Absolutely AWESOME!!! Lower Body Lift with Fleur de Lis (no lipo) Arm Lift -Dr.Ryan Neinstein NYC

From our initial consultation I knew I found a...

From our initial consultation I knew I found a Surgeon who was a step above the rest. After a massive weight loss, I knew I would require multiple surgeries, and I knew Dr.Neinstein was the Physician who would lead me on my Journey. He was enthusiastic,confident, attentive, positive, reassuring, and informative throughout.I scheduled a lower boby lift. Prior to surgery he was ALWAYS available to answer any questions or concerns. The surgery was life changing! My formerly flabby body was transformed, it was tight and right!!! The results were nothing short of amazing, flat belly, perky booty, I never inagined my body could like it does, but Doctor Neinstein had the vision from our first meeting. Three months later, he did an arm lift, as well as a breast lift and facial fillers...Again nothing short of AMAZING from beginning to end! I look better now at age 46 than I did in my 20's....and Yes, I confidently wore a bikini for the first time ever!! If you are looking for the BEST PLASTIC Surgeon, look no more, you found him with Dr. Neinstein!

The pictures say it all-Awesome After Pic- LBL, ARM Lift, Breast Lift

Before Picture- I was serious when I said Dr.Neinstein was a miracle worker!

Close up of belly button, and Vertical scar


Forgot the arm pic!

Before and after behind

after- Behind

I showed my as*.....Might as well show my face!

I've posted all my "parts", both before and after....Just wanted to attach a face to it!

11 months post op

Feeling kind of sexy these days

What a difference 11 months makes

Feeling pretty good!

Fleu-de-Lis Scar close up

What a difference a YEAR makes!

Well I just realized that tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary. This time last year I was counting down to my surgery.. I can honestly say this is when my real life began! I was liberated from my suit of flab, and the true me emerged! I am finally able to celebrate my body, and I have done so by completing 2 half-marathons, one mini-triathlon, and a Century bike ride (100 miles). I am truly in love with my body, flaws and all.....The scars are just reminders of my journey, and I embrace each one of them.... To all the strong, sexy, ladies on this board, I just want to say "YES YOU CAN"...... If you can dream it, you can achieve it!!!

One Year Anniversary

Reflections for the NEW YEAR!!!

Well, another year is about to come to an end.... I feel like the year 2013 was the year of my rebirth! I underwent a massive body overhaul in 2013, and feel like the life I was meant to live finally began. I have been able to manage my 100 lb. weight loss through diet and exercise for the past 20 years, at 5'5 my heaviest weight was close to 230 lbs. today I am 127 lbs.

Even with all the aesthetic issues associated with MWL ( and I had EVERY issue, flab, cellulite, stretchmarks, and an endless amount of skin!), I still LOVED my body, Loved it for being STRONG, for allowing me to run 40 miles a week, to swim, to bike, and to lift weights...I loved my body for being healthy, however I was not as confident as I pretended to be. I always had a fear of my arms being seen above my elbows, or reaching up and having someone see my belly, or being intimate with the lights shining brightly!

Jump ahead to Nov 28th 2012, my surgery date, the day Dr. Neinstein changed my life, and gave me back my self confidence!
2013 has been a dream come true! More challenges, more positive changes, more self confidence....
We all list the cost of our surgeries, but here is how I look at it, loving the skin you live in is PRICELESS!!!

I recently took a trip to Finland, and they have a HUGE Spa and sauna tradition.... ALL NUDE, not a towel or bathing suit in sight. Prior to surgery, the thought of this would have sent me back to my hotel room to cry over one more amazing experience I was to ashamed to participate in, well not this time!
I stripped down, jumped in and felt AMAZING, not self conscious at all....in fact my dream was once to look OK, for someone who had MWL.....But I don't look OK, I look PRETTY DAMN GOOD!!!! ( At least I think so, I'm not 27, I'm 47!)

Wishing all my dear ladies a New Year filled with Heath ,Joy, and Self-Love!!!


Finally I have reached my dream weight and measurements! My dream was to get under 125, and maintain that number, well....I now weigh 124 ( 105 lb total weight loss)!!!! Current measurements 36-26-35.
This has been a very difficult few months for me, after a LONG battle I lost my precious Father on February 5th. He fraught like a warrior until he inhaled his last breath. I am blessed that inherited that quality from him.
I am now training for a full marathon, which I will run in his honor! I pray I have the continued strength to accomplish this goal!

Scars after 16 months

I never thought I would be posting any more pictures at this point, however I realized that my scars have become practically invisible at this point. It is so amazing, Dr. Neinstein is the most amazing surgeon I have ever met!

The " MAGIC'" of Filler!

A face lift is definitely in my future...100lb weight loss+ years of smoking+ years of sun worshiping= one hot mess of sagging, bagging, and the creases usually reserved for the elderly. I am hoping that with my current filler regiment, I can postpone the inevitable for a few years! So far I am THRILLED with the results!

Dr.Neinstein's NEW ( and AWESOME) Website has a FAMILIAR FACE!!!!

Back in January, I received an E-mail fro my surgeon asking if I would participate in a photo-shoot for the new website he was creating to coincide with the opening of his new office in NYC.. I was not too sure, but he explained the concept. He was using 3 actual patients as his "MODELS", in a very natural, editorial style shoot....I of course agreed. The shoot was in February, and if you remember it was a BRUTAL winter....The shoot began at 5AM and continued until 6PM, at various locations in NYC...The NY Public Library, Williamsburgh Brooklyn, Grand Central Station, Soho, and DUMBO. It was a LONG, COLD SHOOT, we were standing in ice and snow, but from the photos you would never know...
This week the WEBSITE went live...it looks FANTASTIC! If you take a look, I am the photo after Dr.Neinstein, in the black and white outfit ( I am standing in front of the NY Public Library). I am THRILLED with the final outcome, and it was great to see meet his other patients... The site is:
New York Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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WOW!!! What an amazing transformation!!!! I was trying to check him out but didn't find pics. Do you have it? I need a miracle ;D
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Thanks a million! I feel like I hit the LOTTO every day! Dr. NEINSTEIN is the TRUTH!!!! ww.neinsteinplasticsurgery.com What are you thinking of having done...you already look FANTASTIC!
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Thanks! :-) I need a serious breastlift before they reach the floor hahaha!!! I need an anchor lift with possible implants to match my new belly. I've research many doc with many credentials but lacked the skills. I'm still searching. Bariatric life sent me your link and I was amazed. So I'll be checking him out. As soon as I find a doctor I will post pics
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I just called. They won't do email consult only in person and is $250.00 consult fee. Breastlift $8,000 to 12,000 out of my budget :'( :'( :'(..I ask if he had more pics in the office but she didn't sound too sure. Did like what I read about moving tissue around to make it look like the pt had an implant.
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Yes...he charges for consults, but he spends a LOT of time during consults. He really has the skills when it comes to breast lifts without implants! I remember how I fussed that I did NOT want a lift, boy am I glad he persuaded me!! He is definitely not cheap, but for me it was worth it! I'm sure you will find an awesome Doc that fits your budget!
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You don't have implants?!!!! Just a lift??!!!
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I have NO breast tissue!!! :( I started with saline implants, (I had them done about 17 years ago), my right breast implant started to migrate into my armpit, it was REALLY uncomfortable. Dr. Neinstein had to revise my breast pocket, and swap out the old saline implants with moderately sized silicone implants. It took a few months for me to LOVE my results, but now a little more than a year later, I am still ecstatic!! They look better than I ever could have imagined...and the vertical scar I was SO worried about is just about invisible.
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He did a really good job. I love your result. Thanks for the clarification :-)
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Thanks girl! He really is a "bad ass" surgeon! With all that surgery I was very lucky not to require a single revision...I'm 47 years old now, so i am thinking I will probably need a face lift in my early 50's, unless I can get away with fillers and hopefully some non-surgical procedures! Only time will tell... but your eyes and belly look fantastic! Your Doc did a great job as well!
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You look great! that's a beautiful picture of you...
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Gracias Chica!! You must be SO excited, tomorrow is your day...I know you will be thrilled with your results. Enjoy the ride and welcome to the flat side!
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What a lovely compliment to be chosen...and WELL-deserved! Congrats and enjoy the adulation. :-DSuzy
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Thank you lovely lady!
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HOLY crap what a transformation. You look awesome, and you can hardly see the scar's on your arm, or any of your scars for that matter.
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Thanks SO much! I feel like I hit the Plastic Surgery Lottery every day!
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I love your pic and testimonial. It really is amazing how wonderful life gets after plastic surgery. Good for you.
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Thanks SO much MBL! It's funny, you have been with me my entire journey, in fact I think you were probably the first to post a comment! It has been a dream come true...Now I can't wait for your final surgery which will be here before you know it!
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Thanks! I will be glad when it is done and look forward to the next adventure after that! What is on your to do list now that your transformation is complete?
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That's a great question! I think I have been concentrating on fitness goals. I have been training for almost a year for the NY marathon in November. I also am thinking of a mini-triathlon, I am sure I could complete the running and biking portion, however I am finding the swimming portion quite difficult! And you MBL?? How will you celebrate your complete transformation? Something epic, I'm sure!
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Well, I really need to focus on growing my business and implementing my plan. But I would love to go on a few talk shows and write a few books about my experience, plastic surgery transformation, etc. and of course there is travel! I want to live life large, break boundaries, and have fun.
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You look great and your results are amazing ! You deserve to be on that website. The face of his reasons to becoming a fantastic Plastic Surgeon ! That smile on your face says it all, you look amazing congratulations !
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Thanks Myriambn.....I truly feel fantastic, I have been following your journey as well.You have always been such a positive supporter and post such kind comments. I am SO happy that you also had such a successful surgery with such beautiful results!!!! Keep on shining.
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What type of filler did you use? I need a filler even though I had the facelift last year it didn't help the fine lines...You look fabulous from head to toe!!!
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I have tried most of them, but for the past few years I have had Juvederm-XC. I had DEEP smokers lines, sun damage, and sunken cheeks from the weight loss, it was NOT attractive at all!! Thankfully I was able to get really great results from the filler alone.
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Thanks I am going to ask my PS about that...I could use some
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