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Narrowing Down Thr Surgeon for a Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants - Lexington, KY

I have met with Dr. Calobrace in Louisville, Ky...

I have met with Dr. Calobrace in Louisville, Ky for my initial consult and felt really good about his skills and expectations.

I have another appointment with Dr. Schantz in Lexington next week for a consult on tummy tuck, breast lift with plants and eventually a thigh lift.

I am already extremely nervous and haven't even gotten close to my intended surgery date. This is a life changing decision not physically and mentally. .. not to mention financially. The thought of debt as well as pain during recovery has me second guessing my decision to want surgery.

About twelve years ago I weighed 220 + pounds and over a three year period I lost around 80 pounds. I have done very good at maintaining my current weight of 140. The most I have fluctuated over the past ten years has been ten pounds. Unfortunately I lost the weight with diet pills and no exercise so I have been left with a very disgusting body.

According to Dr. Calobrace I would benefit from two surgeries. The first being a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. The second a thigh lift. DR. Calobrace recommended tightening the top portion of my body first before doing the thighs later. He said I could expect some lift on the thighs due to the tummy tuck.....which would make me very happy.

Any comments on either surgeon or comments on the procedures in general would be helpful. I am so scared and excited at the same time. This is something I have wanted for so long.
Congrats on your weight loss! We have VERY similar stories! I also had a nearly 100 lb.weight loss....Followed by Lower body lift with vertical incision, breast lift with augmentation, and arm lift.I will consider thigh lift at a later date. There procedures have been truly life changing. I am very excited for you!
You look amazing. I spoke with Dr. Schantz today and he didn't seem to be that impressed with thigh lift results in general. This is very dissapointing because my thighs bother me more than any other part of my body. Have you had any luck finding much info and pictures of thigh lifts?
My PS is not that enthusiastic either....he said in his experience thigh lift patients are often disappointed with the results, especially the scarring. While I too have horrible thighs, especially the inner thigh, I think I will wait a little longer, and give serious consideration before I have another surgery. Until then, I'll just be happy with body as it is!

Sitting in the doctor's office for my second consultation

Okay so the waiting room is nice and trendy, but I did not receive much of a warm welcoming. I have been sitting in an office room with a desk and computer for ten minutes or so waiting on the Doc to come in. I will update later today on the consultation. As of now I am not too impressed

Love Dr. Schantz's personality.

So the consultation made a huge turn around. Dr. Schantz should greet you at the door and that would guarantee satisfaction. He is such a down to earth and caring surgeon. I immediately felt comfortable with him and the way he interacted with me. I felt like he was a "straight shooter" and didn't just tell me what he thought I wanted to hear. The price difference between the two surgeons is only $800 dollars. This makes the decision as to who to chose even more difficult. I really liked both doctors. The Louisville Dr. was very energetic and I have friends who he has operated on. Also, he let's me go home the first day. The Lexington Dr. Is humble and made me feel like a friend rather than a patient. The downfall is I have to spend the first night in the hospital. The other positive is he is in Lexington and I wouldn't have to travel to Louisville. HELP....IM SO TORN!

Also, is it worth having my flanks lipo suctioned? Is this something I should really consider? I don't have large love handles, but I don't want a flat belly with a fat backside. Any suggestions on this?

I am so excited to follow your journey!  You have great hip curves so you are going to have awesome results I bet. :)

Can you private message me :)
It's a tough decision when you like both Drs equally. Do some online research, How long have they each been in practice and how many of these procedures have they done. Look for online MD reviews and go to your state medical licensing board to check out if they have any complaints, law suits etc. go with whoever you REALLY feel comfortable with and puts your mind at ease. I came home the same day as surgery, so glad I did, I was so much more comfortable in my own home.

it is getting close

I am so anxious about this surgery. I have never had surgery of any kind. The pain ans healing process scare me.

I have my preop appointment today and my surgery will be on New Year's eve.

Any ideas on supplies that I should purchase ahead of time?
Hey girly were surgery date twins!!! We're getting so close I look forward to seeing your results you will look amazing!!
There is a list on the forum section with supplies for recovery. Blankets, pillows, bendable straws, soft easy on the tummy foods and snacks. Keep hydrated, bottled water but no carbonated drinks. A raised toilet seat and Shower chair are helpful as well as a recliner. Arnica for bruising. Stretchy comfy pants. You will get a lot more suggestions from others. You will love your new body. It just keeps getting better and better

Almost two weeks till surgery

I am extremely nervous yet excited. I can't wait to have boobs and belly that doesn't float when I get in the tub.
I am most worried about swelling. Any tips to help keep swelling to a minimum?
The lift recliner has been ordered and my meds have been picked up. Now just waiting on the big day to get here.
I read that eating an all liquid diet the day before really helps. Any thoughts on this?

Three days until my new beginning.

I am feeling nervous and guilty. I should have been eating healthy and dieting before my procedure. With all the holiday foods at home and work , I have gained three pounds and feel incredibly guilty.

Since I have to spend the night in the hospital the first night, does anyone have suggestions on what I should pack.

Please say a prayer for me that God blesses Dr. Schmaltz and his staff on Tuesday so that I may pull through safely.
Exciting! Good luck! I packed a change of loose fitting clothes (size up if you have). Slip on shoes, button down shirt or zip hoodie. I packed crocs for shoes. Drink lots of water.
Hey chick, just wanted to say good luck. And I can't wait to see ya. I think you will be very happy. I had a wonderful stay in the hospital. His surgical nurse that was with me...really short hair (don't remember her name) she was amazing. Helped me so much. You really won't need anything. I think I brought my meds and stuff but I didn't need them til I got home. I brought a change of clothes...something easy to get into. They will give you stuff to clean up with if you want or you could bring wipes..I used those a lot the first week lol Take your skimpiest panties and tell him you want your scar to be covered in them. He told me to and I didn't...and my scar is higher than I would like. Your paying for it so make sure to get what you want. He is a great surgeon tho..so I really think you'll be super happy. Oh and don't worry bout the weight...lol I gained 5 lbs from thanksgiving to Christmas haha I think we all do it.
I think your scar looks great. I am nervous and excited. I cant wait to sit down and not have a huge roll of saggy skin lying on my lap. I will update with pics as soon as i can. Happy New Year!

so Nervous

Today is the day. I am in the waiting room now and my stomach is in knots.

I have faith in my surgeon and know he will try very hard to give me the results i want, but my nerves are still on high alert.

Please pray for my surgeon ans myself.
Happy New Year ladies .

it is done

everything went well surgery.

my only pain as of right now it is my breast.
the side my breast are killing me because they're so sore.

my doctor did not do much like affection because most of my problem with skin.

keep praying for me please
Congrats.... Get all the rest you can and stay on top if your pain meds!!!
thanks girl. since I'm in the hospital I have only been able to sleep for about an hour at a time but they have done a great job at pain management

Morning After

I have not gotten out of the bed yet so I am not too sure of how I am going to do with that.

Right now the catheter and boobs hurt the most.it isn't a bad pain but more of just an uncomfortable feeling .

This is the only photo I could take from my view.

Getting out of bed for the first time

OmG.....that hurt. The burning pain was excruciating.

I have never felt pain like that before.
How is everything going? Hope you have had a good experience so far! Remember, your first 3 days are the worst..you'll get most of that over with at the hospital with tons of help...
You're going to be ok, just take each thing slow and rely on the people around you to help you this week until you are able to do things on your own. It's a perfect day to watch some parades and football and have others take care of you, so enjoy it.

so sore and my muscles burn

Its gonna get better luv! Just hang in there. U look amazing already tho :-) Happy healing and Happy new year!
You look AMAZING! Yay!
Thank you so much. Now I just look forward to walk upright.

still sore

Today does seem a little better. I dont have an appetite, but I know I need to eat. After this I am positive I will never eat a cracker again. I try to eat three or four before taking my meds.

I am primarily just sore when I move and dying to stand up straight. The lift chair has helped tremendously. You can rent one for less than a hundred dollars for the month.

I am so thankful for my ten year old niece
that stayed home from school today to take care of me. She is calling this her community service day LOL.

My boobs dont really hurt, but my stomach muscles burn with any movement. The drain pinching is very uncomfortable so I have taped it for reinforcement.

I am looking forward to getting the drain out. Yes, I only have one drain. Dr. Schantz said my muscles looked good and didnt such aggressive repair. He said he removed
A pound and a half of skin and only about two coke cans of fat from lipo. Thank God I didnt have to have more done because this hurts bad enough now.

Keep the prayers coming, because it is getting better.

Thanks ladies for everything and all the support.

laughing at my first post after surgery

I realize I must have really had some good meds in my system because nothing in my first post made sense LOL.

Well today was the first day that I actually walked more than just to the bathroom and back. I took about a five minute walk around the house. It was very tiring and my back hurt, but I know I need to do it.

I realized that I was unconsciously raising my arms to tie my hair up and I shouldnt
Be doing that. Hopefully I havent caused any damage. I can tell one breast is a little bigger than the other , but I am staying open minded that they will even out later.

I may try to get a few pics later. I have to take my pain pump out today. I dont think it should hurt , but you never know.

A few pics while my niece was cleaning me up

Feeling much better

I am getting closer to standing upright and that is feeling so good. Last night was rough because my back was sore and I couldnt get comfortable. I decided to get up and move around more and it started to feel better.
I took only two pain pills yesterday and am trying to only use Tylenol today. My back seems to be the only real problem at this point.
My wonderful mother washed my hair and cleaned me up last night which made me feel so much better.

A few pics

I had surgery Dec 30th full TT-- I got my drain out today. I feel better everyday and I hope u do too
Mine came out today. I feel like everyday I get better and move easier. Happy healing.

What a difference a week makes

So it does get better. At first I thought I was going to die when I coughed or laughed, but it does get better with time. It still hurts when I cough, but nothing compared to the fire I felt the first couple of days.

My one week check up was today and I walked in the office upright (well for the most part).
Dr. Schantz says I am recovering well and he was very impressed with my progress so far. He even took my drain out. Yay! I am so happy to be free of that nuisance.
My only complaint is my back. I cant seem to get comfortable at night and support my back enough to sleep comfortably. I did rent a lift chair and that worked well for sleeping until about two days ago. Tonight I am going to try to lie in bed with lots of pillows.
I got my drain out Monday and feeling better especially after being able to take a shower yesterday for the first time in 7 days. :) You are looking great already. Everyday is one day closer to feeing better and healing faster. :)
Hot water on my back is going to feel soooo good considering I have been sponge bathing for a week...oh and the temp here has been below freezing for a week.
The warm shower water really will make you feel better. I remember when I was not able to bathe I looked forward to washing my face and brushing my teeth and I would do it several times a day. It would just make me feel fresh and forget the pain for just the little while. I've actually been like this for almost a month since I got a hematoma in my tummy almost at 2 wks post op and had to go back and have surgery again on 12/31. They had to open me back up ( it was so scary and depressing) & it was like starting from scratch again. Walking bent over, tubings again, antibiotics again, pain again, no shower again. But I notice each day is better. Btw.... not to brag but it's only 74 here in Miami. Lol. :)

Everyday gets a little brighter

Yesterday was my first real day out. My boyfriend picked me up for lunch. He was worried that I wouldnt be able to get up in his truck, but I had no problems at all. Parking downtown was a little scarce due to an event and we had to park about three blocks away from the restaurant. The weather has been better so I told him I could walk it. I did it, but was exhausted by the time I got there :)

Today I went to lunch with my girlfriends and even managed to wear my jeans. The only problem was that I have a great
Group of friends and they kept making me laugh .....which still hurts a bit. All the
The girls were impressed with how great I was getting along and healing.

The glue on my incisions is starting to peel and I can see that my scar looks really good.

I am excited to see the end result.
You look amazing!
Thank you so much. I feel better every day.

Almost three weeks post op

I have been feeling really good this week. My only issue is sleep. I cant get comfortable in bed so I am still sleeping in the recliner. I was up every two hours. This worries me because I start back at work on Thursday and dont know how I will make it through a 12 hour shift with minimal sleep.

Any suggestions on sleeping?

Also, my binder is getting more and more annoying. I dont mind it during theday, but at night it drives me crazy.

Swelling hasnt been too bad. I did have french fries yesterday and noticed I was a little more swollen than normal.

Doc said I could begin massaging my breast scars this week. Although it isnt very comfortable I have been doing it. Wonder if I could use paper tape on these scars. Any recommendations on scar therapy for breasts and tummy?
You look fantastic! I slept in recliner for 3 weeks then moved to sleeping on my side on the sofa. I made it back to my bed at 5 weeks. I don't have an issue with sleeping so I really can't give any suggestions. It was too hard for me to get in/out of my bed so I settled for the sofa.
Well I am happy to know that I am not alone. I was thinking I should be Back in bed by now. I can get in and out of my bed just fine, but it is a firm bed and feels too hard on my sides. Thanks for letting me know this is normal.
Yeah, it was too hard for me too. I have a sleep number bed too and put it down to the lowest number. I slept on soft pillows on the sofa because that felt too hard too!

Three weeks out and guess who gets Bronchitis

Yep, Bronchitis at three weeks sucks. Yesterday was my first day back at work. I rocked that 12.5 hour shift in the ICU with only stomach pain from coughing. I expected my back to hurt , but it didnt. Maybe I was just distracted by the excruciating stomach soreness from coughing and the worry of ruining my muscle repair. Dr. Schantz doesnt seem to think I will cause any damage, but the coughing is horrible. I can feel the mucus rattling in my airway. I am taking everything and nothing seems to stop the cough. So Iam just tightening my compression garment and splinting my tummy.

Please pray for the coughing to subside. Thanks ladies.
I forgot to add that your 21 days pictures are amazing!!! I know you are in pain from coughing but wow you look great. Hang in there!!!!!
Oh my gosh!!! you poor thing. How long have you been sick. Ahhh feel better. I am sooo sorry

Almost two months post op

You look great chick! Are you happy with everything?
Yes, I am very happy. I just want to speed things along so I can see the final result soon. How are you feeling?

Scar 2 months Post Op

I think my scar is healing well. My problem right now is the tightness. When I turn over in my sleep it feels like I am going to rip something. Also, the lipo area is sore and itching still.

I am finally experiencing the swelling. By the end of my work day I look six months pregnant and feel like I have an rubberband around my belly. The tightness is such an odd feeling.

Overall I think my healing has done went
Well. I still get an occassional pain from the muscle repair , but nothing serious.
What a dramatic change, you look great! I appreciate photos that I see of others, it has helped me. The one of you standing on day 3 showed me just how bent over I will probably be. Thank you for sharing your story(: I will have my TT this Friday and it's stories such as yours that are helping me. Thank you
You are going to do well. The coughing and sneezing hurt the most. Rent a recliner/lift chair if you can. That was the most helpful piece of information I received. I couldnt have made it without it.
Calobrace or Schantz....have to decide

I decided to go with Dr. Schantz. I couldnt have asked for a better surgeon. He is very personable and made me feel like I was a friend rather than a patient. He never once seemed rushed to get to his next patient and always answered all my questions. I am so thankful for Dr. Schantz and his expertise.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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