400cc Breast Augmentation - Alberta, AB

I have been considering a breast augmentation for...

I have been considering a breast augmentation for six years. I had my first consultation when I was 18 years old. After meeting with a few doctors I decided it wasn't the right time to go through with the surgery. Six years later I have graduated college and got married in April and I still think about under going a breast augmentation almost daily. I am 5'10 and about 130lbs, and I feel like my top half isn't very proportionate with my hips which makes it difficult to buy clothes that look flattering because I have to go up a size to get it to be long enough and then it's always big in the chest. And I'm sick of buying Victoria secret boob job bras that are expensive and uncomfortable.

I finally feel like this is the right time for me to do this for myself after 6 years of hoping maybe I'll just end up "naturally blessed". I also think this would be a good idea to have done now since I do plan on having children in about 5 years. Does anyone have any feedback on getting a BA before having children?

I have my first consultation with Dr. John Hasell on July 21. I originally had planned on going with Dr. Hien, but I believe he is retiring and no longer taking new patients. I'm excited to meet Dr. Hasell though, I really really like what I've seen of his work and Peggy was very helpful and accommodating over the phone. Does anyone who went with Dr. Hasell know how long it usually takes to get in for surgery after the consultation? Or any feedback on him in general?

I'm excited to start getting this process in motion and ask Dr. Hasell what he thinks would be the best option for me regarding size, incision, and type of implant because right now I'm at a loss with what is the "best option" I'm thinking around 400cc silicone implant with an areola incision but I will definitely ask the doctor what he thinks since I've only decided this from looking at before and after photos on here.

So far I've only told a friend, my husband and my mom about the surgery, I'm having a really hard time deciding if I should tell my mother in-law though. I'm scared that if she notices the difference her feelings will be hurt that I kept it from her, but I also don't want anyone to look at me and think "she has fake boobs"...any advice with this?

Thanks for reading, I will update after my consultation in 25 days.
Sounds like you've really thought through the idea of getting breast augmentation and you're ready to move forward. Here is an important list of questions to ask your doctor during your consult. Be sure to comment on other women's reviews so they can easily find you to offer you advice regarding breast implants, pregnancy and children. From what I've seen, most women with implants are fine with pregnancy, etc. Let us know how things go with your mother-in-law...that's a tough one. ;) Can't wait for your next update!
Thank you so much for your comment! I'll keep updated with my progress!
Looking forward to your progress!

Helpful Breast Augmentation Link

I came across this link with a ton of breast augmentation information. It really helped me answer a few questions I had.

Hey there! Sounds like you are doing your research! Let us know how your consults go and what u decide on. Good luck with everything.
Thank you so much for the support!


So I finally had my consultation today with Dr. Hasell. It went amazing. I was so nerves before I don't even want to think about how I'll be on the actual day of the surgery, but Dr. Hasell made me feel so comfortable and relaxed about everything.

We decided on the Mentor Smooth Round Cohesive Gel implant. I'm getting 400cc in the right breast and 375cc in the left. He said that I could go bigger but I wouldn't be able to correct the difference in breast size because anything above 400cc can only go up by 50cc. So I ended up sticking with our original decision on size under the muscle with a crease incision. I showed him a few pictures of "wants" and he said the look I'm hoping to achieve is very attainable which made me feel really good. And what made me feel even better was that he sat through me showing him pictures of boobs that scared me and be explained why they looked the way they did. I feel like he really knows what he's doing.

I have to call tomorrow to get my surgery date. He said that the wait is about eight weeks, which would be around the end of September which is exactly when I was hoping to get it done so that I will be able to wear scarfs and hopefully they'll be dropped and fluffed in time for my vacation in June\July.

I also wanted to mention that all of the staff were very pleasant and professional, including Peggy. I think that's everything, but if I remember anything I'll be sure to update.

It's official!!

So I called this morning and Peggy scheduled my surgery for September 12th! Any tips for prepping for the surgery?!

The one thing I meant to add that made me feel a lot better about the surgery was I had a tonsillectomy two years ago and Dr. Hasell told me that if I made it through that okay at my age this surgery would be a breeze! So I'm feeling a lot better now. I'm planning to book ten days off work so hopefully I will be okay to go back to my desk job refreshed.
Hi there, I just booked a consultation for breast augmentation on May 4,2015..Yes it far away from now, but was that the same for you? Long wait list for consultation and then 3-4 months later to book surgery?
Sorry, i've should of mention that I booked it with Dr.Hasell as well haha!
Hi there! Regarding your size range (400 + only going up in 50 cc increments) my doc told me the same for Mentor BUT then I see women that post some odd ball number ccs on here like 533 and 572. I don't understand how that is possible? Checked the Mentor website and their product guide indicates 25 cc increments between 400 and 500 ccs. See here: http://www.mentorwwllc.com/pdf/Product_Ref_Guide.pdf. Maybe not all docs stock all larger sizes though? That might be why? Who knows. My BA is 5 days away and I have prepped like a crazy woman for the last two weeks - check out my profile fr tips :)

Pre-boobie Blues?

So on Tuesday I will be one month away from surgery! I received my package in the mail from the surgeon explaining all of the dos and do nots before and after surgery and now all that's left is my final payment which is due in two weeks tomorrow!

I'm starting to get really really nervous. I'm not sure why, but some days I'll be super excited and then other days I feel like throwing up thinking about the surgery...is this normal? I've been really worried about the pain afterwards...I guess my only surgery was a tonsillectomy which was very painful so I have nothing else to go by...

Sorry for the negativity ladies...just feeling really anxious right now :(
I also had a consult with Hasell and he seemed really good. As far as the pain of it, I think it really depends on the size you were before, if you have had kids and your breasts have already stretched or not, that sort of thing. To be honest, I was surprised by how much pain I was in for the first few days. But I have never had surgery before, besides tonsils, so I was not prepared. Now three months later, would I do it again? In a heartbeat! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me.
Totally normal emotions! One day you are excited, the other you are thinking "what the heck am I doing to myself". I had it really bad too but it sort of got better after my pre op. In regard to pain, let me just tell you that I was extremely surprised how little it hurt. For me, it was max of 4 out of 10. I actually stopped pain meds and muscle relaxer one day after the surgery. It just kind of felt like I had done a hard chest workout and my muscles were a bit sore. Not bad at all. I am sure you will be fine :)

One step closer...

Well I paid for my surgery in full today. I feel super excited that I'm one step closer to having something I've been wanting for so long. It's getting really real that in three weeks I'll finally have boobs!

I must admit that I did feel a little sad though, my husband and I have worked so hard to save and I just emptied out over half of our savings account for this...so I really really hope it's worth it. I'm so blessed to have such a supportive husband.

I'm having such a pain finding a bra to wear after the surgery. I guess the first day I'll be taped up and then the next day I can shower and then I have to wear a sports bra...but I can't find any that do up in the front and I'm terrified that it will hurt to bad trying to get a normal sports bra on. I was thinking I could get one of the spandex ones that are super stretchy and just slip it on over my hips and up (with help from the hubby) but I'm scared if it's to stretchy it won't be as supportive as it should be. I'm going to the states on Friday so fingers crossed I find something there! Any recommendations of brands to look at?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far :)
If you are in the States, check Victoria Secret, they have a supportive zip up sports bra, but pretty pricey (59 dollars). Other than that, I am wearing the softer, pull over your butt bras, your boobs will be so tight and perky at first that you don't need anything heavier to really restrain them...they won't move at all for the first 1-2 weeks. Look for Walmart bras, they also carry Genie bras. Target does at well.
I think I'll get a Victoria's Secret one later but not knowing what size makes me now want to spend a ton on something right away. Maybe will try one of the stretchy ones to start so I'm comfy and then after a while invest in a good one.

2 Weeks

Two weeks this Friday until the surgery! I paid for everything in full before my vacation so now it's just the waiting game. I'm so relieved that I found three sports bras that do up on the front when I was in the states this week on vacation. That was pretty much the only thing I was worried about getting because I looked EVERYWHERE here and could find anything.

I'm not really sure what else I should be getting ready now...I should probably grab so frozen peas, but from there I have no idea what else.

When I think about it I start feeling nauseous and super nervous so I've been trying to not think about the surgery.
Make sure you ask your ps regarding the surgical bra and how long to wear it. I know mine has me on this bra for 3 weeks straight before clearing me to wear something else. Each PS is different . But do follow his instructions. Ask him about icing your breasts after surgery from the pain and tightness. Some say yes and others say no. So make sure you have a list of questions before you go in. My ps does his surgeries in his clinic and I was able to chat w him before being prepped. He even changed the size of implant from originally decided. Good luck, sleep lots, relax...the journey is not over the day of surgery....getting there is half the journey!
Thank you for the tips! In my package it said that I will be send home bandaged and then the next day I can shower and start wearing a supportive bra, they recommend a spandex sports bra and said I will need to wear this for two weeks and then it just says to remembering that you will get best results if you always have support. It also said I can ice and use heat for which I found super weird because doesn't heat open the blood vessels which could cause bleeding? Eeeek I'm going to ask about that for sure. It's coming so quick! I can believe I can officially say next week I will have boobs!!
I use heat for my lower back as I'm still at a 45 degree angle in bed..so lots of pillows....sort of my own fort! Lol! I put a cushion on my legs for support. The ice is for the boobs....but ask....make a list for sure...When I woke up from surgery I was already wearing the surgical bra which was part of the deal...also I'm told not to exercise for a while...short walks are ok...but I will clarify today at my post op apt

Surgery is this week!!

I cannot even believe that my surgery is this week! I honestly didn't think the day would ever come. I'm so so so excited about it, but as I creep closer and closer I become more and more afraid of the surgery. I'm scared about going under and I'm scared about the pain :( hopefully everything goes smooth..,I'm quite healthy so I cannot see any going wrong, but it's still terrifying. Trying to stay calm though!

Four more sleeps...

On the otherside

Just wanted to update that I'm officially on the other side. My surgery went great. I'm in a little bit of discomfort mostly just when I take I deep breath, but I'll just keep up on meds and not try to be a hero.

I'll update tomorrow :) hope everyone is doing great.

Day one post op

So far loving my results. A little sore but manageable for sure. The side he put the bigger implant in looks a little bigger but I think it is just a little more swollen right now.

Not positive of what sizes he put in get, I'm assuming somewhere between 400-450. They seem huge right now but I think they'll shrink a little after the swelling goes down.
congrats! when you go to your post op apt do ask for the cards on the implants....I asked for mine when I saw my ps....I thought I had gotten 370 cc moderate profile...but when I searched the info online I found out he gave me high profile instead....good luck with your healing.....
Thank you so much
Whooop!!! You look amazing!!!! Congrats!

Day two post op

Well today has been a little bit rough to start. I'm loving the boobs so far, they look amazing even though they are super high and hard. But I'm so emotional I don't know what's wrong with me. I just sat there crying this morning for no reason. I'm just sore and I have a little bit of a cold I think. I woke up this morning with a terrible migraine which has been the worst part of my day, I think it may be from sleeping on my back on the couch for two days. I think im going to try to decrease my medication today from two every four hours to one every four hours.

Also was anyone else told not to massage? My doctor said that we doesn't get his patients to massage for wear the band. I thought this was a little weird...

Day three post op

Well I think the worst has almost passed hopefully. Honestly the pain from the surgery hasn't been as terrible as I expected. But yesterday my wisdom tooth decided it was a great time to start coming through so I ended up with a migraine for over 24 hours which was the worst pain out of everything.

I'm hoping to get off the meds today and hopefully switch to something else, my belly is super swollen :(

The incisions look really bruised so far so that explains the discomfort I'm having from the bra.

My left boob feels tighter and a little more sore and swollen, I'm assuming this is just because it has the bigger implant.

I'll update tomorrow.

Happy healing!
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Day Four

Things were much better today. I'm finally off of medication. I only took two Tylenol and a motrin today so I'm really proud of myself.

I went for a small walk yesterday and today, which was really nice to get out of the house.
Hi Girl!!! So glad you are on the other side! The Day 1 pic looks great :) it's perfectly normal to hate sleeping the first week or so...it's so hard to be comfortable on an incline! Once you are back on your back; however, it will still be kind of weird (especially sleeping on your side might be very painful for up to a month). I just hit my two month mark and still mostly sleep on my back; although; sleeping on my side feels fine now too (but I am still not used to the new boobies getting in the way...lol). Great to hear you are off the meds too! From here it will only get easier :)
Thank you for your reply! It's been quite the process. Everyday is a little different which is encouraging, but also gets me a little impatient hahaha. Thank you for the reassurance :)

A picture from day two

Sure thing! By the way...GREAT pic from today :) they look super even!

One week boobiversary!

its so crazy that one week ago I was in my hospital bed getting ready to go into surgery! Here is a photo of my before compared to one week.

I'm still going through the emotions of getting use to my new body. I haven't taken anything for pain since day five and haven't taken my prescription drugs since day four I believe. As of one week I'm not feeling any real pain, just some aches here and there, and a little bit of tightness usually when I wake up or try and push myself a little to much (going for to long of a walk, or reaching for something).

My belly has been giving me a little bit of an issue because of the medication, but I think I just need to stay on top of drying water because I may be a little dehydrated.

My boobs change every single day which is a little emotionally draining because I just want them to be normal right now, butttttt pactience I guess right?

Sleeping has been my downfall for sure. I was a serious side/stomach sleeper so this whole sleeping sitting up on my back thing is really hard. I've only slept in my bed once and it was when I was still on medication so I think that helped settle me down, but I honestly I haven't been able to again. I'm super restless when I try sleeping in my bed and keep adjusting for hours until I finally just move to the couch. I miss sleeping with my husband and puppy though :(

Sorry this is getting long but one last point. I don't know how you moms do it not picking up your babies because we just got a puppy three weeks ago and it's just really really hard not picking him up and cuddle him :( so props to you moms.

Slowly figuring out what I need to donate

You are looking great! that in itself is promising :) happy for you!! Regarding the sleeping...I totally hear you on that one...I bought melatonin supplement to sort of help me a little bit...you can find it in any health store...if after a few days of use you don't see improvement then stop...I used it for a week...help me get to sleep but not stay asleep...does that make sense? so after a week I stopped it. It is incredibly confusing when each ps has their own to do/not to do list....after the surgery, did you talk to him? what about prior of surgery when he was marking you? I had a chance to chat with him before he marked me. I guess the nurse saw how stressed and nervous I was from taking my vitals! so he came into the room to put me at ease...hubby was still with me so I asked some questions...then the nurse came back into the room and once the anesthesiologist came in that's when hubby left...then my ps came into the room to mark me and re-measured me and I had further questions...I guess he knows I tend to ask lots of questions (you can read about it on my review)... Did you get the card from the implants at your post op apt? is there a nurse or someone you can be calling on a daily basis if you have questions? I have called the nurse a couple of times and she explains how things go based on what I'm asking...if she were to feel that my concerns are not being addressed or if there is a need I must see my ps then she tells me. So far I have only gone to my 1 week post op...and I don't get to see him until it has been 6 weeks post op (Oct 7). I am making a list of questions to ask him for when I see him. But if I were to have pains that are not normal then I definitely call the nurse. Maybe you can call them tomorrow and have the list ready for the nurse to answer...they ought to be there for you....that's what you paid them big $. It is their job to help you even if long distance. IMHO it's worth calling them. I'm still sleeping at an angle. I hate it and takes me forever to get some sleep. that has been the hardest thing on this process...I have lots of pillows on my bed...even pillows for my arms and my legs...it is funny how I get into bed and tell hubby that has become my fort...good thing we have a king size bed :) maybe you need to give the melatonin a try.....
Thank you for your comment! I may have to try that so that I can get some sleep! No I didn't get my cards for anything :( I'm hopping I will get them at the 6 week appointment. I wasn't given anywhere to call and talk to anyone either, they told me to go to the emergency room if anything seemed off but that's all. Thankfully I've had a really smooth recovery so far and haven't felt stressed about not being able to talk to someone. I do have his cell number in my paper work, but I think that's for worst case scenarios. Fingers crossed things continue to go smooth.
I'm sure you have the clinic phn#. I'm sure he has an assistant. You deserve answers so if it were me I'd call his clinic. I get about the emergency and his cell. I was also given that info but I was also given his nurse's number for any questions or issues post op.

Day 10 Post-Op

Well today is a big day in two ways. Firstly, it is my first day back at work! I've been dreading today, but so far it's going good! And secondly, I can take my sutures out tonight, which I'm thrilled about because they tape is starting to drive me CRAZY!

I'm feeling really good at this point. Not pain at all (not that I really felt much pain before, mostly just tightness and a little discomfort). The only issue I'm having at this point is my sternum is a little sore and feels like there is some swelling still so I think I'll try just icing it when I get home. Has anyone else experienced this?
I actually often forget I even had surgery until I go to lift my arms (I'm not supposed to lift my elbows above my shoulders until Friday) or go to lift something, then it clicks oops don't do that!

My husband and I went for a little ice cream date on Saturday, which was really nice to get out of the house and last night was my first actual night out, which went really well. We went to dinner and a show and my only discomfort was a little bit of a sore back.

Hope everyone is having a great recovery :)
You definitely need a new bikini, one false move in that one and you're in trouble, lol! Sounds like you're doing well. And I'm with you on the tape. Taking it off was the best feeling!
Bahahaha such a good feeling to not fit a top! The tape is soooooo annoying! Hope you're doing well!

Day 11 Post-op

Still feeling good. My first day back at work yesterday went way better than I was expecting, although today I am feeling VERY tired.

Last night I was allowed to take out my sutures. I attached some pictures of my scars so far. They look pretty good, but feel really hard and gross. I was also confused because I could've swore he said that there would be something to pull out but there is nothing there so I'm hoping that everything just dissolved? I might call today and just make sure everything is okay. I can't even explain how good it feel so have the tape off!!

I'm supposed to see my doctor at 6 weeks for the first time post op, but he will be on holidays so unfortunately I will not be able to see him until 9 weeks post op, which fingers crossed everything continues to heal normal.

Happy healing :)

Scar at 10 days post op

Day 16

well I'm over two weeks post-op now. I saw in my post-op package that I only had to wear a sports bra for the first two weeks, so o went to Victoria's Secret and got a non-padded or wire bra so I can wear some of my dresses without a sports bra hanging out. She sized me at 32 DDD, but they didn't have anything in my size so I went with a 32 DD, never thought I'd see that on the tag of one of my bras that's for sure. But I must admit that it is not comfortable to wear a bra yet. I wore it for a couple hours today, but it irritated my incisions so I was relieved to put my sports bra back on. I just feel like I'm not getting enough support with the sports bras :(

At this point I barely have any discomfort at all and often forget I had surgery two weeks ago. I've had a really great recovery so far I'm so blessed. I was so so so so scared for my recovery so thankfully it's been going smooth.

Happy healing!
You look amazing! Good to hear that you're recovery is going so great -- I hope you'll be able to wear that bra soon without having to worry about the incisions.
Thank you :) The incisions are just so dry and hard :( so it makes it super uncomfortable for anything to touch. It's only been two weeks so I need to patient haha.


Here is a picture of the boobies in the bra. They are dropping so well, I'm so in love.
Hi :-) we have pretty much exactly the stats I'm booked for 8th nov 425cc's under muscle. I've been worrying they won't be big enough for my frame after things I've read on here ( I'm starting with a A/B ) but seeing ur results has reassured me. Thank you x
That's so exciting! The next month is going to go so quickly! It's so hard to find tall girls on here so I'm glad I can help! Try not to stress too much about size, honestly I've read so many reviews of girls being crazy about size and must admit I went through a phase of panic before too. My issue was that I had a pretty noticeable size difference and if I wanted to fix the issue I could only go up to a 400cc because anything bigger than that goes up by 50cc, which would've been to big of an increase. So I had to pick either have really big boobs and keep the size difference or go with the 375 and 400 cc that the dr suggested. I decided to go with fixing the size difference issue. In my pre-op right before surgery though he mentioned he might try 400 and 450 because the size difference was bigger than he had thought it was at first. Unfortunately I didn't see him after the surgery and haven't had my post op so I'm not positive what exactly I ended up with, BUT either way my boobs are the PERFECT size for me and finally the same size! Don't stress about size too much, I would show your doctor pictures of what you want and ask him what size he thinks would make that look achievable for your body. My doctor was on point! My boobs look sooooo nature in comparison to my body and if I wanted to play them up it would be easy. Go with what YOU will be comfortable with. Let me know if you have ANY other questions!
Great thank you. Ur right I've really struggled finding ppl with similar stats being so tall. I showed him pics at my consultation and he seemed to understand. Before I showed him he assumed I wanted tear drop but after pics we decided on moderate. I don't want the stuck on look but also want them filled out a bit at the top as I'm very flat. Are urs under muscle? It's so hard not to read to much isn it. I've even read that 425cc will be to small for me esp under muscle as u lose volume?? I've wanted them done for 7 years so I can't come quick enough now. Hope u continue to recover well I will be following ur journey xx

Three Weeks

Not much to say right now, my incisions are looking much better now and my boobs are getting softer by the day.

I tried my favorite bathing suit on today from before and it doesn't fit at allllllll!

Sleeping is waaaaay easier now and I haven't had morning boob in days which is great.

Happy healing everyone!
You look amazing. I have my surgery with dr Haskell on nov 7. I'm so nervous they won't turn out what I'm expecting. But am sooo excited at the same time. Do you have any healing or post recovery tips? Keep posting as time goes!
That's great! It's only to come extremely quickly! I felt the same way before, one minute I was so nervous I felt sick and the next I was so excited I could barely wait. I don't have too many tips for recovery, just take lots of time to rest and don't push yourself. Dr Hasell is very calm so he will make sure you are okay. The last thing I remember before being put to sleep was finally breaking down and crying and dr hasell came over and told me not to worry he would make sure everything went fine. I had a very easy recovery, and today at exactly five weeks post op I often forget I even had surgery barely a month ago. He told me not to massage, and he doesn't use the bands to push them down, so I feel like it helped my body heal at the pace it has wanted too. Drink tons of water before and after, and make sure you're eating with your medication even if it's just crackers. Also ice helps a TON! I was off of medication completely by day four I believe and hard medication I was off by day three I think. For me the surgery was a breeze. There were a couple points I felt discomfort, but I honestly I never felt pain, or at least anything unbearable. Just make sure you keep up with your medication the first couple of days so you aren't stuck waiting for the meds to kick in :) you'll be fine don't worry! Let me know if you have any other questions! I will post an update really soon! Good luck!
You look amazing! I want the same ones as well and hope they turn out like yours! Do you have any updated pics and any without a bra? Thank you for sharing your story and I can't wait to see your progress.

Five Weeks Post Op

Hello real self!
I figured I would do a quick update now that the boobies are over a month old!

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to me doing this yet, but I have been sleeping on my side for the last week. I have no discomfort or anything so I figured why not...plus my surgeon actually didn't even mention sleeping on my back to me elevated so begin with, it just felt right to do so I don't think side sleeping is an issue.

They get softer and softer every single day. My right seems a little softer and seems to be dropping a little more than my left (my left has the bigger implant).

I haven't noticed any stretch marks yet, which makes me sooooo happy because I know I'm prone to them so I'm keeping my fingers crossed they stay away!!

I feel pretty much back to normal at this point. They only thing I wouldn't do is probably the gym, it just feels weird still when I do anything to make the chest muscle work to hard.

I haven't had morning boob or any kind of discomfort in weeks, and I've actually start to forget I even have them a lot of the time.

I don't think anyone who doesn't know about my surgery has noticed anything different. I don't wear very revealing clothing so they're pretty under the radar. Even people who see me all the time like my sister inlaw haven't mentioned anything. It's kind of funny because on two different occasions someone has mentioned fake boobs in a conversation around me and all I can do is giggle to myself because they have no idea that I have fake boobs lol...silly I know!

I did want to mention one thing though. If you have read my recovery story you will know I had a very easy physical recovery. But I did want to mention to you that this surgery has been at some points emotionally draining. There have been lots of tears shed from me and my husband, and he is just finally starting to feel comfortable with the change. He found it really hard to see me down after the surgery and then to go from having a wife with no boobs to having a wife with boobs was a big change for him. He was struggling because he felt like I did this because he didn't show me how much he loved me or how beautiful I was before, which is 100% not true and I had been planning this long before I even knew him. Even he knew it wasn't a logical way to think, but I completely understand how he could feel such a way. Just now in week five we are finally starting to get back to our normal relationship. My husband use to constantly grope me and seemed so attracted to me and over the past month that changed, but finally this week he has started to go back to how he was before. I think he was mostly scared it would hurt me. It's been a tough month emotionally, but we are finally getting there.

I just wanted to share my honest story with you ladies. Because it may seem like I've had the perfect recovery, but to be honest there has been some hurt along the way to happiness as well. So make sure you and your partner are on the same page before you do this. I think I was so wrapped up with how much I wanted this I forgot to see how my husband was feeling through it all.

Happy healing everyone!!
They look amazing? Did u have under the muscle ? Sorry I can't remember. I have pretty much identical stats to u and I'm having 425cc. I think urs may be higher projection than mine tho ( if thats the right word ) mine are mid range projection I think ? Xx
yes I had under the muscle :) I wish I knew my profile, but I think he gave me a moderate...I won't know until my first post op appointment on November 17th. I'm also not 100% on what size I ended up with because he had mentioned last minute he may try 450cc in the operation room...so I'm excited to figure out all my details in a few weeks!!! I love my size in comparison to my body. They look super natural when I'm dressed, but is I want to make the them look sexy it's super easy.
Oh also I wanted to mention the only option my docotor gave me was under the muscle because I didn't have enough issue before I guess? But I trusted him so I honestly let him pretty much pick everything for me.
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