3 month update: Mommy Makeover for Smaller Frame - Abdominoplasty, Mastopexy (Donut Lift), Breast Augmentation

I have two kids - 4 and 6. I was in very good...

I have two kids - 4 and 6. I was in very good shape prior to having the kids. After each pregnancy, my breast became more deflated and I developed stretch marks and mild diastasis.

Current stats:
5' 4"
108 lbs

I've decided to get a mommy makeover because plastic surgery is the only "fix" for my sagging deflated breast and bulging belly covered in stretch marks. I exercise and have always maintained a healthy diet and just want my pre-pregnancy body back with a little oomph in the breast area : )

I will be getting a full tummy tuck, donut breast lift with crease incisions and 350cc silicone gel implants under the muscle (hoping to fill out to full C.) My plastic surgeon will not use drains but instead spend extra time on "quilt stitching" to close the dead space. I am also getting a Q pain pump for ab pain control.

Very excited to get this done and excited to do ab exercises post op and finally see results.
All set to go with my pain meds, meals (plain baked chicken, steamed vegetables and brown rice - no salt), protein shakes, and wedge pillow.

Most nervous about IV??? and post surgery nausea. I've actually made a puke bucket for the car ride home just in case ; )

Posting my before pics - wish me luck!


Whens your surgery?
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How can u afford it? I'm poor and had a baby via c section and want a tummy tuck too :(
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May 24, 2012: All done! Morning of surgery went...

May 24, 2012:
All done! Morning of surgery went well. IV went in easily and quickly. I told anesthesiologist I get very nauseous and get the shakes after going under and he did great in preventing that from happening. All I remember was getting wheeled back feeling loopy then next thing I'm coing too while being bandaged up.

I was very sleepy after surgery. Fell asleep the entire car ride home. Got in and out of the car on my own and up the stairs myself. Slept the rest of the day.


I'm glad your surgery went well! My tummy is similar to yours and I just had my consult today and my doc recommended pretty much what you had done, so I look forward to seeing your after pics. I hope you have a smooth recovery!
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Glad it went well!
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Sorry, just realized I posted this review under Tummy Tuck and not Mommy Makeover, which I had.

My surgery was May 24, 2012. I've been saving up for the past year to finally get this done and my husband has been very supportive throughout the entire process. Will post my update shortly.
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2 week post-op appt today. Everything is looking...

2 week post-op appt today. Everything is looking very good and I am very happy with the instant results : )

Posting post-op pics now! The ta-ta's look a little big (350cc silicone unders) but I'm 100% confident once they drop they will look very natural for my size. So much better than the flap jacks I previously had ; )

Belly button looks normal - nice round innie and tummy and very tight and flat!


You look fantastic! Was your doc able to remove all of your stretch marks? you look very smooth.
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Updating with close up picture of new belly and...

Updating with close up picture of new belly and belly button. I had a lot of stretch marks above old belly button which after TT were pulled low. Now only a few are visible low below new belly button but most is covered by underwear/ bikini bottom.


You are looking AMAZING! Welcome to the Mommy Makeover community!

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you look SO great :) may I ask what a "donut lift" is??
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Donut lift = Benelli lift.
My breast had slight sagging but not big or severe enough to require a full lift. With a benelli lift they basically cut out excess donut shape skin around the areola and suture areola back into place to create the lift.

My only breast incisions are around my areola where they did the lift and inserted the implants.

I have sensation in both my nipples and the incisions are healing very nicely.

Hope this info helps!

3 month post-op mommy makeover and I'm feeling and...

3 month post-op mommy makeover and I'm feeling and looking great. Glad I went a little bigger on the implants (350cc hp silicone unders) but I actually think i could have gone a tad bigger : ) They look and feel very natural. Friends and family that don't know I had work done kind of "look" but it's not overdone where they'd ever suspect I had any work done. My excuse will just be I bought new nicely padded push up bras.

Everything feels great - nipples still slightly tender, belly still numb but after a month post-op I was back to normal routine. scar is thinning out although still very dark purple. Used silicone strips but they irritated my skin a little so now i'm just applying aquaphor daily.

So glad I went through with the mommy makeover. Now I just feel normal and don't worry about hiding under loose clothing. It's not about showing off my new body, it's more about not feeling so self conscious all the time with my old body. Extremely liberating and so worth it ladies!


What bra size do you currently measure in?
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Wow you look amazing! Just curious-where & how large is your abdominal scar? And did your tattoos get cut out?
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You look fantastic! :) I went with the 325cc, on May 1st. I still go back and forth, if I should have gone with the 350cc, some days they look pretty big, and other days, I feel small...glad your results turned out perfect! :)
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