3rd Day Post Op from Breast Lift and Augmentation - Lewes, DE

I am a 35 year old mom of 3. My big day was...

i am a 35 year old mom of 3.

My big day was Aug 21st. I have wanted equal size perky breasts since I was 12. After having 3 kids, so far apart 17, 13 and 4, I knew I hated the look of my breasts and nipples more than anything.

Ironically I got a job with a plastic surgeon. He is the best of the best in the area and he knew since day one, I wanted a BA.

When he did my consult, he agreed that the huge thick padded push up bra truly digused my breasts and what was really going on.

He said that I was "saggy" and had pancake breasts. He said I looked to be a 34 B.

We chose 400 cc Mentor smooth round mod profile and made that surgery date:)

Now please understand, I do all the post op patients at work. I see them at first week and then second week. I have never heard many of the express any discomfort. But now thinking about it most didn't get a lift too, just a augmentation.

August 21st came fast and everyone I know including my patients are excited for me! My husband and kids are all very supportive and I am excited. The Dr. says that this will prob make me a D cup. I pray so, but the main thing I kept asking was " they will be even right?" and " my nipples will be smaller right?" Because I could not stand my nipples, yuck. I called my breast Africa and Thailand. The new girls names will be Denver and Aspen because they will be above sea level:)

I remeber being prepped. I remember waking up in SEVERE PAIN. I remember begging the nurses for more meds because I was hurting so bad. I remember whining and sleeping the whole way home.

Got home, got in a recliner and have only left to go to bathroom and back. Popping Percocet every 3 hours and if I miss one dose in my sleep, my body wakes me up screaming.

I am truly shocked how much pain this is! I keep thinking if I knew how bad this would have been, would I have really done it?

The Dr told me I was a "tight fit" and that he had to really work on muscles to make the lift a success. I am sure that is why I am hurting a little more.

I am totally wrapped up but when I stand up, I feel like I have torpedos attached to me and that I may split my incisions open at any moment. I managed to peek down to the nipple and I see a very swollen looking breast yet, not as big as I imagined. I may be a full C. But, the nipples are pointing forward and ahead:)

So today I am supposed to take off dressing and take a shower and I am scared! Maybe I am just a big baby, though I had a 10 pound child naturally. Or, maybe this is just a painful experience! They say no pain, no gain!

I hope when I see them today, I will say " This was worth it"

I will keep you informed and post some pics soon!

Hi Mandie4433 :) how are you feeling? I am 26 days post op now and I am very happy with my results (breast lift, areola reduction and augmentation) the pain is worth it ;) you can go to my profile and see my pictures, also today I had my first botox and posted some pictures. I was almost the same size of yours and I got silicone gel rounded 425cc Mentor (I am now size small D) I don't know if this will be my permanent size but I love it. Post some pictures ;)

I love that you're sharing your story here on RealSelf! Thank you! Once you're all healed, imagine how great this will be for your job. You'll really be able to empathize with the ladies going through this. Of course, I truly hope you love your results, too. Please keep us posted!

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