Life Style Lift - Come on People, Be Realistic

I had the Life Style mini lift procedure done (3)...

I had the Life Style mini lift procedure done (3) weeks ago and everything is going well. I still have some numbness but the healing looks great and I am very pleased with the result. I elected to take addvantage of the additional procedure under the neck which had a price adder of $1,000 but got rid of the jowls affect.

I will admit that I had some trepedations after reading some of the opinions shared on this site and almost cancelled my appointment. I shared this concern with the office and they gave me several references to call. I spoke with (3) individuals that had the same procedure done by the same doctor and they were all extremely satisfied.

You need to be realistic people - just because it's an out patient procedure - you are not having a tooth filled at your dentist - their are a lot of stiches. It definitely takes about (2) weeks before you feel comfortable going out in public. There is a lot of pain for the first several days but it is manageable. The first (24) hours after surgery are the worst. I did not require pain medicine after the 3rd day.

The office I went to was very profesional and knowledgeable. They were open to questions and encouraged I return for post-op consult visits any time I had a concern. I infact went back several times to make sure things were healing correctly and that I was doing everything required to make sure the healing procedure went OK.

During my first scheulded visit a couple days after surgery they did have to aspirate and drain one side that had swelling that was not receeding as quickly as expected. I would do it over again in a heart beat.

I have noticed all the comments on how bad LSL is. I believe it's all upon the doctor and the person. I had it done in June and I'm doing just great. No problems of any kind. Love it and the Franklin, Tn. Employees and Dr. Boggass.

I was thinking about getting Lifestyle lift, but after reading all the comments, I guess I will just live with the way I look. Everybody gets old.

well I am glad you did not get a lifestyle lift. I have two ugly scars on both sides of my cheeks and stitches the doctor said is not stitches in my neck coming out. I look at how beautiful I was before this butchery, and now how scars replace some of that beauty. And the pain. I have to use sleeping pills at night just to get to sleep due to horrible pain in my neck and face 24/7 365. Sheesh, and he smiled and said sorry about the stitches that are coming out and that he just used what they told him to use to stitch me up. I think he used dirty used dental floss.
Dr. Raymond Lee - Santa Ana, CA

Professional, caring and knowledgeable

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