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I have been considering a breast augmentation for...

I have been considering a breast augmentation for six years. I had my first consultation when I was 18 years old. After meeting with a few doctors I decided it wasn't the right time to go through with the surgery. Six years later I have graduated college and got married in April and I still think about under going a breast augmentation almost daily. I am 5'10 and about 130lbs, and I feel like my top half isn't very proportionate with my hips which makes it difficult to buy clothes that look flattering because I have to go up a size to get it to be long enough and then it's always big in the chest. And I'm sick of buying Victoria secret boob job bras that are expensive and uncomfortable.

I finally feel like this is the right time for me to do this for myself after 6 years of hoping maybe I'll just end up "naturally blessed". I also think this would be a good idea to have done now since I do plan on having children in about 5 years. Does anyone have any feedback on getting a BA before having children?

I have my first consultation with Dr. John Hasell on July 21. I originally had planned on going with Dr. Hien, but I believe he is retiring and no longer taking new patients. I'm excited to meet Dr. Hasell though, I really really like what I've seen of his work and Peggy was very helpful and accommodating over the phone. Does anyone who went with Dr. Hasell know how long it usually takes to get in for surgery after the consultation? Or any feedback on him in general?

I'm excited to start getting this process in motion and ask Dr. Hasell what he thinks would be the best option for me regarding size, incision, and type of implant because right now I'm at a loss with what is the "best option" I'm thinking around 400cc silicone implant with an areola incision but I will definitely ask the doctor what he thinks since I've only decided this from looking at before and after photos on here.

So far I've only told a friend, my husband and my mom about the surgery, I'm having a really hard time deciding if I should tell my mother in-law though. I'm scared that if she notices the difference her feelings will be hurt that I kept it from her, but I also don't want anyone to look at me and think "she has fake boobs"...any advice with this?

Thanks for reading, I will update after my consultation in 25 days.

Helpful Breast Augmentation Link

I came across this link with a ton of breast augmentation information. It really helped me answer a few questions I had.



So I finally had my consultation today with Dr. Hasell. It went amazing. I was so nerves before I don't even want to think about how I'll be on the actual day of the surgery, but Dr. Hasell made me feel so comfortable and relaxed about everything.

We decided on the Mentor Smooth Round Cohesive Gel implant. I'm getting 400cc in the right breast and 375cc in the left. He said that I could go bigger but I wouldn't be able to correct the difference in breast size because anything above 400cc can only go up by 50cc. So I ended up sticking with our original decision on size under the muscle with a crease incision. I showed him a few pictures of "wants" and he said the look I'm hoping to achieve is very attainable which made me feel really good. And what made me feel even better was that he sat through me showing him pictures of boobs that scared me and be explained why they looked the way they did. I feel like he really knows what he's doing.

I have to call tomorrow to get my surgery date. He said that the wait is about eight weeks, which would be around the end of September which is exactly when I was hoping to get it done so that I will be able to wear scarfs and hopefully they'll be dropped and fluffed in time for my vacation in June\July.

I also wanted to mention that all of the staff were very pleasant and professional, including Peggy. I think that's everything, but if I remember anything I'll be sure to update.

It's official!!

So I called this morning and Peggy scheduled my surgery for September 12th! Any tips for prepping for the surgery?!

The one thing I meant to add that made me feel a lot better about the surgery was I had a tonsillectomy two years ago and Dr. Hasell told me that if I made it through that okay at my age this surgery would be a breeze! So I'm feeling a lot better now. I'm planning to book ten days off work so hopefully I will be okay to go back to my desk job refreshed.

Pre-boobie Blues?

So on Tuesday I will be one month away from surgery! I received my package in the mail from the surgeon explaining all of the dos and do nots before and after surgery and now all that's left is my final payment which is due in two weeks tomorrow!

I'm starting to get really really nervous. I'm not sure why, but some days I'll be super excited and then other days I feel like throwing up thinking about the surgery...is this normal? I've been really worried about the pain afterwards...I guess my only surgery was a tonsillectomy which was very painful so I have nothing else to go by...

Sorry for the negativity ladies...just feeling really anxious right now :(

One step closer...

Well I paid for my surgery in full today. I feel super excited that I'm one step closer to having something I've been wanting for so long. It's getting really real that in three weeks I'll finally have boobs!

I must admit that I did feel a little sad though, my husband and I have worked so hard to save and I just emptied out over half of our savings account for this...so I really really hope it's worth it. I'm so blessed to have such a supportive husband.

I'm having such a pain finding a bra to wear after the surgery. I guess the first day I'll be taped up and then the next day I can shower and then I have to wear a sports bra...but I can't find any that do up in the front and I'm terrified that it will hurt to bad trying to get a normal sports bra on. I was thinking I could get one of the spandex ones that are super stretchy and just slip it on over my hips and up (with help from the hubby) but I'm scared if it's to stretchy it won't be as supportive as it should be. I'm going to the states on Friday so fingers crossed I find something there! Any recommendations of brands to look at?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far :)

2 Weeks

Two weeks this Friday until the surgery! I paid for everything in full before my vacation so now it's just the waiting game. I'm so relieved that I found three sports bras that do up on the front when I was in the states this week on vacation. That was pretty much the only thing I was worried about getting because I looked EVERYWHERE here and could find anything.

I'm not really sure what else I should be getting ready now...I should probably grab so frozen peas, but from there I have no idea what else.

When I think about it I start feeling nauseous and super nervous so I've been trying to not think about the surgery.
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Hello, I am also looking into having a BA done with Dr.Hasell. I know it can be different for everyone but just for a rough idea, what was your total charge. I want to be able to plan somewhat before I go in for my consult.
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It cost me $7900 total for the cohesive gel under the muscle :)
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Thank you!
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Have you booked a consultation yet? I hear the wait is quite long right now so if you haven't you should book a consult :) update us with how it goes!
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Hi there! Sounds like u are going thru some very normal emotions pre BA. Pretty much everyone feels like that :) once you are out of surgery, you will realize it was a piece of cake. In terms of getting stuff ready I recommend: clean your house, wash your sheets, have lots of pillows ready, cook ahead (!), eat healthy and drink lots of water, buy zip ups, bendy straws, spray deodorant, shave before surgery (you won't be able to right afterwards), get arnica/bromelain (really helps with bruising/swelling).... Also think about post op entertainment , such as books, Netflix, movies, etc. hope that helps!?
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Thank you so much!!
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i don't know if this helps but i relaxed my muscles a bit by massaging the muscle between my breast and armpit. :P i think it may have helped.. i did this for about a week or two. i would also suggest getting soft foods ready for after surgery.. soups.. you know? stuff thats light in case you feel sick and don't want to have like.. steak for supper.. since you'll be taking a few pills every couple hours you have to have food in your stomach, but i found when i ate too heavy i didn't feel well. And try to forget the nerves and be excited about this life change! Ive heard a few girls and myself talk about this time you get after surgery that makes you regret it.. YOU WONT lol :P one of the pills you take actually says on the side effects that it can make you feel sad and regretful and stuff.. really weird.. but after a few days it will go away ( if you do get that side effect) i was so worried that i made a mistake and then after a week i was back to normal :P prepare yourself a comfy area and see if you can have someone help you because for the first 3 - 4 days you will need help getting up. Good luck and i wish you all the best :D you're going to look fantastic ^_^
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Thank you so much for all your tips! I've been putting on bio oil every night to avoid any stretch marks so I'll do a little massaging when I do they nightly too! I never would've imaged this would be such an emotional journey. It the weirdest feeling because I feel super scared and question myself so much and then I take off my bra and immediately remember why I'm doing this. I think I will for sure have some boobie blues afterwards just because I am a little bit emotional but I will pull through...thank goodness for all you ladies!
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i did the same thing! lol i had to give a 2K deposit.. and once that was given i was questioning myself, and then i went to the mall and was trying on clothes.. and things were once again not fitting.. and then i saw a bunch of girls with boobs and i was like.. ya.. I'm getting them lol and i think a lot more people have them than we realize.. because people never know i have them until i say something!
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If you are in the States, check Victoria Secret, they have a supportive zip up sports bra, but pretty pricey (59 dollars). Other than that, I am wearing the softer, pull over your butt bras, your boobs will be so tight and perky at first that you don't need anything heavier to really restrain them...they won't move at all for the first 1-2 weeks. Look for Walmart bras, they also carry Genie bras. Target does at well.
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I think I'll get a Victoria's Secret one later but not knowing what size makes me now want to spend a ton on something right away. Maybe will try one of the stretchy ones to start so I'm comfy and then after a while invest in a good one.
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The other thing as well is you don't want to spend too much on your first one because you wear it day and night, at least that was my instructions from my PS, and after you are done with it weeks later, you want to just burn it, lol. Of course I washed mine between wears, but you get pretty sick of it pretty fast!
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Good idea :)
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As far as which sports bra to get, I was supplied a surgical compression type bra and it was fantastic. You can order them online. I made the mistake of buying one from Walmart as well, and it had seams on the front of it. Didn't realize that it would be digging in and cutting off circulation where the seams were. And since I didn't have much feeling in my breasts for the first few weeks, I didn't realize how badly it was cutting into my breasts until the morning when I took it off. So just make sure you don't get anything with seams!
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Perfect! I will look into that then! It's so hard to guess what size to get though! Do you think that a medical supply store would sell them?
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Yes, I have seen them at medical supply stores. It is really hard to pick a size though when you have no idea what size you will be. Dr H should be able to guide you with which size to get.
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Oh and are you having surgery at the hospital? One thing I didn't realize is that there are two areas in that hospital for day surgery. I was sent to one area and there was a long line of people in front of me to check in. When it was my turn, it turned out I was in the wrong area and needed to be upstairs. There was a day surgery area for people going under general and another day surgery area for people just having local. Needless to say I was quite stressed as I was already running late, so just a little heads up if you are having your surgery at the hospital as well!
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That's really good to know because when I had a surgery a few years ago at the foot hills I was so stressed out when I got there because I had no idea where to go! So I was hoping the lethbridge hospital would be less stressful!
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And the one in Lethbridge is of course way smaller than anything around Calgary, so I didn't think I needed to worry about it too much till the day of. I also was the first surgery of the day for my surgeon, and my cab was late picking me up from my hotel, and so I was supposed to be there super early and was already running late! So then it was super stressful realizing I was in the wrong area and already running late, lol. But everyone who worked at the hospital in Lethbridge were super nice about my mistake. Couldn't say enough things about the staff in Lethbridge.
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I'm really happy that it's a good hospital. I'm scared it's going to be awkward because of what I'm having done and that they will judge me...but I'm sure they see it so much that they don't really care? Hopefully. Even getting my bank draft today I felt all nerves that they were going to see it was for a plastic surgeon and judge me...I think I'm going to have to get over that fear pretty quick.
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It isn't like that at all. When I was in the waiting area, in the proper surgical area, almost everyone there was having some sort of PS. Maybe some was elective and some was not, I am not sure, but I could see most people were having PS. The nurses are super good with confidentiality and only talked to me about my procedure once I was in my room getting prepped, but based on what the patients were saying to their support people in the waiting room, there was a lot of PS going on! The lady I shared a room with had a tummy tuck and something else. My recovery room nurse whispered to me that she had a BA 20 years ago and just had another one a few months before I was in! The nurse who was in my hospital room getting me prepped and then taking care of me for the rest of the day, till I could go home, was super nice and supportive every time I said something like "ugh, I feel so gross but I did this to myself". They were amazing! Even when she was prepping me and I was having troubles getting the compression stocking on, because they went all the way to my hips, she totally helped me out and we had a good laugh about them. I honestly was worried about the same thing and kind of embarrassed to admit why I was there, but everyone was amazing!!! When Hein came in to mark me up in the pre-op room where there are a ton of people also on stretchers waiting for their doctors, I was super embarrassed because at that point not everyone was there for PS, and I knew they could hear us talking and knew what I was having done. But the second he was done marking me, he took me to the OR, so I didn't have long to feel embarrassed. And when he wheeled me into the OR, all the nurses and the anaesthesiologist were all very professional and just concerned about doing their jobs correctly. So no worries, there was no judgement there for me. On day three I ended up back in the ER, at Rockyview since that is closest to me, and there was also no judgement there at all. There was even one nurse who quietly told me she really wanted a BA and who did I see and how much was it. Wasn't sure if I should take that as unprofessional or not, but she was very genuine and kind. And then I needed an ultrasound on my breast and the US tech was a guy, but he was super professional and I didn't feel any judgement at all. And when everything came back ok and they were letting me go home, I felt so bad for wasting their time, but the Dr didn't act like I was a PIA.
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Your comment made me feel so much better. It's funny because I always thought that I wouldn't care who knew about it before but now that it's actually happening I'm so hessitent about who I want to know. Thank you so much for your honesty it makes it so much easier to know what to expect. How longer did you wait before going back to work?
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