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I was left with terrible scars and given...

I was left with terrible scars and given absolutely no post op care instructions at all. In the 3 years since I have had this surgery I have felt humiliated and ugly.

Finally I have taken some steps to repair the damage, which was significant. I am spending about $3000 to $4000 in laser which I highly reccomend.

I am starting to feel a little less self conscience about the horrific results I got... and I have the pictures to prove it.

look at my pictures and tell me: who in their right mind would do this and expect a person to heal from this type of incision and suturing???

I was butchered.


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Ugly Scars, 1. LOOK UP YOUR DOCTOR'S REGISTRATION NO. ON THE PA STATE'S WEBSITE,it'll be there, and file a complaint. Send your photos for sure--and copies of receipts for the $5,000 in laser repair you've paid. 2. Check the State of NJ, Office of the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs as well for his registration # (chances are that if he's worked in PA, he's licensed in NJ, too). Send them a copy of your PA complaint with his NJ # on it too. And if he is practicing in ANY state without that state's M.D. license (not likely), then he's committed a crime. 3. If he's moved to another state, you can track him down through the AMA. Send THAT state a copy of your complaint and photos too. 4. File complaints with ALL states' Boards of Medical Examiners or ethics where this man has practiced. The point is to bring attention to him to a lot of people with authority. Send the doctor himself a copy with the names of all the states and organizations you have contacted about him. Tell him you won't stop pursuing this until you feel he's held accountable. 5. Can you tell us the doctor's name? I'm just curious what I can find out about him online. 6. DO consider bringing your story forward to local newspapers and news stations. Find the name of the town where he's practicing now, and call their local news people. Persistence worked for me, regarding my bad blepharoplasty. At least I got my money back 3 years later.
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I know her& she knows exactly what I meant. Thx for caring, tho
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Obviously even post op laser treatment was only...

obviously even post op laser treatment was only able to minimally help the very poor job that was done on my face.

Life Style Lift did not offer or care to help repair the damage. They basically said tough luck sweetie----




connie 7 you are very sweet! and you are 100% that the sutures were left in too long--the incisions started to heal and the suture was digging into my skin I called that office and BEGGED them to take out my sutures at day 6. His reply to me was--"what, do you want your ears to fall off?" he was a funny guy alright.
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What about this: It only costs $11.00 to create a book on You could band together to tell your true-life stories, with photos! Everytime LSL was googled, YOUR picture book with the facts in each case, would come up! I am doing a children's picture book on LULU, and would be happy to help create the book or start you on your way -- has a guide that walks you through the process. You could get an ISBN cheaply, and send the bok to tv shows, news shows, libraries, etc. It could be a calling card to lawyers, politicians, etc. If you included enough cases with photos and names... it could be a powerful weapon in your fight.

I am forever grateful to have heard your stories when I was considering this company! You saved me heartache, pain, and money -- I am growing old gracefully instead! Let me know if any are interested in creating a true-life book of your cases, and think of a name for your book too....!
funny guy! but you do not paid almost 7000 for a comedy show, some cookies and coffee. Plastic Surgery is a procedure were you are risking, suffering and paying for an outcome and every doctor who practice this area should be able to guarantee the results or tell you otherwise so you do not go througth it. I got my nose done long time ago and the first doctor messed me out too! I went througth 7 corrective surgeries after that until I found a great plastic surgeon who ask me If what I wanted was something like a bike seat I said yes and here I a am 30 years latter with a nice looking nose and a minimal scar. I wish I went to him and not end up with this crooks.,

I am going to post a picture of a new procedure I...

I am going to post a picture of a new procedure I
am having done to help reduce the scars I was left with

following the Life Style Lift I had done in 2005 In Plymouth Meeting PA>
That office moved and relocated in Voorhee's NJ

It is interesting because the procedure leaves me very very red and
you can see how horrible the original scarring was. It basically draws a line around
where the sutures were will heal in about 1 week .


Wow, your experience was unfortunate. My doctor placed my sutures right along the little cartilage ridge at the front of my ear and around the back of the ear. Barely noticeable! I think maybe the techniques have changed, or perhaps it depends on the doctor. I was done at the LSL in Denver by Dr. Emmett. She is awesome and I'm pleased.
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Thank you all for your insights about LSL. Yesterday I saw a tv ad for music of a by-gone era. The spokespeople were Peter Marshall and Debby Boone. I noticed Debby Boone looked as if she had some plastic surgery and she looked good. The next day, I saw a tv ad for LSL with Debby Boone as spokesperson. The ad implied LSL was what Debby Boone had done. So I checked online to find out what this was because the wording in the ad implied this was fast, relatively painless, and less expensive than plastic surgery. So I wondered what this procedure is? -- Only to discover it IS plastic surgery but at a "discount". That was the first red flag. Then I saw MANY reviews of unsatisfied clients who have had the procedure. Second red flag. I recall Priscilla Presley and others warming people to get good plastic surgeons to have face lifts or the procedures can maime you for life, as they did with Presley. (The surgery left her with permanent loss of muscle control in many areas of her face.) The warning was basically that facial plastic surgery is NOT something you want to try to "save money" on. If you do that, you wind up paying more money attempting to correct it. I won't look any further into LSL, it's NOT for me. I will either continue with my neck as it is (you know, the "'turkey waddle") and my face with jowls beginning OR I will wait until I can afford to have a reputable plastic surgeon work on my face and neck. I would prefer to get it right the first time, as with anything else. Thank you again, each of you, for sharing your stories. YOU have made a difference.

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finally a fellow sufferer from plymouth meething.
My doctor was Ray Stoller---

when I told him about my concern about the scars on my face and neck he said:

"what are you complaining about? you got a full face lift for a fraction of the cost"

back then I was SO STUPID......
I know now that NO POST OP care ='s failure in any face lift procedure.

and I mean NO post op care.
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I had my surgery in 2005 --The scars were treated...

I had my surgery in 2005 --The scars were treated by a tattoo artist-see the last picture that is where she ran the tattoo needle over + over the original scar to smooth it out. The results of her work were great.

before she did the procedure my scars were one inch thick raised and very very noticeable.

The worst part --8 years later--is my neck. it is a very dark mottled brown color that has been treated by laser many times. It is blood that pooled in my tissues due to the aggressive manner that this lift was preformed. no drains were placed and I received NO POST OP treatment at all.

they sent me home with a ice pack.
I drove home alone --the staff shoved me out the back door and I wondered around the parking lot looking for my car disoriented to say the least.

I will take a picture of my neck and place it in here--this picture was taken 2 weeks ago. This is a permanent brown stain on my neck that looks ugly and won't ever go away.


Laser skin resurfacing is deffinatly helpful! But make sure to look in to a small package of IPL photo-Rejuvenation to help mitigate some of the pigmentationally concerns. Best, -J
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I did laser skin resurfacing on my neck --it costs a lot of money and did not work.....the pigmentation was caused by blood pooling in my neck ( drains were not placed) for my "lunch time lift" so those stains did not lift. thanks for the advice. the only thing that I did that helped was had a very gifted and talented permanent make up artist smooth down the ropey scars that were on my face--she did this with a tattoo needle and now the scars are thin lines not big fat ropes
I had laser done. The pictures were taken sometime after the treatment. The side neck scar was helped by not being raised as much as it was but I saw no difference with the large scar down the center of throat.
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