Let the Pictures Tell the Story. My Ears Were Symmetrical Pre-op, Can YOU See the Difference

Not only was the surgery done and feeling every...

Not only was the surgery done and feeling every moment of the scapel, I came out looking like Scissorhands had done the surgery. The scar behind one ear is pleated, that is right, pleated, and oh so obvious. I am humiliated in public, embarrassed to be around anyone. If you are in an intimate relationship, just imagine your husband touching these keloid scars, your self esteem shattered. You are violated, humiliated, an scarred forever. I begged for more medication, the Dr, without saying a word just kept cutting, and cauterizing, smelling the stench of my own skin burning, feeling the burn of the cauterizing insturment, hot and painful. Continuing trying to numb me, one needle after another.
i have gone to 3 plastic surgeons, including lsl..the 'real' plastic surgeons gave me a price cheaper than lsl, 6200 if i pay cASH, 8200 IF I MAKE PAYMENTS, THIS INCLUDES the anotheseologist and these dr's are in so. calif. where i live.
You and me both Toe Tapper, many the days and nights when I lie awake wishing I had never heard of Lifestyle Lift-they have compromised and ruined my life. I hope Karma is very real.

I had face surgery and they cut be behind the Targus and I still came out with Pixy ears and a hugh keloid under one ear. My Targus are pulled forward and I look like Shrek. I had cute ears now I will spend my life hideing them. My face is a little tighter but ears will never look good again.

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