Chin lipo - 5 weeks PO - new pics

After about 10 years of wanting to do it, I am...

After about 10 years of wanting to do it, I am finally have chin liposuction on 9/17. I am really worried about the bruising and swelling after reading some of the other posts. I have lost nearly 100 pounds in the last three years, but the area under my chin has not changed. Since my face is the first thing people notice, I am very paranoid about it and finally decided I have too many years ahead of me to live it unhappy with my appearance (just turned 40). I'm also having an extensive tummy tuck on 10/30 that will include an overnight stay at the hospital. The surgeon suggested I do the procedures separately because it would be add a lot more to the surgical cost to do the chin at the hospital than it would to just do it at his office. I am so nervous!

Just had my preop appointment. Today's appt was...

Just had my preop appointment. Today's appt was just supposed to be preop for my chin liposuction, but the decided to do my chin on Oct 2nd at the same time as my tummy tuck instead of in two separate procedures. Had to get my pictures taken in a pair of awful disposable panties that barely covered anything. That wasn't embarrassing , but the nurse was super nice and we were laughing and talking about other things. Dr gave me all my prescriptions (pain meds, antibiotics) and told me to start taking a multivitamin, B complex vitamin, vitamin C, and Calcium. He said that would promote healing and lessen bruising. He explained the entire procedure very thoroughly. Originally he wasnt going to do liposuction, but now he has decided to do some on the sides. Only 3 1/2 more weeks! I'm ready! It definitely feels more real now after today's appointment (and payment!!).

Two weeks from today I will have my chin/neck...

Two weeks from today I will have my chin/neck liposuction and tummy tuck! I can't wait! Time is dragging!!

Had my surgery yesterday. My chin just feels...

Had my surgery yesterday. My chin just feels bruised but I don't see much bruising yet. It's really itchy under my binder. It's going to be a miserable week with that stupid thing on!

I hope it's just swelling, but I'm really concerned when I look at my stomach (in the binder). I don't see much of a difference! Surely it's just swelling. I hope so. I don't see much of a difference in my chin either. I'm wondering if my expectations were too high??? Please just be swelling.

Got my catheter out and walked to the bathroom....

Got my catheter out and walked to the bathroom. First time I've stood up since the surgery. Getting up was painful, but once I stood up I didn't feel too bad. I'm actually pretty close to standing up straight. I have to walk around a couple more times and then they're releasing me to go home. Ps was in and changed my bandages. He took pics for me to post. I'll upload them when I get home. Also took pics of my chin without bandages. Ps said the results for the chin will show up gradually over time. It could take up to six months to see the full results of either the tummy or chin.

PO day 2 Very swollen and sore today. I can't...

PO day 2

Very swollen and sore today. I can't tell any difference when I remove the cg. But my ps said this is normal and the results on my chin would show up gradually over time. I hope so!!

PO Day 4 My chin is still pretty much the...

PO Day 4

My chin is still pretty much the same. Very tender to touch. No bruising that I can see, but also very little results. My mom and sister both say they can tell a big difference, but I can't. I keep trying to remind myself that its only been a few days and my ps said it could take six months to see a final result. I'm not that patient though! I do think my jaw line is more defined, but my neck doesn't appear to be any slimmer. Hoping its just still swollen.

PO DAY 5 I am finally starting to see some...


I am finally starting to see some real changes to my chin. I've added new pics below so you can see. It's definitely more obvious from the front view, but I'm also still really swollen, so I'm sure the changes will be more pronounced over time. The dark spots on my chin and neck are the incisions/stitches.

PO 16 DAYS Chin is still swollen and tender...


Chin is still swollen and tender in some places. There is one spot that is really painful, just started today. It almost feels like a muscle cramp. I keep trying to massage it out, but it's not helping much. Saw my ps Tuesday. He said it looks good. Final results on the chin don't show up usually for several months, so I have a long way to go. But I can tell the skin is getting tighter. Still wearing the chin strap to bed at night and will for several more weeks. I'll be glad when that's over. It's not very comfortable!

ABOUT 5 WEEKS PO Well, I've had a slight...


Well, I've had a slight complication and now have pneumonia. I'm assuming it's from being intubated for so long for the tummy tuck portion of my surgery. I am really sick and coughing constantly, which has not helped the healing process or swelling of either my tummy or my chin.

Anyway, I posted new chin pics. i am starting to tell a difference again. My ps said 4-5 months to see final results, so I'm looking forward to more changes. But I'm very happy with the results so far. I have been having more pain in my neck the last few weeks (started before the pneumonia). It's almost like severe muscle spasms. I'm usually able to do some really hard massage and the pain eases up.
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You look great! I had my neck, chin and arms done last Thursday and I have major bruising everywhere. I'm still taking Arnica and Bromelain but the bruising is bad. How many incisions did you have? I had one under my chin and two near my ears.
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Did you get any brushing in the end? I had my procedure yesterday but no bruising yet
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hi - No, I never had a single bruise. Not even the slightest discoloration!
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Gorgeous! Looks good.
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Glad it went well for you and now you are on the road to recovery!
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I understand. I had my upper arms liposuctioned at the same time and that is much harder as far as recovery goes. But I can throw on a jacket and it is covered. I was nervous too, but excited and confident in my surgeon. You will do great!
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I am actually feeling great. There was little pain, for me a lot of bruising but I bruise easily. The results are amazing and I am just a couple of days post-op. The chin strap is uncomfortable, but a small price to pay to see your chin and jawline again. I wish you the best and hope you are just as pleased as I am.

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Thank you so much. I'm so nervous about it. I think I'm more nervous about my chin than the tummy tuck I'm getting at the same time. I can't cover any issues that might happen with my chin! I can cover my stomach.
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Congratulations! I had my chin liposuction on 9/19 so I feel your pain (literally). Hope you have a speedy recovery.
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Yay! Someone else who is having this done! How are you feeling? I hope you also have a speedy recovery :)
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A little tip for you. The compression garment can get pretty uncomfortable, but you don't want to risk results. I have been alternating between using my compression garment and soft cloth headbands (yoga bands) and sometimes using both. Also, this might sound weird - but a non-scented, natural pantiliner stuck to the inside of the head band or compression garment will absorb any drainage. Definitely get yourself some soft cloth headbands - you will be happy you did a couple days into recovery.
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I would have never thought of that. Great tip! Thanks!
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Ooh...good idea thanks! I'm 9 days post op and just starting to try massaging as my tenderness subsides. The strap actually feels secure and snug for me I don't mind it but this gives me more ideas for snug contouring thanx. Hey you guys, visit my page I don't have any activity on their yet. I had Chin, neck, and jowl lipo Jan 10th, 2013. Planning a rhinoplasty next.
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Thanks, Kirsty!
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. Good luck for your upcoming surgery, I hope all goes well. Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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