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35 yrs old... feeling like 21! Mother of three

So after many years of procrastinating, I finally...

So after many years of procrastinating, I finally met with the PS regarding a tummy tuck.
For some odd reason, I was a nervous wreck... Didn't even act myself as I was sitting in the waiting room; but once we (my husband and I) were placed in a room and the soft spoken PS came in; assisted with his RN, Anne I then finally started relaxing. He answered all my questions and concerns... I was very pleased with him. Since May 05, 14 isn't set in stone yet, I plan on calling them today and getting this confirmed date on the calendar. :)

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One week from today, is my Pre-Op appointment with the PS. I am getting so anxious and nervous all at once. Seems like this upcoming surgery is all I can think about. I also feel like that's all I talk about too! I'm almost 100% positive that I am driving my husband bonkers; for that's all I talk about.


Hi, I also had a tt 8 days ago, with muscle repair and augmentation. I felt no pain after surgery , the next day only felt like I did 100 push-ups! I have since stopped my pain med, I only took it my first night home cause I figured there would be pain, the next morning cause my chest was sore but after that only at bed cause my lower back was aching from the recliner, lying semi straight up with a pillow under your bent knees will do that, I told my Dr. On my follow up and he said not to hunch over so much also.He was right I straighten up some and put some extra padding under my butt when I was sitting and it relieved some. I read on this forum someone advised a reclining lift chair so I posted on fb and found someone who was getting rid of one. If you can find one get it cause it's a godsend, it will sit you down and stand you up without you using your abdominal muscles. The chair is kinda deep so I put a couple of pillows behind me for cushion. I had one drain which was alittle anoying cause it sticks out of you, I felt it tugging with my bandage. Even though I am 8 days post I still sit for periods of time. I will get up and do some walking and help with my 3 children (8,10 & 11) but it's brief and I go back to my chair. Dr. Said the second week you'll feel better and want to do more but it's crucial you Do Not over do things your muscles take about 2 months to heal so I'm following orders and being a good patient :) take stool softners few days before and next day after surgery cause with the anesthesia meds it will bind you up, I finally went on my 6th day after. I know it's 5:00 am but I'm 47 and can't sleep when you hit your 40's you'll see!! :-) hope this advice helps as well. Oh ya, keep wearing the binder for it keeps you snug and swelling down ( I have none ) but it's comfy.
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You go girl.... Your outcome of healing so well, makes me feel a little more positive now. Thank you so much for all the good advise. I sure will use it! :)
I'm also 35 with 3 kids. I just had my abdominal wall repaired with a tummy tuck a week ago. I was so scared before the surgery that I made myself physically ill so I get the nervousness. I have to say though that I'm so glad I did it that I would do it again in a heartbeat. Take your pain pills on time since especially in the beginning there is no reason to "be strong". You will be hunched over and it will make your lower back hurt but after a week, I'm able to walk farther and stand up straighter which reduces the back pain tremendously. I'd recommend having very loose shorts, sweat pants, and pjs to wear for the first few weeks after your surgery as well as a few comfy hoodies and buttoned up pj tops. You are not going to be able to raise your arms up for a little bit and forget bras for awhile :) The best thing I figured out was putting a chair in the shower to sit comfortably while finally getting to wash my hair- pure awesomeness! You will also go home with drains (I'm a nurse so it's not a big deal for me) but they are perfect reminders for the kids to treat you gently and not bum rush you with hugs :) Hopefully you have help at home for the kids and yourself for at least a month. You'll need help doing everything for the first week. Keep breathing and you'll do great! Good luck!!!
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Okay... So I'm a smoker (ya ya I know it's not good for me), mostly at work and social. I was told by my PS that I have to stop smoking a couple weeks before and after my surgery.... In my head, I was thinking that shouldn't be a problem for I could just by an e-cig or a patch... well after doing research, I come to find out that it's the nicotine that is not good for healing. Which I don't remember that being an issue when I had my trocar hernia repair. Any suggestions?


CURIOUS... I've been reading that you also lose about 10-15 lbs after the procedure... Is this true?
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Well, before the procedure I weighed 120lbs. I asked my co-worker nurse how much my specimen weighed and she said 350 grams, so I converted it and it was like 12.345 ounces!! Not even a lb of fat tissue!! Mine was saggy and wrinkled skin. I did not eat much the first day, soup and toast but then my mother in law came over and cooked fri sat and sun so I did eat. I will let u know if I lost any more tomorrow at my visit to my PS :)
I sure wish I weighed 120 lbs!!!! :) Do you have any before and after pics of your TT?

Before Pics


On top right hand corner, click on "My Profile" Then on that page, at the very top click on "Write Review". After that you can write anything you want or post pics on your page. Once that is done, you'll have to submit and it could take a day or two for it to show up, because all reviews have to be approved.
Then... anytime you want to add updates or pics, just click on "Update Review". I'm pretty new at this too. It took my a couple of days to figure it out. :)
Thanks for the help, just finished. Now to get rid of the profile pic and post a different one. Mistake!! :)

Addit'l Pics


You're going to look great! Your profile pic... HILARIOUS!!!! Love the boobs in it lol!
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Awe... Thank you!!! My fingers are crossed.... The profile pic, I thought would fit best on this forum. :) My teen made that last year. lol
Hey Brown eye's!! Just got home from the PS and ask to use their scale and I've lost 3lbs! I'm sure I'll put it back on Easter Day with all the polish food! Depending how much the fatty tissue they take off, they usually weigh it in the OR room for the records in your file, so ask your PS in recovery or post-op visit, and you may not eat much the first day after and the next will determine you out come weight. Keep me posted on your final days before :)

Day 1

Today is my first day of not smoking...
So far I am doing okay. Was a little hard making that 45 min drive to work and not having a nicotine stick; but I survived. I think this not smoking will be VERY hard for me, but I am determined to heal well during and after my TT, two weeks from today. :)


Good luck with the smoking!! Get some peppermint sticks to suck on when you would normally smoke. I think having something in your hand helps. You CAN do it!! You're spending a lot of money on this and you don't want to jeopardize your results. I know you're going to look great!! Btw....I'm originally a show me girl too :)
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Thank you, Soon2be!!! So far, so good... Not one puff since noon on Sunday. Got to admit, it's one of the hardest things I ever had to accomplish. Gotta love the "Show Me" State!!!! :)
I love the boobies on the snowman. I have found that the TT and breast lift surgery has been a piece of cake. And don't forget that the RS ladies are always here to help and encourage!
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Okay... so as most of you I am sure; I have been doing allot of research to help me with a nice, healthy and fast recovery. From what most I have read (on the internet), it's good to take Vitamin C and B Complex two weeks prior and after a TT. As I did my research, I discovered that from me being a smoker, that each cigarette I smoked took Vitamin C from my body.... Guess I need to start on those RIGHT AWAY!!!! Update on my smoking... Haven't had one since noon on Sunday, 04/20. I have my moments, but also with all that I have seen and read it scares me to even think about smoking.


You can do it! Think of all the extra money you will save! You will have enough to go on a hot mama shopping spree post MM!
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Thank you for the encouragement!!! :)
Yay!! You got this girl. Don't get overwhelmed, just take it one day at a time! You're right, smoking depletes you of necessary vitamins and hinders blood flow. Just think of how great you're going to look :)

Pre-Op Appt

I went and seen my PS yesterday. :)
I must say, he always makes me feel relaxed when I am talking with him. He has such a calm, soft vibe to him. It's really odd... To bad my husband wasn't like that "all" the time. ha ha ha
Anyways, all is good and everything that was on my mind was answered. And I got to tell ya, I had some odd bonker questions. Nurse Anne even chuckled on one. I asked will I be able to still wipe myself from front to back (meaning reach from behind to wipe)?? because I so don't feel comfortable doing it the other way. Her respond was "you're cute"! lol

The PS confirmed that taking Vitamin C and B Complex is very good to take before and after surgery. Especially with me being a smoker, which I should add that I still haven't had one, not even a puff nor have I been around any smokers. Anyways back on the subject... He added that I should take a multi-vitamin with the other two; and to start eating a healthy protein diet now. Also he broke it to me that I can have an adult beverages starting one week of surgery, which this weekend is my last weekend. To be honest, I was thinking in my head "WOW.... first my nicotine sticks and now my margaritas"??? I am defiantly going to have to be locked in my bedroom away from everyone. lol ... My husband stated to me last night "don't be upset if I hang out downstairs allot next week". I asked why would he be hanging down stairs (thinking maybe there is some special game on or something", and his reply was "because I don't want to make you mad or upset and I am sure you'll be stressed out". HA HA HA

Eleven days till the new me.... :)

My To Do List (prior to surgery)
1. Go have blood work done (requested by PS)
2. Pick up prescription meds
3. Purchase Stool Softener
4. Purchase loose fitting clothing & under garments
5???? If I am missing something, please let me know?!?! I want to be 100% prepared


Hi Lisa, your list is good. Do you have a recliner chair and start the stool softners a couple days before
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Getting prepared


I shaved the night before surgery. My doc never said one way or the other, but when I went for my pre-op I was shaved as well. I look like a woolly mammoth if I don't shave for a few days and I knew it would be quite awhile before any grooming.
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Curious... Most sites that I have read on says "not to shave" before your tt. Is this true?
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Absolutely! At least not in your vaginal area. They will be placing drains in your pubic mounds and if you have ingrown hairs, shaving cuts, or abrasions they are a huge infection risk. I did shave my legs prior to it knowing that I wouldn't be able to do so again for awhile but I did not touch my bikini line or near there. Also, I wanted to mention that with your drains, I would suggest not wearing underwear. It pulls on your drains and makes them pull unnecessarily. My advice is no undies until they are pulled out :) and no shaving your hooha! Lol


Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!! I'm so nervous.

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Off we go...

Sure hope mine turns out as great as everyone else has. I sure am a nervous wreck, but knowing the outcome seems so worth it. I will update when finished. Send prayers my way, please and thank you!!!!!


On the smoking thing. Congrats - don't light up after either - it can still cause issues....perfect time to stop forever :)
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Prayers aand healthy, healing thoughts coming aat ya. Anxioulsy awaiting your postop update:)
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Best of luck!!! We are here for you!
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Lots of pain! :(


Hey, welcome to the "Flat Side" how are you doing! You did it!! :) that's over, now it's recovery time. Take it easy. :)))
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Thank you girly!!!! Been on top of the pain med situation. The pain is pretty bad. Also, lots of bleeding on the hips of where he did lypo-suction.
Take your pain meds around the clock. Did they give you Valium for the muscle spasms? Rest rest rest. Hang in there! In a week the pain will be considerably less :) and keep your binder on, it helps stabilize your muscles. Praying for you!
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Day Two

Okay.... Didn't sleep all that well last night because of the pain. I also am bleeding pretty bad on both sides of the hips where the PS performed lypo suction. We have changed the dressing three times already and just now work back up to have bled through dressing and nighty. Not sure if this is normal, for the nurse told my husband that I should stop bleeding soon and that was at 9pm last night. :/.

So in comparison of TT to C-Section, the TT is so much worse pain. I'm hoping the pain subsides soon. :(

Oh ya, PS said that he removed 5lbs of skin and fat.


Congrats!! I hope the bleeding stops and you're feeling better....get some rest and keep up on the pain meds.
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Congratulations !!! - You are now on the road to a new you :) Get lots of rest. If you are still bleeding and not sure if its normal - just call the doc to put yourself at ease...keep us posted....
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First of all huge congratulations on giving up smoking, you've done something great for your health right there. I'm hoping that the bleeding has stopped by the time you read this, although from reading other reviews it's not that unusual, and that the pain is much better. Happy healing and happy flat side!
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Let's just say, yesterday was interesting. As I stated in my previous post of how I was in lots of pain and bleeding pretty bad, well this was due to somehow I tore open one of the lipo sections and rip the stitches out. Don't ask me how this happened.

My husband was adding more bandages to the two lipo sections, when I hear him say "oh no, this can't be good"! Of course I start panicking wondering what in the world is going on... He called the PS office and they asked him to take a pic and send it via text. Once they got the pic, they called him back and said for him to bring me immediately back to the PS office. Me + Pain + 45 min drive there = not a happy camper. I will say I am doing much better this morning. Hope it's all downhill from here.


Glad everything is okay, did they have to re-suture the hole (s)? I would have been freakin out too!
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Yes, but only on the right side.
Hope you're doing better!
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Big hole

This is the hole that had to be re-suture.


Yeah, I have to keep reminding myself that the worse is almost over with.
Thank you sweets!
Thank you :)

Sneak peek photo


Looking flat!! :-). Happy healing girl!
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Thank you sweets!
You are looking pretty good. How is the whole that opened up?
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Day 5

Okay.... This whole experience has been an emotional roller coaster. I'm so use to having the same routine everyday and now it's not. It's even affected my daughters.

So I am on day five. I feel allot better today but still can't be on my feet for a long period of time. I've notice that I have no energy and could sleep all day and night. I also feel a little depressed. Not sure why, but I am defiantly not feeling myself at all. I am not taking any pain meds during the day and I am now eating the same food my family is eating. Which is good, cause I'm so sick and tired of eating soup. I was able to spend a little time outside today with my husband; which is what I really needed since I've been feeling a little down.

In two days I get my drain tubes removed. I'm a nervous wreck for I've been told it hurts like non other. I sure hope this is t true; for I feel I've been through enough already.

My fingers are crossed that tomorrow will be a better day since it will be Mothers Day... Sure don't want to spend it in my recliner.


Hang in there. It's normal to be a little emotional the first few days. In a few more days you'll be loving your new body! And I agree the tt is way wise than the c section.
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I hope you are feeling better today. So far, your stomach looks great! Happy healing.
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I'm feeling good this morning so far. Hope it stays that way. A little irritated with this compression wrap, for I am really swollen at night and then when I wake up in the morning, the wrap is loose and bandages are everywhere. Guess I only have one more night of this and the wrap will go bye bye. :). Also, can't wait to get these darn drain tubes out of me.


These are day six photos. Is it normal to have more swelling now then on day two?


You look wonderful Lisa!
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Thank you!
Hey Lisa - I am definitely more swollen now than the first couple of days. Mine probably has a lot to do with bloating from constipation because I haven't had much luck yet in that dept. Good luck and let us know how your next appt goes! Mine isn't until Thursday and I am hoping to get a new more comfortable CG.

Post Op Check Up

Yesterday, was my first post op check up... It went WONDERFUL!!!! I finally got rid of those horrible drain tubes. I need to add that I didn't feel any pain what so ever when they were removed. The feeling is sort of indescribable. I also got ride of that compression wrap. That thing drove me bonkers 24/7. It was either to tight or not tight enough and not the mention it NEVER staying in place. The replacement of the wrap is a black girdle looking thing, with velcro and zippers on the side. I can't complain to much of this thing, for it's allot better then what I had, but with summer coming soon I know I am going to be hot in this thing. The PS said that he was impressed with the way I look and the way I am healing; which made me feel good to hear. When I walked out to the waiting room, my 13 yr old twin girls said "Mom, you look so different. It looks like your sucking in your tummy, it looks so flat and your boobs look bigger". LOL That comment made me feel so good about myself. I must add that I am really happy with the way I look. Just can't wait for the swelling to be over with; but I know that will take time. Any who, all and all yesterday was a GREAT day for me. Today was my first day back to work.... I have an office profession and I will tell you, that if you have any type of labor profession please take as much time off that you can, for I am struggling with getting comfortable and not causing any pain. Well, once I take updated pics I will post. Happy Monday everyone!!!!!


Congrats. ...your TT pics looks great. The more I read the more nervous I think I'm becoming. But I just can't stay off RS. My surgery is scheduled for July 22nd. So far away. ...
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You look great!! I'm a nervous wreck and mines on June 10th!
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U look great, glad your feeling better..... I'm so nervous mine is june 17
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Upper abdominal pain

Okay.... So I'm a little nervous, for I am having a stabbing, burning pain in the center of my upper abdominal area, just below my breast. I'm wondering if this is normal???


The pain sounds normal. You might want to take it easy. You look fantastic!
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U look great really nice results...hope u start feeling better soon getting my tt. Next week excited but starting to get a little scared but ill have to s*** it up now
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Two weeks Post-Op

These pictures were taken last night. In the mornings; I don't have much swelling, but in the evening I am swell hell!


Hi. You look great just did it 1 weeks ago.
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Thank you... and congrats on your TT.
You look GREAT....how did u do with the no smoking...I am a smoker as well...that's gonna be tough for me tooo....I go next Wed to pick my date for full TT with muscle tightening and hernia repair....
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Three weeks post-op

Still have some steri-strips on that was reapplied at my last post-op appt. Hopefully they will come off soon.

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UPDATE (Upper abdominal pain)

So the pain I was having in my upper adnominal area has finally subsided. At my last post-op visit, I was told the reason for the pain was because a combination of major muscle repair and lots of lipo done in that area . They told me to keep an ice pack on it in the evenings and continue to take ibuprofen 600 mg, twice a day. Since ibuprofen helps with swelling. Anyways, I feel so much better. The only pain I have now is the pressure of swelling. Looking forward to that going away.


Wow you look great! I still have a lot of swelling under my belly button - looking forward to the swelling to subside. So happy for you!
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Thank you!!! You look great as well. :) Agree... I'm so ready for the swelling to go away.
You look AMAZING!!!
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Feeling awesome


You look great!! Did you have lips also or just TT? I'm one month tomorrow and still major swelling! Ugh! Hope I look as good as you when it decides to go down :)
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Thank you! Yes, he performed a little lipo in the TT area.
You look fantastic! I am still battling the swelling at 7 weeks post op and hope to look that great soon. Thanks for sharing!
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