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I am a 27 year old Caucasian female with light...

I am a 27 year old Caucasian female with light olive toned skin. I have mild to moderate acne scars on my cheeks and chin. Most are just rolling and box scars. I just recently had my first treatment with the fraxel 1540 xd hand piece this past Friday. Before the procedure, I got injected with lidocaine to numb my face. Wasn’t too happy getting 10+ needles to the face, but the doctor reassured me that it would make the procedure 95% more comfortable for me. WRONG. Wow, I did not expect this treatment to be so painful! I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, in my opinion.. but, I feel like getting tattooed on the face would hurt less. LOL. I got 6 passes for each spot on my face. It feel like electric burning bee stings. Thankfully, it only took about 20-25 minutes. Afterwards, my face felt very hot and puffy and the technician gave me an ice roller to roll on my face.. I was practically drooling while rolling it on my face because it felt so good.
Afterwards, I did not look as bad as I felt or thought I would I looked sunburnt, but that’s about it. I even went to grab a bite to eat afterwards. I iced my face every hour for about 10 minutes that night. In the morning, I actually looked fine! My face wasn’t even red. I had tiny little etch marks from the laser, but I don’t think anyone would notice but me or if they were staring right at it. I was fine to be in public.
Yesterday and today my face looks the same. Still no swelling or added redness. I think the etch laser marks are a bit more prominent, they just look brown. It looks like very mild brush burn. For some reason, it’s mainly on my chin, my cheeks are fine. I was able to go to the gym yesterday, sweating didn’t bother me at all. I am at work today and no one noticed a thing. I still didn’t put makeup on, because I feel like it would look worse than slight brush burn. I broke out very slightly on my chin – just minor, very tiny bumps/whiteheads that I gently brushed to remove. Nothing upsetting!
I will keep everyone updated on my progress within the next month or so. I know that it takes 6 weeks to start seeing improvement and can continue seeing improvement for like 6 months. I have a follow-up with my doctor this Friday.

PS – I am not sure how many treatments I will need. My doctor originally said 1-3 because he thinks I will see pretty good improvement from only one. He wants me to wait a while before scheduling another treatment.
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I am so sorry to hear you guys in pain. I had Fraxel on May 17. The treatment took 3 hours. On the first hour I was given a Motrin and axiclovir to prevent any blisters which are known to flare up with this procedure. This is standard practice for all patients. I was then smeared a topical numbing cream all over the face. No needles at all. It took one hour to numb completely. I could not feel a thing. They covered my eyes and started the laser. I could not feel anything except when he was reaching the area just beyond the numbing cream. After the procedure, the assistant cleaned my face, blew my face with a cooling wand and put a cooling plastic face mask for a while. I looked red as a sunburn but no pain at all. I actually went out that night. The results were ok. I went for hyperpigmentation. The coloring improved slightly. The texture improved significantly. I knew I had to get several treatments and the doctor recommended the next one in 2 months so my skin is not damaged. Also a week prior to the treatment I had to stop all vitamins and bleaching creams. After reading the horror stories I am glad I went to Dr. Nowak.
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Thanks for sharing your story.  How long are you waiting to see if you need another treatment? Please keep us posted on your progress.

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you're welcome! I think I will at least wait 2 months before scheduling another treatment. I am going to see what my doctor thinks! I will keep you posted! :)
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