This is my second try getting a breast reduction....

This is my second try getting a breast reduction. I tried about 4 years ago and insurance would not pay for surgery. But tomorrow is the BIG DAY! Leaving real soon to get my lines drawn. As of now my only fear is waking up and still being BIG!

Even washed all my old BIG bras today due to that fear!

Time of surgery DDD cup

Good luck tomorrow :-)
Best thing you will ever do for yourself. Good luck#

Good luck tomorrow! I hope everything goes well for you and you have a smooth recovery!


.Lines are Drawn for surgery tomorrow

Initially I was denied by my insurance company, so I waited a year and requested the breast reduction again. This time I was approved and my date is AUG. 7th 2013. Good luck to you, I know that you will benefit from this surgery so much!
Good luck!
Best of luck tomorrow!

Home today 1st day 24 hrs later

First day and home. Feeling sore and swollen like a bad case of PMS Boobs. Still sleepy and taking a nap on and off. Though didn't take any strong pain meds only Tylenol so far. Will be happy tomorrow to see what the look like and breath a little out of the bra.
All done and now the healing and waiting begins! Lol. And oh how tormenting it is! Do you feel lighter already? I got really sick and vomited for 2 days because i took my pain pills regularly but despite having water there i was still dehydrated! I thought id bust a stitch with all that heaving! My handy hint is before you go to the bathroom every time you have to get up drink half a glass of water! Wishing you a nice trouble free recovery and lots of smiles when you find out all the new little improvements with your lady lumps! :) x
Aww Thats wonderful Char. I am doing well a bit swollen and sore. I must say I am thankful my doctor kept me in over night. I have heard some come home the same day. Iwas just so out of it and hard to manage. Best of luch to you

Day 2

.Follow up appointment went well. I am thankful to be given the OK to get rid of surgical bra and wear a sports bra. As well as he removed most of the dressing. WHAT a HUGE relief. I still have the hard soreness and swelling and a bit of oozing though every day I feel better. My biggest problem right now is constipation. Hope to nick that in the butt real SOON!

Day before surgery 2 days after

incisions Day 2

Congratulations!! X
You look fantastic! Are you happy with you're results? Congratulations, and I hope you're feeling as great as I am with everything!

Feeling good even being sore!!!!!

Took my first real shower today and it FELT GOOD. My nurse told me to stick panty liners in bra instead of gauze. WORKS GREAT! But the best news is I put a shirt on today that is so loose it looks like a maternity shirt. Also took a 20 min stroll on the treadmill. Doc's orders to not sit around!!! Feeling good even being sore!!!!!
Yes, you look great! Congratulations....
the constipation was the worst for me too! At first I took one stool softener with every pain pill, then I switched to 2 and it was better. Lots of water!! Good luck to you!

1 week after surgery

Yesterday was one week post surgery. Feeling wonderful and lots of energy. Though I put my energy to the test by walking around the country fair with my daughter and came home extremely exhausted. True proof that even though I may feel good I'm far from 100% yet. Also drove for the first time since surgery and learned real quick how bouncy and old pickup truck can be as well as how much twisting it takes to drive. I truly recommend giving yourself time to drive even if doctor allows you sooner. Posting pics of one week past surgery. Healing very well big difference in how my breast look and feel. I am eating a lot of fruits and veggies and taking a lot of vitamins all seem to be working!!!
You look great! When everything settles you are going to be a gorgeous shape.

Day 9 stiches removed

Today is day 9 and stitches were removed. No pain during the removal and each day is less and less soreness and swollen. I could not be more then happier. Oh and woke up in the middle of the night sleeping on my left side with no pain or discomfort. Doctor said I am allowed to sleep on my side now YIPPPYYYYY
Thanks for the info.

Two weeks post surgery

Week two post surgery. I am feeling real good and healing fast. Most of the scabs have fallen off from incisions. The worst swelling is in the morning when I first wake up. Though I feel good and have a lot of energy I still get tired fast. I been told it takes a month for all the body's cells to wake back up after major surgery as well as the body puts all it's energy into healing process. Guess I should not feel guilty for feeling tired????

Tomorrow is week three sore incision!

Tomorrow is week 3 and my incision on right breast is sore underneath and looks a little infected. I think my bra is rubbing my incision and causing the soreness. Going to call the doctor tomorrow.
You are healing SO WELL!!!!! Wow! I can't believe how great the incisions look, aside from the mark you pointed out, everything looks to be healing wonderfully :))

Week 3 Post surgery

Week three. Bit of a sore wound underneath right breast that looks infested. Called doctor and he told me its very common to get sore at the three point part of my incisions. It's the weakest part of incisions and the little hole or holes inside of wound is caused my body rejecting the stitches from dissolving. He told me to use antibiotic cream and cover with a bandaid. Tonight I am sitting without a bra for a few hours after a shower and it sure feels GOOD!

Week 4 and still sore spots

Today is week 4 and still sore spots under right breast. Nothing major but incision is being tricky! Week 4 pics to follow tomorrow.
Congratulations! You are looking fab! I am so... excited for you. I am now 9 wks. PO. My T-junction is so close to being closed. I have my energy back and feeling wonderful w my new girls! Such a relief to not have that constant pain in my shoulders, etc. Enjoy all those compliments I am sure you are receiving you deserve it girl!

1 month pictures

A little late posting my 1 month photos! But here they are. I went back to work this week. Feeling great! Most of soreness is gone now. As well as the incisions are healed. I still think I can feel a stitch sticking out here and there under right breast. I would say at a month and a half my breasts feel the best! Monday follow up doctor appointment!

Seven week post surgery doctor appointment

Seven week post surgery still a few little small stitches popping through on right breast. Doctor pulled them. Any soreness felt would be stretched scar tissue which should soon go away. Next appointment in 6 weeks. Time is moving along FAST!!! DOING GREAT!!!
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