First Review - 24 Yo Getting 350s Submuscular- Lexington, KY

Ok ladies ... I have been obsessing over this site...

Ok ladies ... I have been obsessing over this site for the past few weeks and I felt like I needed to document my experience only because I hope I can be helpful to someone just like the rest of you ladies have been helpful to me! Ok so for starters, I am 24 years old and I weigh 125 pounds - 5'5. I wear a 34B currently and I am hoping to wear a 34D.
For my first consultation I tried on various sizers and was set on 350cc buuuut then for my second consultation I brought my mom --- which had be convinced that I should go 300cc :))) she's quite modest. I was down for taking my mother's advice until I looked at a lot of reviews on RealSelf and decided I would probably need between 325-350cc to reach my goal (but what do I know - I could be completely wrong). Anyways, after talking to my doctor again over the phone, I decided on 350cc again - once and for all (that is unless you experienced ladies thing I should get something else because I am really nervous about the size!!).
So I am two days out before the big boobie day! And Im super nervous. I have never had surgery before and the idea of being put to sleep freaks me out big time. I also realllyyyy hate needles - so even getting an IV is going to be a big deal to me. One thing about my experience that makes me a little different than anyone else's that I have read thus far is I have been diagnosed with Protein S deficiency. This is a protein that is in your blood - basically I am more likely to get blood clots than a normal person. My doctor says this won't be an issue, but it is an additional worry and stress to me. I was just diagnosed with this disorder so I still don't fully know the ins and outs of it. All I know is I got a blood clot once when I played volleyball in college and I bruise really easily -- i suppose this is the reason behind these things, but other than that I don't know how else I should manage the disorder. I am going to see a hematologist sometime later this month so I will have more information then.
Any information you can give me to prepare/help/advise me through this process will be greatly appreciated!! :))

So I guess it'd be helpful to have some before pics...

Here are some before pics and some wish pics... It's more awkward than i thought it'd be posting topless pics online :\ I guess I'm officially in the real self club!

Also I spoke with dr. Kirn again yesterday and feel so confident in everything that's going to happen tomorrow: the surgery, how my blood disorder is being addressed, the anesthesia, the size, etc. he and his staff are AMAZING! I can't recommend them enough!

Oh yeh .. I forgot to post my "wish boobs" :)))

Lexington Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr. Kirn and his staff have been awesome!! They have been so kind and patient throughout the entire process!!

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Good luck tomorrow hun!
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Good luck! I'm also getting 350 (or 375) tomorrow as well! Yay for same day BAs!
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Yayy!!! Good luck girl! Are you as nervous as I am?!
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Yes! Haha so anxious
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