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I had a difficulties with my breathing because my...

I had a difficulties with my breathing because my nose was assimetric to left side. Plus it was big and long if to compare with other features of my face. Also it was visible curve in nose if to look straight.
I took a decision of rhinoplasty. I had couple of consultations with doctors in Abu Dhabi but i wasn't satisfied with their clear answers, seems that they were thinking about money first and then how to help me. But it's really very important to trust your doctor and have clear picture in mind what exactly you expected from surgery.

Then i found Dr Ashok Govilla. From the first email i've got from him i could make a conclusion that he is the one who is really caring about every single detail, every question i had, every request and desire about my new nose. If i had a question about coming surgery, i had an answer from him instanly.
During first consultation in Life Line Hospital with Dr Ashok we discussed my problems and desires. We agreed on general issues with my nose. Doctor did photos of my nose from different corners and then created animation of possible options of my new nose which we discussed on the next consultation. I was impressed of his attention and detailed explanation of everything what could be done. He explained me and gave a choice to decide which shape i want according to my problems with breathing.

After consultation i had 7 days before surgery. During that time Dr Ashok sent me on email a lot of information about coming operation, animation photos, detailed description what will be done with my nose, possible complications, articles regarding to rhinoplasty from his own experience. I had absolutely clear picture what to expect during and after surgery and gained a lot of trust from my side. I would say that trust must be the first very important step before surgery because it's normal to be nervois in such a critical moment and trust is only thing which can calm you down with confidence of good result which will help doctor too.

Surgery. Actually the most painful thing during the whole process is first injection to vein for anestesia. That's it. No more pain.
...I woke up straight away after surgery, was concious but felt weakness. Next 3-4 hours were just sleeping. Then could drink something and eat. Doctor encouraged me to walk a bit in my room. I had big bandage inside and outside nose, had swallowing face with dark brushes around eyes and could breath by mouth only. Honestly, not the best feeling but i was soooo happy to see that shape of my nose became smaller (i could see it even with bandage).

1st day after surgery. We had to do small correction of my new nose. It took just 2 hours. No pain. Face became more swallowing but brushes around eyes smaller.

2nd day. Face is still very swallowing a lot, brushes are the same. I put ice in the evening to my face for 40 minutes.

3rd day. Woow! Ice is really works! Swallowing became less and brushes around eyes became yellow and less visible. Doctor Ashok removed bandages from nose inside, so i could breath again by nose.

4th day. In the morning i felt that great feeling that i can breath but since 4-5 pm have been experienced blocked nose, the same like when got cold. I can slightly smile, but trying to avoid it. Brushes are almost disappeared, there are some yellow brushes under eyes only. Face are still swallowing. Have a bit running nose. I put ice to my cheeks again for 40 minutes, i think it really helps. Another thing what i experience is strange feeling in stomach, it's like a balloon. I guess, the reason might be taking a lot of antibiotics during past 4 days.

...Very important thing i know that at any time i could find a immediate help from Dr Ashok. He impressed me a lot with his carefull attention and encouragement. I really appreciate it. Can't wait to see a final results :)
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I would like to share my wonderful experience of nose surgery with Dr Ashok Govilla. I had many problems with my nose since childhood and apart from big size and different proportions of nose, i had also difficulties with breathing on left side while sleeping. I live in Abu Dhabi but the surgery and all consultations must be done in the hospital in Dubai. Dr Ashok kindly suggested me to see him in Abu Dhabi for consultations (he also lives in Abu Dhabi), we discussed every single detail of surgery, he showed me animations and different options for final results. So, even before surgery i could imagine my new nose. On the day of surgery Dr Ashok also brought be to Dubai from Abu Dhabi which was so kind from his side and let me be more calm before surgery. Surgery went very good and the recovery period was smooth. No pain at all, very attentive staff in hospital, attention from Dr Ashok on daily basis... All brushes have been dissappeared in 1st week, and all swallows has been disappeared in 2nd week. So, after exact 14 days i came back to my working duties without a single sign of surgery. Surprised me that most of my friends gave me a compliments, that i look so great, but nobody noticed that i did nose surgery. They could see overall result - pretty face, and it looks so natural that EVEN MY MOM didn't notice anything (i didn't tell her in advance about surgery). It shows another time how artistic and natural was nose job from Dr Ashok. Only truly professional could create such an achievement. To choose a right professional doctor is a key to a successful and desirable results of surgery and i must say with absolute confidence that Dr Ashok is the best person who can see above and beyond what i wanted to get at the end and gave absolutely fantastic results which exceed all my expectations! I sincere recommend Dr Ashok to anyone who still has doubts weather to do nose surgery. He is the person to whom i can trust 100%. I asked myself why i didn't meet Dr Ashok before! I was pretty scared about surgeries and postponed my visits few times. Unless i met Dr Ashok. The time is now!
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It sounds like you're definitely on the road to recovery! Thanks for sharing your experience with us here on RealSelf!

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