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All Mothers Deserve To Be Happy In And Out!!!!

Please keep us up to date and post some more details about your journey:)

Good luck! My big day is June 28!!! I'm having a tuck, lipo, and BBL....nervous as crap!!
That's right!! We deserve to be happy inside and out!!


Hi ladies! My name is Hafeeza! I'm 36years old 5'1 145lb. A little about me! I'm a mother of 2. A 18 and 19 year old, on my 2nd marriage!:) I got married very young for my family it was important for a girl to get married at a young age, so I did what my family ask, even if it wasn't my choice. And way long story short! My marriage last for almost 14 years. Which had to do most with my girls/kids! I grew up in a single parent home, my Dad pass way when I was 11years old, even tho I grew and so badly want to get out of my marriage and tell my family go to hell I didnt:) grew up father less didn't want that for my girls, for not having they father around lame right? Right:) so I held on a few more years! Abuse got worse and he started to sleep out! So I got a locksmith change the locks and call it QUIT!!!! Oh I was scared but made the best decision I ever made in my life! My girls live with me, there r happy! I'm happy! The first year was a struggle had to move in a smaller place. So I could take care of my girls and my self because his words was I can't have you I won't help you! Well you have it bad because I made my mind up I don't need you! I'll tke care of my girls! We' ll b fine! We was tnx to my family, friends and my church! Oh I'm such a strong woman now!:) a shout out to all the single mom out there!!! And then come my Fifty Shade lol!!! Where together almost 5 years now! A little over a year we got married! Oh I love my cholocate Carmel lol. Part 2 lol. Before I got married I weight 118lb! After my kids I weight 195lb. It took me a long time to loose the weight, I lost 45lb. Kept it off for 15 years! Then I met my husband late dine and wine I gain 15lb. My husband has a son and I have my 2 girls! So we decide no more kids!:) so I was thinking maybe a fixer upper will b great hmmm!:) then I start to do some research after a few days I come across this site Real Self Thank god! Everyone is so nice here:) tnx ladies for all your kind words:) So I went to a few private Dr. The price is through the roof. Then I saw a few ladies review about teaching hospital! I live in the Bronx but work in Manhattan. So I call up Lenox hill, a got an appointment late December. The Dr said I have to loose 15lb:( was a little stress but know a was a little over weight, according to my BMI. I eat and eat and gain a little more!:) I call Jacobi hospital, guess I'm looking for an easy way out, hoping they would say I don't have to lose weight! So got an appointment! A week before my appointment I cancel, I took a trainer at my gym, 2 times a week for 10 weeks! Oh he kick ass but I still wasn't seeing much result 2 to 3 lb a week, keep in mind i have 2 months before my next appointment at lenox hill. so I abundant him a l few weeks:) when my friend told me to try the lemonade cleanse! Oh boy what a ride, I did it 5days then come off for a 3days then go for another 5 days! Did it for 6 weeks! I lost 23lb. I gain 5lb back which U have to expect after a cleanse. The good news is that it work for me! I went to my appointment I got approve and here I am sharing my story with you ladies:) and preparing for my Big day! I'm going to have a full TT with muscle repair and lipo to flank. Please ladies and info will help! Didn't make out my shopping list as yet.
Hello lady's! Hope everyone is doing well!
Good for you NYC123!! We are around the same size....I'm 5ft even, and currently @ 146. My goal weight is 135 which I am working on and hope to be there by my surgery in Sept! I am so exited.
Thank you EpicChanges2013!!! And Congrats, our days are Numberd :) hope weight loss going good! I gain a few lb but hopefully I'll start working on it next week :)

My days are limit:)

Oh boy I'm feeling a little stress:( surgery is next week!
NYC123, you have a cute shape and will have beautiful results!!! Best to you :)
Thank you d37:) congrats on your surgery! The woman with no pain:) you rock! Keep the positive vibe coming!
Lol, thank you. I had emotionally prepared for the worse but it's really been an easy recovery so far. I had asked my Dr for Exparel to be used and I honestly think that has been the cause of things going so smooth! I'm a nurse so deal with people having surgery all the time, The recovery I've had has been remarkable compared to what I've seen as a nurse. Yes, positive vibes still coming ;) thanks girl! Thoughts to you on your special day!



Day3 po

Day4 po. After shower.

Day 4 po. After shower

After shower

8Dpo got my drains out today!!! My drs was amazed by my result/ flatness!

You are an amazing woman! Congratulations on your awesome new body!
Thank you Hun! I'm very proud of u! You came a long way and you r a very strong woman!!!! Happy healing you'll look amazing in a few!
Ya!!! Girl, you look fabulous!!!! ;)

2weeks OP. Loving my BB!

POD 23

you look great i have a consult on the 30th with lenox hill i'm excited and nervous at the same time. did you stay at the hospital or hotel?
Looking good girl! We are so close in our recovery! Feels good, doesn't it? :) ((((((hugs)))) sweet girl! Glad you're doing great!
Thank you d37!! We r, but u r rocking it;) hugs!

Wow it's been awhile:)

3 months after surgery!

3months PO

Hi Hun. Sorry for the late respond. Hope your consultation went well at Lenox hill! I'm very please with my surgery, I stayed at the hospital, you paid the same price, and they take good care of you. Feel free to ask any Q:) good luck!
Shola Olorunnipa

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