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Hello Friends!! I'd like to start off and thank...

Hello Friends!! I'd like to start off and thank Ohiogirl who has been so kind to let me post on her blog:). I also like to thank Cali for writing step by step directions to set up my own site;) thank you ladies yr the best.
Okay my story is I'm a 49 yr old 5"7' female who had an BR and lipo on my upper lower abs thighs in side and out, flanksI had surgery on Tues.. My PS had me spend the night actually 23 hr hold..

Happy healing friend:)
Thank you! How are you healing? I was pretty sore yesterday evening.. Slept thur pain meds.. I want to get off them as quickly as possible. Hope you are going well! Take care !

Last night sleep very well..kinda itchy today .....

Last night sleep very well..kinda itchy today .. Is anyone else experiencing any itchiness ? Also when can we start scar treatment... What do you ladies think are best for treating scars ? Thank hope everyone had a wonderful day:-)
sending all my love and hope your healing well
I'm very itchy too. My ps said not to use any scar treatment for a while.
I was itchy and figured out it was mostly from the percocet (common side affect of this class of pain med.) My incision areas itched as well but that's just the healing process. I used benadryl at night so I could sleep. My doc had me wear a bra non-stop for the first 5 weeks, so there was some irritation.

Ladies! What can be done. For swelling. I've been...

Ladies! What can be done. For swelling. I've been putting ice packs on them. Not much relief. Does anyone know what causes it and what to do about it.?
i made hot water with fresh lemon and took bags of peas and put them in zip lock bags and I have 8 bags I would use 4 at a time....just kept switching them and I only would wear a tank top cause I swell when I'm restricted
Mia. Thank you. Hoof you are going better. Wonder cause I took shower and washed hair. That did it? What do u guys think?
Yeah, the swelling is the most annoying part. I am 10 days out. By the evenings I feel like a Tick about to pop. Very sore and tender. It slowly feels better and better. I actually looked at 6 properties yesterday. Going back to work tomorrow. Ice, elevate, use the compression

Hello Ladies!! I saw the PS today!! She said the...

Hello Ladies!! I saw the PS today!! She said the girls looked good and removed all snitches in chin and from lipo.. She said she thought I'd be a C/D cup!! Yayyy!! I described to her the pain I had yesterday.. Where the swelling was and she said it could have been a. Muscle spasm.. But didn't seem to think it was "typical swelling".. She happy with all sites and all are healing nicely! And to come back in 2 weeks until then no tub baths. Showers are fine cont not to raise arms too high! I think I got a great report and hubby likes the perky girls!! For you that are on recovery end .. Hope you are healing nicely and for you that are on the pre surgery hang in there.. Anticipation is the hardest part! Hang in there !!!!?hope this helps someone!!!

Ladies my problem is I have for 49 yrs been a big...

Ladies my problem is I have for 49 yrs been a big stretcher in morning when I wake up in morning.., and have been able to stop by self until this morning. I did it:(. Arms beside ears fully or almost fully extended! I don't see in major bleeding or oozing, just very sore under arms. ..., I was very concerned I'd do this due to being only semiconscious .. Do anyone else have this issue. What do they do? Have I just messed up everything ?:(
I didnt know we werent suppose to lift our arms?
well docs usually say it is better not to lift it above your head for at least 2 weeks...Pantiky -I would even think about tieing them down...Get a different pillow...put pillows under and beside your arm so you are almost unable to lift your arm over your head when you sleep...I used a V shaped pillow to sleep on in the first 3week and that didnt allow me to roll to my sides or to lift my arm all the way over to my head...
Mia... That's what I was told., how are you doing?

This week has been kind of hard emotionally.. I...

This week has been kind of hard emotionally.. I know I have to be patient but its hard to wait.. Still can't wash my hair by myself or style it.. I wish the hair fairy would come wash and style it .,, that would be awesome!!! I don't see much difference from lipo like I thought I would. Not that that's the purpose, only 1 lb of weight loss.,its the waiting game now.. Hope everyone is healing nicely and others are receiving good news! I've posted some more pics..,
I think the girls look amazing! I totally am with u on the recovery because mine is long and hard. I guess at this stage of the game that is gonna be the way it goes. I'm just really babying myself as much as possible.
Mia. I am too., lets think of some wonderful ways to pamper ourselves!! :)
Mia. The girls say " thank you".. :-)

Last night was the first time I have been out for...

Last night was the first time I have been out for any length of time in a car., and today Boy am I sore!!! Has anyone else experienced this and what do you recommend to help/ prevent the soreness? I'm thinking of a trip for T-giving we have next week and wondering abt the 4.5 hr car ride! Yikes!!
You look really great. your healing beautifully;)
Looking great Patinky! Hope your healing is going as well as poss x
Hmmm car ride??? I know when I was where u are now I wasn't ready for it but if the seat is comfy enough u might be ok. Just recline and take pills with u. Make sure to lay down and rest when u her there. Good luck and if u aren't ready then I'm sure family will understand.

Heyy it's nearly been 2 weeks since my BR.. Today...

Heyy it's nearly been 2 weeks since my BR.. Today I started feeling numb again in my breasts. Is this normal? Does anyone else have this nearly 2 weeks post op?
I would say yes it is normal. I am 3.5 wks and each day is different it seems. I had an abdonomal hysterectomy in june amd i noticed tonight my hyster incision was itching. When i went to scratch it, i realized it was numb again. I did a lot today and my body has ways of rebelling when i do tommorrow is a new day... happy healing
Wow. I had a laser hyster and bladder tuck in May .. That was bad enough I can't image having it done abdominal one and now this. You are a brave lady!!
Patinky...no I haven't but I would call your Dr. just to get their opinion...keep me posted! plez

Hello Ladies!! Since last Sat. I have been so...

Hello Ladies!! Since last Sat. I have been so sore. It hurts to laugh or to take deep breaths. Does anyone else feel or felt like this., the only time I have my surgical bra off is when I'm taking a shower..if I'm really sore I take a bath instead of shower.. Also under my arms like in the pit area is teally dore and aches..But on a good note.. The bruising is less and I'm not as swollen as I have been. Is this normal healing process for week 2. It was 2 weeks yesterday. I'm going to post pics soon! Thanks hope those of you that are on recovery side continue to heal happily and our friends that are waiting. Receive good news quickly!! Thanks!!!

My friends.. I had planned to go visit my parents...

My friends.. I had planned to go visit my parents like we have for the past 24 years( missed 1 thanksgiving due to birth of our youngest child). Started out car packed all kids in car... We didn't get out of city limits and my husband made the decision we were not making the 4.5 hr drive to my parents house this year... He said you are in too much pain and this is ridiculous ... So we didn't go and our 19 and 20 yr old are cooking Tgiving dinner... Not the traditional fare( since cooking a turkey is out of the question). The girls announced we were having Salmon this yr instead... Should be interesting to say the least ! Considering neither girls have ever cooked Salmon.. I suggested steak since hubby can do that .. But they said fish was a healthier option.. I am a little sad cause I will miss my parents:(. But maybe we can see them in a couple of weeks !
I have to tell you I am so happy you didn't go because it was to much for you..It would have set u back to much...I would bring a full turkey dinner in a few weeks and celebrate with them...I always did that with my daughter since I'm divorced and I always worked the holidays...we celebrated ours after and now we don't have to do it that way and she really misses it...GO FIGURE...she said she always had two holidays...Tell your hubby we like men who take control...It's hot! ....LMAO...love it!
Mia....thank you for your concern! Yes, you are right. ... It would have been difficult trip.. And he is most definitely a take charge kind of guy!! He's never been afraid of the hard lines.. And sometimes it is HOT!! Afterwards I do agree with his decision.... It has been nice to have everyone home and enjoy some family time.. We have watched sports and hallmark Christmas movies.. It has been a relaxing change.. But I still miss seeing my parents:(
I am sure you do miss them patinky...I am telling you go in a few weeks...I would go to cracker barrel or boston market and pickup turkey and sides etc...and go over and celebrate! and xmas will be here soon maybe plan on going then! I feel like every time i push myself even now I pay for it and I know when I am pushing it! LOL...and BTW yes I heard about those Kentucky Men! I watch movies...very take charge..LMAO love it...sounds like a terrific family enjoy and keep healing baby!

Went to PS today. Gave me the okay to get a soft...

Went to PS today. Gave me the okay to get a soft cup bra. What brands of bras do you guys like. Also I may start scar treatment .. What works for this. This site is wonderfully educational as well as supportive... So glad I found it ! Thank you!!
Hey baby hope your doing well! your girls look like ur 20
Mia.,, haha your funny., my girls never were this perky even at 20... Do you feel like yr bra you are presently wearing had enough support .. I feel kinda bouncy... Anyone else experiencing this!
Hey doll how are you feeling?

Well it's been 5 weeks and I feel I've returned...

Well it's been 5 weeks and I feel I've returned pretty much to my pre surgery routine.. Still have some discomfort in like top of breast and can't raise arms directly up, some discomfort with reaching but that's about it otherwise I'm " normal". The girls are soften up some lefty is ahead of righty with this.. My fear that I would be too small had passed.. The only issue that really remains is I haven't slept good for nearly 2 weeks.. I can go to sleep easily but can't stay asleep all night.. No napping now and walking 2 to 3 times weekly.,
This site has been sooo helpful and hope all the new friends I've made on here are healing nicely../and you who are on the pre side I can honestly say it is absolutely worth all the hassle that comes with getting to this point:). Happy Healing!!!
So happy for you pinky...I think that we wont see the finial "product" for a few months! lol...but it was great going through it with you!
So glad ur doing good!!! U got to ur routine quickly!!!! Yes the girls will keep changing and taking shape!! I bet ur results will keep improving!
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She was wonderful appeared very compete also! Like her more every time I see her !!! So glad I choose her !!

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