2 post op pics added! Staged makeover. Aug 10. TT, BL/BA, Sept 21. LIPO, BBL. KC, MO

I am 5'2", 150 lbs, and 2 pregnancys. I have...

I am 5'2", 150 lbs, and 2 pregnancys. I have stretch marks and extra skin/fat on my stomach. I also have really low breasts. All of which is a result of having children. I have to stage my surgery. First I will get the breast lift/augmentation (350cc, resulting in a full D cup) and tummy tuck. I will go back in about a month and a half later to get lipo of flanks, hips and back and have it transfered to my butt. This is all very scary and exciting at the same time! I plan on posting before pics when I get a little more time!

This frusterating....I swear I keep coming up with...

This frusterating....I swear I keep coming up with a million more questions that I need to ask my doctor. And, of course, I feel like I need an answer now! (I'm not very patient.) But I don't feel like I can call my doctor every day to ask a list of questions. Not to mention that most of the questions need to be asked in person so I can point out stuff on my body.

Soooo trying to figure out how to tell family...

Soooo trying to figure out how to tell family about my surgery...that is if I tell them at all. I live a very private life. And I'm afraid of their reactions! Ughhh! This part of the deal is possibly the most difficult!

Going to buy some Sensa today. maybe i can lose a...

Going to buy some Sensa today. maybe i can lose a few lbs before surgery without really trying lol. Anyone ever tried it?

Also starting to wonder if I should go bigger than 350cc. I'm wanting a nice, full D. I wear a D now...but when I saw my PS at the consultation he smushed my boob up in an attempt to mimic a lift, and I really don't have as much breast tissue as I thought. I don't want to be all boobs, but I want to be voluptuous.

How do I add a picture?

How do I add a picture?

So I go to my normal physician tomorrow to get on...

So I go to my normal physician tomorrow to get on chantix to quit smoking. I used it in the past and it worked like magic with hardly any side effects. I'm praying to god that it works just as well this time. I've had a lot of stress and anxiety lately, so I must admit that I'm concerned how it will affect my mental stability. I want to quit and I need to quit...but I don't want to go crazy in the process. Last time I didn't have a family to worry about...but this time I do, and I can't imagine how this would affect them if my stability went downhill.

So....after re-analyzing my recovery period I...

So....after re-analyzing my recovery period I realized that I needed to change my surgery date. I plan on moving this fall, so I need to do my surgery at an earlier date so I can be healed in time to move (hopefully healed....fingers crossed.) I also found out that they don't anticipate being able to get a lot of fat in my second surgery to be able to do as big of a graft in my butt as I wanted. I'm definitely bummed about that :(. She said over the phone that it might be somewhere in the range of 200cc added to each butt cheek. I'm not sure that will even be noticeable!

Today is my 3rd day on chantix...just today I've noticed a decreased need for cigarettes. My dreams have already become vivid...but nothing scary or nightmarish.

I bought the sensa to help lose weight....but I've been bad about using it. So I can't really give any reviews on the effectiveness of it.

So...today is my 5th day on chantix. I planned on...

So...today is my 5th day on chantix. I planned on being quit by day 7....but my husband has refused to let me get cigarettes since day 3. Chantix hasn't fully gotten in my system yet and I'm still not on the full dose, so it hasn't completely knocked out my cravings yet....and its ROUGH! Also, I have stopped drinking diet coke....so I am really on edge. I'm totally irritable, uneasy, and just a flat out BITCH! I'm confident that chantix isn't effecting my mood. Even though it blocks cravings for nicotine, it doesn't stop your body from going through chemical withdrawl. But since my surgery date has been moved to august 10th, its even more important for me to stop ASAP. Wish me luck!

Please excuse me because I've had a few margaritas...

Please excuse me because I've had a few margaritas and I'm updating from my phone. Quitting smoking made me an antisocial bitch (even more so than normal) so I haven't been on here a whole lot. I have 3 weeks left until my first surgery. Primarily just the BA/BL and TT. I went back to my PS to get resized for implants and ask a bunch of questions. After a bunch of research I noticed that some docs only take excess skin and call it a day. Some repair the muscles and remove skin. Some do the full service and take the skin, Lipo the tummy fat, and repair/tighten the muscles. I was glad to find out my PS is doing the full service treatment without hitting me up on the cost for every move he makes. I will have a long scar because I have a stupid tattoo I got when I was 18 that I want cut out. In order to cut it out and keep the scar symmetrical, I'm going to have a long low scar. He anticipates I will lose quite a few inches...even tho quitting smoking has caused a 10lb weight gain. (but I'm going to do my best to knock that back down by surgery day.) I also changed to a 400cc silicone implant. He was able to assure me that I didn't have to switch to saline on order to get symmetrical breasts. He will either pick implants with a 25cc difference or remove a little bit of tissue from my slightly larger breast. I was also concerned about the fat I have under my armpit to the side of my breast and the typical fatty area kind of above the boob where your arm connects to your body.....he tol d me to remind him on surgery day and he will Lipo it out. NO EXTRA COST! Soo I'm thrilled about that! I will go into surgery for round two, 6wks later to Lipo my flanks, hips, and back to have injected into my butt. After explaining that I would like my butt to be as round as possible, he added some thigh Lipo to the list. Once again, without changing his initial price quotes. I enjoy having large thighs but I'm thinking that I have enough fat to spare that I will still end up with large thighs when all is said and done.

I finally took the leap and told the 2 people in my family that I felt deserved the right to know and I wanted to be able to share such a life altering event with. I thought it was going to be a nightmare and wasn't going to tell them at all. Everything went really well though. So that's a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

All in all, I'm super excited and can't wait to get everything done!

Getting very nervous and very excited! Also very...

Getting very nervous and very excited! Also very pissed that I have gained 10 lbs and don't have quite enough time to lose it prior to surgery. My second surgery is September 21 and I've almost contemplated finding a new doctor for the BBL because I'm not confident that my doctor is going to provide the results I'm looking for. I want a ghetto booty.....no exceptions! Maybe I should try and discuss this with him one last time before looking elsewhere. I do really like him and all the work I've seen him do.

I sure do wish I could add b4 pics by phone.

I sure do wish I could add b4 pics by phone.

Freaking out about dying. Im pretty sure I have...

Freaking out about dying. Im pretty sure I have turned into a hypochondriac, but I claim heart problems and my doctor claims severe panic disorder. Read my last comment for more details.

Why does this say "not worth it"? I can't change...

Why does this say "not worth it"? I can't change it. I do everything from my mobile device. I haven't had the surgery so I can't judge.

I really don't think anyone reads my posts....BUT,...

I really don't think anyone reads my posts....BUT, under the event that someone comes across this, I have a question: how long was it until you could comfortably sleep on your stomach, or the doctor gave clearance to sleep on stomach? I'm 100% a stomach sleeper...I'm worried about recovery because I can't even get to sleep on my side of my life depended on it, and definitely not on my back!

Omg! Getting so close! So scared and excited at...

Omg! Getting so close! So scared and excited at the same time! Hope all you guys are doing great!

So, this time next week I will probably have just...

So, this time next week I will probably have just gotten home from surgery! I can't believe how close things are! My PS office called Monday to go over 2 week pre-op instructions. Things like no aspirin, no vitamin e, take stool softener for a couple days leading up to surgery....and so on. She also called today to let me know she called in my scripts and they would be ready for pick up. She also wanted to confirm implant size....since I had changed my mind once already. I confirmed 400cc silicone. If they give me 2 separate sized implants for my asymmetry I also confirmed that I want them to pick an implant to match 400cc in my bigger side. Otherwise they will just take out breast tissue to balance things out. Either way works....as long I'm no longer lopsided. Lol My boobs aren't even a full cup size different from each other....but they aren't even either.

So I went to walgreens and picked up my meds. I also picked up a few more supplies. So.....here we go....my 1 week count down begins!

Finally posted pics for you guys!!! I know I look...

Finally posted pics for you guys!!! I know I look yucky! I'm pretty overweight for my height.

I check in tomorrow at 7:15am. My doctor has his own ambulatory center for outpatient surgeries attached to his normal office, so I won't be going to a hospital or staying the night. I can't weight to get this over so I don't have to deal with the anxiety anymore.

As my time ticks down please keep me in your prayers!!!

I'll post more later..... But all I can say is...

I'll post more later..... But all I can say is that it feels like I've been hit by a bus. Fuck all these stories about being comfortable for the first day. I was in pain while in recovery. Jus got home and its only getting worse.

So... Its not really post op day 1....its just...

So... Its not really post op day 1....its just 1am, so it's technically the day after. I checked in at 715am. My wonderful husband was with me, and we had his brother stay the night to watch the kids. They were still asleep when we left but I snuck in my daughter's room to steal a kiss and tell her I loved her lots and lots. They to pics and walked me downstairs to the surgical center. I had my interview with the anesthesiologist (who was very nice).... He was an older gentleman who actually teaches anesthesia at Tuesday to Thursday since my PS only does surgery on Mondays and Fridays. Anywho.... I asked if he was going to give me a pill or patch for nausea and he said neither, that he does everything intravenously and would do it that way. I mentioned that I had never heard of it done like that and he said it's because it is VERY expensive. But I'm Soooo glad he works that way because I haven't had a shred of nausea since I woke up. I did get scared that my surgery was going to be canceled tho because I was taking Arnica for 2 days prior to surgery without clearance from PS and the anesthesiologist had never heard of it.... Weird! He gave me a tiny numbing shot so I wouldn't feel the iv in my hand and hooked me up to fluids. My PS came in and drew all over me. He answered any final questions I had. Once I was done he had the anesthesiologist go on and put the relaxing stuff in my iv. That's when my husband and I said our goodbyes and he left as I was carted to the surgery room. Then they told me that I was getting ready to go to sleep.

Next thing I know I was walking up in recovery, complaining about pain and asking where my hubby was. I was in quite a bit of pain in my stomach area. The PS pumped something into my drains... Which took the edge off I guess. My boobs were just uncomfortable.

Ok.... My story in incomplete but these narcotics have me dozing in and out of sleep. So ill finish in the morning lol. I sorry!

Post op day 1: I'll try not to pass out during...

Post op day 1: I'll try not to pass out during this post! Yesterday was painful... Getting up and down was excruciating. But things did seem to get easier as the day went on. Never got nauseous thanks to the drugs I got via iv. I have been taking ibuprofen with my vicaden. First time I peed I was to scared to sit so I peed in a cup. But since then I've been sitting down just fine without to much pain and I think a riser would have been a waste of money. Yesterday I was really uncomfortable because I'm a stomach sleeper so I didn't nap much or sleep good at night. I knew I would be walking hunched but I didn't realize I would practically be at a 90 degree angle.

So today is a little better. Not as much pain and I've been taking little naps. I'm also getting more independent with getting in and out of bed.... But still unable to do it by myself. My husband has been a savior! He has done so good! I still haven't gotten to really see my boobs, and I'm interested to see what they look like in clothes and find out bra size.... But so far I'm disappointed. They are to small. I picked out 400cc which they put in my smaller side and ended up putting a 300cc in my bigger side to even things out. They seem small to me :( I'm also a little confused because my PS did a lot of lipo on my flanks and he wasn't supposed to. I was supposed to get all my lipo done on Sept 21st when they transfer it to my butt. So I'm hoping I have enough fat to transfer to get a nice big booty. I guess if he doesn't think he will have quite enough then I might ask him to do my arms to get enough fat for a juicy booty. Lol well its time for my next round of meds. Happy healing everyone! Please leave comments because I'm stuck in my bedroom by myself and it sure is lonely :(

Post op day 2 Keep in mind everyone's experiences...

Post op day 2
Keep in mind everyone's experiences are different and different things work for different people. I've been slightly less emotional today. I'm pissed that my boobs aren't big enough. I'm pissed that my PS did lipo on my flanks cus he wasn't supposed to until Sept 21st when I do my BBL. So I wonder if I'm going to need a new harvest Site.... Maybe my arms? I have started getting up and back down by myself. It takes a lot of effort, but each time it gets a little easier. I have been walking up and down stairs and getting myself snacks and drinks. But I get tired so fast and my back starts to hurt sooooo bad. I think a toilet riser would have been a waste of money. I didn't have an electric heating pad, and it turned out to be a MUST so my husband went out to get one today. It has helped a ton for my back. I would recommend investing in a million ice packs of different sizes. I have a total of 9 and it feels inadequate. My bandages only came off that once, so I haven't gotten a look at things, but I feel swollen and deformed, especially where the lipo was. The drains haven't hurt or been much of a pain in the butt. But I'm also not required to force my drains into a compression garment. My PS won't have me wear a CG until my drains are out (hopefully Tuesday!) I am extremely gassy and it makes me have tummy aches. I haven't pooped since Wednesday! Most people report not being hungry, but I'm starving! My daughter is doing really good! But it makes me so sad that I can't pick her up or really cuddle. Well... I guess that's about it. Ask any questions!

Post op day 4 So I had my first appointment today...

Post op day 4
So I had my first appointment today. He said everything looked good so far. I had stitches taken out of my boobs and 1 drain removed. I hadn't had my pain meds for 6 hrs and it was still manageable. The drain removal wasn't necessarily painful, but it was the weirdest, most uncomfortable feeling I have ever felt. I should be able to get my last drain out tomorrow.

I have been spacing my pain meds out to about every 6 hrs. I have my ups and downs.... Especially when it comes to the emotional side of things. I cry over everything. I feel sorry for my husband! Today I woke up feeling yucky.... Not in pain, just yucky. Aside from my appointment I slept all day. After I got up and ate dinner I felt better. My biggest complaints are itching, the exhaustion, and the way my stomach feels. It's the weirdest thing and I can't describe it. It's just a horrible feeling.

So far I'm loving my results! I have finally been able to get a better look at my boobs and they are amazing! I was worried about the size, but it must have been the anesthesia cus they are perfect. A D for sure and maybe even a small DD.

I didn't realize how huge my coochie would look after a tummy tuck! Lol I thought it was swelling.... But the doctor said the pubic mound appears much larger after everything else gets smaller. He said we can always do lipo on it. So there's something to think about.
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Checking in on you again?? Haven't heard from you in a long while! Hope all is well.
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Hope you are doing well!
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Hey how are you? Haven't heard anything from you in a long time. Hope you are well!
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You are hilarious! :) I enjoyed reading our posts. How are you feeling now? You finish up your last procedures the day that I start mine :)
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Hey haven't heard from you. Hope you are doing well. Your next surgery is 3 weeks away. Hope all is well:-)
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Surprisingly I didn't really need any anti nausea medicine.... But I sure do wish I was given a muscle relaxer for my back.

I have been feeling pretty good. Today was probably the best day I've had. I need to post new pics and do an update! I think I'll try to update tonight and do pics tomorrow. How have you been?
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I just saw this! My meds are an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer, pain med, anti nausea, steroid pack,atavan- sleep, and the blood thinner.

how are you feeling??
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I wasn't given many meds... Just ativan, vicaden, and an antibiotic. What meds is your doctor giving you? 7 meds is gonna be hard to keep track of! But at least you should be super comfortable. And I'm sure some of them are just cautionary like blood thinners which is great because it's better to be safe than sorry. My back hurts from being stuck in this hunched/bent position. I can't stretch or twist my torso... My back is a constant pain whether I'm sitting or standing. But I'm hoping that within the next week I will be upright and able to stretch out a bit. Overall though I feel really fortunate that I haven't had any complications.... I never expected this to be a cakewalk. Lol
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Yes... My back is KILLING ME! But when I'm standing its not just my back that hurts, it's like my entire core is being strained. It's like my abs are working really hard to keep me standing and they get tired. It's weird and I can't really explain. For the first few days I was religiously taking my pain pills every 4 hrs whether it was day or night. Right now I don't take them every 4 hrs and I stay up late anyway, so I just take one late at night around midnight or later, then take my next one in the morning around 8am. I also take ibuprofen 2 or 3 times a day. None of this is fun or easy... Its really hard and there are some serious aches and pains to deal with, but it's all manageable. Assuming you don't have any complications then this is something I believe anyone is tough enough to get through. I think the spot you are in now is harder than what I'm going through now.... The anxiety, fear, and anticipation was the hardest part!
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What other meds did ur ps give u? I am going 2 have 7 diff meds that r scripts. Why does your back hurt? From surgery or being in the same position? Sorry it's so hard :-/ 
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I'm ok... Just like everyone says, there are definitely ups and downs. The mornings are the worst.... I always wake up feeling like shit. Once I get some food and pain killers in my system I feel a little better. I still sleep all the time. i have a really hard time walking or standing for more than a minute at a time because the pain in my back is excruciating. So I feel bed ridden. I got one drain out Tuesday and the other on Wednesday.... So now I'm in my compression garment, which is a love/hate relationship lol.
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Why is your back hurting? Awesome you got your drains out!!! Woohoo! Do you wake up to take your pain pills during the night?
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How are ya doing girlie? How's the recovery??
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Hey girlie glad thing seem to be going well! Yea you go a drain out!! Awesome you love your boobs!! Are u sleeping okay? How's the pain?
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I'm ok... I really love the fact that you check on me! I posted a new update. I've made it thru day 4....so I think everything should be getting easier and easier from here. Now I just can't wait for my 2nd surgery to get this all complete! And finish ALL MY RECOVERY!

How many days do you have left? Your time is getting closer and closer! What are your biggest fears right now?
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74 days! Ugh blah! It doesn't feel really like it will ever happen... Waking up is my biggest fear. And then any complication afterwards. I had a horrible dream about my surgery last night:-( I just wish I was where you are- recovering. Some days I get frustrated cause it's so far away.......
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How are you doing? I just wanted to check in on you:-) 
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Haven't been taking anything for gas... I was afraid it might slow the pooping process lol. I'm probably just paranoid, but I didn't want to risk it. Really don't have a bunch of must haves.... Just the ice packs, heating pad, good husband or other care taker, lots of pudding,some type of cup with lid and straw, nightstand with plenty of room, outlet strip by your bed, and plenty of bandages cus they didn't give me as many as they said they would. That's about it that I can think of.

Feeling alright this morning (post op 3).....walking straighter. Getting up and down on my own. Got quite a bit of an appetite. I get tired and wore out pretty easily. Pain today is probably a 4.
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Are you taking anything for the gas? On a scale of 1-10 what is your pain level? What are must haves? Besides the ice packs and heating pad?
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I wore a D bra, but the doctor said I wasn't a true D... So now I don't know.

About the bbl I'm confused because he wasn't supposed to do any lipo of my flanks on Friday, just my tummy. For the BBL I was going to do flanks, hips, back, and a little on my inner thighs. Now I'm thinking that I might have to add a lipo site to get enough fat. After the fat is processed, most of it can't be used, so it takes quite a bit of lipo. And I want my thighs to stay large, I don't want him going crazy on my legs.

So what size would you guess my new boobs?
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In the pic it looks like a full C or D. You should ask your PS at you post op about the BBL- and what he is to use for it. How are you feeling today?
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I wanted to ask what are you having lipoed when you get you BBL?
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Ya... I wanted to go bigger and I picked 400cc. I feel like they're smaller than they were before surgery!
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What were they before? C's or D's??

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Your boobs look high but I wouldn't say small. The implants should settle lower and then make you look fuller? Were you hoping to go larger than your pre-op size? I was told that by doing a lift I would lose the equivalent of up to one full cup size. Hope that helps!
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