to feel and look sexy

I have been considering this for 7 years now and...

i have been considering this for 7 years now and finally going to get it done by dr neinstein. he made me feel so comfortable

he answered all my question god did i have alot of question. he tells you like it is. very knowledgeable in his line of work. i just said this is the dr. my surgery is set for 5/8/2013 and my nerves are getting the best of me. i cant even hardly eat but i have faith in my dr that he will do a great job

WE are the same day girl we only have a short stretch to the flatside. Good Luck and see you on the flatside.
@sexydiva I know right but I feel like time is dragging now how are you dealing with the wait?
It is completely normal to have those feelings of anxiety and concern. We ALL had those feelings of doubt and fear. I am an RN and was scared $hitless!! My biggest fears were anesthesia and pain. I had the best anesthesiologist ever and the pain is the worst the first 3 days; even then the pain was maybe 3-4/10. The key to success is communication; talk to your dr. about your fears, and talk to your anesthesiologist prior to surgery to discuss all health history or previous results from anesthesia, for example- I had only had anesthesia one other time, 15 years ago and i recall having nausea and vomiting after anesthesia. Therefore, they gave me meds prior to surgery, intra-op and stuff to take home to help w/ the nausea. BTW- that was by far the worst part of my entire MM. You will do fine, and you will be thrilled w/ your new body- you deserve it!!

What to do now, the one Person who has been there...

What to do now, the one Person who has been there through everything, my husband, now got himself arrested for drunk driving and he has a warrant for unpaid child support. The warrant is going to show up in court so Im not sure if theyre going to let him out. Should I go through with the surgery or go monday morning and cancel.. Ladies what do you think? I feel like such a bad wife for even asking this.
@myriambn... Thanks hunny :)))))))
Tomorrow is your big day ! Good luck sweetie... I wish you a quick and safe healing !!
Omg ladies I am overwhelmed with joy they let my hubbie come home...... Yeah babie now I'm back on track thanks so much ladies for your support.... Wow three more days yeah

So i went thru with my surgery and i love the...

so i went thru with my surgery and i love the results. i have to go back on tuesday the 14th to change my bandages. i will post photos as soon as i can....i only have a tinsy bit of stretch marks left. im still in shock about the stretch marks.
I cant wait to see your pics, thanks for updating!!! wooohooo!
Yay ! So happy for you !

My doctor said that my stomach alone was six...

My doctor said that my stomach alone was six pounds of fat omg. I only got one pick lady's I will take more when I can and about the pain I'm already of my meds and I walk in my house for about 15 min.. It's really not that bad. The one thing that is hell is when you have to cough omg I wanted to cry but besides that everything is a.o.k

Sorry about the picture being up side down but I...

Sorry about the picture being up side down but I was taking it my self and I was lying down
Omg ! Looks great !!!!
Thanks Hun. I only have alittle bit of stretch marks by my scare. So you know what means I can wear a two piece . Thank god. Wish you luck on your journey

I went to my oppiontment all happy thinking they...

I went to my oppiontment all happy thinking they were going to remove these nuts of mine but disappointed I was because the dr said I have to wait till Friday. Darn it that sucks any way at least I got a look at the new bb and I'm in t love with it literally. I love my new bb so small and cute well ladies till Friday. Happy healing to all the ladies :)))
Wow !!! You already look amazing ! I love your bb that's how hoping mine turn out the slot loil lol that's what I call it :) if it depends on how the BB was before then I ll be okay
Thanks hun.i actually showed him a picture of a women's bb I liked. So if yours was like that bring in a pic to show the dr it helps them out alot more. Good luck :)))
Okkk Thanks ! I didn't know that, I will bring in picture of the BB i want as well as the scar placement : ) sheeesshhh I really hope my TT comes out great ! I am beginning to get nervous as time passes by so rapidly !

Drains/ weight loss

Sorry I'm posting so late I had an oppiontment to take my nuts out lol. Well they only removed the left nut i still have my eight nut lol anyway i have to go back on Tuesday so they can take out the other one. I wanted to update you ladies on my weight lose I'm like really in shock. I was 147 when I did my surgery on the 8th of may and now the 18th of may I am 139 I can't believe it I hope I can get to 120 before July
Looking so good! That weight loss is wonderful!
You look fab!!
You look great, did you go to the learning hospital ? What else did you have done besides the tummy tuck...

more Pictures

well i have some pics i would like to show you ladys. sorry i have not posted any updates sooner i have been very busy with my kids and my mom had eye surgery so ive been helping her as well but besides that i am doing very well its been 14 days now and i am feeling sour. i dont know if i have been over doing it with all the walking i am doing. all these pics are from day 5 post op. i will post more resent pics tonight

stretch marks

i stood with alittle more stretch marks than i thought but im ok with it. maybe i will get a tatoo later to cover it. the doctor told me to that they look worse now because i am still extremely swollen. when the swelling goes down that they will look less noticable. i hope that true. at least i can rock a high waist two piece....:))))
my stretch marks scare right now too!

breast and tummy up close

here are some recent picture
Hi sweetie just checking up on you, it's been a while since your last update. Would like to see what your TT looks like now. Hope all is well :)
Dr. Neinstein

My doctor was the best. I think he did a superb job. The line is very thin and very low. His whole staff was the greatest. Lady's the over night stay in the hospital is worth it and the doc came and visited me. Dr Neinstien is the best

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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