a skilled and experienced surgeon.

We have revised many LSL and minilifts with very satisfactory results. The old scars are completely excised and replaced in much more favorable positions.

Also the deep tissues are readjusted upward the way they might have been at the first surgery but weren't... the usual reason people come in for rejuvenation.

LSL is very aggressive. Many doctors who post anything negative on LSL or serve as witnesses are intimidated by LSL with intimidating letters, legal letters or threats of lawsuits.

So any PS who takes your case may need to spend $50,000 of his own money defending himself against LSL and their deep pockets.

That's probably why not many will be vocal.

However, the best revenge is looking good, and spreading the word...
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With all due respect, I correct your last sentence; the best revenge is loving your natural self confidently and not be influenced by those who stand to profit by convincing anyone that their life will be greatly improved by trying to restore youth to their face. It's the industry itself that drives many to do this surgery by an ad campaign designed to make women feel bad about normal facial aging. It's all money driven & we poor women are gullible suckers.
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This is a very good point: plastic surgery strictly to look younger is not for many people.
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that sounds interesting I am going to check it out thank you!
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Do check out the site... very interesting. The reviews that are posted are insightful as to the type of company LSL really is.
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Not sure if any of you have seen glassdoor.com website. Seems the employees of LSL think it's a bad place to work. This might reflect on the job they do. Thanks for your comments. I almost made the mistake of going for this scam before finding this site while researching. I pray all of you are compensated for your pain and suffering. Keep up the good work getting the word out...
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