mm with full tt, lipo of flanks, bl with implants, and lipo of chin! - Lexington, KY

I am 37 yrs old, mother of 2, ages 19 and 16...

i am 37 yrs old, mother of 2, ages 19 and 16 years! ht 5'2", wt 165lbs, and its mostly all belly. i have struggled with the belly buldge, and saggy breast for a long time. i could rock a bikini even after my last child, but depo shot for birth control did the job on my body. 50 lbs in 6 months, was too overwhelming for me. but even 16 yrs later still there. diet, exercise and whatever else you can do to lose weight, ive done it, but it just keeps coming back. no matter how much weight i lost, my belly never went nowhere.

but things are about to change!! im so excited, i'm having full tt, with lipo of flanks, breast lift with silicone implants and lipo of the chin!! my surgery is scheduled for december 1st 2011. only 3 wks away, ive dreamed about this for a very long time.!!

2 weeks from today, I'll have a new body!! I cant...

2 weeks from today, I'll have a new body!! I cant hardly wait. Tomarrow is the last office visit with my PS before the surgery. I guess everything will be finalized then.

Well had last office visit with the PS today. Have...

Well had last office visit with the PS today. Have all post op med prescriptions in hand, bill paid, all post op appt sched, and I'm ready to go! I'm anxious, nervous and excited all together. I hope the next two weeks goes as fast at the last 2 1/2 months has!

5 more days to go, and I'll be a new person..flat...

5 more days to go, and I'll be a new person..flat belly, and perky breast!!! that all makes for a new me!! I'm getting more nervous by the hour, seems like. Everything I've researched and looked at for years seem to be making me more nervous about doing this!! I think I have everything at home in order, and all the pre-op check list stuff done. I"m starting to have the attitude of I just want to get it over with.

The day is almost here!!! I'll be a new body...

The day is almost here!!! I'll be a new body tomarrow, but sore I'm sure!! I can't wait, I'm so excited but very nervous!!

Ok this is day 6, first of all i didnt realize...

ok this is day 6, first of all i didnt realize that my recent post from my phone hadnt posted yet. but today is a little better. boobs still perky, i keep looking for them to go flat or something!! lol, belly is flat, and im so happy with my results. pain is not to bad today, swelling is better. everything is getting a better shape.

Today is POD 9!! Yesterday I saw my doc, he...

Today is POD 9!! Yesterday I saw my doc, he removed sutures and my JP drain. My results ate getting better everyday! Dr Wells had really made my dreams come true, he's great!! My abdomen is starting to get more feeling back into now, it's not as numb over the muscle repair and it's burning like fire. I'm not sure if thats what's suppose to happen and who long does it stay, any recommendations on what to do??? Boobs still perky and settled nicely. Chin and neck have nice shape! I just love my results!!

I'm almost 2 weeks out now from my MM!!! I'm...

I'm almost 2 weeks out now from my MM!!! I'm loving my results! Boobs are settling, and swelling going away! Abdomen is flat, but that muscle hurts!! I think I'm over pain from lipo now, it's just getting stretched out enough to stand up straight. Biggest problem I have is not being able to bend over, or stand up straight, and anything I do as far as waking throughout the house or any wears me out!! I get tired so fast and easy. I've also spent two weeks in recliner, I can't wait to get back in my bed!! My bed is very low to the floor. I have to say also I have best husband on earth!! He has lifted me up, bathed me, changed my clothes and bandages, made sure everything is in its place and nurtured me as my own mother would have!! I love him very much and am so thankful and blessed!!

16 Days post op and I'm loving my results!! belly...

16 Days post op and I'm loving my results!! belly still have little swelling, and my thighs are swollen still. Boobs are almost the size they are going to be, left one has slight swelling, but is resolving. I cant wait to be able to get into my normal clothes, hopefully a little smaller size!!

Almost 4 weeks belly still swollen, boobs...

Almost 4 weeks belly still swollen, boobs look good!! Incisions look great can hardly tell I've been cut. I love my results!! I'm still sore thru my belly and rib areas, boobs are tender! I have to go back to work thursday, and I'm really not wanting too!! I'd much rather just stay home a while longer!! Hubby is taking to good a care of me for me to leave!! Lol. I love him very much!!

Ok I'm almost 3 months out, and I'm loving my...

Ok I'm almost 3 months out, and I'm loving my results!! I still have some swelling throughout the day, so I still wear my spanx!! I can honestly say its been the best money I've ever spent in my life and I would do it again tomarrow!! Besides the swelling in the abdomen, my thighs still swells some too, I don't know if this is all normal or not and if anyone else does this after being out this long?? I have been told by several it could take up to 6 months to go away so I'm not panicking yet!! Lol. I think that if someone wants this do, you need to do it and feel so much better about yourself!! I'll try to post some 2 & 3 months out pics later!!
Lexington Plastic Surgeon

Dr Wells is the best ever!! Look at what a job he performed on me!! My belly was huge and now its flat, boobs were saggy and now they are perky and round.. I love my results and I couldn't have found anyone better to get this job done. Office staff is the best, they treat you like family. Mandy and Kristie are the best ever, and there is no wait times!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I have a consultation with Dr. Wells tomorrow. I am so excited and can't wait to meet him! If he does half as good on me as he did you I will be happy. You look great.
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I had a MM at end of April by Dr Wells and I can't tell you what a fabulous job he did!!! He is a perfectionist and I could not be happier!!! You will love him and his nurse Sandy is the best!!
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hey one very happy woman youre looking great i had that same problem with the birthcontrole injections....they made me gain weight like crazy, then i was on predizone thats even worst ,felt like i grew overnight...times gonna change forr the beter cant wait
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You're looking great! Thanks so much for your updates.

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Thanks Girls!! Like I said, I'm so happy with my results!! My boobs are a D cup!! Actually I was a 38 C before, and now I'm a 38 D!! My BB, is a little pushed out right now, but as this swelling continues to decrease its getting better!! I'm not sure if there's anyway to get a specific looking BB, I think it's just however it turns out!! Good luck girls with yours, you all will do great!!
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If you don't mind me asking what size are your boobs?
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You look great! Did you ever find out what the burning was from? My surgery is schuduled on April 27
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OMFG! YOU LOOK AMAZING! Wow. Youre body is like....a completely different persons body! lol thats the only words i could find for it! You look great girl!

The BB thing i dont quite understand. How do we know what its supposed to look like? Im so worried about everything lol. But yeah, you look amazing girl =]
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Thank you ladies!! U will have a great outcome too!! I'm so glad I did this for myself, I love my results, and u will too!! Its worth every pain and dollar lol!!
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Omg you look great !!! My date is April 3!!
  • Reply look great. I am having my surgery 3-15 and hoping for the same great results. So glad that you are healing well and give the procedure a big thumbs up!!!! Congrats on the new are looking fab girl!!
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Thank you!! When are u having yours?
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My boobs are KINDA like how yours WERE, except not as big....and i think saggier. lol. But wow! They look so good! I cant wait for mine!!!

Congrats, again =]
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Amazing results!! I can see why your so happy with your PS
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He is great!!! He has done an amazing job on me! I'm 6 weeks post op now, doing great! I love my new body.. I'm gonna try to get some new pics posted soon.
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Thank you!! I'm really hoping so..I can't wait!!
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Wow..what a great result so far. Your stomach looks wonderful!!! You will be looking great for the summer!!
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Thank You!!!
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Your results are looking really good! :)
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sorry but I can't take pics of myself
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It's a drain that has a bulb on the end. They mash it in to create suction. It had long tiny tube come from the surgical area to the bulb. The name of it Jackson Pratt Drain!
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Whats a JP drain?
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Thanks ladies!! I'm doing good so far! No lying its rough but bearable!! Lol
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I'll be thinking about you, cantwait007!! Please let us know all is well when you come to! We'll be eager to read your story! :-)
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