I am 41 years old. I am the mom of three boys...

I am 41 years old. I am the mom of three boys (23,18,16). I have a wonderful husband. I can remember when my oldest son was born, my body bounced right back...I had awesome abs, no issues. However, after the births of my second two children that was not the case. Each one seemed to leave behind a "roll" in my abdomen area. I really noticed this when I sat in the tub to bathe! I would look down and I was like oh my! Where did that come from?! Of course the years have progressed and so did the size of these rolls! Within the past year I decided to do something about them and started working out at the gym 5 days a week. I lost 25lbs..YEA me! Only the rolls have stayed! Hey that was not suppose to be the case....I thought if I put my time in at the gym, ate well, they would find a new home better yet disappear. That did not happen. While we were on vacation at the beach this year (sept) I decided to do some research on lipsuction. I felt confident that was a good option for me and upon arriving home set up a consultation.

I attended my consultation on Sept. 20th and met a very kind and caring PS and staff. I explained that I was interested in liposuction on my thighs and abs and then showed him my thighs and abdomen. He took care to ask me questions and kind of get to know me. He then offered me his opinion and advice. He felt that liposuction was appropriate for my thighs however, my abdomen would be best treated with a full TT. REALLY? He went on to explain that those rolls would not go away with just getting rid of the fat. YIKES. Ok, so after he explain a little about the TT and the cost (OUCH) I left not sure of what I wanted to do. He told me he would be willing to do the lipo if that is what I chose but warned my that those rolls my be worse because the skin would become even more loose. Did I mention I had not told my husband I was going to this consultation? So I left the house thinking about liposuction only to come home to try and get a grasp on just what a TT would mean. So I YouTubed it. I made it through the video but was like ohhhh hell to the NO I am NOT doing that! Well after I digested what I had watched and did some more research (found this website) I decided to talk to my husband about it. He knows how upset I become over my body and it's shape and he loves me for just the way I am but he knows he can't love me enough for the both of us. So he said if this is what will make you happy then I support you. Ahhh I love him.

So I phone the PS and schedule my surgery for Oct. 12th and also schedule my preop appt. for Sept. 25th. I go in on Tuesday to my preop and was offered a chance to change my surgery to Oct. 1st (WHAT! that is less than a week away) After I stopped panicing I chose to take the 1st. I have gone through a range of emotions--fear, excitement, not going to do it, going to do it) What if I die, what if I can't handle the pain...all the normal fears and reservation everyone has, what has really helped me to put them to rest was taking the before photos. I know I see me in the mirror but man the saying is true...." A picture is worth a thousand words" These have put doubts to bed now I just want it done! My PS has put me on a vitamin regimen and given me perscriptions for pre/post surgery. I take a multivitamin 3 tablets 2X's a day, today I have started Bromelain with Quercetin 2 tablets 3X's a day, The day after surgery I will take Arnica 3 tablets 3X's a day. I will take an antibiotic (Cephalexin), an antinflammatory (Celebrex), and a pain pill. I plan on purchasing the silicone strips to help reduce my scar. My sister is going to help care for me the first couple of days. So I am all set. I wish everyone luck and health that have chosen the TT path and will keep you posted on my recovery.

Ok, two days to go and I am back to being nervous!...

Ok, two days to go and I am back to being nervous! I keep thinking what if I go through all of this pain and expense and there is very little result! YIKES! I am a pretty level headed person and realize this is probably not going to be the case but I still keep thinking about the what if's! I will also start a new job the begining of Nov. so I am hoping to be healed enough that it won't affect my performance. Part of me just wishes it was over so I could but this crazy mind of mine at ease! Does anyone have any other food ideas that are light and easy other than crackers, broth, jello, and gatorade? My PS told me it would be important that I get fluids into me other than water to help balance electrolytes after the lipo. Happy healing and many blessings to all!

Ok, twelve hours and counting. I am anxious and...

Ok, twelve hours and counting. I am anxious and excited. I can tell I will struggle to sleep tonight! I have gotten my jello, water, gatorade, pudding, applesauce, crackers and pillows and blankets ready. Ok, well good luck to the others going for their surgery tomorrow. I am sending prayers and positive thoughts your way, for peace of mind, strength, and healing. Blessings to all! I will post when I can tomorrow.

I have made it to the flat side! Not an...

I have made it to the flat side! Not an overwhelming amount of pain, I think it feels more like I did 100 crunches. My thighs where the lip was done are "achy" . When I first woke up my mouth was very dry and I had this plastic taste in my mouth. I became nauseated with "hot flashes" on my first attempt to sit at the edge of bed. After a bit of rest and a cool cloth to my forehead this past. I am at home now in a recliner with pillow under my knees. Made it to the bathroom ( which is upstairs) hardest part was standing up from recliner. I won't be able to see anything for a coupld of days. I will post pictures then. I am still very sleepy and the pain meds are kicking in again. Time for a nap!

Day 1 PO.....Well so far I have stayed on top of...

Day 1 PO.....Well so far I have stayed on top of the pain with my meds. I am not in a lot of pain it's more of uncomfortable. I stopped taking the vicodin and switched to tylenol with codine this does not bother my stomach as back as the vicodin. Can any previous TT's tell me when the stomach muscles stop feeling like you've just done 100 crunches? The nausea is what bothered me last night and my doctor had given me a perscription for antinausea suppositories and I broke down and used one....it worked! That helped me sleep a little better. I slept in like 2 hour increments. Yesterday I had to go to the bathroom every 2 hours, this may have been from the fluid iv they gave me during the procedure. Because I had lipo on my thighs I have a cg that goes from my lower thighs (almost to my knees) up to my rib cage. It does not bother me but causes me to take shorter breaths...kind of like when someone hugs you really hard. I can get up and move around my thighs from the lipo are probably actually more sore than my stomach. I have only been able to eat light foods, yesterday (day of surgery) I had a yogurt, jello, and munched on crackers. I also drank water and sprite. I found I could not eat a whole container of yogurt at one time. I have been taking stool softeners but nothing is moving yet. I am a little gassy and find it hard to get that out....so I am sending my sister to get me gas X (just what I need more pills) That is what I find the most annoying is all the pills and keeping track of them! I don't think I am taking another pill ever after this is over with....haha. I only have one drain which had to be drained approximately 7 times yesterday and overnight. It was alittle scary becaues I felt like it was so much but the nurse told me I may have to empty it a lot and that everyone is different. My energy level is zapped.....I can get up to go to the bathroom(upstairs) but by the time I get back to the recliner I am pooped! So far no regrets but I haven't been able to see anything and won't until at least tomorrow....so will post pics as soon as I can. If you have any questions feel free to ask....I will try to answer the best I can :)

PO day 2. I slept about 4 hour clips last night so...

PO day 2. I slept about 4 hour clips last night so I had a decent nights sleep. I am feeling much more like myself today. I am sure I will feel even better once I get my shower after my husband comes home from work to help me. My pain level when I am sitting in the recliner is 0/10. When I am up and moving it's about 3/10 with medication. My ps office (nurse) calls me everyday to check on me and get my fluid numbers and she said I sound great. I will not go back to see them until around day 10 or when they think the drains are able to come out. I have been taking the vitamin supplements as scheduled and think this has really helped with the healing process. My energy level is still very low and probably the hardest thing I find to deal with. I am drinking lots of fluids, water, sprite, gatorade. As of now I have no regrets and still haven't gotten to see my stomach yet. I will post pics as soon as I am able. Blessings to all.

Ok, first time showering! I feel so much better...

Ok, first time showering! I feel so much better now but it was hard. Thanks God my husband was there....we had a plastic chair that we sat in our tub and that's how I showered. I used Dial liquid soap. By the time I was done I started to feel light headed and queasy so I had to lay down before putting my cg back on and dressing. I only needed a few minutes and felt fine afterwards. I unfortunately did not get any pictures because I was just too unsteady and dizzy. You definately need somewhere to sit and someone to help with the showering part. But ahhhhh I smell so much better now! Oh and my thighs look so much smaller and they are still very swollen but not all that bruised....Arnica works and I am so thankful for it! My stomach is still swollen and I don't know that I can tell a difference yet....but that is me looking down on it with swelling! Blessings to all!

Another night in the recliner sleeping 4 hour...

Another night in the recliner sleeping 4 hour increments. Getting up and down is almost without pain. There is a small amount of pain upon initializing the movement but that subsides quickly. I am still zapped for energy. My apetite is still not the best but I do eat yogurt, bananas, applesauce, and I had some pasta with veggies for lunch today. I just have to eat in small portions or I feel very bloated. The nurse called today and wanted to know if I have had a BM yet which I haven't. She wants me to get a laxative such as colace. (I have been taking stool softeners the whole time just nothing is moving) I am starting to feel as if I need to go but nothing is happening. I am also not the kinda girl that goes once a day either so this is not abnormal for me. I am starting to get the "itches" under my cg especially around my bb. My legs also but that is so weird because they feel like the itch but there is sensation loss and when I scratch them it's like I am not even scratching them. I find rubbing them helps to satisfy that iching in my legs. I still have a strong burning sensation in my legs every once in a while...it's not constant but seems to happen when I first stand up. If I massage that area, it helps and becomes less painful. My fluid output has gone down alot....I have only one drain and yesterday I only needed to empty it twice and it was 65ml. Previous to that I had been draining it alot and was at 128ml or more. The coloring of the drainage has changed also.....It has gone from a Hawiian punch red to light weak coolaid red color. You can pretty much see through it. Nurse said this was good and should be what happens. I have to say the back pain is annoying and prevents me from staying on my feet very long. I am standing a bit straighter today though and was told I may be hunched over for a week or more. I am hoping not but it is what it is. I am starting to get a bit antsy but not really to go anywhere because my energy is zapped but just to move around the house. I am getting up and down more just to give my butt a break! Ok, well that is all for now...blessing that everyone continues to heal and prayers to those about to embark on this journey.

PO day 4- I attempted to sleep in my own bed last...

PO day 4- I attempted to sleep in my own bed last night but could not get comfortable so back to the recliner I went where I slept just fine. Had the best nights sleep yet. My major issue for the day has been having a BM. UGHHHH It was horrible and not even the pain was horrible....it just wouldn't come out! I have been taking stool softeners and even started a laxative with stool softner but it did not help. I am done taking pain pills at this point because I do NOT want to relive that experience again!! I have kept my fluid intake up, I drink a lot of water. I am going to up how many stool softners I am taking and also I am going to try some metamusil. All I know is I sat there forever and thought I am never going to get off of this throne! (sorry I know it's a gross subject) Other than that I am feeling better and better. I am standing up a little taller today but there is still a real tugging/pulling in my stomach area. I also get this terrible burning pain in my thighs from the liposuction. As in a previous post- massaging really helps dull the pain. I was able to stand long enough to make a sandwhich today about 5 minutes and then I needed to sit...in part from the back pain and in part I was just tired. My PS assures me this is normal and I should not be alarmed. It is just hard to sit around! My drainage had only been 50 mls today and had gone from a coolaid color to a yellowish/red color. My PS said this is also normal as the bleeding is ending and now it will just turn into fluids. It will probably change to an even clearer color. I know some people have minded the cg but I have found it very supportive and actually when I shower and don't have it on I am in more pain. It does take a bit to get used to that constant "squeezing" feeling but to me I am thankful for it. I also have only one drain that is not bothering me at all. I don't even know it there (I can't feel it). Blessings for continued healing to all! I am still not able to stand long enough to take pictures but as soon as I can I will!

PO day 5 After the worst night sleep yet....I...

PO day 5 After the worst night sleep yet....I finally had a BM and feel like a whole new person! (I think I lost a whole person with that endeavor)That was complete torture. I had stopped taking all pain meds yesterday and I am doing fine without them. Everyday there is less pain but there is still that "pulling" feeling. I think I may even venture out for a car ride with my husband today, I really need to get out or I think I may go mad! I can put some pressure on my stomach as to clear my throat with minimal pain 2/10 which is about the same when I stand. I really cant believe how much better I feel today. Yesterday was a rough day for me, I was weepy, feeling sorry for myself, and just plain miserable! Today I am feeling more like myself and looking forward to the day! I am going to try to take pictures today so hopefully I will have some posted later on! Hope your day is a great one!

I was online today since I am bored out of my mind...

I was online today since I am bored out of my mind and did a search for the recovery kit my PS "gave" me. Here is a link to where it could be purchased. http://skincarerx.com/VitaMedica-Recovery-Support-Program.html The brand name is Vitamedica. I really think it has made a huge difference in my pain and I have minimal bruising from the lipo.

PO day 7- I made it through the first week! It's...

PO day 7- I made it through the first week! It's been an emotional one....some days good, some days bad, but overall I survived and so will you! I have an appointment with my ps or the nurse not sure which so she can look at the swelling I see. It really helped to take the pictures today because now I can see some of the difference. There is still alot of swelling but she told me days 7-10 can actually be the worst for swelling. My drainage opening is getting a little sore but until now it really hasn't bothered me. I get this burning sensation below my belly button....thinking it may be the nerves waking back up, but it is still very numb to touch...feels weird I can see I am touching it but can't really feel it. I really like ice on my belly area.....it feels good.
If I had to name the worst thing I experienced over the past week it would have to be the constipation! That was just horrible!
If I had to name the best thing it would be realizing I am a strong woman that deserved to do this for herself! (That and not wearing a bra for the whole week!) haha
Good luck to all about to join this journey and blessings for continued healing to those on the path already!
Oh I think so far my belly button is looking great! I still have an innie makes me wonder if he "took enough" of my skin.....hmmmmm

PO day 8- Wow I don't know what happened overnight...

PO day 8- Wow I don't know what happened overnight but I feel as if there is light at the end of this tunnel! I feel human again. I was never in pain to where I could not bear it but there is just something different about today! I felt confident enough to drive for the first time, so I drove and got out of the house! wooohooo!! I went to the PS and the nurse said everything looks great, but I will be stuck with my drain for at least another week because there is still fluid in there. FYI, I am sitting here watching Ellen...I do not recommend it while healing...laughing hurts! But I love Ellen! Ok back on track now sorry! So the drain stays and my fluid output is still around 60-70 mls although this morning I only had 10mls overnight. I am standing taller with less "pulling" and can stand for longer periods. The back ache is still there so that is really what prevents me from standing for extended periods of time. My energy level is returning also......Ahhhh it's just good to be me today! Prayers to those having surgery today and blessing for healing to those on this path already!

I finally slept in my own bed last night! Although...

I finally slept in my own bed last night! Although I still did not sleep through the night because when I needed to make a position change it woke me up, I still feel much better and slept better. I was really really struggling to fall asleep. It was like this surgery initiated insomnia. I asked the nurse well actually I was complaining about having trouble falling and remaining asleep and she told me that it is very very common for this to happen and told me once I can sleep in my own bed it may help, so I thought I would try and it did help! I took a few more pics today so I will post them. I am still swallon and will remain that way forever (at least that is how it feels of course). Patience is not my strong suit! Overall I think once I hit day 7 or 8 that seemed to be the "hump" day for me and things are getting noticeably better day by day. I can stand much longer now (still with back pain) nurse recommended a heating pad for my back. I am still putting ice on my stomach and I LOVE it! It really helps to reduce that bloated feeling for me. I am soo thrilled with the lipo on my legs, I am hoping the swelling in my love handle region goes away and this is not just an area he missed....it looks like one side is bigger than the other so I am thinking it is swelling. Well good luck to those embarking on this journey and blessing for healing to those already on the path!

PO day 12- If you look at my pictures in which I...

PO day 12- If you look at my pictures in which I am slightly bent over...I have a "pooch" although I know I am early in the recovery phase, I look at so many other members pics and they do not have this pooch. My right flank/hip area is larger than the other and I wonder if this is also swelling or not. I am really nervous it is not going to go away. It may just be the blues coming back...but I am just feeling really disappointed right now. :( I know it looks better than it did, but I do not want a pooch! Sorry to vent! Healing thoughts to all and prayers to those about the embark on this journey!

I am still not standing straight yet but I don't want to force myself because when I try there is a lot of pulling in my upper stomach. The opening to the drain is starting to become irritated and sore, so I hope they will take it out Monday or Tuesday. The past two days I have had 30mls of fluid. I know they wanted it between 20-25 for a couple days before they remove it.

2 weeks PO! My drain was finally removed today!...

2 weeks PO! My drain was finally removed today! Hurray...because it was really getting sore at the insertion. It did not hurt...the nurse had me take a deep breath in and breath out....before I even had the breath in...the tube was out.....felt.....weird.....like something was crawling under my skin but no pain during the actual removal. I have minimal burning where it is open but it is easily tolerable. I still have not been able to stand up straight and my stomach is very very tight and I was afraid to try and push to stand up straight but the nurse told me there is nothing preventing me from standing up straight, i can do it to my pain toleration. Since the tube is out I am able to stand straighter (not afraid of pulling on that now) and I am going to stretch as much as I can because the back pain is what prevents me from standing too long. I really thought if I stretched to much I would ruin the MR but now that I know it won't I plan on stretching as far as I can handle because I am ready to stand "normal" again!

PO day 21---3 weeks! Well I am feeling very good....

PO day 21---3 weeks! Well I am feeling very good. I have been able to go to the mall shopping for hours with minimal back pain. I am standing almost completely straight but by days end I am sore and a little hunched over. I have pretty much reengaged back in life. I am cooking supper, doing laundry, cleaning (not scrub cleaning) but easy stuff, I am conscious of how much I lift and how much effort I apply to activities --my body tells me when I have done to much. I still have swelling in my lower abs and flank area...(I hope it's swelling) you can see it in the pics...I don't see too much of a change from last week to this week but it's a process and time will tell what the end result will be. Overall I am happy. I am able to have sex again. There was no pain or uncomfort. I know this is a question asked alot and honestly, a week ago I wouldn't have thought I would be able to participate but I can. It is amazing how much of a difference 24 hours can make. My scar is pretty much still covered but where the tape is gone it is red but looking pretty good. I am going to buy the Oleeva silicone strips to use once I am allowed. I am able to wear my jeans but they tend to be tight around the waist but the legs do not feel as tight. I don't own a scale so I have no idea what I weigh....to me that's just a number and could care less. What I like is even though the waist on my jeans feels tight.....my muffin top is not really there accept for the sides where I think is still swollen from the lipo. I still have no feeling around my bb or in my lower abs. Blessings to those about to embark on this journey and continued prayers for those on this path.

I just ordered a 2nd stage garment from Marena......

I just ordered a 2nd stage garment from Marena....just an fyi...if anyone else decides to order from there...be sure to do a web search for coupons...I did and got 10% off so I save almost 10.00...Hey this surgery is expensive enough...I will take it! haha I will also let you know what I think of it when I get it...Marena is the brand that made my first cg that my ps gave me...the nurse said I could move into spanx this week but really like the marena brand....I do not sweat under them.....they do not smell bad from wearing them so much....and when you wear it day in and day out they could get smelly! I wash mine every other day in cold water and place it in front of a fan to dry.....so I definately recommend this brand.

I know I have read some reviews and people have...

I know I have read some reviews and people have struggled getting in and out of bed. I recommend doing a log roll technique. I have been able to roll onto my side and I am not sure how it would work for those of you that can't maybe you could adapt it to not roll completely onto your side? Here is a link to a you tube video showing you the technique I am talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heEvgDc4w90 It help reduce the use of your ab muscles as much as possible. Hope this helps some of you.

I purchased a second stage cg from marena.com....

I purchased a second stage cg from marena.com. They are a little pricey but I decided to buy it because the one my ps gave me was made by marena and I really liked it. Considering we are in these things 24/7 with the exception of showers and washing them. This brand did not make me sweat or feel as if it was wet with sweat. It does not roll down. It provides even compression and support. I would definately recommend this brand of cg.

I am feeling very good but by the end of the day I...

I am feeling very good but by the end of the day I am swallon. I still not sure about my flank/hip area....there is an overhang on my sides when I have pants on. I am going to discuss this with my ps on my 6 week checkup. I am still a little tight, and am having pangs of shooting pain that I attribute to nerves coming alive again. My ps has cleared me to begin slowly into exercise which I haven't done yet. My scar is looking pretty good so far. I just took the tape off of it two days ago...it was itching like crazy and I couldn't take it on there anymore! I have started using Kelo-cote silocone gel on it twice a day. I have only been doing it one day so I haven't notice any difference. I have posted updated pictures and some of the swelling in my lower abdomen has gone down but bless it's heart it comes back! I think it's afraid I will miss it....there's just something about that bloated, tight, uncomfortable feeling that becomes so familiar! bleck! Well prayers to those embarking on this journey and to those already on this path I wish you continued healing and peace of mind.....Oh I start my new job in a week. Really excited!

Ahhhh I started working out again today!!...

Ahhhh I started working out again today!! Hurray!!! I forgot just how much mental and stress relief it gives me. My ps told me not to go crazy and to ease back into it but I really struggle doing anything in moderation. However, my body told me what I could and couldn't do. I did wear my cg while I exercised. I was able to do the eliptical on the same level I was on for 30 mins and then bike on 2 levels lower than where I was for 30 mins. Which meant I biked about a mile less than where I was. Not too bad! I also worked on the machines for my inner and outter thighs. I had to adapt these to lower weights and less reps because it pulled on my stomach. I am swallon, feel a tightness in my abs and feel like my energy has been zapped but I expected that. Overall, it was not too bad. Glad to be back!!

Day 2 back to the gym...Why oh Why do we...

Day 2 back to the gym...Why oh Why do we decondition so fast?! I am so sore and not in the tt area but my inner thighs! Ok done whining, it still feels good to be back!!

One more thing! Why O why did I have to buy so...

One more thing! Why O why did I have to buy so much candy for the trick or treaters! I have a sweet tooth bigger than Texas and I am going to wind up with a butt to match! ughhh!
Pennsylvania Plastic Surgeon

A friend recommended him. He is attentive and takes his time to answer any question I have. His staff is also wonderful and so kind. I received flowers and a card from him and his staff and I also was given a gift certificate for microdermabrasion and a skin consult. I would definately recommend him to anyone considering a TT.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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oogie, you look fantastic!!! love your bb! :)
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Thanks girl! You look amazing also! I was like woohooo check her out!! You will feel even better once you get back to the gym....it helps with the mental game this surgery plays with you!!
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Bl@@dy hell! Well done! I'm 4 weeks today too and I've missed the gym. I'm still very swollen apparantly and still a huge bulge sticking out. I didn't think I could go the gym yet but I'm going to call the clinic tomorrow and see what they say. I cycle a lot on the spin bikes and can't wait to be on it again! Good luck with your healing and take care. X
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My ps actually cleared me last week to start....I was just still a little afraid and decided to listen to my body. It was wonderful being back...Good luck to you and continued healing!! X
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Wow! I can't believe it's already been 4 weeks for you. For me, it's been 12 days. I guess time really does fly by.......In the morning, I wake up with little swelling, and able to walk upright. By by 6 PM, I start to feel tightness in my lower abdomen, which makes me walk a little hunched over. I look thinner, just like you, from the front view. But on the side view, I'm still thicker than before. Is your waist smaller than before?? For me, my pre-TT waist was 29.5 inches. Today, I'm 30.5 inches. My waist is bigger than before. I'm patiently waiting to see a difference with my waist (from the side). Glad that you're having a smooth recovery.... Just imagine the looks we'll receive in the Spring and Summer when our friends and family see us in our spring/summer attire, looking lean and trim. Can't wait. Take care.
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I know it has gone by fast! Yes I am definately hunched over by the evening. I have been weaning myself off of the cg (per ps). I also am up like 1.5-2 inches around my waist especially in the evening or right after I eat. I am looking forward to the summer and this swelling being gone!
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Let me know when your waist start getting consistently smaller, so I'll have something to look forward to. Take care.
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ok, will do! I am looking forward to that also! It's weird...I have no overhang but my waist is bigger frustrating!
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oh, and the bb! i think the lipo turned.out.nice too!
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Thanks!! I am loving the belly button...I was worried probably more about that than the scar!
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oogiemoo, love the straight/low scar!
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Thanks for the Updates! Keep them coming....they are very helpful in preparing for the surgery, especially when I am going to the same doctor :) I have been watching videos and reading posts and the swelling seems to be an issue for a lot of people and something that can last for many months.

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Your welcome! Yes the swelling is the persistant annoying part of this process. I mean we realize there will be pain, we just don't really know to what extent but the swelling is a beast in itself! I liken it to.... It feels as if you are pregnant and the baby is pushing outward on your stomach. I can tell you I won't miss it once it's gone! I just try to drink a lot of water (I am a water drinker anyhow) and avoid extra salt. I can't say that I don't eat foor with salt in but I am not adding any extra. I also try to eat fresh fruits-- watermelon, pineapple, apples, clementines, grapes. These do not make me have that bloated swollen feeling I get when I eat regular food. I have my first Po appointment with Dr Normington on Thursday, I have seen Jean the nurse for my other ones, so I am going to ask questions about how much fat he took and how much muscle repair I required.
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Thanks for the log roll advice. After the first day, I kinda figured out that myself, so that I could use my arms to push myself up. All 4 of my deliveries were vaginal so I never had to deal with C-sections. I never realized that you use your abs for so much. When I get a tickle in my throat, I start to get a little anxious, because I'm afraid to cough (hurts my tummy). When does the tummy tenderness get better?
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I really started to feel the main relief about day 11...and progressively better from there....just seemed to be the turning point for me in terms of stomach tenderness....I am still a little tender with strenuous activity....but I can cough and clear my throat and even sneeze with minimal pain....especially if I hold my stomach. I know what you mean about that tickly....I still get a little anxious because I forget it doesn't really hurt too much anymore. I am like you...all my children were natural but I am an OT so I knew the log roll just didn't think to throw it out there until I read numerous posts about struggling to get up from bed.
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You look incredible and your abs already seem to be peeking out! I'm a PTA and totally used the ole log roll technique, and a shower chair, walker and reacher borrowed from grandma :)
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haha awesome!! I am actually an OTA. It's was a bonus to already know the little tricks! I didn't use the walker or reacher but definately used a chair for in the shower!
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I think you look great. Really. BB looks great. Incision low and not too wide. Body shape markedly changed. You have a waist now!!! I'm glad you're feeling well. Take care of yourself.
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Momcathy, Thanks so much! I agree I do see a waist, hurray!! I really am happy so far...I just am like a kid in a candy store and want to see the final result....and I am also anxious to get back to the gym. How are you doing??
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I'm doing okay. I'm POD #3 today. I just posted some pictures this morning. Look at my profile. I already knew ahead of time not to expect too much in the first couple of weeks, because the swelling will cover up any improvements from the TT and lipo. At least the incision looks low, not too wide, and not a happy face one. As for how much waist I will have, only time will tell. As I had said earlier, something has to impove after all the suck and tuck. I'm just glad that I'm feeling well, and not being a burden on my husband, or worrying my children. I'm walking 95% erect. I have pretty much normal energy. No terrible swell hell yet. I'm just glad I'm doing okay. Any improvement to my body will be incing on the cake. Take care of yourself.
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You look fantastic! Congratulations on all of the accomplishments- kids, husband, and now your recovery.
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Thanks so much SDCM!!
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You look awesome!!!!!! Congratulations!
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Thanks so much!!
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Wow you're looking beautiful! Your tummy looks really good and your incision is straight and low, very nice!!!
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